Canada’s Top Talent Back for Elite Canada


Ana Padurariu

Over a hundred gymnasts will make their first appearances of the season at this year’s Elite Canada, the qualifying meet for High Performance status, to be held in Gatineau next week.

Three of the five members of last year’s history-making world championships team are set to compete in Gatineau, with Ellie Black, Sophie Marois, and beam silver medalist Ana Padurariu all expected to contend, as well as alternate Laurie Denommée. With vault silver medalist Shallon Olsen currently competing in her freshman season at Alabama, we won’t see her back quite yet, though she is planning to return after the NCAA season is complete, while Brooklyn Moors will sit this competition out.

2018 Youth Olympic Games medalist Emma Spence will make her senior debut in Gatineau, 2018 Commonwealth Games gold medalists Jade Chrobok and Isabela Onyshko are on the roster (with Onyshko now competing with the Phoenix club in Vancouver), 2016 Olympian Rose-Kaying Woo and her sister Victoria-Kayen Woo are back in action, and Pac Rims team members Haley de Jong and Imogen Paterson will also compete, with Paterson making her senior debut, as will other former junior standouts Quinn Skrupa, Mia St-Pierre, Lucia Jakab, Kiera Wai, and Ilka Juk.

Notably missing from the senior field are Megan Roberts and Meaghan Ruttan, both of whom had long and illustrious elite careers in Canada before beginning their NCAA careers this year. Roberts is already beginning to shine at Georgia, while Ruttan is in the good company of several other former Canadian elites at Washington.

Zoé Allaire-Bourgie is pretty much so far ahead the junior competition, she’ll be competing in the senior field this year, helping her prepare for the road to Tokyo alongside the gymnasts she’ll be contending with next year. The 2018 junior national all-around, bars, and beam champion had a super successful season last year, and she’s expected to continue her dominance in her final year at the junior level. In addition to her wins at home, Allaire-Bourgie was the Gymnix all-around and beam champion, and she also won the beam titles at Pac Rims and Junior Pan Ams, taking the all-around bronze and silver medals at these competitions as well.

In the junior field, my favorites to keep an eye on are Rachael Riley and Kyra Cato, both of whom performed well as juniors last year, but should now be up there as two to watch alongside Allaire-Bourgie for international assignments. I also really love Okeri Katjivari and Leah Tindale, and I look forward to the junior debuts of last year’s novice standouts Rébéka Groulx, Scarlett Earl, Maya Zonneveld, Makenna Guidish, Kiora Peart-Williams, Clara Raposo, and Nyla Morabito, to name a few.

In the novice competition, I’m excited to see Alicia Wendland, who trains and competes with Paramount Elite in the U.S., currently in her first season as a level 10. Wendland attended several developmental camps in the U.S. elite program, but as a Canadian, has opted to go the elite route in her home country, competing with the Waterloo-based club Revolution.

Most of the novices are brand new to elite competition, but a few have some experience, including Jenna Lalonde, Tegan Shaver, and Amy Jorgensen, the three of whom were the strongest of this bunch at last year’s Elite Canada. The majority of novice gymnasts are in the 12-13 age group, but we’ll also see a few gymnasts getting early starts at age 10 and 11 as well.

Elite Canada will be held from February 1 through February 3 at the Centre Sportif de Gatineau, featuring two days of competition for each division. The seniors will have an all-around competition as well as a separate event finals, while the juniors and novice gymnasts will have two days of all-around competition, with apparatus winners determined after the second day.

The competition will be streamed by FloGymnastics, and a full list of athletes expected to attend is below.

Jessica Balan, Laval Excellence Éloïse Monat, Équilibrix
Tehya Benjamin, Halifax ALTA Myrelle Morin, Gymnix
Ellie Black, Halifax ALTA Isabela Onyshko, Phoenix
Amy Bladon, Bluewater Ana Padurariu, Gemini
Charlotte Chagnon, Équilibrix Xuan Patenaude, Wimgym
Jade Chrobok, Gemini Imogen Paterson, Flicka
Haley de Jong, Flicka Amanda Pedicelli, Équilibrix
Laurie Denommée, Viagym Audrey Rousseau, Équilibrix
Gabrielle Deslauriers, Wimgym Hannah Scharf, Shenderey
Megan DiPietro, Dynamo Quinn Skrupa, Brandon Eagles
Jessica Dowling, Dynamo Emma Spence, Dynamo
Jordyn Ewing, TAISO Mia St-Pierre, Gym-Fly
Laurie Gagnon, Les Réflexes Annie-Pier Thériault, Viagym
Rachel Grenke, Capital City Laurie-Lou Vézina, Gym-Fly
Lucia Jakab, Okanagan Kiera Wai, Manjak’s
Ilka Juk, Calgary Emily Walker, Marian
Sophie Marois, Viagym Rose-Kaying Woo, Gym-Richelieu
Charlotte McDevitt, Équilibrix Victoria-Kayen-Woo, Gym-Richelieu
Emma Milne, Shenderey
Zoé Allaire-Bourgie, Gymnix Cassie Lee, Manjak’s
Charlie-Ann Barbeau, Équilibrix Valérie Menezes, Gymnacentre
Hannah Boutilier, Titans Rylee Miller, Can-Am
Jayne Carvell, Flicka Nyla Morabito, Niagara Acro Cats
Kyra Cato, Calgary Elizabeth Noble, TAG Sports
Zoé Cotnoir, Laval Excellence Kiora Peart-Williams, Milton Springers
Marisa DeGroot, Calgary Camryn Pellerine, TAISO
Scarlett Earl, Club Aviva Clara Raposo, Manjak’s
Marissa Engh, Twisters Jovie Richardson, Bluewater
Julia Gillies, Quebec Performance Rachael Riley, Bluewater
Audrey Grimard, Wimgym Mikhayla Rosenow, Twisters
Rébéka Groulx, Gym-Richelieu Leah Tindale, Dynamo
Makenna Guidish, Flip City Alexa Tucker, Dynamo
Savannah Holman, Calgary Sydney Turner, TAG Sports
Piper Johnson, Calgary Jada Yip-Janniere, Oakville
Okeri Katjivari, Brandon Eagles Saki Yoshida, Gadbois
Jordis Kliewer, Twisters Maya Zonneveld, Revolution
Nya Kraus, Queen City
Gabriela Berridge, Mississauga Sophie Patterson, Club Aviva
Hannah Buchmann, TAG Sports Olivia Pfister, Canmore Illusions
Victoriane Charron, Gym-Richelieu Jordanna Phillis, Phoenix
Aaliyah de Sousa, Flip City Noella Price, Futures
Viktoria Duchesne, Omega Kaitlin Roopnarine, Futures
Athena Hutchinson, Club Aviva Tegan Shaver, Unigym
Amy Jorgensen, Marian Lily Sihapanya, Global
Lucy Kern, Calgary Megan Skinner, Cygnus
Jenna Lalonde, Ottawa Grace Slaunwhite, Titans
Kayla Lawrence, Gym-Fly Anastasia Smolev, Omega
Camille Lefort, Quebec Performance Yurina Soya, Wimgym
Natasha Lopez, Futures Sofia Spadafora, Rose City
Ava-Lee MacLean, Norfort Virginie Therrien, Gadbois
Ella Mayerhofer, Wimgym Jenna Timmons, Calgary
Avery McCoy, Norfort Aurélie Tran, Gymnika
Becca Mitchell, Omega Emma Trollip, Burlington
Orlia Ngomsi, Champions Alicia Wendland, Revolution
Jetlyn Nobes, Wimgym Evandra Zlobec, Wimgym

Article by Lauren Hopkins


7 thoughts on “Canada’s Top Talent Back for Elite Canada

  1. It really annoys me that Flo is streaming this.
    I mean, it’s my choice not to pay for it, I guess, so it’s an unreasonable annoyance but still.
    Anyone actually subscribe to it? Is it worth it?


    • Yeah, good for Flo, but Canada used to have THE best streaming for domestic meets…and it was FREE! I get that it’s expensive and difficult to produce so I can see why they wanted to outsource but it’s a shame for those who used to be able to tune in for free and now have to pay. I’ve subscribed on and off to Flo over the years, not paying for months that don’t have live meets…I’ll pay for like, February through May usually depending on the meets they’re offering. It’s not bad, sometimes there are issues with connectivity, but they do a great job if it’s working. Customer service kind of sucks if you do have an issue, though. I signed up for Jesolo last year and my feed would stop in the middle of the routine and play 30 seconds of ads – on a paid account – meaning I’d miss the entire routine. I told them about the issue and they were basically like “too bad, not our problem.” The people who do the gymnastics side of things are super hard-working and love what they do, so I don’t want to complain about that at all and they’re going to do a fantastic job with these meets…but Flo as a company has a lot that needs to be ironed out on a regular basis.


    • I think a monthly subscription right now is $12.50 which imo is not a bad price (less than a movie ticket, right?). It’s also cheaper than a tv subscription of ~$40 to watch a month of ESPN’s coverage of NCAA gymnastics. The connectivity was an issue last year but the events I streamed this year have been great. They don’t do a great job with scores or rosters, but that information is usually updated by Elite Canada. I cancelled my yearly subscription with Flo and do what Lauren does – just pay for the months when they have meets I want to watch.


      • Yeah, their stream tonight with Metroplex was great. Their cost is $30/month if you pay monthly, or $12.50 a month if you pay the yearly sum of $150 at one shot which I think is a lot for some people so they end up paying month-to-month. I just pay month-to-month because I only use it for three months so it’s $90 total as opposed to $150 but I get why people would be turned off by the $30/month considering the amount of content compared to big streaming services isn’t that much…though with the Canadian meets now and some other meets as well, it’s clearly growing.


  2. I just signed up for FLO to watch Elite Canada. With the exchange rate, (US to Cdn) my cost was $40.95 Cdn for one month. Cheaper than a plane ticket to Gatineau, for sure, but last year Elite Canada was streamed for free so this is a new tough pill to swallow. So many of our WAG competitions seem to be in Central Canada and further east, so it makes it hard for western Canadian families to travel to them. I appreciate the ability to watch from my home when I cannot travel, but miss my free coverage primarily so that family and friends can tune in and watch too, without shelling out close to $41.


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