2019 Elite Canada Live Blog | Novice All-Around Final

Welcome to the live blog for the novice women’s all-around final at the 2019 Elite Canada, held in Gatineau, Quebec!

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7:19 pm. Final Standings

1. Alicia Wendland 105.041
2. Emma Trollip 103.750
3. Victoriane Charron 102.250
4. Jenna Timmons 100.675
5. Amy Jorgensen 100.566
6. Lily Sihapanya 100.208
7. Tegan Shaver 99.241
8. Jordanna Phillis 97.750
9. Natasha Lopez 97.708
10. Olivia Pfister 97.225
11. Gabriela Berridge 96.550
12. Jenna Lalonde 96.291
13. Sophie Patterson 95.691
14. Lucy Kern 95.433
15. Aurélie Tran 95.408
16. Avery McCoy 95.350
17. Virginie Therrien 93.591
18. Ella Mayerhofer 93.583
19. Megan Skinner 93.466
20. Evandra Zlobec 91.933
21. Sofia Spadafora 91.800
22. Athena Hutchinson 91.066
23. Aaliyah de Sousa 90.450
24. Ava-Lee MacLean 88.725
25. Kaitlin Roopnarine 86.858
26. Camille Lefort 86.808
27. Noella Price 86.483
28. Hannah Buchmann 85.991
29. Viktoria Duchesne 85.825
30. Jetlyn Nobes 85.125
31. Yurina Soya 84.650
32. Becca Mitchell 82.108
33. Grace Slaunwhite 81.583
34. Anastasia Smolev 79.016

I believe Jordanna Phillis wins vault, Victoriane Charron wins bars, Lucy Kern wins beam, and Alicia Wendland wins floor.

7:16 pm. Lafort BB: Her hair is SO AMAZING. Candle mount. They for some reason cut away from her and aimed the camera on the medal podium lmao. Back on Camille but I think we missed some stuff. Bhs loso, little wobble, good save. Back tuck is good. Fell on her full turn!!! Noooooo. 1.5, I think she put her knee down.

7:14 pm. Soya BB: Candle mount, bhs loso, almost came off there but held on! Switch leap, misses one foot completely, almost holds on but falls. 😦 Split jump to straddle jump, little check, transverse split half, and full turn, both good. Just a step on her dismount.

7:11 pm. McCoy VT: Yurchenko back pike, little hop on the landing.

7:08 pm. Buchmann BB: Huge switch side, bobble but holds it. Bhs loso, a little short but also saves it. Transverse split jump half is solid. Hit the dismount and is so happy!

Pfister FX: Low double pike, stumbles forward out of it. Good work on the double tuck though. Nice leap on her switch leap to switch full. Double full, solid.

Patterson VT: Second vault is a huge Yurchenko layout, unfortunately sits it but it was because she had SO much power.

7:06 pm. Sihapanya FX: Nice switch to switch half to split jump full! Good double tuck, solid landing.

Patterson VT: Ooh, tsuk tuck full! Hops it over to the side but that was also a nice bit of difficulty.

7:04 pm. Smolev BB: Stumbled on a side aerial I believe, and then had a fall after it. Switch leap to back tuck, back leg didn’t come up on the leap. Same on the switch side, she’s at about 90 degrees, but tires to go right into a transverse split half, though she falls on that. Came off again on something after that. 😦 This poor wee one, she was so good on floor. Hit the dismount.

Lalonde UB: Nice piked Jaeger! Pak salto too! Missed feet on her toe-on, does it again to toe shoot, hit the dismount.

7:03 pm. Lopez VT: FTY! A little off to the side and takes a step off the mat so OOB but nice power there. Only one at this level who vaulted an FTY I’m pretty sure.

7:02 pm. Therrien UB: Clear hip to clear hip half, gets it to horizontal but can’t push it to handstand and comes off. Toe shot, muscles up to her kip and has to pause before going into handstand, double tuck with a step.

7:01 pm. Timmons FX: Huge double pike to start. Went OOB on the second pass. Nice switch half. Double tuck, stuck cold! Yay!

De Sousa UB: I missed most of this but looked like she hit.

Berridge VT: Hit her first attempt but I didn’t see what she went for. Second was a Yurchenko layout to her knees.

6:59 pm. Zlobec BB: Bhs back tuck, little stumble back but holds on! Switch leap to split jump to sissone, good work there. Solid side somi, great chest position there. Ooooh, a full turn from the side-facing position!!! YAAAAS. Hit the dismount.

6:57 pm. Trollip FX: Big double pike, great landing. Clean leaps. 1.5 to front tuck is lovely, little hop. Clean double tuck, stuck cold! Excellent routine.

6:54 pm. Nobes BB: Side aerial, a little off-center and has a fall. Back tuck. Bhs layout full dismount #NCAAAlert!

6:52 pm. Wendland FX: “Stairway to Heaven!” Clean and high double tuck, little step. Amazing extension on her leaps. Super clean 1.5 to punch front, little hop. Beautiful switch ring to ring leap. Big 2.5, takes a step out of it but dances into the step. GORGEOUS routine.

Mayerhofer UB: I believe I may have missed this? I saw her waiting but then never got to see the actual routine.

Phillis VT: She’s basically doing jumping jacks while she waits. BLESS. Cut away before she actually vaulted.

Roopnarine UB: Just saw her put her hands down on her dismount.

6:50 pm. Slaunwhite BB: Bhs loso, some bent knees but a good save on a bobble. Switch leap,  little stumble but still connects to the sissone well. Front aerial, bobble, grabs her knees to steady herself but falls. Hit the dismount.

6:47 pm. Mitchell BB: Wolf turn, solid flight series, transverse split jump half, not at 180 on that split. Rulfova!! Side aerial, little stumble and she comes off. Nice dismount, though.

Hutchinson UB: Toe-on to toe shoot, dead hang, starts her swing again. Hit the dismount, I believe a front layout.

Charron FX: Her music is on in the background but we’re not seeing her. Okay, they cut in I THINK in time for her first pass, a double tuck, just the tiniest little hop. She has some GREAT choreo. 1.5 to stag is lovely. Double pike, lunge back. She’s fab.

Kern VT: Stumbled back her Yurchenko back pike.

6:46 pm. We lost the vault feed, just FYI!

Tran VT: Vault is back! Tsuk pike for her, takes a step but she had the best tsuk block out of anyone I think.

6:43 pm. MacLean UB: Toe-on to toe shoot, blind change to front giant half, double tuck with a tiny hop.

Jorgensen FX: Split jump full, great. Double pike, a little low in the air, good landing though. Doesn’t get her punch front around at the end of her second pass. 1.5 through to double full, a little short there but holds it up.

6:42 pm. Price BB: Bhs loso, a little check but mostly great. Good fight on the side aerial. Just had a great save on a huge wobble after that, and then nailed her jump series. 1.5, a little seated with a step to the side.

Skinner VT: Yurchenko back pike, big stumble but doesn’t put her hands down.

6:40 pm. Shaver FX: Oh some really cool opening acro choreo. Double pike, a little short. Front full with a hop. Good switch ring to switch half. Good double full, little hop.

Spadafora UB: Clear hip to nice handstand, to toe-on to toe shoot, very nice. Blind change to front giant to front giant half, late, big double tuck. Good work.

6:37 pm. Rotation 7 Standings

1. Alicia Wendland 90.591
2. Emma Trollip 90.375
3. Amy Jorgensen 88.591
4. Victoriane Charron 88.425
5. Tegan Shaver 87.466
6. Lily Sihapanya 87.408
7. Olivia Pfister 84.900
8. Natasha Lopez 84.358

6:34 pm. Timmons BB: Put her hands down at one point and then fell on a side aerial. Amazing bhs loso loso, though! Switch half, a little shy. Solid landing on the double full dismount.

De Sousa VT: Yurchenko back tuck with a step. Her hair bow is a MOOD. Tsuk back tuck is solid for her second vault.

6:32 pm. Lopez FX: Another “Sweet Dreams” routine LOL YAS. Double pike is excellent. Front tuck through to big double tuck, that was great. Clean double full. Fab work.

6:31 pm. Duchesne VT: Yurchenko back tuck, step back. Not a ton of power but solid enough.

6:28 pm. Buchmann UB: I only saw the double tuck dismount, which she bounced back and sat.

Roopnarine VT: Yurchenko back tuck, super low and squatted, I believe she touched the mat when she stood up out of it.

Berridge FX: Great double tuck. Clean layout full. Great 1.5 to front tuck.

Trollip BB: Bhs bhs back tuck, SUPER solid landing. Switch to switch half into a jump, very nice. Front aerial, quite short, bent knees and a wobble. Good side aerial. Transverse split jump half, almost goes off but fights like hell and saves it. Big double tuck! Stumbles it back a bit but runs off SO happy.

6:27 pm. Smolev UB: Only saw her dismount, looked hit…

Mayerhofer VT: Second vault was a tsuk back pike. We didn’t see the first.

6:22 pm. Zlobec UB: Toe-on to clear hip, lost her rhythm after that but did a good job to get it back under control.

Wendland BB: Guess what? You’re gonna be shocked. They opted to not show the leader of the entire competition! The one who is leading by a full 2.5 points! On the make-or-break event! On a feed that can support a four-way view! Cut in just in time to see her dismount, a clean double full with a tiny hop but no idea how it looked beyond that.

Phillis FX: Good double tuck and then a front layout full. Solid 2.5 at the end.

Mayerhofer VT:

6:20 pm. Kern FX: YAS, “Sweet Dreams” by the Eurythmics. May have missed the first pass. 1.5 to front tuck for the second. Clean double full at the end.

Charron BB: Excellent flight series! Switch to split jump is good. Little check on the back tuck. 1.5 dismount. Good routine!

Nobes UB: Clear hip to toe-on, arched over and she comes off. Back on for a toe shoot, and hit her dismount.

6:19 pm. Slaunwhite UB: They cut away just as she started her routine. And showed judges moving mats on vault for some reason. Cut back in just for the dismount, a double tuck with a step.

6:18 pm. Hutchinson VT: Yurchenko layout, quite short and she’s a little piked, big step forward.

6:17 pm. Jorgensen BB: They opted to show floor warm-ups instead of someone in the top six on her competitive beam set so, ya know. Choices.

6:14 pm. MacLean VT: Yurchenko back tuck, little hop.

Tran FX: Really creative work at the beginning with her choreo. Solid double pike. Front through to layout full, SUPER clean, finished the twist so early and sailed to the ground. 2.5, step forward. That was fantastic!

6:11 pm. Shaver BB: REALLY great mount. I’ll have to look that up again when I can appreciate it more. Good jump series as well. Clean bhs loso and full turn. Off on a front aerial sadly. Solid front full dismount.

Skinner FX: Just had a really good wolf turn fake-out. Double tuck, a little deep, lunge back to control it. 1.5 to front tuck, short but stands up out of the tuck with no problems.

Spadafora VT: Tsuk back tuck, a little underrotated, step forward.

Mitchell UB: Clear hip, arched over in handstand and comes off. Gets it the second time, but then drags her feet on the mat on her Pak salto. Toe-on to toe shoot, dead hangy but gets the handstand out of it, double tuck, low, big step forward.

6:10 pm. Price UB: Dead hang going up to the high bar, kips back up, double tuck dismount with a step back.

6:06 pm. Lefort UB: Clear hip to toe-on, misses connection to the squat on, but no big deal, just an extra kip cast. Blind change to front giant, slow but steady, front layout with a step.

Pfister BB: Full turn, slight check. Clean side aerial. Came off on something after that but I didn’t see what it was. Side somi, too far forward and she falls again. Good double full dismount.

McCoy FX: Double tuck, little step. Nice switch ring. Double full, a little short with a step to the side.

Lalonde VT: Yurchenko back pike with a lunge back.

6:05 pm. Soya UB: Came over a bit on a clear hip half, and then also fell out of a handstand after it and came off. Off again on something after that, I think something similar with her rhythm just being off. AND THEN AGAIN. NOOOO. She just keeps arching over that handstand. Just does the toe shoot when she gets back on, then dismounts with a full-in, step on the dismount and she’s crying. 😦 Poor kid.

Therrien VT: I didn’t see what she did, just a step on the landing.

6:02 pm. Patterson FX: ALY 2016 MUSIC ALERT!! Double tuck to open is solid. Very nice front tuck through to double full. Noooo, sat her last pass!

Sihapanya BB: Side aerial to back handspring, wobble but holds it. Switch leap to front aerial, big wobble but held it again. Big amplitude on the switch leap half, and then a solid jump series. Hit the dismount and then like, rolled her eyes LOL. I love the wee ones.

5:58 pm. Rotation 6 Standings

1. Alicia Wendland 79.625
2. Emma Trollip 77.075
3. Tegan Shaver 75.700
4. Jenna Timmons 75.575
5. Lily Sihapanya 75.175
6. Amy Jorgensen 75.025
7. Victoriane Charron 74.925
8. Olivia Pfister 74.300

5:55 pm. Roopnarine FX: Double tuck, a bit low, chest down and steps. Nice front tuck through to layout full. Solid double full to finish. Good work!

Zlobec VT: Tsuk back pike, a little short on the landing with a step.

5:53 pm. Nobes VT: She is soooooo SOLID and has muscles for days!! Yurchenko back pike, runs back out of it almost off the mat but no big deal, her first vault was done.

Phillis BB: Wolf turn is good, bhs loso, bent legs and she unfortunately falls. Nice solid back tuck. Transverse straight jump full, little bobble. Ooh, goes for a 2.5! Runs out of it and then takes a big lunge but good work.

5:51 pm. Mayerhofer FX: 2.5 to front tuck, a little low going into the tuck but she doesn’t sit it, is just a bit squatted on the landing. Hit a layout full I believe after that. Clean double full, just a little step.

Nobes VT: Tsuk back pike, onto a sting mat, takes a lunge back off of it.

5:50 pm. Kern BB: Candle mount, nice hold in cheststand. Front aerial, perfect. Switch leap to split jump to tuck jump half, fantastic!!! Bhs to back tuck, super solid. Tick tock down to the beam for some low choreo, clean side aerial, she is KILLING IT. Transverse split jump half, just a little shy of 180 and her chest is down on the landing, 1.5 with a tiny step. That was SO good.

5:49 pm. Wendland UB: Toe-on to Pak, nice! Stalder to toe shoot, toe half to front giant to front giant half, finishes with a double layout dismount, just a small hop. EXCELLENT!

5:47 pm. Hutchinson FX: 1.5 to front layout, a bit arched. Double full, a little wild, bounces back out of it. I think we missed the first pass maybe but what I saw was good.

Slaunwhite VT: I didn’t see what she did but just a step back on the landing.

5:45 pm. Charron UB: Guess what? They cut away from bars again! 🙂 🙂 🙂 No big deal, no one wants to see the top group at all. When Simone Biles is competing I’m like can you please not show this? Yep, we missed her whole routine.

Price VT: Tsuk back tuck, nice distance! Just a step.

Tran BB: Nice low beam choreo. Good control on the flight series, but then has a stumble on the transverse split half and falls. Good leap after that, and hits a full turn. Double full was excellent, just a small step.

5:43 pm. MacLean FX: Double tuck, a bit short with a step. Nice 1.5 to front pike, just a little hop. Clean switch to switch half. 2.5, some ankle form in the air, just a little shy causing her to stumble back and then sit it.

5:40 pm. Jorgensen UB: Nice stalder to toe-on, oh, arches over toe-on a LOT but saves it! Dat core strength. Toe shoot, stalder, full-in with a hop.

Skinner BB: Feed froze on her salute and then disappeared. Had a fall according to Brittany.

5:38 pm. Spadafora FX: Good double spin. She could not have looked less amused with her opening choreo, LOL. Bless her heart. Double tuck is great, just a small step. Switch ring is actually pretty excellent, into a switch half. Front tuck through to double full, good! Hop back. Solid 2.5 to end! This was a fab routine.

Shaver UB: Again they’re not showing someone from the top group who has a chance at a medal. Saw her hit a big double layout with a great landing in the background.

5:36 pm. McCoy BB: Came off on something just as we cut back into the beam feed.  Hit an aerial into a jump. Solid double tuck, just a step.

Lafort VT: I believe we may have missed her first attempt. Second vault is a tsuk back tuck, a bit deep, step back.

5:34 pm. Pfister UB: Yes, they cut away from one of the leading gymnasts to show only floor when they have the ability to show all four screens. YOUR GUESS IS AS GOOD AS MINE. Anyway, saw her hit a full-in dismount in the background.

Lalonde FX: Double pike, somewhat deep but lovely in the air. Really nice 2.5 at the end!

5:31 pm. Sihapanya UB: Caught it close to the end, clear hip to blind change, elbows bend, but muscles up into a front giant then a front giant half, full-in dismount with a step.

Patterson BB: Switch to switch half, a bit short but gets the connection. Wolf jump after that. Had a wobble on her flight series and hit her double full well.

Therrien FX: Excellent control on her double spin at the beginning. Popa. High double tuck, just a step back there. Very nice. Clean layout full. Lots of tweety bird music. Her music is super interesting and she has lots of cool choreo too.

Soya VT: Didn’t see what she did but just took a step back. Second vault is a solid tsuk back tuck with a step.

5:30 pm. Buchmann VT: Tsuk back pike, very nice!

5:27 pm. Lopez BB: I only saw the dismount, a nice double full!

De Sousa FX: Cute choreo to start. Double pike, chest a bit low but she pulls it back and takes a lunge to control it. Switch to switch side, very nice extension. Hit her second pass  and then showed some HELLA SASS.

Timmons UB: Nice Pak, clear hip full, dragged her feet a bit, then toe-on to toe shoot, dead hangy but muscles up a kip…oh, and then goes over on a handstand, fall. Blind change to front giant half, big stuck double pike.

5:26 pm. Smolev VT: Yurchenko back tuck with some bent knees on the handspring onto the table, and a step forward on the landing, the vault is five times her height. I love when the wee ones can barely get over the table.

5:25 pm. Trollip UB: Toe-on to bail to toe full, gets a tiny bit stuck but that was an insane connection for a wee one! Toe shoot back up, toe half to front giant, a bit slow and arched, bent her elbows, double tuck with a little hop.

5:23 pm. Berridge BB: Bhs loso, bent legs but solid. Hit her jumps after that. Transverse straddle jump half, a tad short. The rest looked good from what I could see. Dismounts with a 1.5 with a step back.

Duchesne FX: Hit her opening pass. Whippy front layout after that, a bit arched. Super nice double pirouette. Double full, stuck with her feet pretty wide apart but solid!

5:20 pm. Rotation 5 Standings

1. Alicia Wendland 66.825
2. Jenna Timmons 64.850
3. Tegan Shaver 63.525
4. Emma Trollip 63.425
5. Amy Jorgensen 63.275
6. Olivia Pfister 62.750
7. Lily Sihapanya 62.700
8. Victoriane Charron 62.625

5:18 pm. Hutchinson BB: Back handspring mount, then a transverse split jump half, just shy on the split. Clean full turn, little stumble on the front aerial, but good save. 1.5, punched off about a foot away from the end of the beam and was SO close to it on her landing which was good for a minor heart attack from me but she was fine.

5:15 pm. Slaunwhite FX: Hops double turn around a bit. Double full, hop back but nice in the air. Hit her second pass, a front layout full, good work there. Front layout to stag, a bit arched in the layout but good landing and connection into the jump.

5:13 pm. MacLean BB: Front aerial to split jump, bhs loso, legs are pretty tucked but good landing. Transverse split jump half, short on the split but another good landing. Little check on the full L turn. Switch leap to split jump, also with the splits not being quite there. Side aerial, a little off-center and she has a fall. Double full, trips a little on the landing, looked like the mat bounced up a bit and kind of messed with her footing.

5:11 pm. Jorgensen VT: Tsuk back pike, really close to the vault but she’s wee so that’s expected.

Mitchell FX: 1.5 with a lunge forward. Split jump full, back leg didn’t come up at all which is so me in ballet. Ooh, back layout to front tuck for her second pass, fun! She did well with it too. Leaps after that are quite short again though. Double full, lunge back out of it. Nice straddle on the Popa.

5:10 pm. Spadafora BB: Came off on something early in the routine. Hit the rest, including a solid double full dismount with a tiny step.

5:09 pm. Jorgensen VT: Yurchenko layout, a bit piked, hop on the landing.

5:08 pm. Price FX: Way short on her double pike, did it onto an eight-inch mat which probably didn’t help her get it around, hands down. A little short on the split in her leaps after that. Great front tuck through to layout full. Clean 1.5 and then a double full to finish. Good recovery after the fall.

5:07 pm. Shaver VT: Front handspring front tuck, nice form in the air, tiny little hop. Good Yurchenko layout for her second vault.

5:05 pm. Tran UB: Clear hip to toe-on to stalder to toe shoot, nice, a little dead hangy on the catch, and then she has to rest on the bar for a second out of her kip. Blind change to front giant half, super open double tuck to finish strong.

Pfister VT: Tsuk back pike for her second vault, just a slide into a lunge.

Lalonde BB: Off on her Onodi. The rest was okay, dismounted with a 1.5.

5:03 pm. Pfister VT: Yurchenko layout, a bit deep with a step forward.

Lefort FX: Double full, little skid back. Front layout to front tuck, a little short but pulls it out. Lots of cute choreo. Switch leap to ring leap, some leg issues but who doesn’t have them? Full Y turn. Clean 1.5 at the end of the routine. Good work.

5:02 pm. Skinner UB: Blind change, goes for a toe-on after that and has to start her swing again, toe-on to clear hip to bail, a bit short, toe shoot back up to the high bar, short on a few handstands, super high stuck double tuck though.

5:01 pm. Sihapanya VT: Hit, but I couldn’t see what she did.

4:59 pm. Soya FX: A little wild in her double spin at the beginning. Double pike, pretty low, crashed it to the mat. 1.5 to front tuck, nice, but step forward OOB. Switch ring to switch side half, a little low with her knee on the ring but good series. Double full, good.

4:58 pm. McCoy UB: Catching parts in the background of the floor feed, could see her do a toe shoot and lovely stalder, ooh, double layout! Just a step forward. Another hit routine on bars!

4:55 pm. Buchmann FX: Did something, front tuck maybe? through to a double full, nice. Hit her second pass as well. Cut away after that.

Timmons VT: Second vault is a tsuk back tuck, good work with that one.

De Sousa BB: Off on her bhs bhs loso. Cut away as she was doing a switch leap. Cut back in just as she fell on something else. Hit her side somi. 1.5 is a quarter short, crashed it sadly.

Patterson UB: Clear hip to toe-on to toe shoot, nice! Blind full, the most INSANELY beautiful finish on top of the bar in the most perfect vertical ever. Double tuck dismount. Excellent!

4:54 pm. Timmons VT: Yurchenko layout, a little piked with a hop.

4:52 pm. Lopez UB: Toe-on to toe shoot, hit the dismount.

I wish they wouldn’t cut in and out of routines. Just leave all four up!!! I think it’s confusing Brittany because she doesn’t know who is who, and she doesn’t know who is warming up vs who is competing because she’s not seeing half of what’s happening, her feed is cutting in and out the same as we are.

Duchesne BB: Only saw the dismount, she hopped off the mat on her double full.

4:50 pm. Smolev FX: Lots of sass in the first part of her choreo. Big 2.5 to open, looked great. Split jump full to tuck jump, very clean. 1.5 to punch front layout, hops out of her Memmel turn but runs from the hop into a split leap, BLESS, what a pro. Double full with a hop. Fantastic.

4:48 pm. Wendland VT: I believe we missed her first vault because the feed came back as she was walking back to the start of the runway. Second vault is a Yurchenko layout with a tiny bounce back.

Berridge UB: Caught her bail, clear hip to toe-on to toe shoot is also good, blind full, stalder, clean double tuck, tiniest bounce in place. Great work!

4:46 pm. Zlobec FX: Double tuck, some leg form issues, but good hit. Feed cut out after that, and the vault feed is also out.

Roopnarine BB: Bhs bhs loso, unfortunately had a fall. Off again on something after that, and then again on her front aerial. Hit her full turn. Wobble on her side aerial but good fight. Hands down on her double full. Still smiles at the end after four falls, MY HEART. Get it.

4:45 pm. Phillis UB: Toe-on to toe shoot, piked Jaeger, nice! Open double tuck with a step back. Excellent work.

4:44 pm. Charron VT: Yurchenko back tuck with a step.

4:42 pm. Nobes FX: Double pike, a little weak in the leg form. Front through to layout full is good. Sadly crashed the double tuck at the end.

Kern UB: Nice clear hip to toe shoot! High double tuck dismount. Really great routine.

Mayerhofer BB: Solid on her bhs loso. Break on a transverse jump with a half twist but no real problems. Nice front aerial and side aerial. Hit the dismount.

4:40 pm. The touch warm-up is just finishing up and we should get started any minute!

The all-around and event titles will be determined by two-day scores. Alicia Wendland, who trains with U.S. junior Levi Jung-Ruivivar at Paramount Elite, is in the lead with a 53.475, a solid two points ahead of the rest of the competition. Note that there is a difficulty bonus for novice gymnasts, so D scores will look a little higher than you’re used to!

8 thoughts on “2019 Elite Canada Live Blog | Novice All-Around Final

  1. Loving your rage about the feed. I wasted plenty of time this afternoon trying to re-watch routines posted to their site and there was only a 50% chance that it showed the routine + the correct gymnast. The other 50% are videos of people waiting, or misidentified gymnasts, or (my favorite) a feed of an empty apparatus where no one is competing or warming up. I like to think those gymnasts competed invisibly.


    • Yes!!! I haven’t tried to go back and watch anyone yet but someone took a bunch of screenshots of individual vaults that were uploaded, and it’s about a full minute of waiting, and then it shows the first half of the vault, but then cuts off just as they hit the table and that’s the end of the video!! It’s kind of outrageous (a) for the cost to the subscriber, and (b) because GymCan is now paying for this to be their official video service and now parents who used to have a free stream of the judge’s cam that showed every single routine on a separate feed now have to watch a live feed that misses half of the routines and then go back and check for their kids’ videos just to see that they’re mislabeled, cut off, or not uploaded at all.

      A lot of parents are super upset about this. They need someone from GymCan who actually knows all of the girls to identify them because this happens all the time where no one actually working on the stream knows who is who. Alicia Wendland was leading this competition and should have been the one to watch and know, and yet when Victoriane Charron was vaulting, the commentator said “and here’s Alicia Wendland” which like…no. One is super tiny and blonde and the other is taller with super dark brown hair.

      I have more patience for Flo than I should because I know the people on the gymnastics side care about the sport and want to grow it, and I don’t want to complain about Flo just for the sake of complaining. I know many of them work hard and want to do a great job, and with the feeds going on and off, I know there have been issues with the in-arena wifi which like, maybe test it out or get your own wifi service for the event, but not the fault of those working on the event so I’m not even mad about that. But that lack of attention to detail is ridiculous, and it’s not going to change because they use a lot of volunteers for their broadcasts who don’t know about gymnastics at all, let alone the competitors they should be focusing on, and they make a lot of mistakes, which are unforgivable at this point after being in operation as the premium subscription service for gymnastics for going on 5 years now.

      If you can’t correctly identify the leading gymnast in a competition at a meet where you have exclusive rights to broadcast for the federation, then I don’t know what else to say really. It’s completely unforgivable. It would be like NBC not knowing who Simone Biles was in a broadcast and putting the camera on another black gymnast and having commentators who don’t know her just assume it’s her because it’s who the camera is currently focused on. I actually research the competitors and find photos and watch routines so I know who these girls are and what to look for, so if I can identify them on a blurry screen on my laptop, you should be able to know who they are as the people broadcasting the meet. It takes less than an hour to look at a start list and match faces to names. If they can’t put in that bare minimum research, they’re not doing their jobs.


      • OMGGGGG YAS. All of this. Also, the twitter screenshots were from me. Normally I don’t want to piss on Flo because I’ve heard from you and others in the gym biz that the people running the gymnastics side really care about the sport. BUT! I didn’t want to let this one slide because (a) it’s Canadian gymnastics, and (b) Canada just sold their soul to Flo. So it seemed appropriately timed for a random consumer like me to call them out on their incredibly inaccurate content for such a huge CANADIAN event!!


        • OH YAAAAAS. Good, they need to see that literally none of their videos were uploaded correctly. I hope Gymnastics Canada lets them know that they have to get it together for this kind of broadcast in the future.


  2. Very tough with FLO. Due to injury, my daughter was only competing bars, my husband logged in, had a group of coworkers around to watch her and only saw the last 4 seconds of routine. At least they got to see her stick her dismount and more importantly, her big smile. 🙂 Looking for improvement from FLO for sure. It cost us $40.95 Cdn for the month. For me, I couldn’t watch her because of work (sigh) but frustrating to get a text from my husband saying “she stuck her dismount and saw her smile so I’m guessing it went well?” At least we could watch the saved video which was nice but *not quite the same* as the live feed we paid for,.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I thought about you when I saw her “routine” (though I had the same thought of “I guess she hit!” when I saw her smile!) and all of the other families who paid for a subscription only to not see their kids featured at all. They used to allow you to select the camera feed you want to watch, identical to when Gymnastics Canada had their streams, so I don’t understand the reasoning for not continuing to do that, especially knowing that the majority of people tuning in were going to be parents, family members, and friends who specifically want to watch one person. I hope this is fixed in the future but right now I think it’s unacceptable to not show every gymnast on the live stream.


      • Yes! Crossing my fingers for improvements and that these are just teething pains as FLO gets going with Gymcan. At least we got the 4 seconds, some parents got none of some of the events and I’m hoping they are working to fix that in time for Gymnix.


  3. Finally got around to watching Trollip’s floor and I sooooo frustrated with Flo’s decision to not buy music rights!! But for real, this routine is STUNNING and the style of it reminds me of Axelle’s bird routine from 2016. DANG Canada!!! So much talent in their tiny nuggets division!! Thumbs. Up. For. DAYS.

    Liked by 1 person

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