2018 World Championships Live Blog | Event Finals Day 2

Welcome to the live blog for the second day of event finals at the 2018 World Championships, held in Doha, Qatar!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

7:32 pm. High Bar Standings

1. Epke Zonderland, Netherlands, 15.100
2. Kohei Uchimura, Japan, 14.800
3. Samuel Mikulak, United States, 14.533
4. Tin Srbic, Croatia, 14.500
5. Tang Chia-Hung, Chinese Taipei, 14.266
6. Deng Shudi, China, 14.066
7. Xiao Ruoteng, China, 13.900
8. Artur Dalaloyan, Russia, 12.666

7:23 pm. Artur Dalaloyan, Russia, HB: Layout Kovacs, Kovacs, layout Tkachev, I think goes for a layout Tkachev half after that, but his hands slip and he comes off. 😦 Gets back up to finish, step forward on the dismount. I’m sad for him but he has enough medals and was brilliant this week, and…


12.666 (5.2 D, 7.466 E).

7:19 pm. Kohei Uchimura, Japan, HB: Layout Kovacs, Cassina, Kolman, beautiful in the air, stalder 1.5, stoop full, Yamawaki to Endo to stoop half, double double layout flared and stuck cold. Beautiful routine.

14.800 (6.4 D, 8.400 E).

7:16 pm. Deng Shudi, China, HB: Layout Tkachev to layout Tkachev half, stoop half, straddle Tkachev to straddle Tkachev half, muscles out of it, stoop full one-arm is cool, Yamawaki, blind full, no real hop in it, double double low, windmill arms a hop. Not cute tbh but he fought through it.

14.066 (6.4 D, 7.666 E).

7:12 pm. Tin Srbic, Croatia, HB: Nice pirouette at the start, huge stalder straddle Tkachev to stra alaslkdfjakfj omg I had to stop typing because he went so fast, I couldn’t get it all but he connected FOUR releases, DAMN. Layout Tkachev after that, omg this is fantastic. I’m screaming??? Step on the dismount. Damn.

14.500 (6.4 D, 8.100 E).

7:08 pm. Xiao Ruoteng, China, HB: Liukin, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, straddle Tkachev half, stoop full is way late, his pirouette is basically under the bar, Yamawaki to Endo, stoop half, hop full, double double layout, low but stuck.

13.900 (6.1 D, 7.800 E).

7:05 pm. Sam Mikulak, United States, HB: Oh god my heart. Just hit it like in team finals bro. Cassina, Kolman, both good. Layout Tkachev, straddle to straddle Tkachev half, NO problems. One-arm pirouette, stoop half, hop full, stalder, double double layout with a tiny bounce.

I THINK HE CAN MEDAL. I mean, really. People give Sam a lot of crap but he had two real mistakes at worlds this year in what, 22 routines? It’s one of the BETTER track records in Doha. Good for him.

14.533 (6.1 D, 8.433 E).

7:00 pm. Tang Chia-Hung, Chinese Taipei, HB: I wasn’t typing through this but hit everything I saw!


Epke Zonderland, Netherlands, HB: Endo full, Cassina to Kovacs, Kolman to Gaylor DAMMMMNNNNN. Hits his stoop nonsense, stalder to hop full, and sticks the double double layout, chest forward but damnnnnn.

15.100 (6.8 D, 8.300 E).

That’s gonna be nearly IMPOSSIBLE to beat.

6:55 pm. Women’s Floor Standings

1. Simone Biles, United States, 14.933
2. Morgan Hurd, United States, 13.933
3. Mai Murakami, Japan, 13.866
4. Angelina Melnikova, Russia, 13.833
5. Flavia Saraiva, Brazil, 13.766
6. Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos, France, 13.433
7. Lilia Akhaimova, Russia, 13.366
8. Brooklyn Moors, Canada, 13.066

6:49 pm. Lilia Akhaimova, Russia, FX: Double layout full and double layout are both short, the first is more severe with being super low and taking a big lunge forward but neither is great. Arabian double front, step forward. Tucked full-in, a bit messy, but her best landing I think.

13.366 (5.8 D, 7.566 E).

6:45 pm. Morgan Hurd, United States, FX: Double double, little bounce. Double layout, another little bounce back. Clean in the air. Perfect on the front layout to front full, so clean. Tour jeté half. Split jump full into a little hop full pirouette. Double pike, bounce back, again really clean. I think our girl might be a floor medalist!

GOD I love this 80s throwback leo SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!! OMG HER FACE IN HER CHOREO IS SO FIERCE I’M SCREAMING. Morgan could 100% beat me up.

13.933 (5.5 D, 8.433 E).

6:39 pm. Simone Biles Moors, slightly soft knees to get a bit picky, step back but stays in. Biles to stag, good. Leap series, ends it with the tour jeté full, always love to see. Front full through to tucked full-in, bounces back, step OOB as if it matters. Double double landed on her toes. Fab.


14.933 (6.7 D, 8.533 E, -0.3 ND).

6:34 pm. Angelina Melnikova, Russia, FX: A little messy in the spins at the start of her routine. Full-twisting double layout, stuck! Good leap series. Double layout, also great, little hop back. Wobbly wolf turn. Double tuck, chest a bit forward, but stuck, and she pulls her chest up SO fast like haha I did NOT do that!! Great split on her Y turn. Double pike, a bit buckled, hop forward. I think she’ll outscore Mai, tbh!

13.833 (5.7 D, 8.133 E).

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. The crowd’s reaction is almost MAD.

6:30 pm. Mai Murakami, Japan, FX: Falls out of the quad turn, and I mean…literally almost falls DOWN. TAKE THAT OUT. Double double, good. Double layout, little scoot back. Super clean 2.5 to front full, her legs are GLUED. Switch to tour jeté full. Double pike, little hop back.

13.866 (5.7 D, 8.166 E).

6:25 pm. Brooklyn Moors, Canada, FX: Front layout to double front, really low on the landing, close to sitting but stands up out of it and stumbles it back a bit. Double front half-out, a little low, step back. Hit her leaps like a pro. 2.5, goes for the front lay full!! A tad short in rotating it fully but nice and high at least.

She’s disappointed, you can see. 😦 Oh man in the replay you can see her butt comes like 0.0000001 cm from hitting the mat! I think she also went for the triple attitude turn? She said she does it “accidentally” sometimes. I hope they submitted it?!

13.066 (5.4 D, 7.666 E).

6:22 pm. Flavia Saraiva, Brazil, FX: Whip to full-in, big step back OOB. These OOBs are gonna kill everyone. Stuck the double layout. Switch ring to tour jeté half. 1.5 to front full, step forward. Selling the choreo in the middle. Double pike, low, hops it forward. Not her best but she performed it like a superstar and the crowd is going nuts!

13.766 (5.5 D, 8.366 E, -0.1 ND).

6:18 pm. Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos, France, FX: Full-twisting double layout, little tiny hop. tucked full-in, another baby slide back. I love this middle section of her routine, it’s SO sassy. Front layout through to double tuck, hop back. Double pike, stuck cold. Amazing.

13.433 (5.5 D, 8.233 E, -0.3 ND).

Oh I totally didn’t see her go OOB AT ALL let alone 0.3. Was that in her first pass?

6:05 pm. Parallel Bars Standings

1. Zou Jingyuan, China, 16.433
2. Oleg Verniaiev, Ukraine, 15.591
3. Artur Dalaloyan, Russia, 15.366
4. Samuel Mikulak, United States, 15.233
5. Lin Chaopan, China, 15.200
6. Jossimar Calvo, Colombia, 15.033
7. David Belyavskiy, Russia, 14.633
8. Lukas Dauser, Germany, 13.700

6:02 pm. Skipped p-bars so I could do the beam mixed zone because that event was such a trauma, I couldn’t NOT go.

Anyway, Sam Mikulak, I was able to see him on the screen in the mixed zone, and he was incredible!! Literally everything he needed to do but Zou Jingyuan and Oleg Verniaiev were their rockstar selves and so he’s currently third. Waiting for Artur Dalaloyan’s score to see if it’ll be Artur or Sam for a medal.

And it’s Artur, AGAIN! Sam is about a tenth shy. YIKES.

5:21 pm. Balance Beam Standings

1. Liu Tingting, China, 14.533
2. Ana Padurariu, Canada, 14.100
3. Simone Biles, United States, 13.600
4. Nina Derwael, Belgium, 13.466
5. Ellie Black, Canada, 13.033
6. Kara Eaker, United States, 12.833
7. Sanne Wevers, Netherlands, 12.666
8. Zhang Jin, China, 11.500

5:16 pm. Liu Tingting, China, BB: I want good things for some people in this world and Liu Tingting is one of them. Front handspring to front tuck, little bobble. Switch leap to split ring leap, back leg isn’t good. Switch ring to back handspring, clean and easy. Front aerial to split ring jump to Korbut, lovely. OH BOY. Full turn, perf. Split leap to side aerial to either split jump or sissone, either way it’s perfect. This is killer. Double full, almost stuck. Beautiful.

14.533 (6.3 D, 8.233 E).

5:11 pm. Sanne Wevers, Netherlands, BB: Lovely back handspring mount. Big wobble on double L spin. Catches herself from falling though. It’s in the air today. Side aerial to back handspring, aaaaaand she falls. This is ROUGH. Front aerial to split jump. Hits her spin series into a split leap, that was lovely and steady. Steingruber dismount, stuck. Well. Just kill me I guess!


5:05 pm. Kara Eaker, United States, BB: Switch leap mount, huge wobble and she’s off. 😦 Back to sad tears after a moment of happiness. Leap after that, low back leg, then full Y turn with a check. Front aerial, break at the end of her side aerial loso loso. Leap to side somi is nice. Switch ring, low back leg, to back handspring to scale, switch half to Korbut, nice, switch to switch side. A baby is crying in the crowd. IT MIGHT BE ME. 2.5 with a hop.

Oh man, she has tears in her eyes while waiting for the score. This poor kid.

12.833 (6.2 D, 6.733, -0.1 ND).

5:02 pm. Ana Padurariu, Canada, BB: Candle mount. Easy triple wolf turn for her. Solid switch ring. Side aerial loso loso, TINY adjustment in her hips/shoulders but overall fabulous. Switch half. I NEED A MEDAL FOR HER OMG will my dreams come true? I THINK THEY MIGHT. Front aerial to split jump to back handspring, perfect. Hit the rest, then a double pike with a step. GIIIIIIIIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m gonna sob, that was phenomenal. What a beauty.

14.100 (6.0 D, 8.100 E).

Her best routine of the year. Her best international score of the year.

4:58 pm. Nina Derwael, Belgium, BB: Beautiful layout stepout mount. Bhs loso, tiny check. Front aerial, little adjustment. Big wobble on the side somi. 😦 Switch leap to split ring leap, good, her leaps are so effortless, her back leg comes up SO HIGH. Triple wolf turn, very clean. Clean double wolf turn after that. Steingruber with a hop forward.

Shame about that bigger wobble but easily the cleanest beam so far. Well, Ellie’s was solid aside from that missed series.

13.466 (5.4 D, 8.066 E).

Looks like Simone might get that medal after all…

4:54 pm. Zhang Jin, China, BB: Lovely on her Korbut, a little awkward on her back handsprings into the layout…she stumbles it and grabs the beam before falling. Front aerial to split jump to split ring jump, really slow from the acro to the jumps. Switch to sheep jump, stumble, she’s off again. Hit the dismount. with a hop.

11.500 (5.3 D, 6.200 E).

4:49 pm. Ellie Black, Canada, BB: Switch leap mount to switch leap, slow to switch half after that. Double spin, looks like she has it but then stumbles it a bit, leg up slightly. Layout series is solid, just some form in the air. Side somi, tiniest of adjustments. Double pike, chest slightly forward, little step back.

Watching Ellie listen to the in-arena commentators talk about her is hilarious?? It’s too weird, I need it to go.

13.033 (4.8 D, 8.233 E). Rude. Leap series killed her I think…meant to also serve as her CR, right? Too bad she didn’t do a little jump series to make up for it, everyone needs to train a backup split jump to sissone.

4:46 pm. Simone Biles, United States, BB: Triple wolf turn, looks like it’s a little fast. Nice jump series. Barani, stumble and her leg comes up but hey, she stayed on and didn’t put her hands down. Solid on the bhs loso loso. Switch leap, stops, then switch half, big stumble on the latter and won’t get CV. Punch front pike, big wobble and windmill arms. Front aerial to split jump, tentative but gets it around. Tucked full-in, lunge back, I’d call it a 0.3 lunge but the judges might not.

God, in the replay of her dismount I can’t BELIEVE how good her body position looks when she lands. Half the gymnasts with plain old double tucks can’t even get them to that level.

13.600 (6.2 D, 7.400 E). If everyone else is on fire, that won’t be enough for a medal and Khorkina will get to live another year.

4:44 pm. Beam is about to start! The first four up are going out to the field of play but the other four are in the back gym to stay warm I guess.

4:41 pm. Men’s Vault Standings

1. Ri Se Gwang, North Korea, 14.933
2. Artur Dalaloyan, Russia, 14.883
3. Kenzo Shirai, Japan, 14.675
4. Dominick Cunningham, Great Britain, 14.666
5. Nikita Nagornyy, Russia, 14.650
6. Shek Wai Hung, Hong Kong, 14.366
7. Artur Davtyan, Armenia, 13.933
8. Caio Souza, Brazil, 13.883

4:32 pm. Artur Dalaloyan, Russia, VT: Yurchenko triple, short on the landing, everyone’s so tired today. Not bad though! Clean in the air and a little hop, chest down a bit too. I’m gonna guess 9.3 E. 14.866 (5.6 D, 9.266 E). OMG I WAS SO CLOSE, I’m literally so good at being a MAG judge.

Second vault is a Blanik, which is a piked double front. HEIGHT OFF THE TABLE WAS INSAAAAAAANE YO. Kind of a huge step out of it but oh my god that HEIGHT. Pike form in the air was pretty good in the first flip, loses it a little as he preps for the landing. 14.900 (5.6 D, 9.300 E).

14.883 average.

4:28 pm. Kenzo Shirai, Japan, VT: WAY short on the block for his Yurchenko triple, for a second I think he’s done, but thank the sweet LAWD he’s so fast at twisting. Squeaks it around, chest bent down to his knees on the landing though. Good fight for the landing. 14.750 (5.6 D, 9.150 E).

God men’s vault E scores are WILD. In WAG it sometimes seems like it’s ALL about the landing but in MAG it’s like…we actually don’t care about anything, 9s for everyone! Kaz 1.5 for his second vault, also kind of a heinous block, but gets it around cleanly in the air, he came off so low that the stick seemed to even surprise him but damn he’s good at sneaking things around and hitting. 14.600 (5.2 D, 9.400 E).

14.675 average.

4:25 pm. Caio Souza, Brazil, VT: Kaz double, mmmmm….a little wild in the rotation I think, and a little tentative on the landing? Big step back to control it and I think one foot went OOB. Form in the air was nice until the last twist and then his ankles started coming apart. 14.633 (5.6 D, 9.033 E).

Dragulescu for his second vault. Crashed to his hands and knees. 😦 He crashed a bunch in warmups which I didn’t want to say before I saw his competition vault but yeah, that was something we saw coming, sadly. The crowd gasped at the replay because his head also bounces against the mat for a sec and CA yelled “HE’S FINE.” LOL. 13.133 (5.6 D, 7.833 E, -0.3 ND).

13.883 average.

4:20 pm. Artur Davtyan, Armenia, VT: Dragulescu, somewhat low on the landing, more than the rest from the first looks at it, waiting for replay to see if I can better judge…yeah, it’s low. Hop forward. I like that he holds his tuck form through at least the first flip, though. 14.433 (5.6 D, 8.833 E).

Goes for the kaz double for his second vault, but is just way too short, stumbles it back and puts his hand down. Whole crowd was as depressed as I am right now. 😦 13.433 (5.6 D, 8.133 E, -0.3 ND).

13.933 average.

4:17 pm. Ri Se Gwang, North Korea, VT: Ri II, aka the piked Dragulescu. His legs are pretty tucked tbh, and talk about cowboying. It looked like that in prelims and they still gave it to him though. And they do here. 14.933 (6.0 D, 8.933 E).

Second vault is the Ri I, aka the tsuk full-in double tuck, much better in the air than the first, gets it around with no problems. Step back. 14.933 (6.0 D, 8.933 E).

14.933 average.

4:12 pm. Nikita Nagornyy, Russia, VT: I need a repeat of his all-around Dragulescu pretty pretty please. The Dragulescu is his first, cowboyed, small bounce back. I love that people got SO OFFENDED by the cowboying in his AA vault as if literally every single Dragulescu aside from his is perfect. Nikita’s cowboying is actually one of the LEAST offensive. 14.800 (5.6 D, 9.200 E).

Kaz double after that, rotation isn’t the best and his block could be better…ends up a bit buckled and short on the landing. 😦 Not what he needed but not terrible either. 14.500 (5.6 D, 8.900 E).

14.650 average.

4:08 pm. Shek Wai Hung, Hong Kong, VT: Dragulescu, some leg form in the air but what else is new? Hop back/to the side on the landing, maybe OOB but I couldn’t see from here, chest down. 14.733 (5.6 D, 9.133 E).

Kaz double for the second vault, mostly clean in the air, just a big V on the pre-flight, wild on the landing, he’s almost still rotating and needs two large steps to control it. His feet are ALMOST shy of the full rotation too. 14.000 (5.6 D, 8.700 E, -0.3 ND).

14.366 average.

4:05 pm. Dominick Cunningham, Great Britain, VT: First up is the BILES! Is it called anything in MAG? He has a big hop on the landing, overall though, pretty good in the air. Big V on the pre-flight and slightly soft knees but again, overall pretty solid. 14.533 (5.4 D, 9.133 E).

Second vault is the Yurchenko triple, rotation might be like less than a quarter short but he covers it up pretty well, just a small step back. He casually jogged down the runway for that, I was like HURRY UP you’re so tall, you need a big block, okay? Really nice in the air. 14.800 (5.6 D, 9.200 E).

14.666 average.

4:01 pm. I’m just really excited that there’s only like one kaz 1.5 in this final. I’M OVER THEM.


70 thoughts on “2018 World Championships Live Blog | Event Finals Day 2

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  2. Thr Russian men make men’s vault pretty. Nagornyy’s preflight looked so beautiful. Im obviously not a judge, just a casual gym fan; i like to see pretty when i watch & both he and Dalaloyan deliver some pretty gymnastics.


    • I’m so gutted for the other girls too. But I’m also just so happy for Liu! After much disappointment and injuries last year, what a way to come back! She barely qualified into this final and now is walking away with gold! I can die in peace now

      Liked by 2 people

  3. The brilliant thing about Liu Tingting‘s win is that when she was considered the favorite for gold (2017) she didn‘t win (because of injury). Fast forward to this year when many thought it would be a Biles, Eaker and Wevers podium, Liu is the most solid and wins gold!! Very well deserved!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Simone literally competed as much as one could possibly do at this competition. The entire quals, TF, AA, and every event final. Even with her mistakes, she has so much to be proud of!


  5. Morgan overscored. Love her, it was a good routine, but that was in no way better than her routine in AA or QX. I also thought Mai was a smidge underscored here as well. IMO the ranking should have been Biles, Murakami, Melnikova, Hurd, Saraiva. WTF


    • After rewatching the finals, I totally agree with you! Maybe Melnikova 2nd & Mai 3rd…? But Hurd does´t look better than the other three to me, especially not on execution…


      • I totally agree Melnikova should of been 2nd. Probably one of her cleaner routines and I really wanted her to medal as she has been way more consistant…


        • I’m torn. I think strictly by the code, Melnikova probably should have medaled. Morgan had minor landing errors on almost every pass and Mai wasn’t perfect. But as overall routines, I think Morgan and Mai have so much more complete presentation. Cleaner, smoother, nicer form. I think I would go Simone, Morgan, Melnikova with Mai in 4th. But I’m not sure. What the floor placements should be go round in my head like a shell game every time I think them through. I really think Melnikova should be bronze, but then I can’t decide Morgan and Mai in relation to her or eachother. Nothing was definitive so I don’t think anyone was robbed of a medal or undeserving of the one they got. It was just that close.


  6. So Simone got 4 Golds, 1 silver, and 1 Bronze. She got a medal on every event. Kidney Stones suck. I hope they drug test her first, so she can take a strong ass painkiller. We all could see her fading after TF. I felt terrible. I wrote here that I suffer from Kidney Stones regularly. I do not know how severe her KS is, but I will say, it is hell.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Simone might pretend the doha pearl didn’t affect her, but i no doubt think it did in a least some way.. but overall still excellent result for her…. that’s why she’s GOAT!.

      As for coming back to prove how far she can push herself, I am wondering if she can somehow get an original skill named also in bars and beam :)… i think it’s very doable!

      After defending her title at 2020, i guess she really then have nothing else to prove to herself anymore? ;(

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Thank you Lauren for your live updates! I couldn’t watch the championships live, so it was great I could at least still keep up with it. Although I wasn’t able to see the championships, I could tell it was a great one by your comments/reactions!

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Thank you for getting how well Sam did. Yes he messed up in the crucial moment in the AA but he’s done great overall. I don’t know that any of the other top men had less overall falls than he did. Dalaloyan had a couple and so did Xiao. Nagorny had multiple errors. I’m not positive but I don’t think Sam fell in the Rio AA either. He just didn’t have the difficulty to medal with everyone hitting there. And he hit a great routine in Rio HB event finals and just missed a medal. It is tough to medal in men’s event finals and it’s really hard to hit 6-for-6 in a men’s all-around. Certainly Sam can do even better but he’s not that inconsistent compared to the field. Not as bad as everyone gives him crap for. So glad to hear someone else say it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Fully agree with this, Sam was excellent, with a hit record on par with the best of the best at these championships. He’s also one of the most outgoing and supportive presences on the competition floor, a lot like Kenzo Shirai but more exuberant, and I wish he got more recognition for that. As an American, I am so proud to have him out there representing us. Let’s hope this HB medal is just the beginning for him.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Dohell was a wild ride but at least there was only one injury, we all know to boycott Taishan and we get to call Tingting our beam champion for a year. Thank for everything Lauren!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I just realized not one Russian got an individual medal. I seriously just realized this. I am sad for Melnikova. I wish she got a medal.


    • I know!!! I tweeted it earlier because I could not ever remember it happening. I apparently forgot about 2009, LOL. What a year. But at least then they had Mustafina and Komova coming up…they have some decent kids in the coming years but no one like those two, not yet anyway, so it’s a bit of a sticky situation for them, and their team performance was also pretty close to being behind up-and-comers like Canada and France. It’s too bad because Melnikova, Alexeeva, and Mustafina performed beautifully here, and I know Mustafina will add more in the coming years and Alexeeva is a true gem for the program for what she’s able to offer but their depth is really hurting them right now and I hope it’s something they work on fixing rather than just blaming these athletes in Doha.


      • Eramina is better so she’ll be back . Russia does have depth iliankova , prebisonova, kharenkova etc . They just need to peak and stay healthy for Tokyo


      • Russia competed well at these Worlds, but in point of fact they and China were not meaningfully stronger than any of the other competitors in this year’s TF. What gives them the edge, other than perhaps a little more depth, is the psychological boost of knowing that your team/country has won many medals in the past. Imagine if Brazil hadn’t been so overwhelmed by the pressure on their UB rotation in TF, or if Canada had had the confidence to repeat what they’d done in QX.

        Actually, on that note, can we talk about how strong teams/competitors from the Americas looked this year? The US is always the favorite, but Canada, Brazil and Mexico’s Alexa Moreno all had strong showings!


    • And if Simone kidney stones had landed her in the hospital 🏥 for a few days then USA 🇺🇸 will only get 1 medal on EF


  11. That’s not how the first amendment works. Any blog is free to take down comments it does not wish to host. The First Amendment just guarantees that the government can’t throw you in jail as long as what you say falls under protected speech. Hate speech is not included in that.

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    • I agree. Melanie and Angelina deserved more and were both quite strictly scored. But Simone apart, during the AA and FX finals, Morgan, Mai, Nina, Angelina and Melanie were so tied ! The most tiny error became fatal.


  12. Is it just me or it seems like the two days of EF had much better attendance? or the attendance is really just improved by attendance of fellow gymnasts and their family/coaches?

    Just wish that TF and AA were as well attended


      • why is it that EF was sold out? while TF and AA was so sad for the stand?

        I mean i do get that EF has the best gymnasts for each apparatus but no one care about the biggest two prize of TF and AA?

        Was the EF attendance increased due to more foreign visitors? gymnasts family friends? expats? i am wondering why is EF better attended…


        • The weekend in Qatar is Friday and Saturday, so people had time out of work (and their kids had time out of school) to come to the arena. During the week for the team and AA finals, the meets were all held at 4 pm local time, so I’d imagine that was part of the issue with people from the area not stopping by. But the stands were PACKED for EFs and it was awesome to see. So many locals (mostly expats based on who they interviewed in the stands throughout the meet, but also lots of Qatari people including many young gymnasts) as well as people who traveled from all over the region.

          My favorite during EFs was a group of gymnasts from Lebanon and Jordan! Jordan had an athlete in the women’s competition, and the Jordanian judge was assigned to beam during the meet. Since worlds was held in the region, the Lebanese and Jordanian federations decided to kill two birds with one stone, bringing their gymnasts to watch the competition while also having a friendly meet against the Qatari juniors which was so awesome for these countries!


        • Great to know the locals do like to see it and care! 🙂 was really afraid of how it looks during the TF and AA… I guess there’s really no way to make attendance at all 4 days big unless you have a 4 day weekend…lol…

          Maybe what they should consider next time is doing TF and AA on wed and thurs nite at 7pm? and then have the 2 days EF on fri and sat at 4pm? but i guess it will be a while before we see another championship in the ME…

          Liked by 1 person

        • Yeah, I was wondering why they didn’t do it in the evenings…but athletes in the later subdivisions (like the ones at 6 pm and 8 pm in qualifications) were complaining that it was too late, so I guess they prefer competing in the afternoons? It’s funny because in the U.S. the senior sessions are always at like 7 or 8 pm, probably so they can air on primetime for TV, but in Europe and elsewhere meets are much earlier!


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