2019 Elite Canada Live Blog | Junior All-Around Day 1

Welcome to the live blog for the junior women’s all-around competition at the 2019 Elite Canada, held in Gatineau, Quebec!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

1:52 pm. Final Standings

1. Clara Raposo 50.041
2. Rébéka Groulx 49.849
3. Alexa Tucker 48.425
4. Cassie Lee 48.383
5. Okeri Katjivari 48.066
6. Kiora Peart-Williams 47.516
7. Leah Tindale 46.825
8. Jovie Richardson 46.708
9. Saki Yoshida 46.441
10. Rachael Riley 46.000
11. Marisa DeGroot 45.207
12. Audrey Grimard 45.041
13. Savannah Holman 44.724
14. Jordis Kliewer 43.791
15. Elizabeth Noble 43.691
16. Maya Zonneveld 43.333
17. Piper Johnson 43.283
18. Jayne Carvell 42.958
19. Julia Gillies 42.941
20. Sydney Turner 42.866
21. Camryn Pellerine 42.733
22. Marissa Engh 41.924
23. Makenna Guidish 23.183
24. Charlie-Ann Barbeau 23.125
25. Zoé Cotnoir 11.800
26. Kyra Cato 11.333
27. Scarlett Earl 9.000

The top 18 qualify into the all-around final, which happens tomorrow!

Clara, Rébéka, and Alexa are all first-year juniors so it’s amazing to see them do so well!

1:48 pm. Noble BB: Roundoff back handspring mount, nice. Clean full turn. Bhs loso, bent knees and a check, but holds on. Transverse straight jump full, clean. Switch half, a little short in rotation but good landing. Side aerial, tiny checks, then a straddle jump to split jump, shy of 180 on both. Back tuck, step back. 1.5 dismount with a step forward. Good work!

1:45 pm. Gillies UB: Huge Tkachev but can’t hold on. Lovely work on her Pak. Clear hip to toe-on, arched over and a CRAZY fight to save it, bends literally in half but then has to come off again sadly. Back on for a blind change to front giant to front giant half, double layout gets a bit piked at parts, step on the landing.

Carvell BB: Side aerial, little check, switch leap to split jump, shy on the latter, to sissone. Bhs loso, bent knees and a wobble. Fell on something after that, and then again on a front aerial. Switch half, shy of 180. Full turn, little check. Double full with a lunge back.

1:44 pm. DeGroot UB: Fell at some point in her routine.

Rébéka Groulx came in about two tenths behind Clara, btw! Should be fun to watch the two of them tomorrow, and then also hopefully girls like Leah Tindale and Rachael Riley will hit a bit stronger to also factor in.

1:42 pm. Katjivari BB: Goes for a press handstand into a straddle hold, loses her strength a bit and starts to come down at one bit but holds on. Side aerial to layout stepout, some knee form but solid. Full Y turn, Front aerial to split jump to Korbut into an immediate back roll! LOVE! Switch leap, wobble, but a good save. Sissone to wolf jump, tiny bobble. Double full, a little short, steps back.

1:41 pm. Tindale VT: Yurchenko 1.5 and it’s pretty solid! Just a step forward.

1:39 pm. Riley UB: Toe-on to toe half to front giant to piked Jaeger, lovely series. Short handstand before a super crunched/tucked Pak, can’t catch it and lands on her knees on the mat. Rough day for her overall sadly. Stalder half to toe shoot when she gets back on, then a nice blind full, and a double tuck dismount with a little hop.

1:38 pm. Groulx VT: Super solid FTY! Just a small step back. She’ll be close to Clara for that top spot.

1:36 pm. Grimard FX: Double pike, lunge back to control the landing. Hit the rest.

Zonnevald VT: Her leo is also GOOOORGEOUS. Second vault is a Yurchenko 1.5, EXCELLENT! Little step back.

Guidish BB: Bhs loso loso, had a series of huge wobbles to hold on at the end but she gets it! Full Y turn. Good side somi. Transverse split jump half. Then a transverse straddle jump FULL, omg and it was GORGEOUS. Layout full dismount.

1:35 pm. Zonneveld VT: FTY, pretty solid! Little bounce. I didn’t see her bars, but she only got like a 6 there…too bad, she was great on floor and had lots of difficulty on beam.

1:34 pm. Johnson UB: Pak, bent her hips and knees a bit. Front toe half, yas! Handstand almost horizontal before her toe-on to toe shoot, double tuck with a tiny step but glad to see her hit.

1:33 pm. Peart-Williams FX: Solid double pike to start. Switch leap to switch half. 1.5 through to double full I believe after that, good landing. Double tuck to finish solid.

Yoshida BB: Solid bhs loso. I really like her! Cat leap to switch side. Wolf jump full is also strong. Side somi leans forward SO FAR, literally no idea how she pulled it back to save from falling. BUT SHE DID. Double full with a hop back.

1:31 pm. Cato UB: According to Brittany Rogers, Kyra scratched her other three events because she’s nursing a sore ankle and wants to be able to be at her best at Gymnix. Routine starts with a clean but slightly late stalder full, Maloney to Pak, nice, great handstand before her new van Leeuwen, a little bit short and she can’t grasp the high bar. Back on and does it again, gets a nice lift this time, looks great. Stalder half to Endo to layout dismount instead of the double front.

1:30 pm. Raposo VT: Second vault is a Yurchenko layout, lunge back. Her leo is gorgeous FYI.

1:28 pm. Kliewer FX: Double pike, good. Double tuck, low and long, chest down. Routine ends with the phone hang-up noise that is oh so popular in NCAA.

Richardson UB: Hit routine, finished with a double tuck.

Raposo VT: Solid FTY, step back. That should do it for an all-around lead!

Turner BB: Switch to front aerial, chest down. Feed went out after that.

1:26 pm. Tucker VT: Handspring front tuck, runs forward out of it. This was her second vault.

1:24 pm. Pellerine BB: Bhs loso, some bent knees and a big wobble but great fight, holds it!

Lee VT: Yurchenko layout, good landing.

Holman UB: Dragged her feet on her toe full. Double tuck.

Engh FX: Omg, she did a front spin, like a back spin but on her stomach. with her legs and arms arched back. BLESS. Front tuck through to double full, hop back. Sat the 2.5 at the end. Had so many cool low to the floor choreo moments.

Tucker VT: Front handspring front pike, super solid!

1:20 pm. Rotation 3 Standings

1. Clara Raposo 36.541
2. Okeri Katjivari 36.316
3. Rébéka Groulx 36.249
4. Kiora Peart-Williams 35.916
5. Alexa Tucker 35.525
6. Cassie Lee 35.283
7. Savannah Holman 35.158
8. Rachael Riley 35.100

1:19 pm. Carvell UB: Nice handstand before a lovely Maloney to bail, some leg sep on the latter and a bit of sway back as well, but nice overall. Stalder full is a bit late, and Brittany said she dragged her feet, toe-on to toe shoot, toe half to front giant half to double tuck, a little low on the latter with a step.

1:17 pm. Groulx FX: Double full to stag jump, loses control a bit on the jump because she had so much power. Double tuck, little bounce back with a couple of steps to control it.

1:15 pm. Katjivari UB: I always see great upgrades from her on Instagram so excited for this! Big Hindorff, yes! Excellent bail to clear hip full, legs come apart in the full but she saves it, into a toe shoot, front layout dismount with a step back. Really solid effort!

1:14 pm. We didn’t see Rachael Riley on vault but it looks like she did a Yurchenko 1.5 and got a 14.2!

1:13 pm. Zonneveld FX: Triple full, solid. Excellent 2.5 to punch front, a little short coming out of the first bit but still pulls the tuck around. Double pike, a little low and buckled but stood it up!

Guidish UB: Went for a toe full but came off halfway through it. Got back and hit everything else I saw, including a Jaeger and the dismount with a step.

1:12 pm. DeGroot VT: Yurchenko layout but the feed went out just before she landed.

1:11 pm. Kliewer BB: I saw a really good acro series from her, and she hit her dismount well. Think it was a fully hit routine.

1:09 pm. Raposo FX: NOOOO we lost the floor feed just as she started?! Feed came back at the very end but she has a huge smile on her face so assuming that went well.

Johnson VT: Yurchenko layout, one of the better landings.

Noble UB: Came off after her Pak. A little short on handstands but had a nice one before her toe shoot, just a little weak in the form, pauses when she catches the high bar.  Hit the dismount.

1:07 pm. Earl BB: Side aerial, little bobble, switch leap to split jump, good landing on the double full. We only saw that bit so not sure what happened earlier on!

1:05 pm. Tucker FX: Excellent tucked full-in to open! Switch ring to tour jeté half. 1.5 to front full, also really strong. Comes out of her wolf turn a little early. Double tuck, nice and high, stuck the landing. Fantastic!

1:04 pm. Richardson VT: Keep missing first vaults but the second was a tsuk back tuck with a step.

Yoshida UB: Piked Jaeger, Pak, toe-on to clear hip to toe shoot, layout double full dismount, great work!

1:00 pm. Holman VT: We didn’t see her first vault I don’t think. Second is a Yurchenko layout, a bit piked, runs back out of it.

Turner UB: Stalder to Pak, very nice! Inbar to toe full, drags her feet a bit. Toe shoot. Open double tuck, low, big step forward.

Lee FX: Double pike, huge bounce back OOB. Solid double tuck at the end.

Barbeau BB: Full turn, came off on two acro skills after that but solid flight series. Just a layout dismount.

12:59 pm. Gillies VT: Yurchenko layout, a couple of big lunges back.

Grimard BB: Side somi, chest is a tiny bit forward. Big hop forward on the 1.5.

Pellerine UB: Pak, bends her legs a bit. Toe half is a bit short, to stalder to toe-on to toe shoot, nice combo. Double pike, step back. Hit!

12:57 pm. Tindale FX: Popa, nice. Layout half through to double pike, nice!! Just a tiny bit short on the double pike but love that connection. 1.5 to front full, short coming out of the first skill and she sits it. 😦 I think this is the first floor I’ve seen her do in like two years. Beautiful triple wolf turn. Switch leap to switch full. Lots of great choreo. High double tuck to finish.

12:53 pm. Rotation 2 Standings

1. Elizabeth Noble 24.800
2. Kiora Peart-Williams 24.316
3. Okeri Katjivari 24.050
4. Rébéka Groulx 24.016
5. Jayne Carvell 23.900
6. Clara Raposo 23.541
7. Audrey Grimard 23.333
8. Alexa Tucker 23.325

12:50 pm. Riley FX: Full-in, skids it forward, hands down and feet finish OOB. 😦 2.5 to front tuck, sits it. Oof. February elite gymnastics, ladies and gentlemen. Double tuck was hit at the end.

No floor from Kyra Cato. 😦 😦 😦 With Rachael falling a bunch and no Kyra, the top group is going to be SUPER wide open.

12:47 pm. Zonneveld BB: Wolf turn 2.5, not bad! Bhs loso, leg up but holds on. Switch leap, low back leg, to side aerial, a bit short, break at the hips, but again stays on. Split leap to front aerial, bobble at the end, split jump, misses connection to wolf jump so she thinks on her feet and does a wolf jump to split jump, but then splits the beam. Tries to fight and pull herself up from under the beam but falls. Transverse split jump half, transverse straddle jump half, decent on both. Double full, nice in the air, stuck it cold.

12:46 pm. Johnson FX: Sat her double arabian at the start. 😦 Nice switch ring. Double tuck, super low set and she doesn’t grab her knees, crashes it pretty hard. 2.5 with a few little steps but glad she held it up.

12:41 pm. Kliewer UB: Bail, paused on a kip. Toe-on to toe shoot. Hands down on the dismount.

Raposo BB: Last year at Gymnix, little Clara went up to Megan Roberts after the senior competition and was like “why did you all have meltdowns today?” I screamed laughing. She is my favorite person alive I think. Off on her double turn unfortunately. Gets the side aerial to layout stepout, good! Just some little form things. Transverse straddle jump half. Switch leap to split jump to back handspring, EXCELLENT. Back tuck, tiny step back. Front aerial, solid. Super solid double tuck, step back.

12:39 pm. Tucker BB: A little wobbly in the middle of her double wolf turn but controls the finish well. Switch half is lovely. She’s super tiny and SO precise in her choreo. Bhs bhs layout, a little crooked on the tumbling line, and she bounces right off. Switch to split jump to straddle jump, excellent splits. Side aerial. Super high double tuck, just a little step back. So much promise in that one!

12:36 pm. Holman FX: 2.5 to punch front, gets it around! Switch to switch half, clean. A little short on her double L turn. Double tuck, a tiny bit low, step forward. Double full, tiny bounce. Great routine.

Yoshida VT: Yurchenko layout, ran back out of it, looked like someone doing a timer.

12:34 pmm. Lee BB: Wolf turn, gets a little stuck and bends her knee. Side aerial to loso, hips are angled to the side so she can’t get her center of balance over the beam and falls. Wolf jump to straddle jump, clean back tuck. Side somi, chest down, little wobble. Transverse split jump half, couldn’t really see the split angle from here but good landing. 1.5, low set off the beam so she goes a little long and low, but decent landing, just a step.

12:31 pm. Tindale BB: Candle mount, triple wolf turn! Gets it around with a tiny little bobble two thirds of the way through. Switch to switch half, tiny bobble. Roundoff layout, really nice layout shape actually! Punch front, one foot looked a little off but she had no problem holding it with no wobbles. Double tuck, NOOOO, chest down and just puts her hand down. That was a bummer, the rest was so good.

My favorite story about Leah is when I was at Dynamo, she was injured so wasn’t really training much, but she was working potential upgrades on beam and asked me if I thought everyone was going to start adding transverse jumps into their beam routines because the value went up in the code. I was like OH HEY GYM NERD!

12:30 pm. Noble VT: Yurchenko layout, EXCELLENT! Stuck cold! That was fantastic.

Peart-Williams UB: Clear hip half to front giant half, blind full a little late, full-in with a step forward. Solid from what I saw but apparently she had a fall partway through.

12:29 pm. DeGroot FX: Double tuck, hands down. 2.5, just takes a step back to control it. Front full, good finish.

I didn’t see a score from Kyra Cato on the live results so not sure what’s happening with her. There also isn’t a scratch up for her so maybe live scoring is just slow? Ah, just saw they just put up a scratch for beam. Well that’s a bummer, she is my cover girl for this blog and I high key wanted her to win the all-around!

12:28 pm. Carvell VT: Clean Yurchenko layout, good landing.

12:23 pm. Rotation 1 Standings

1. Charlie-Ann Barbeau 13.600
2. Kiora Peart-Williams 13.550
3. Audrey Grimard 12.400
4. Jordis Kliewer 12.350
5. Marissa Engh 12.200
6. Marisa DeGroot 11.875
7. Zoé Cotnoir 11.800
8. Rébéka Groulx 11.766

12:21 pm. Yoshida FX: Stuck a double tuck with her feet apart. She’s great! Front tuck through to double full, hop back and her chest down a bit. 1.5 to finish, just a step forward.

12:17 pm. Johnson BB: Front aerial to split jump to tuck jump half, excellent! Side aerial into her jump series, really nice extension from her as well. Full turn in front attitude, BEAUTIFUL! Switch half, tiny bobble but excellent in the air. OMG NOOOOO THEN SHE FALLS ON HER SCALE kasjdf;lkasdjf WHY. HOW. It was very elegantly done but she just let go of her foot and it caused her to wobble. Double full dismount, overrotated, stumbles it back a bit.

12:15 pm. Turner FX: Double tuck, clean in the air but just a bit shy on the landing, skids it back OOB. Goes for a 2.5, a little overrotated and she has to step it forward, OOB again. One of the better juniors with her extension on leaps! Front tuck through to 1.5, lands it basically at a 45 degree angle so there’s not a prayer of pulling it up, unfortunately, and she sits it.

12:14 pm. I’m not ignoring bars, FYI, there’s just no feed up for that event! So far the top score is Rébéka Groulx’s 11.766.

12:12 pm. Richardson BB: Transverse split jump half, a little shy of the full split. Bhs bhs loso, solid!! That was great. Side somi with a big wobble and a fall, bummer. Front aerial to straddle jump, little bobble, but that was a cool series. 1.5 dismount, little step.

Engh VT: Does a tsuk back tuck for her second vault, another good landing.

12:11 pm. Engh VT: Yurchenko layout, stuck it cold! Chest was down and her form in the air was a little weak but that was a super solid landing, didn’t budge at all.

12:10 pm. Pellerine FX: Front layout, body shape was a bit too arched, but hit the landing. Double full, some leg form issues and she lunges it back OOB.

12:09 pm. Holman BB: Front aerial, side aerial, pause between, and then she tried to connect into a switch leap but she wasn’t quite there and rushed it a bit, ended up splitting the beam. That was an ouch. Hit her jump series and a full L turn after that. Switch half, leg form was a little weak and she wasn’t at 180. Bhs loso, again with the leg form but that was a solid landing. Double full, good, just lunges back out of it.

12:08 pm. Barbeau VT: Tsuk full! Lots of power, hop on the landing, but that was solid. I believe she’ll be doing a second vault.

12:06 pm. Noble FX: Saw part of this. Good double tuck at the end.

So far a few of the name graphics Flo is putting up are incorrect and I can’t always see who’s who when they have the four-way screen but I’m going to do my best with names! Brittany Rogers, who is commentating, seems to know a lot of names too so I’ll trust her.

12:05 pm. We missed a lot but seem to be back on track. Kiora Peart-Williams got a 13.55 for her FTY but that’s the highest score by like a point right now.

12:00 pm. They’re having technical difficulties so let’s try this again soon when it’s actually working!

11:58 am. Competition is starting now! Will try to capture as much as I possibly can.

3 thoughts on “2019 Elite Canada Live Blog | Junior All-Around Day 1

  1. Hi, Lauren! Do you have any info on Clara Raposo’s background? Because her name sounds VERY Portuguese and I know there’s a big Portuguese community in Canada so maybe she’s Portuguese?


  2. Sooooo Raposa!! Little bean is such a huge performer. Good things in her future. And good things for gymnerds. I can see the “YAS KWEEN” memes already.


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