Around the Gymternet: New year, new yew

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“We don’t speak words or sentences like these…” -Nastia’s got good form on the mat and off, and that means don’t let her catch you being negative in 2019

Wut happened

Indiana’s AG is watching USAG. The Indiana Attorney General has been investigating USA Gymnastics for nearly a year, it turns out. The AG says USAG’s standards for handling abuse are still too low for the law and for the Daniels report, and that the org should not be allowed to hire consultants at those standards.

USAG said “it goes without saying that the consultants, just like all current employees and Board members, would be required to follow the law,” but poetic and noble land-mermaid Rachael Denhollander took issue with that statement.

A judge granted the org’s request to be allowed to hire consultants on Thursday. It also looks like USAG is trying to hire a temporary CEO from Scott Blackmun’s (former U.S. Olympic Committee CEO) old law firm.

The Michigan AG is not happy with MSU. The Michigan Attorney General is also pissed, releasing a report Friday claiming that Michigan State University exhibited a “culture of indifference” that allowed Nassar to thrive. The report:

  • Listed the names of 11 MSU employees who knew about Nassar’s abuse and failed to report it.
  • Claimed that MSU tried to hinder the AG’s investigation in part by drowning investigators in unrelated documents and withholding others.
  • Says that Larry Nassar thinks his abuse should have been handled as medical malpractice, and described Nassar as “unrepentant.”
  • Found no evidence to support Erika Davis’ accusation that MSU board member George Perles conspired to cover up her alleged rape.
  • Described how the 2014 Title IX investigation of Nassar failed so epically.

MSU said that it is “engaged in—and investing in—an intense reform and cultural change effort.”

The House is upset, too. Since it’s report season, the House Energy and Commerce Committee released a report claiming that the USOC’s and the NGBs’ reputation-obsessed culture caused them to fail (miserably) to protect athletes from abuse on Thursday.

Required reading

  • New report on USA Gymnastics and Larry Nassar is a reminder that athletes across America are still at risk (NBC News)
  • Larry Nassar was just a symptom. Congress must cure a sick Olympic culture (The Washington Post)
  • The story of the year (The Nation)
  • Aly Raisman isn’t done fighting for sexual assault survivors (Globe Magazine)
  • Sex abuse scandal highlights USOC’s long-standing faults (USA Today)
  • Nobody wants to host the Olympics anymore (Deadspin)

Star status

Upgrades. Christmas came early this year thanks to Melanie de Jesus dos Santos, who has a van Leeuwen to Marinich plus a Ray and a Moors. Meanwhile, Cintia Rodriguez did a lovely series on beam.

Recoveries. Maria Paseka has been cleared to compete, and says she’ll be at Russian champs. Meanwhile, Paula Raya had foot surgery.

Commitments. Ragan Smith’s going to Oklahoma.

Teams. Japan named its world cup competitors.

Staying social

Oh, to be young and in love. Daria Spiridonova and Nikita Nagornyy got married, those crazy kids. Aliya Mustafina caught the bouquet because of course she did, and she maybe has a boyfriend.

It’s official. The Biles was added to the Code of Points. I definitely knew that this hadn’t already happened.

Margz is ready. Margzetta Frazier’s floor routine is making the rounds because it’s amazing and even has a crotch-shattering split.

Holo-nope. Since we can never just, I dunno, not, this Spanish rhythmic team decided to don Holo-gear and recreate how fun it was to Holocaust.

The more you know…

These are the top ladies’ scores of 2018.

Last words

The best of 2018: Simone’s fourth worlds AA win, Peng Peng Lee’s title-clinching beam routine, and Rachael Denhollander’s testimony. Your top three: GO.

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10 thoughts on “Around the Gymternet: New year, new yew

  1. I am choosing new ones because I don’t want to repeat yours, Jess, but yours are pretty perfect.

    “I want everyone to know that he did not do this to Athlete A, he did it to Maggie Nichols.”

    Simone’s teal leo at Nationals.

    The video from camp (momentous in and of itself) when Simone casually threw the Biles for the first time publicly, and then we were all Raptured.

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