2018 World Championships Live Blog | Men’s All-Around Final

Welcome to the live blog for the men’s all-around final at the 2018 World Championships, held in Doha, Qatar!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

6:43 pm. Final Standings

1. Artur Dalaloyan, Russia, 87.598
2. Xiao Ruoteng, China, 87.598
3. Nikita Nagornyy, Russia, 86.331
4. Sun Wei, China, 85.898
5. Sam Mikulak, United States, 85.273
6. Kazuma Kaya, Japan, 84.765
7. Kenzo Shirai, Japan, 84.531
8. James Hall, Great Britain, 84.298

6:42 pm. Xiao Ruoteng needed a 14.233 to tie Artur Dalaloyan and he gets EXACTLY a 14.233.

But Artur wins the tiebreaker and ARTUR GETS THE GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6:36 pm. Xiao CHN HB: Huge Liukin, YAS, beautiful. Layout Tkachev, stalder Tkachev, a little close but not serious. Stalder Tkachev half, stoop full to Yamawaki, he’s working, double double layout, little bounce with his chest down.

The Russians were hugging and holding each other while watching his routine. Now they’re waiting for THE FINAL COUNTDOWWWWWN.

6:33 pm. Nagornyy RUS HB: Yamawaki, layout Tkachev, layout takchev half, no problems like in the TF. Muscles the stoop full a bit, stoop half, straddle Tkachev, straddle Tkachev half, one-arm pirouette, stalder, double double layout stuck. Good boy.

6:32 pm. Kaya JPN FX: Some hops on his landings. Clean double full.2.5 to barani I think.

12.366 for Sam on high bar, 85.273. Will miss the podium if Nagornyy and Xiao hit. Knowing he would’ve had two points higher without those mistakes (based on his prelims and team final routines) must kill him.

6:30 pm. Mikulak USA HB: Cassina, Kolman, caught close and he muscles it around practically in a clear hip, OOOOOF, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev to straddle Tkachev half, catches with one hand, has to regroup. DAMN. Gets through his pirouettes, hop full, stalder, hop on the dismount. Welp. We were close. Well, he would’ve needed a 14.691 to take the gold which would’ve been iffy even with a hit but will this hurt him on the podium now?

6:25 pm. Nguyen GER SR: Good routine, dismount looked stuck.

Abad ESP FX: Hit routine!

Dalaloyan RUS HB: Hi I’m having a heart attack. Layout Kovacs, Kovacs, nice and clean. Layout Tkachev half to stoop half, layout Tkachev, blind change to stoop to front giant to Yamawaki, my heart is pounding, stalder, full-twisting double layout, beautiful, flared and stuck. HE COULD NOT HAVE DONE BETTER TODAY.

6:23 pm. Bevan GBR FX: Hit his first pass. Double layout, stuck, but low. Piked double front half out, same with the low but stuck. Piked double arabian, also stuck but low. That’s his thing today I guess. Hit the rest, good routine.

Moldauer USA PH: Had a fall near the end.

Sun CHN HB: Stalder full, layout Tkachev right to a straddle Tkachev half, layout Tkachev half, Endo half, double double layout flared with a hop back. Beautiful routine, what a hero he’s been here.

6:20 pm. Yulo PHI FX: Step back on his first pass, then lovely 3.5 to barani. Triple full to finish, a little short. Nice end to a really really crappy day for my sweet baby angel.

Shirai JPN HB: Cassina, hit his next release, huge Kovacs after that, stalder, hop full to blind change to stoop half, doubled double layout stuck in a squat LOL, that was adorable, good job today buddy.

Hegi SUI PH: Had a fall

6:19 pm. Apologies for putting almost all of my energy into floor and high bar this rotation. I can’t see pommels and rings well anyway, and it’s the bottom two groups, so they’re the lowest priority sadly. But I’ll watch what I can.

6:18 pm. Rotation 5 Standings

1. Artur Dalaloyan RUS 73.432
2. Xiao Ruoteng CHN 73.365
3. Sam Mikulak USA 72.907
4. Nikita Nagornyy RUS 72.431
5. Sun Wei CHN 71.632
6. Kazuma Kaya JPN 70.965
7. Kenzo Shirai JPN 70.531
8. James Hall GBR 70.198

6:11 pm. Kaya JPN HB: Stoop half, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, German giants, very nice, blind change to front giant to stoop full, late, to Yamawaki, hop full, double double stuck cold, that was solid.

Park KOR PH: Believe he hit.

6:09 pm. Souza BRA HB: Layout Tkachev to straddle Tkachev half, his number is NEVER fully pinned on, it’s always waving around, caught another release, hit the dismount.

Brägger SUI FX: Double double, good. Hit the next pass. 2.5 to front full good. Hit routine.

Nagornyy RUS PB: Some little breaks at the beginning. Looked like he got his dismount at first but then wobbles, then stumbles.

Davtyan ARM PH: I think he hit but who knows anymore?! It’s so far away.

6:07 pm. Mikulak USA PB: Beautiful EFFING ROUTINE. Double front half-out stuck. Brilliant.

Dauser GER FX: Big hop on his piked double front. The rest is good.

6:06 pm. Abad ESP HB: Caught all of his releases. Full-twisting double layout stuck.

Hmm, Arican only went 11.525 on PH, I didn’t see him fall but guess he did?

6:05 pm. Verniaiev UKR FX: Hit everything at the beginning, I wasn’t typing, hops on two of them I think. Falls out of his Randi landing, into a pushup, nice cover but obvs still a fall. Good triple full at the end, hop back. 15.566

Dalaloyan RUS PB: Huge saltos! Great handstands. Everything is going swimmingly. Double front half-out stuck. Awwww he’s in it to win it today.

6:04 pm. Bevan GBR HB: Stoop half, clean Kovacs, Kolman is quite messy and he peels off. 😦 Back on for blind change to front giant work, stalder, hop full, double double layout, step back.

Arican TUR PH: Love his handstand pirouettes down to flairs. Hit routine! Nice work.

6:03 pm. Sun CHN PB: Some issues at the beginning with being a little short in handstand, SUPER clean double front half-out, stuck cold. Damn, that dismount gets a 10 from me.

6:01 pm. Georgiou CYP PH: Hit routine!

Moldauer USA FX: Stuck his first pass, then a MAD HIGH ARABIAN DOUBLE FRONT HALF-OUT DAMN, stuck that too. 2.5 to front full stuck. God I love him. Beautiful flairs. Hit his next pass into a barani. Double full, clean and stuck, obviously. Clean triple full, little bounce.

5:59 pm. Yulo PHI HB: Layout Kovacs, actually he’s pretty piked, peels off. 😦 😦 😦 This is a really bad day for him. Kolman, arches over his handstand after but gets it back. Kovacs is beautiful. Rybalko. Double double layout, step back.

Shirai JPN PB: Hit routine! Very clean from what I saw. 13.866

5:58 pm. Hegi SUI FX: Hit his first two passes, solid 2.5 to front full. Triple full, a little short, skids it back with a step to control it.

5:57 pm. Xiao CHN PB: Brilliant and clean on everything. A little slow on one of his press handstands. Almost stuck double pike dismount.

5:54 pm. Önder TUR FX: Hit his first pass, then a bit short on his front layout to double front half-out. Double double is stuck cold. Good 2.5 to barani. Short on his last pass, step forward.

Hall GBR HB: Cassina, catches it kind of awkwardly but doesn’t really phase him, Kovacs, Kolman, good. Big Yamawaki, blind change, stoop full, stoop half, double double layout, step back. Good work. “Putting the GREAT into Great Britain” LOL YES CA.

Muntean ROU PH: I missed it. With floor and high bar happening while the top team is on p-bars, I’m probably gonna miss a lot of PH just FYI.

5:49 pm. Rotation 4 Standings

1. Xiao Ruoteng CHN 58.032
2. Artur Dalaloyan RUS 57.866
3. Nikita Nagornyy RUS 57.565
4. Sam Mikulak USA 57.466
5. Kazuma Kaya JPN 57.232
6. Sun Wei CHN 56.832
7. James Hall GBR 56.598
8. Kenzo Shirai JPN 56.265

5:47 pm. Davtyan ARM FX: Front layout to double front, hop forward, front full to front double full, pretty low, hop back. Double arabian half-out, hop back. 1.5 to Rudi. Clean double full. Stuck triple full, that last pass was his best I think!

5:44 pm. Nguyen GER FX: Beautiful piked double front half-out. Full-twisting double layout also lovely. Front double full to front full. Double double, hop back. 2.5 to barani. Tucked full-in, tiny hop back.

Souza BRA PB: Some great work from him here. Stuck the dismount.

5:41 pm. Arican ESP FX: Hit his first pass, then a double front, little hop back. Front double full to front full. 2.5 to barani. Stuck his second to last pass. Short on his triple, hop.

Dauser GER HB: Hop change to front giant to stoop full, wonky and late to Yamawaki, clean Kovacs. Nice one-arm pirouette. One-arm giant. Clean dismount, a little short, step forward. 12.866

Abad ESP PB: Hit routine.

5:38 pm Georgiou CYP FX: Beautiful form in all of his twisting passes.

Bevan GBR PB: Hit routine!

Verniaiev UKR HB: Yamawaki, straddle Tkachev, straddle Tkachev half, slow and staedy, stoop half is short but he catches himself and corrects, stoop half with messy legs this time, hop full, blind change to Endo to Endo half, double double layout to his knees, everyone on press row just jumped off the roof, GOODBYE 11.5

5:37 pm. Yulo PHI PB: I missed this

Moldauer USA HB: I missed this as well but saw him hit.

Mikulak USA VT: Kaz 1.5, excellent in the air, a little forward on the landing so he windmills but doesn’t move his feet at all. 14.6

5:35 pm. Muntean ROU FX: Hit everything I saw. Wild landing on his triple full last pass.

Dalaloyan RUS VT: Handspring double front pike, STUCK IT COLD LASFKJASDF absolutely amazing. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5:33 pm. Hegi SUI HB: Yamawaki half, stoop half, Def, nice, Kolman, solid on the dismount.

Hall GBR PB: Watched it but wasn’t typing, but a hit routine. 14.5

Sun CHN VT: Kaz double, quite short in rotation and height but pretty tidy. 14.533

5:32 pm. Shirai JPN VT: Yurchenko triple, FREAAAAAKING GORGEOUS. STUCK AND GORGEOUS. GOODBYE. 15.166!!!

5:30 pm. Kaya JPN PB: Just way short on his handstand on the single rail, then takes a second to press up on that rail as well. Messy on his dismount in the air.

Önder TUR HB: Hit his first release, then a layout Tkachev half, straddle Tkachev, Yamawaki, stoop full is a bit wild, stoop half a little late, stalder to hop full, double double layout with a step back.

5:29 pm. Xiao CHN VT: Kaz double, pretty excellent. Super clean in the air, just a step back. 14.866

5:28 pm. Brägger SUI HB: Cassina, great, Kolman, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev half, full-twisting double layout, good!

Nagornyy RUS VT: Dragulescu, I couldn’t see it super close with Pablo on high bar but looked hit with a little hop? 14.766

Park KOR FX: Crashed his double front half-out, his first pass. 12.166

5:26 pm. Rotation 3 Standings

1. Oleg Verniaiev UKR 44.698
2. Xiao Ruoteng CHN 43.166
3. Sam Mikulak USA 42.866
4. Nikita Nagornyy RUS 42.799
5. Ahmet Önder TUR 42.765
6. Artur Dalaloyan RUS 42.733
7. Kazuma Kaya JPN 42.466
8. Yul Moldauer USA 42.366

5:21 pm. Verniaiev UKR PB: All I need in life is for him to go from 18th or whatever to gold. NEED. He doesn’t even look like this is work for him. Perfect on every handstand. Just a little arched on one near the end. Double front half-out, a little low, but stuck again. BAAAAAM. 15.666!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5:18 pm. Moldauer USA PB: What I saw was clean. Love his half salto. Handstands are gorgeous. Very clean press to handstand near the end. Double front half-out, low with a hop forward. 14.5

5:17 pm. Dalaloyan RUS SR: Holds his straddle planche for a long time it seems. Handstand after that is golden. Stuck full-twisting double layout. He’s like “I’m doing not one thing wrong today.” 14.533

5:15 pm. Hegi SUI PB: Some hand adjustments early on then arches a handstand. Nice on his salto elements. Good transition to the single rail. Hit routine. 14.666

Nguyen GER HB: Stoop full, messy layout Kovacs, blind change to stoop half to Kovacs, cool but messy, Endo full to one-arm pirouette to Yamawaki, I LOVE his connections even if his form is nuts. Stalder, double double layout with a hop back. 12.6

5:13 pm. Sun CHN SR: Mostly hit routine, just a stumble forward on the double double dismount.

Arican TUR HB: Yamawaki, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, blind change to front giant to stoop full, stoop half, stalder, hop full, blind change to Endo to Endo half, full-twisting double layout, little hop.

Önder TUR PB: I missed a lot of this, he had some short handstands, hit the dismount.

5:10 pm. Abad ESP CT: Kaz full, hop back. 13.833

Shirai JPN SR: Saltos up to a kind of crazy straddle planche. His dismount landing was hilarious, windmilled his arms for 20 minutes but I think he held the stick!

Georgiou CYP HB: Stoop half, Beautiful Cassina, layout Kovacs, a little arched, Kovacs, clean, hop full, hit the full-twisting double layout dismount.

5:09 pm. Bevan GBR VT: I missed this… 13.533, guessing he crashed hit because his D flashed as 5.6.

Brägger SUI PB: Had some form breaks and short handstands. Nice press handstand with his legs together but then arched over a pirouette severely after that. Oof, gets NO height for his double front dismount, sits it. 😦

5:08 pm. Xiao CHN SR: Maltese, legs are higher than his head. Good iron cross, elbows a little bent though. Shaky near the end, also a bit crooked. Double double stuck.

Muntean ROU HB: Layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev half, one-arm giant, hop on his dismount.

5:07 pm. Yulo PHI VT: Crashed his kaz double NOOOOOOOOOOOO 😦 😦 😦 Just didn’t get the block, was clean while it lasted.

5:06 pm. Nagornyy RUS SR: Wasn’t typing for this but hit routine, stuck the double double dismount, made it look easy. 14.5

5:05 pm. Park KOR HB: Cassina was a little messy. Double double layout, tiny step.

Hall GBR VT: Kaz 1.5, hop forward.

5:04 pm. Kaya JPN VT: Kaz 1.5, great.

Dauser GER PB: Fell out of something, stayed on the bars though…and then couldn’t muscle something after that. Also arches some handstands and a low dismount.

5:02 pm. Souza BRA VT: Kaz double, a little wonky in the air, step back to control it.

Davtyan ARM HB: Hit routine!

Mikulak USA SR: Iron cross, planche has a little adjustment. Double pike up to handstand, a little crooked and arched, stuck the double double! 14.166

5:00 pm. Rotation 2 Standings

1. Andrei Muntean ROU 29.083
2. Oleg Verniaiev UKR 29.032
3. Xiao Ruoteng CHN 28.833
4. Sam Mikulak USA 28.700
5. Ferhat Arican TUR 28.566
6. Artur Davtyan ARM 28.499
7. Sun Wei CHN 28.399
8. Nikita Nagornyy RUS 28.299

4:57 pm. Bevan GBR SR: Straddle planche to L sit, pressed to handstand after that, a little wobbly and he starts to swing a bit. Double tuck up to handstand, nice, double double, little hop with his chest down.

4:55 pm. Sun CHN PH: I didn’t watch this super close but it looked like a great routine. 14.766!

4:53 pm. Arican TUR PB: I missed the beginning but it looked great, beautiful double front half-out, stuck. 14.6!

Yulo PHI SR: KASFKADSF;LKJAFSLK when his coach is lifting him up I’m crying he’s half the size of his coach, he’s so wee!!!!!! Iron cross. Fell out of his straddle planche and had to swing back around to a really short handstand. Stuck the double double dismount and everything else was pretty clean but 😦 😦 😦 12.0

4:51 pm. Shirai JPN PH: A little jerky in his scissors, after seeing Xiao’s routine before this the differences are pretty clear. Hips a bit piked too…but he’s working through it. Oof, his knees are getting crazy at the end but he hits it!

4:50 pm. Georgiou CYP PB: Ono is lovely. Love his hops up to handstand! Double front half-out looked clean and stuck.

4:49 pm. Xiao CHN PH: Single pommel work is smooth and nice transition back to two. Scissors down from handstand, also smooth, more single pommel work before his Russians, a little applause for that, this was an EFFORTLESS routine. Damn girl. 14.7!!!

4:48 pm. Muntean ROU PB: I love him on this event. Has a press handstand that gets me pregnant, holds it for 3 days. Bobbles on a press after that, piked double back, little bounce in place.

4:47 pm. Hall GBR SR: Lovely iron cross, saltos to straddle planche, gets his legs up there, nice. Press to handstand is nice as well. Swings up to another handstand, arches it, and the last one is arched and a bit crooked as well. Double double dismount, little hop.

4:46 pm. Nagornyy RUS PH: I straight up didn’t watch the first half of this out of fear. I was like “time to check standings.” Near the end his hips get a little more piked but overall a hit routine. #PommelsGeniusNikitaNagornyy 13.566

4:44 pm. Moldauer USA VT: Kaz 1.5, clean, a little tiny bit short, hops it forward and back in the right direction. 14.4

Park KOR PB: Short on some handstands. Arched on others. A little rushed. Muscles a press handstand as well. Hit routine.

4:43 pm. Hegi SUI VT: Kaz full, step back. 14.0

Kaya JPN SR: Saltos up to iron cross, elbows bent, straddle planche is nice, arched over the handstand after that considerably, the one after that almost goes completely over, and it’s crooked too. Double double layout dismount with a step.

4:42 pm. Önder TUR VT: Kaz 1.5, a bit seated with a step, but decent in the air.

Davtyan ARM PB: Doesn’t hold one of his handstands very well before his L sit. Stuck his dismount. 14.233

Mikulak USA PH: I’m having a heart attack! So stressed rn. Comes down nicely out of his handstand pirouettes into his flairs. Long travel from one end of the horse to the other which someone told me yesterday is VERY good on pommels. I’M LEARNING. Pommels genius, JUST LIKE SAM MIKULAK who hit his routine very well. 14.3!

4:41 pm. Souza BRA SR: Iron cross. Piked double front to tuck double front to handstand, really muscles that up. Elbows are bent for most of it. Swinging a bit on his last handstand. Double double, little hop.

4:40 pm. Brägger SUI VT: Beautiful kaz full!! This was fab.

4:39 pm. Nguyen GER PB: Double salto caught on his arms is solid. Slight leg separations and hand adjustments throughout. Piked double back with a tiny hop. Mostly an A+ routine. 14.1

4:38 pm. Dalaloyan RUS PH: Travels in a handtand pirouette, love. Fabulous hit routine.

Abad ESP SR: Nice straddle planche. Hit routine.

Dauser GER VT: Kaz full, good landing, little step.

4:37 pm. Verniaiev UKR VT: Dragulescu, stuck COLD DAAAAAAAAMN. HE IS HERE TO PLAY. 14.966

4:36 pm. Rotation 1 Standings

1. Kenzo Shirai JPN 14.900
2. Artur Dalaloyan RUS 14.800
3. Artur Davtyan ARM 14.733
— Nikita Nagornyy RUS 14.733
5. Andrei Muntean ROU 14.433
6. Sam Mikulak USA 14.400
7. Xiao Ruoteng CHN 14.133
8. Kazuma Kaya JPN 14.100

Xiao Ruoteng had his inquiry accepted which like…if it was about the 3.5 then I’m like what?

4:29 pm. Yulo PHI PH: My best friend! Almost looks like he sits on the hors when he comes down from a handstand pirouette. But I doubt he did, he was prob just low. Simpler routine, but hit routine. 12.6

4:27 pm. Shirai JPN FX: Let’s see how many I get wrong. Triple double, little step. Front tuck full to front triple full, insane. 2.5 to Rudi? Quad, almost not there but I think his feet are facing the right away on the landing. All of his passes are a bit wonky with his legs. 3.5 to front full? Casual. Triple full to finish. Again, his form….but I think his landings were better today than I saw them earlier this week? Also I think I only got two of his passes wrong. Well, I’m only second-guessing myself on two of them. I need to memorize them for the future. 14.9

4:26 pm. Hall GBR PH: When he got to his Russians he started getting a little nervous with his work but easily recovers. Hit routine.

4:24 pm. Xiao CHN FX: Ummmmmm I think his first pass was a 3.5 to barani? The 3.5 landed basically sideways or almost in a triple, I’d want to see that again to see if they’d credit it. When he punched into the barani it looked super awkward. 2.5 to front double full after that, better. Clean double layout with a hop. Randi, stumbles forward but doesn’t fall. Clean double full side pass. Stuck the triple full cold. 13.933

Hegi SUI SR: Fell on his dismount. 😦 😦 😦 Looks dejected af. 12.4

4:22 pm. Önder TUR SR: Maltese, through to iron cross, nice. Double saltos to iron cross. Step on the dismount.

Kaya JPN PH: His swing is slightly wild at times but not super rough. Makes it through! Hit routine. 14.1

4:21 pm. Nagornyy RUS FX: Nailed the triple back, then hit his twist to a double front, and double double after that with a bounce back. 2.5 to front full to barani is great. Full-in side pass, little bounce. Stuck the triple full. DEEP BREATH. One down! 14.733

Brägger SUI SR: Hit routine!

4:20 pm. Souza BRA PH: I think he bombed here in prelims. Makes it pretty far this time around but then legs come apart near the end and he falls. Back on basically for the dismount. 11.7

4:19 pm. Georgiou CYP VT: Kaz full, decent in the air, step back. 13.766

4:18 pm. Mikulak USA FX: Hit his first pass, then a front double full to tucked front full, little bobble. Hit the pass after that, looked stuck, then a clean stuck double full. Clean triple full, little hop. 14.4

Dauser GER SR: I only saw the dismount, double double with a step, but don’t think anything went majorly wrong for him.

Muntean ROU VT: Kaz 1.5, beautiful and looked stuck! 14.433

4:17 pm. Abad ESP PH: Hit what I saw, muscled a handstand before his flairs.

4:16 pm. Park KOR VT: Kaz full, I think he meant to do the 1.5? Looked good in the air, decent landing.

4:15 pm. Verniaiev UKR SR: He’s PRETTY shaky here at the end and isn’t holding everything as long as he probably should but stuck the dismount so A+ for that part. 14.066 is decent for him right now though!

4:13 pm. Dalaloyan RUS FX: Front full to Randi, bounce back. Front layout to front double pike, little bounce, some soft knees near the end. Double double, hop back. 2.5 to front double full, nice. Hit his side pass. ALMOST stuck the triple full. Holds it for a second or so and then lifts one leg and wobbles a bit. 14.8!

Davtyan ARM VT: Dragulescu, hop back, good!

4:11 pm. Bevan GBR PH: Hit routine, a little slow in his handstand pirouettes, but gets it around and down to the flairs…and then falls right near the end. Back on to finish strong.

Nguyen GER VT: Roche, stumbles it back and then sits it. The German media next to me said “Ay yi yi.” Same. 12.833

4:08 pm. Sun CHN FX: Piked double front, little hop, 2.5 to front layout is gorgeous. Hit the twist in the next pass into a barani. Then a double double, hop back. Rudi side pass. Way short on his triple full. Low, step forward. 13.633

Arican TUR VT: Kaz 1.5, big step forward. 13.966

Moldauer USA SR: Nice saltos to iron cross. Low on his dismount but seemed like he gt the landing. 13.433

4:05 pm. I just realized René Cournoyer of Canada isn’t on the start list. Bummer, but bittersweet because I’m happy that it means Artur Davtyan of Armenia is in!


14 thoughts on “2018 World Championships Live Blog | Men’s All-Around Final

  1. Sucks that it had to come down to a tiebreaker though. Just wish tiebreaking rules were consistent. Had they gone with E scores (like they do in EF), Xiao would have won..


  2. There were about 10 seconds of disbelief when Xiao Rutong’s score appeared because they had been showing the targeted score for about 3 minutes and the figures didn’t change. I’m not a fan of tie break rules, especially for 3rd (remember London 2012 with Aly Raisman in the AA and then Catalina Ponor in the beam final) but I’m so pleased that Russia got the gold and bronze. It’s like the universe is saying “let’s bring in some balance here”: China has gold for teams and Russia has gold for AA. I really thought it was lost for Artur because Xiao’s bar was rather clean except a handstand problem (iirc). And this gave the opportunity for Queen Svetlana Khorkina to go to the podium and talk about Russian dominance 👸👸 (I thought she was going to talk about Russia having the nuclear bomb again but she didn’t), while the other Svetlana (Boginskaya) translated her into English.


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  4. Dammmn Sammmmm…. So close. I was hoping for a top 3 finish…. Happy for Russia, I saw Daria Spiri’ crying in the audience. So sweet.


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