English Championships Start Friday

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Amelie Morgan, Kelly Simm, Claudia Fragapane, Phoebe Jakubczyk, Maisie Methuen, Georgia-Mae Fenton, Alice Kinsella, Gabby Jupp, Ellie Downie, and Emily Thomas

This year’s English Championship will see hundreds of the best gymnasts in the country come together this weekend, including world and Olympic medalists competing for the first time in 2019.

The senior women’s event will see the return of 2017 world medalist Claudia Fragapane, who has been out since last year’s English Championships after rupturing her Achilles. Fragapane recently attended the Euros selection camp, and hopes that her performance there coupled with what she does this weekend will be enough to get her on the team headed to Szczecin, with the Euros team being named March 6.

Other notable seniors competing include Olympic Games, world championships, and European championships team members Ellie Downie, Gabby Jupp, Kelly Simm, Alice Kinsella, Georgia-Mae Fenton, and Taeja James, while three-time 2018 Youth Olympic Games medalist Amelie Morgan will make her senior debut in Ilford, as will her teammate Phoebe Jakubczyk, who finished fifth all-around at junior Euros last year. All but James were part of last week’s Euros squad camp, as were Welsh gymnasts Emily Thomas and Maisie Methuen, who were first and second in the all-around at last weekend’s Welsh Championships, though they won’t compete here.

Also competing here are the three Heathrow international gymnasts, Danusia Francis of Jamaica, Chiara Bunce of Slovakia, and Jessica Castles of Sweden. The trio all competed at world championships in Doha last year, and they’ll continue going forward in the hopes of qualifying to next year’s Olympic Games, and while they can’t officially compete as English gymnasts, they’ll all be able to use this meet for experience as guest competitors with their club.

In the junior field, keep your eyes on girls like Hallie Hilton, Annie Young, and Ondine Achampong, all of whom flew somewhat under the radar last year, but will now be the ones to watch now that Morgan and Jakubczyk have graduated to the senior ranks.

As for the senior men, two-time Olympic champion Max Whitlock headlines the field which also includes 2012 Olympic medalist Sam Oldham, 2015 world medalist Brinn Bevan, 2018 European floor champion Dominick Cunningham, 2018 Euros medalist Joe Fraser, and three-time Commonwealth Games medalist Frank Baines of Scotland, who will compete as a guest here.

Nile Wilson was also originally on the roster here, but a recent surgery has forced him to withdraw both here and at the upcoming Birmingham World Cup.

We’ll also see the former junior standout Giarnni Regini-Moran here after returning to competition at a couple of international meets following several injuries, and we’ll get glimpses of some international guests in Adam Steele of Ireland, Reiss Beckford of Jamaica, and Tommy Nicolaou, now of Cyprus after a recent change-of-nationality filing with the FIG.

A full list of competitors is below. On Friday, the espoir women will compete, as will the youth men in the 14 and under group, Saturday will see the senior men and women in competition alongside the junior men in the 18 and under group, and on Sunday, the junior women will compete, as will the men in the junior 16 and under and youth 12 and under groups.

Cameron Aird, Regent
Frank Baines, Southport*
Emil Barber, Swansea*
Reiss Beckford, South Essex*
Brinn Bevan, South Essex
Dominic Bigsby, Pipers Vale
Lorenzo Carrozzo, Woking
Joe Cemlyn-Jones, Falcons
Miki Chu, Loughborough
Nathan Comber, Huntingdon Olympic
Josh Cook, YMCA Barry*
Elliott Cooper, Manchester
Dominick Cunningham, Birmingham
Joe Fraser, Birmingham
Josh Gallagher, Swansea*
Gabriel Hannah, Loughborough
Thomas Hassell, Basingstoke
James Hodgson, Notts
Daniel Lee, Loughborough
Jamie Lewis, Woking
Timothy McCarthy, Woking
Thomas Morley, Notts
Patrick Murphy, Huntingdon Olympic*
Joshua Nathan, Birmingham
Tommy Nicolaou, South Essex
Bradley Nuttall, Manchester
Michael O’Neill, Heathrow*
Sam Oldham, Notts
Donell Osbourne, Birmingham
Ryan Owen, Falcons
Owen Print, Rugby
Giarnni Regini-Moran, Europa
Maxwell Robertson, Loughborough
Harry Ross, Newcastle
Thomas Settle, Loughborough
Hayden Skinner, South Essex
Adam Steele, Pipers Vale
Jay Thompson, South Essex
Isaac Vango, Notts
Max Whitlock, South Essex
Nile Wilson, Leeds
Tegan Abel, Colchester
Jess Adamson, Warrington
Annabel Agba, East London
Louise Akers, Diamonds
Tilly Allen, Huntingdon Olympic
Emmeline Anghileri, Tolworth*
Victoria Ashworth, Bristol School
Tayah Askham, Dynamo
Teegan Barnes, Huntingdon Olympic
Jade Bennett, OLGA Poole
Lauren Billingham, Leeds
Megan Bramley, Gymmagic
Megan Bridge, Gymmagic
Hollie Brimble, Liberty
Amy Briscoe, Park Wrekin
Chiara Bunce, Heathrow*
Ellie Burgess, The Academy
Emily Burke, Dynamo
Emily Cantwell, Rushmoor
Jessica Castles, Heathrow*
Ellie Cheetham, Manchester
Lana Chilton, Newcastle
Ellie Clements, The Academy
Harriet Clifford, Colchester
Nicole Coman, Park Wrekin*
Laura Cooke, Norfolk Academy
Hallie Copperwheat, Sapphire
Holly Curran, Basingstoke
Thea Dane, Notts
Jessica Daykin, Wiltshire
Nina Deery, Sheffield Workshop
Georgia Dilley, Huntingdon Olympic
Ellie Downie, Notts
Olivia Essex, Dynamo
Rebecca Evens, London
Maisie Faughey, Bury
Georgia-Mae Fenton, East London
Caitlyn Firth, The Meapa
Rachelle Flambard, Regent*
Claudia Fragapane, Bristol Hawks
Danusia Francis, Heathrow*
Sophie Goodman, South Essex
Emily Gibson, Greenwich Royals
Tomique Gibson, South Essex
Eleanor Green, Tameside
Jasmine Greenwood, Preston
Rochelle Hamilton-Kendall, Exeter
Tilly Hedges, Sapphire
Izzy Hilliard, Leatherhead & Dorking
Sophie Hobbs Simpson, Liberty
Phoebe Jakubczyk, The Academy
Taeja James, Birmingham
Lauren Jones, Warrington
Gabby Jupp, Sapphire
Alice Kinsella, Park Wrekin
Amelia Knight, The Academy
Maisie Lloyd-Jones, Portsmouth
Heather MacInnes, Marriotts
Synnove MacPherson, Manchester
Martha Marsh, Norfolk Academy
Lauren Matthews, Sapphire
Katie Meadow, Southport
Eleanor Mills, Tameside
Amelie Morgan, The Academy
Jasmine Morton, Colchester
Emily Pike, Coalville
Harriet Price, Park Wrekin
Isabelle Prinsep, Dynamo
Alyieana Rahim, Sapphire
Amelia Richards, Bury Spectrum
Desnee Richter, Leeds*
Lucy Robinson, Bury Spectrum
Leah Rockett, South Durham
Mia Scott, South Durham
Jessica Seager, Newcastle
Lydia Sellen, Berkhamsted
Takara Sides, Huntingdon Olympic
Kelly Simm, Dynamo
Molly Simmons, Carousel
Zoe Simmons, The Academy
Lottie Smith, Notts
Thalia Spence, Tameside
Megan Splain, Pinewood
Gypsy Squires, Sapphire
Ellie Telford, Colchester
Naomi Tella, Marriotts
Chloee Tomlin, Carousel
Abigail Virgo, Sheffield Workshop
Sophia Waller, London
Isla Warr, Park Wrekin*
Jana Weisserova, Worcester*
Zippy Wells Dion, Norwich
Elizabeth Williams, Southport
Olivia Williams, Liverpool
Teri Williams, Garstang
Courtney Wood, Retford
Yoana Yankova, Hinckley
Anton Adewale, Pegasus
Jaydon Attygalle, Tolworth
Josh Baldwin, Bulmershe
Raekwon Baptiste, Notts
Liam Beard, Swansea*
Clayton Bell, Rugby
Matthew Boardman, Notts
Jamie Brennan, Harrow
Henry Brooker, Bristol Hawks
Luca Bruneli, Heathrow
Elliot Bullen, Swallows of Helston
Laurence Butler, Woking
Benjamin Chirodian, Norwich
Ryan Cirino, Huntingdon Olympic
Felix Coomber, Portsmouth
Euan Cox, Pegasus
Colton Dudley, Heathrow
Finlay Dunne, Manchester
Blake Eldridge, Harrow
Korben Fellows, Birmingham
Christian Fuoco, Woking
Samurai Gayle, Harrow
Samuel Ghinn, Pegasus
Oscar Harper, Swansea*
Harry Harrod, Hawth
Jack Helps, Portsmouth
Mitchell Henshaw, Hinckley
Harry Hepworth, Leeds
Sebastian Herbert, Basingstoke
Harrison Hoad, Europa
George Honnor, Falcons
Niall Hooton, Huntingdon Olympic
Zion Hunt, Tolworth
Ekraj Ingale, Fromeside
Jake Jarman, Huntingdon Olympic
Jake Johnson, Leeds
Thomas Jones, Rugby
Liam Jury, Notts
Issa Soul Kalfon, Basingstoke*
Tom Killick, Hawth
Harrison Langridge, South Essex
Alex Lester, Hinckley
Daniel Lisney, Colchester
Nathanael Lockett, Manchester
Jacob Mairs-McKenzie, Manchester
Thomas Malpass, Bury Spectrum
Matthew McClymont, Tolworth
Conor McGrath, Notts*
James Miller, Woking
Daniel Mock, Falcons
Finlay Morgan, Bulmershe
Rudi Moriano, Woking
Luke Morrison, Pipers Vale
Sam Mostowfi, Pegasus
Frederick Nelson, Newcastle
Joshua Papworth, Huntingdon Olympic
James Puddy, Fromeside
Thomas Rawcliffe, Manchester
Dinesh Raymund-Jayadev, Park Wrekin
Michael Ridgway, Marriotts
Kasey Rising, Tolworth
Remell Robinson-Bailey, Earls
Nicholas Rodrigues, Basingstoke
Charlie Rose, Woking
George Ross, Newcastle
Kurtis Rutter, Newcastle
Musa Siddiqi, Bulmershe
Benjamin Smith, Hinckley
Jasper Smith-Gordon, Woking
Oliver Snook, Baskerville
Harley Spann, Manchester
Jack Stanley, Leeds
Caleb Stephenson, Heathrow
Toby Stevens, Norwich
Adam Tobin, Falcons
Nathan Todosijczuk, Manchester
Simon Toussaint, Leeds
Douglas Turnbull, South Essex
Joshua Underwood, South Essex
James West, Bulmershe
Luke Whitehouse, Leeds
Harvey Williams, Heathrow
Joshua Windebank, Portsmouth
Victor Yeo, Exeter
Ondine Achampong, Sapphire
Elise Adeyemo, South Essex
Mya Amede, London
Ellen Armstrong, Liverpool
Akielah Ashman-Howe, Greenwich Royals
Emma Atkin, Norfolk Academy
Shannon Baker, The Meapa
Anna Bambrook, Tamworth Olympic
Natasha Barrass, Newcastle
Rosie Bayliss, Greenwich Royals
Saffron Belfon, Aylesbury
Emilyse Birch, Huntingdon Olympic
Elise Blissett, Dynamo
Ally Booker, Sheffield Workshop
Jessica Boulia, East London
Anna Bridge, Portsmouth
Sophia Cabrera, Birmingham
Isabel Camilleri, Manchester
Daisy Fae Chesters, Manchester
Karena Child, Colchester
Lydia-May Collins, South Durham
Gabriella Connolly, Berkhamsted
Amanda Cook, Pegasus
Evie Dixon, Newcastle
Sydney Dowd, London
Abigail Duckworth, Gymmagic
Emily Edge, Bristol Hawks
Amelie Froggatt, The Wire
Jennifer Gadirova, Aylesbury
Jessica Gadirova, Aylesbury
Tess Gamble, Bury
Ellie Gargett, South Essex
Ellie Mai Gibson, Preston
Harriet Gibson, South Durham
Shanna-Kae Grant, Leeds
Leah Greenland, South Durham
Kerry Hegarty, Pipers Vale
Summer Hill, Notts
Halle Hilton, South Essex
Amira Hojeij, Tolworth
Tamzin Hughes, Park Wrekin
Siena Hunt, London
Anastasia Iacopini, Manchester
Katie Lily Jones, The Academy
Madison Jurkowski, Coalville
Alice Knights, Hinckley
Ramiyah Kofi, Notts
Ellie Mae Kondratowicz, Liberty
Isabelle Lamb, Leatherhead & Dorking
Yasmin Lane, Newcastle
Melodie Larvor, Kettering Olympic
Sydney Lawler, Rushmoor
Alia Leat, Heathrow
Annalise Lee, The Wire
Isla Lees, Robin Hood
Montana Leith-Mulley, Birmingham
Lucy Lewis, Birmingham
Alexandra Mace, Garstang
China Mattis, London
Amber McCarthy, Marriotts
Leticia McCready, Park Wrekin
Evie McGill, Newcastle
India McIntosh, Robin Hood
Abby Meadow, Appley Bridge
Sofia Meadows, Birmingham
Rebecca Melling, Witham Hill
Teegan Milligan, South Essex
Charlotte Moralee, South Durham
Liliana Moring, Sapphire
Poppy Morrison, The Meapa
Ciara Mottram, Southport
Lexie-Mae Neal, Abingdon
Laura Nelson, Newcastle
Abbie Ogden, Garstang
Maija Ojere, East London
Mayalee Osola, Bristol Hawks
Nikita Peprah, Appley Bridge
Maria Pereira, London
Olivia Phillips, Basingstoke
Mia Perryment, Basingstoke
Brogan Prescott, The Wire
Roxanne Price, Bristol Hawks
Rhianna Pyne, Kettering Olympic
Maya Raja, Basingstoke
Clara Rimini, Sapphire
Alicia Roberts, Uttoexeter
Madeleine Roberts, Greenwich Royals
Poppy Robinson, Hinckley
Abigail Roper, Pipers Vale
Emily Roper, Pipers Vale
Honor Rouse, South Durham
Hayley Rushton, Wolverhampton
Kitty Scholes-Pryce, Park Wrekin
Caitlin Seaby, Marriotts
Ellen Shaw, Garstang
Amy Shorrock, Preston
Lauren Sims, Warrington
Lili-Mae Snuggs, Aylesbury
Maisie Squire, Pipers Vale
Ruby Stacey, Plymouth Swallows
Leah Stinson, Rugby
Isabelle Stockwell, The Meapa
Alice Sumners, The Academy
Caitlyn Sutherland, Uttoexeter
Katie Swann, Warrington
Lucy Swann, Warrington
Keira Thornton, Gymmagic
Lara Thornton, Phoenix
Emily Todd, The Academy
Ella Tomlin, Dolphina
Chrystal Touch, The Meapa
Shannon Townsend, Wade
Charlie Turner, Leeds
Shania Wagstaff, Park Wrekin
Martha Waugh, Uttoexeter
Zoe Wear, Newcastle
Isabella Wheeldon, Park Wrekin
Poppy Whelehan, Phoenix
Jasmine Whitaker, Robin Hood
Paris White, Wolverhampton
Poppy Whitford, Abingdon
Annie Young, Norfolk Academy
Tobias Achampong, Sapphire
George Ainley, Tolworth
Faris Akhtar, Portsmouth
Kamani Alcott, Bristol Hawks
Christian Amison, Basingstoke
Sebastian Aquilina, Fromeside
Zion Aserie, Birmingham
George Atkins, South Essex
Joe-Lewis Back, Dynamo
Orestis Bacon, Manchester
Jayden Bains, Europa
Chase Baker, Pegasus
Theo Baker, South Essex
Lloyd Ball, Newcastle
Oakley Banks, Pegasus
Alexei Baranov, Europa
Cameron Barnes, Milton Keynes
Mounir Bennadi, Heathrow
Joshua Binns, Bury
Lucas Bowen, Notts
Eric Breslin, Milton Keynes
Trumaine Brown, Birmingham
Freddie Butchers, Bristol Hawks
Alfie Byers, Hawth
James Carmichael, Portsmouth
Jasper Carminger, Hawth
Linus Carminger, Hawth
Alexander Cash, Notts
Christopher Chan, Tolworth
Ethan Clark, Milton Keynes
Rory Clarke, Harrow
Daniel Cockx, Manchester
Oliver Condon, Europa
Thomas Coppen, Newcastle
Euan Courtney, Fromeside*
Owen Craig, Manchester
Charlie Cross, Heathrow
Danny Crouch, South Essex
Zeus Dadwal-Weekes, Heathrow
Sean Dalton, South Essex
Brodie Davis, Pipers Vale
Ivanalexander Donchev, Woking
Ellis Down, Basingstoke
Trigg Dudley, Heathrow
Finnley Dunning, South Essex
Harry Eckersall, Bulmershe
Luke Everett, Basingstoke
Noah Farnsworth, Notts
Zakaine Fawzi-McCaffrey, Notts
Joseph Feery, Bury
Charlie Firth, Bury
Joseph Fisher, Hinckley
Norah Ford, Bristol Hawks
Pacey Foster, Heathrow
Jay Franklin, Bristol Hawks
Santo Fuoco, Woking
Max Gardner, Rugby
James Gilluley, Manchester
Oliver Glanville, Fromeside
Michael Goddard, Leeds
Max Goodwin, Europa
Scott Gordon-Menzies, Tolworth
Rocco Grech, Manchester
Luca Hammond, Pipers Vale
Ethan Handley, Manchester
Charlie Harvey-Lloyd, Pipers Vale
Callum Haywood, Notts
Loui Heap, Manchester
Alfie Heard, Notts
Harlan Hill, Pipers Vale
Finley Homfray-Cooper, Marriotts
Calum Honey, Bristol Hawks
Maison Hopkins, Bury
Joel Ireland, Woking
Marty Jackson, Notts
William Jefcoate-Scholes, Portsmouth
Jamaal Kashim, Woking
Petar Kavaldzhiev, Tolworth
Max Kendall, Bulmershe
Kian Keogh, Notts
Brandon King, Notts
James Kirk, Earls
Jack Knowles, Bury
Judah-David Kofi, Notts
Jamie Lakin, Tolworth
Tyler Lane, Newcastle
James Langridge, South Essex
Gabriel Langton, Birmingham
Daniel Leighton-Scott, Pipers Vale
Isaiah Lewis-Powell, Portsmouth
Ka’Mari-Starr Lock, Exeter
Ibrahim Makechemu, Earls
Thomas Makhan, South Essex
Jack Dexter Males, Park Wrekin
Luke Marsh, Rugby
Finlay Matthews, Retford
Benjamin McBain, Park Wrekin
Alf McCullough, Bristol Hawks
Evan McPhillips, Bury
Woody Melbourne, Tolworth
Christian Mobsby, Rugby
Alex Morris, Leeds
Lucas Morris, Manchester
Benjamin Neville, Bulmershe
Harry Nicholson, Manchester
Ellis Niles, Heathrow
Harry Norman, Notts
Thomas O’Connor, Woking
Louis O’Keeffe, Notts
Sarp Orbay, Woking
Nile Oyenekan, Harrow
Luke Paterson, Pipers Vale
Thomas Payne, Fromeside
Dexter Pedder, Pegasus
James Philip, Marriotts
T’Khai Phillips, Europa
Thomas Phythian, Manchester
Owen Pickard, Marriotts
Joshua Porter, Woking
Oliver Porter, Woking
Thomas Powell, Tolworth
Winston Powell, Birmingham
Evan Quickfall-Briggs, Retford
Sebastian Ramirez Capes, Retford
Ricco Regini-Moran, Pegasus
Jamiah Richards-Leacock, Manchester
Luca Robinson, Newcastle
Kieran Rockett, Harrow
Jonas Rushworth, Leeds
Jacob Ryan, Manchester
Tylar Sandy, South Essex
William Schmitz, Fromeside
Sol Scott, Huntingdon Olympic
Edmund Seaborne, Pipers Vale
Harry Sedgwick, Tolworth
Amoz Setio, Hawth
Bradley Sivewright, Hinckley
Jed Solomon, Manchester
Ronnie Staton, Retford
Niall Storer, Notts
Connor Sullivan, Portsmouth
Charlie Swarbrook, Newcastle
Dylan Taylor-Walton, Rugby
Hayden Taylor-Walton, Rugby
Elliot Vernon, Leeds
Joseph Waller, South Essex
Wai-Lot Wan, Hinckley
Patrick Watkinson, Leeds
Harry White, Colchester
Ben Williams, Basingstoke
Xandon Williams, Manchester
Dylan Yang, Sapphire
Ayesha Abdullahi, Appley Bridge
Amelie Attwood, The Meapa
Felicity Ayres, Falcons
Sacha Bailey, Uttoxeter
Zadie Berkin-Evans, Robin Hood
Anaïs Bexley, Greenwich Royals
Paige Brissett, Retford
Darcy Butler, Europa
Martha Cairns, Garstang
Paige Carder, Aylesbury
Charlotte Cassidy, South Essex
Olivia Cham, Dronfield
Alina Ciausu, Norfolk Academy*
Sarah Coker, South Essex
Jayda Cole, Slough
Amy Cook, Rushmoor
Maisie Cooke, Newcastle
Alexandra Coulthard, Tameside
Eleanor Cox, Heathrow
Grace Davies, Notts
Lily Davis, Plymouth Swallows
Mabelle Dawson, Manchester
Grace Dickinson, Preston
Madeleine Dodd, Leatherhead & Dorking
Ruby Doherty, The Wire
Kaya Doyle, Wycombe
Hannah Elliott, Newcastle
Mia Evans, Park Wrekin*
Allegra Ezekwugo, Tolworth
Shahana Francis, Greenwich Royals
Rio Gawne-Cain, Dynamo
Leyla Gellan, Gymmagic
Emma Glasspool, Dynamo
Sophie Golding, Southport
Evie Goodbold, Gymmagic
Sienna Goodwin, South Essex
Isobel Gosling, South Durham
Martha Green, Wiltshire
Ellen Groves, Wolverhampton
Hermione Hammond, Tamworth Olympic
Olivia Harper, Warrington
Madeleine Harris, Uttoxeter
Summer Harris, Portsmouth
Daisy Hart, Heathrow
Tommera Hendricks, Europa
Mollie Hewison, Birmingham
Beatrice Hill, Notts
Kitty Hitchens, Abingdon
Kate Hobbs, Bristol Hawks
Jane Howard, Diamonds
Jessica Hudgell, The Meapa
Fern Hughes, The Academy
Willow Hughes, The Academy
Alexie Hunt, Bristol Hawks
Rebecca James, Bristol Hawks
Sofia Johnson, Birmingham
Lauren Jones, Park Wrekin*
Kirsten Jonker, Portsmouth
Evelyn Rose Kilikita, Warrington
Veronika Kritski, Plymouth Swallows*
Bethan Light, Dynamo
Dixie Lindsay, Tolworth
Elisha-Grace Mansell, Plymouth Swallows
Violet Manser, South Essex
Isabelle Mardle, Norfolk Academy
Katie Marsh, Birmingham
Olivia Marsh, Warrington
Madeleine Marshall, Mayfield
Keara Massengo-Fouani, Park Wrekin
Sienna McCormack, Birmingham
Casey McEnteggart, Europa
Millie McGuire, Tameside
Diaz McKenzie, Birmingham
Molly McNaugher, Dynamo
Elsie Millership, Retford
Mercedes Moore, South Durham
Madison Morgan, The Academy
Paige Moroney, South Essex
Zoe Mottram, Southport
Lexie Mullins, Portsmouth
Summer Nolan, Greenwich Royals
Jessica O’Brien, Southport
Sophie O’Flaherty, Sapphire
Niambh O’Shea, Europa
Madison Ockerby, Leeds
Rhianna Oldfield, Gymmagic
Mya Patel, Pipers Vale
Saraya Pearce, Stoke
Ellie Petroiu, South Essex
Ellie Potts, South Durham
Kacey Pratley, The Academy
Zoe Prescott, Liverpool
Evie Price, Birmingham
Renee Pullin, Manchester
Lacey Quinn, Sandbach
Annabel Ramsay, Wade
Leasha Ravenscroft, Robin Hood
Leda Hanna Rehus, Norfolk Academy*
Ella Robinson, SA
Kiera Robinson, London
Sofia Saporita, Robin Hood
Anais Saunders, Portsmouth
Annabel Shaw, Park Wrekin
Maggie May Shepherd, South Essex
Georgie Slack, Uttoxeter
Abigail Smith, Appley Bridge
Lara Speers, The Wire
Jamie-Leigh Surtees, Newcastle
Molly Symonds, Dynamo
Lilli-Clo Thorp-Richens, Aylesbury
Isabel Turnbull, Newcastle
Lola Rose Voss, Aylesbury
Isla Weir, Marriotts
Sophie Westwood, Newcastle
Emma Wilkinson, South Essex
Poppy Wilkinson, Leeds
Gabriella Williams, Park Wrekin*
Mia Wilson, Bristol Hawks
Lexi Wood, The Wire
Tilly Wright, Robin Hood

*Guest competitor

Article by Lauren Hopkins