Padurariu Wraps Up Event Finals With Three Golds

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After defeating Ellie Black for the all-around title in the first day of senior competition at this year’s Elite Canada, Ana Padurariu came back to finish on top of three podiums on Sunday, winning the gold medals on bars, beam, and floor, while Black snagged the gold on vault.

Padurariu was in excellent form on all three of her events. She caught her big releases on bars in addition to hitting the dismount well for a 14.750, her beam was absolutely stunning with almost zero bobbles or mistakes and she finished with a solid landing on her double pike dismount to earn a 14.875, and on floor, where she’s currently still a bit downgraded after getting injured at this meet last year, she posted a 13.866 with solid tumbling and leaps as well as a fantastic performance overall.

It was a super successful outing for Padurariu, who had some minor stumbles in her all-around performance, but she made some big improvements here and she should remain one of the top international gymnasts to watch this season both as an all-arounder and on her strongest events.

Black continued to shine on vault with major improvements on the landings of both her handspring front layout full and her tsuk 1½, averaging a 14.450 to take the title in addition to also picking up the silver medals on bars and beam as well as the bronze on floor. Black was excellent on all three, making up for a bars fall sustained during the all-around competition to earn a 14.550 there, and on beam she had an especially beautiful layout series as well as a switch leap to switch half to back handspring, getting a 13.975 for her recently-reconstructed routine.

The remainder of the medals in this competition’s apparatus finals were distributed among a handful of gymnasts, with Mia St-Pierre taking the silver on vault with a 13.625 average, junior Zoé Allaire-Bourgie stepping it up in the senior field to get the bronze on bars with a 14.025, Laurie-Lou Vézina showing clean and steady work to win the beam bronze with a 13.075, and veteran Victoria-Kayen Woo showcasing a gorgeous performance on floor to win the silver with a 13.633.

Saint-Pierre was solid on both of her vault attempts, competing a huge FTY for her first, and then hitting a new vault, which I didn’t see, but it was out of a 4.8 start value, and she got a 13.700 total for her effort there.

The only junior in the senior field here, Allaire-Bourgie won bronze in the all-around competition, and she was almost just as great in the apparatus finals, with her bars routine a highlight of the competition, showing off her near-perfect form and big skills. On beam, she had several big wobbles which contributed to a lower-than-usual execution score, seeing her finish in fourth place, and with lower difficulty and an out-of-bounds on floor, she ended up sixth there, though her routine overall was beautiful.

Vézina was a bit of a surprise for the beam bronze, but the final as a whole was a bit shaky for many of the competitors, and she really pulled through with some lovely and confident work to take the bronze here, and this was also a fabulous competition for Woo, who was strong in each of her routines this weekend, though her floor routine on Sunday was breathtaking, complete with an excellent double layout, a punch through to a clean 2½, and a beautiful double pike. She honestly looks better than ever, and though Canada’s talent pool is getting pretty deep at the moment, I can see her still challenging for a worlds team or alternate spot later this year if she keeps this up.

Jade Chrobok competed well in all three of her finals here, finishing fifth on bars, beam, and floor, while Jessica Dowling had a solid bars performance to finish fourth there, though she missed her flight series on beam and wound up sixth.

Her teammate and Youth Olympic Games medalist Emma Spence put up some strong work to pick up a fourth-place floor finish, worlds alternate Laurie Denommée was sixth on bars, Haley de Jong was seventh on beam, Emma Milne was eighth on bars and beam, Gabrielle Deslauriers was seventh on floor, and Isabela Onyshko crashed the double pike in her final pass on floor to finish eighth there after also struggling in her all-around performance.

Full results from the competition are available here.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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