2019 City of Jesolo Trophy Live Blog | The Juniors

Welcome to the live blog for the junior all-around and team competition at the 2019 City of Jesolo Trophy, held in Jesolo, Italy!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

7:00 am. Team Standings

1. Russia 165.234
2. United States 163.899
3. Belgium 152.734
4. Italy 152.034
5. Japan 151.567
6. Italy II 150.701
7. Germany 144.866

All-Around Standings

1. Konnor McClain, United States, 56.167
2. Vladislava Urazova, Russia, 55.200
3. Elena Gerasimova, Russia, 55.000
4. Viktoriia Listunova, Russia, 54.300
5. Wei Xiaoyuan, China, 53.434
6. Sophia Butler, United States, 53.166

6:55 am. Vladislava Urazova, Russia, FX: Beautiful stuck triple full. 2.5, some ankle form in the air, but good landing, tiny step. Hit her third pass, stuck the double tuck cold. Fantastic routine.

I think Russia might upset the United States………………………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6:53 am. Hazuki Watanabe, Japan, BB: Stumble and fall on layout series. Switch leap to switch half, hit the dismount.

Camilla Campagnaro. Italy, VT: Ran back out of her big DTY. Form in the air could use some attention as well.

6:51 am. Viktoriia Listunova, Russia, FX: Whip whip through to triple full, step back OOB but that was overall a strong pass. Clean in her Memmel. 2.5 to front tuck, big step OOB. Clean double tuck with a step.

6:50 am. Akiho Tokita, Japan, BB: Loso mount is very nice. Check on flight series. Good on the Onodi. Little check on side somi. Really nice work here, finishes with a 2.5, a little low with a lunge forward.

6:47 am. Olga Astafyeva, Russia, FX: Triple full, good rotation, lunged back a bit. Clean 2.5 to punch front, little stumble. Double tuck, little step.

Chiara Vincenzi, Italy, UB: Hit routine, double pike with a step for the dismount.

6:45 am. Giulia Cotroneo, Italy, VT: FTY, short with a hop almost into the vault. Yurchenko layout with a hop for her second vault.

Seri Haruguchi, Japan, BB: Step back on flight series. Little wobble on Y turn. Onodi, nice control until the very end, tiny bobble. Stumble on wolf jump full. Switch to split leap. Front aerial to split jump to side aerial, leg up slightly. Hit the dismount.

Guan Chenchen, China, UB: Caught her release, aggressive blind full, Tkachev, Pak, stuck the double layout cold. She has a low-key MAG swing and I love it.

6:44 am. Elena Gerasimova, Russia, FX: Triple full, a little weak in the air, but mostly solid on the landing. 2.5 to punch front, good landing. Double tuck, low with a step forward. Hit the last pass. Good work.

6:42 am. Chiaki Hatakeda, Japan, BB: Good flight series. Low back leg on switch ring, won’t get credit. Back tuck. Side aerial into a ring jump, considerable wobble. Stumble off the mat on her ambitious triple full dismount.

India Bandiera, Italy, VT: I missed this one! FTY I believe.

Wei Xiaoyuan, China, UB: Maloney to Pak, clean but slightly late van Leeuwen, piked Jaeger, double layout with a little step.

6:41 am. Konnor McClain with a 56.167 GOODNIGHT she’s perfect.

6:36 am. Angela Andreoli, Italy, BB: Hit her triple series but then fell on a cursed full wolf turn, WHYYYYY. Nice front aerial into a jump. Double pike with a hop.

6:35 am. Kayla DiCello, Italy, UB: She’s waited 17 million hours for this moment!!!! Stalder full is super clean to Maloney to Pak, toe-on to van Leeuwen, very clean, great handstand before blind change to piked Jaeger, a little short on toe half, little bounce back on the full-in. Great work and glad they’re protecting that ankle.

6:34 am. Stacy Bertrandt, Belgium, VT: FTY, a little short with a stumble.

6:33 am. Giorgia Leone, Italy, BB: Off on her front mount. I think 900% of acro mounts had falls today. Off again on her bhs loso. Hit side aerial. Double pike, a bit short with a step.

Lara-Marie Hinsberger, Germany, FX: Good double pike off the bat. 2.5 to front tuck is very nicely done. Front full is a little short, little stumble back.

6:31 am. Konnor McClain, United States, UB: Beautiful first handstand, toe-on to toe half a little crooked to piked Jaeger, beautiful Pak, excellent handstand before stalder full to Maloney, full-in with a tiny bobble. AA champ for sure!!!

6:30 am. Lisa Vaelen, Velgium, VT: Beautiful and huge handspring front pike half, hop back. Does the same vault tucked for her second.

6:29 am. Marielle Billet, Germany, FX: Hit her first pass and then a good double full. Some form stuff in her front full.

6:26 am. Noémie Louon, Belgium, VT: Hit with a tiny hop.

Alessia Federici, Italy, BB: Fall on loso mount. The crowd shrieked. Also a stumble on a jump series. Full turn, slight wobble. Good double full dismount.

Ciena Alipio got a 52.833 in her international debut with two falls though, so I mean…QUEEN or what?!

Sophia Butler, United States, UB: A little close on the piked Jaeger, Church is great, Tkachev to Pak, a little weak in her pak form but overall a good series. Late on the stalder full, van Leeuwen, double layout with a little bounce in place. Good work. 13.6

6:25 am. Jasmin Haase, Germany, FX: Went OOB on one of her passes in the first half of the routine. The rest looked solid. She reminds me a bit of Lisa-Katharina Hill.

6:23 am. Veronica Mandriota, Italy, BB: Little wobble on loso mount but good leaps. Some bent knees in bhs loso. Ugh, off on double spin. Side aerial, little stumble. Hit the rest.

Jutta Verkest, Belgium, VT: Yurchenko layout, deep with a step.

Ciena Alipio, United States, UB: Beautiful inbar work on inbar to Komova II to Pak, but her hands slip on the Pak and she drops to the mat, UGH. The rest is okay when she gets back on, maybe a little rushed, late on a pirouette and then sits her dismount. 😦

Team Standings After Rotation 3

1. Russia 123.968
2. United States 122.799
3. Italy 117.134
4. Japan 114.301
5. Belgium 112.634
6. Italy 2 110.501
7. Germany 108.932

6:20 am. Going into the final rotation shortly!! Will have score updates when/if I can get them.

6:15 am. Olga Astafyeva, Russia, BB: Off on her loso mount. Hit flight series with a wobble. Stumble on switch half. Clean double full. 12.100

Giulia Cotroneo, Italy, FX: Nice triple full to start! Double tuck, a tad low with a step forward. Step OOB on the punch front out of her third pass. Double ful to finish is pretty clean and solid.

6:14 am. Tokita, Japan, UB: Hit everything I saw, they keep starting the Japanese routines as my blog is still refreshing after the last event so I can’t type but she had nice stalder work and was overall pretty clean.

6:12 am. Seri Haruguchi, Japan, UB: Hit everything I saw, huge double pike, just not sure of the landing, hop into a lunge.

Camilla Campagnaro, Italy, FX: Hit her first pass. Good on the double tuck after that, hop back. Hop forward on her front full. Compilation of The Greatest Showman music. Low on double full, lunge forward. 12.267

6:10 am. Chiara Vincenzi, Italy, VT: FTY, step back.

Elena Gerasimova, Russia, BB: Onodi mount is GORGEOUS, absolute perfection. Front handspring to front tuck is also superb. Some bent legs in her bhs loso, little stumble at the end, switch to sheep jump to back handspring, mostly nice, just little things in her form. Front aerial to split jump to Onodi, KILL. College stick on the dismount, little hop into her salute, big smile. QUEEN. 14.100

6:09 am. Micol Minotti, Italy, FX: “It’s Now Or Never” hahahaha what a choice. Hit her first pass, then stumbled out of her double tuck. Music goes into the Tarantella Napoletana after that which has the Italians losing their minds. Short on double full, lunge forward. 12.300

6:06 am. Guan Chenchen, China, VT: Tsuk full, little stumble back. 13.633

Viktoriia Listunova, Russia, BB: Lovely press mount into a straddle planche. A little wobbly in her wolf turn. Front handspring front tuck, big break but saves from falling. Looked like she almost put her hand down but didn’t. Switch leap, missed connection to switch half. Front aerial, missed connection to a jump after. Jump series into a back handspring. Double tuck with a step. 12.767

Chiaki Hatakeda, Japan, UB: Caught her Jaeger, bail a little short, to stalder to toe shoot, full-out with a big hop back. Mostly solid, just not the tidiest.

6:05 am. India Bandiera, Italy, FX: Double pike and 1.5 to punch front are both good. Simone Biles’ music from 2015 I think. Tad low on the double full. Cute routine, she did well with it. 12.167

6:03 am. Vladislava Urazova, Russia, BB: Off on loso mount UGHHHHH. Hit layout series. Super clean double wolf turn. Side aerial. 2.5 with a hop. 12.700

Wei Xiaoyuan, China, VT: FTY with a little step. 13.367

Hazuki Watanabe, Japan, UB: I missed most of this but know she hit. Stalder half to straddle Jaeger. Double layout a bit low with a step and then she tripped into her salute, bless!

5:57 am. Jutta Verkest, Belgium, FX: Double pike to start. Her music is the Black Eyed Peas “Pump It” so naturally I’m screaming. Good double full at the end.

5:54 am. Emma Malewski, Germany, BB: a little short on her bhs loso series. Little wobble on front aerial. Good leap series.

Angela Andreoli, Italy, UB: I missed the beginning of this, just saw that she came off on an arched handstand on the low bar.

5:53 am. Giorgia Leone, Italy, UB: Toe on, bail a little short, into a stalder to toe-on to toe shoot. Tkachev, arched over a handstand after but good control, front giant, double pike with a hop.

Lisa Vaelen, Belgium, FX: Love this routine. Good piked full-in to start. 1.5 to front tuck, big step OOB. Double pike. Double tuck. Really strong tumbling from her. So glad Belgium has another power kid now. It’s just you and Axelle!!! GET IT.

5:50 am. Konnor McClain, United States, VT: Huge and gorgeous DTY. 14.800! Just a little step back to hold the landing. Second is an FTY into a lunge.

Lara-Marie Hinsberger, Germany, BB: Hit the mount, then a big break on her triple flight series, but saves it. Nice on her leaps. Switch half on its own, just some flexed feet. Back leg isn’t quite there on the switch ring. Front aerial, another big break at the hips, another save. Full turn, clean, side somi, hit the dismount.

5:48 am. Stacy Bertrandt, Belgium, FX: Omg her routine starts with Christina Aguilera just YELLING lmaooooo I’m done, I LOVE IT. Of course it’s the Burlesque music but I’ve never heard it start with just the guttural riffs. Double tuck to start is great. Leg form a little messy in the double full at the end.

5:47 am. Veronica Mandriota, Italy, UB: Maloney to bail to toe shoot, nice. Good Tkachev, blind full is a little late, really straight in her lines, just a tiny leg sep on a front giant, toe-on to double pike dismount stuck. 11.833

5:45 am. Ciena Alipio, United States, VT: Yurchenko 1.5, nice in the air! Little hop. 14.233. Second vault is a great FTY.

Jasmin Haase, Germany, BB: Punch front mount, good! Front handspring front tuck, crooked in her run and she comes off at the end. Lots of power though. Transverse split jump half. Front aerial, some knee form, solid on back tuck. Hop on the front layout dismount.

5:44 am. Noémie Louon, Belgium, FX: Oh so excited for this rotation for Belgium. Double pike, chest a little down, 1.5 to front full, a little far back on her heels with a stumble. Switch ring to switch half. Love her music. Double wolf turn. Double full, good. Very nice job.

5:41 am. Marielle Billet, Germany, BB: Hit her bhs loso with bent knees, switch leap, big switch half with a little stumble out of it. Tiny stumble on side aerial, chest down, and steps forward out of her front toss. Split jump to sissone, Full turn, wobble. Hit the dismount.

Sophia Butler, United States, VT: Clean FTY with a step back.

Alessia Federici, Italy, UB: Inbar to inbar half to piked Jaeger, nice. Good on the Pak as well. Maloney to stalder half, a little late there, stalder to stalder full, double pike dismount, very clean with a little bounce. Good! 13.867

5:39 am. Really solid 42.534 for Russia on bars! The U.S. had a 39.9 on floor. Russia has the lead after the first two rotations with the U.S. counting a fall on beam, but the U.S. has a chance to make up for it with good work on vault in the coming rotation. The main Italian team is currently in third.

5:33 am. Again working on getting some sort of scores or standings!

5:29 am. Olga Astafyeva, Russia, UB: Ray, short handstand before blind chante to Ezhova, some leg sep, short handstand before Maloney to Pak, clean on the latter, messy van Leeuwen, inbar full, and a full-twisting double tuck dismount with a slide into her salute. 13.967

5:27 am. Camilla Campagnaro, Italy, BB: Nailed the punch front mount! Clean back tuck as well. Switch leap to split jump, good full turn. Awesome bhs bhs loso series. Switch leap, pause, side aerial. Double tuck with a step back. Fantastic job.

Seri Haruguchi, Japan, VT: Tsuk layout I think, a little bent in her body line.

5:25 am. Viktoriia Listunova, Russia, UB: Komova II to blind full to Tkachev to Pak, a little wild in some moments there. Van Leeuwen also a little rushed. Straddle Jaeger is good. Full-in with a step back. 13.733

Chiara Vincenzi, Italy, FX: “New York, New York” routine. All smiles at the beginning. Double pike with a bounce back. Solid double full. Double tuck, chest down a bit, little hop. Front full, a little short, fixes it with a hop back.

5:24 am. Chiaki Hatakeda, Japan, VT: Super solid Yurchenko 1.5! Excellent landing. Tsuk full after that is a little deep, step forward. Good for her for going for the two different family vaults.

India Bandiera, Italy, BB: Transverse straight jump full, little stumble. Switch leap to split leap, triple flight series ending with a back tuck, good, break at the hips but save on her side aerial. Hop on the 1.5 dismount. 12.600

5:22 am. Vladislava Urazova, Russia, UB: Inbar to Komova II to Pak, clean, van Leeuwen, short handstand before inbar half to piked Jaeger, good work on the dismount. 14.600!

Wei Xiaoyuan, China, FX: Stumbled on first pass but I didn’t see what it was. 2.5 to front pike is lovely. Double tuck, step back. Beautiful quad spin and then some excellent choreo out of it. IS CHINA BECOMING A FLOOR TEAM BEFORE OUR EYES? Clean stuck double full!! Fantastic aside from the first pass.

5:21 am. Micol Minotti, Italy, BB: Off on her triple flight series. Stumble on her front aerial as well. Hit the double tuck dismount. 11.900

Hazuki Watanabe, Japan, VT: Tsuk full, really solid!! Tsuk tuck 1.5 after that, also great.

5:19 am. Guan Chenchen, China, FX: OMG THIS ROUTINE IS SOOOOO BELGIUM AND SHE’S SO GOOD AT IT I’M SCREAMING. Arabian double front is a little deep, good double tuck. Excellent routine.

5:17 am. Elena Gerasimova, Russia, UB: Inbar to Komova II to Pak, very clean. Great handstand before stalder half, a little short, to toe shoot, inbar half to piked Jaeger, some leg form right as she catches, toe full almost right on top of the bar, directly into a full-out, college stick! 13.967

5:16 am. Giulia Cotroneo, Italy, BB: Front aerial, little stumble, and then off on bhs bhs loso. Switch leap to split jump, little check on side aerial. Solid on the dismount. 11.833

Akiho Tokita, Japan, VT: FTY is a bit short from what I could see.

5:10 am. Emma Malewski, Germany, UB: Toe full, a little late, arched over a handstand after that and came off. Back on for a Maloney to Pak, also hit a nice van Leeuwen, blind change to piked Jaeger, some form issues throughout that series, some leg separation on her blind full, then a layout double full dismount. She’s promising but just needs a bit of work. 11.263

5:09 am. Veronica Mandriota, Italy, VT: FTY, not bad in the air, could be a bit tighter. Little hop. Yurchenko layout with a hop back for her second vault. 13.633

Stacy Bertrandt, Belgium, BB: Solid and clean on her bhs loso. Switch leap to switch half. Check on the side aerial but good fight. Back tuck. Hop n the 1.5. 12.763

5:08 am. McClain, United States, FX: Big clean double layout. 1.5 through to double pike, step back OOB. 2.5 to front tuck is nice. Hit the last pass, double full. 13.267

After going one at a time in the first rotation, which took one full hour, they’re going four at a time again which was a WAKEUP CALL FOR ME. Trying my best to get everything.

5:05 am. Jutta Verkest, Belgium, BB: Off on her wolf turn and then again on something after that. Side aerial I think. 😦  Stuck layout full dismount.

Alessia Federici, Italy, VT: Stumbled off the mat, I believe hands down as well.

Lara-Marie Hinsberger, Germany, UB: Missed her release early in the routine. Nice Pak. Ooh, van Leeuwen is pretty good too! Hit the dismount with a hop.

5:03 am. Haase, Germany, UB: Maloney to bail, a little short. Toe shoot into a little dead hang but muscles it up. Caught the straddle Jaeger then super muscled a handstand.

Sophia Butler, United States, FX: Arabian double front and piked full-in are both solid. Living that her floor music is HE HAD IT COMING from Chicago. Hit the 2.5 to front tuck, excellent routine. 13.433

5:02 am. Noémie Louon, Belgium, BB: Nice back handspring mount. Stumble on her flight series but otherwise nice so far. Really clean side aerial. Layout full dismount. 13.467

Giorgia Leone, Italy, VT: Solid on her FTY.

5:01 am. Ciena Alipio, United States, FX: Hit her first two passes, second was a double tuck, I just saw the landing on the first and it was good. Solid 1.5 to front full for the third. 2.5, good in the air, little step forward. 13.200

4:59 am. Marielle Billet, Germany, UB: Toe-on to Maloney (bent legs and flexed feet) to bail. A little rough in that series, then muscles up a pirouette halfway through and hops off. Toe shoot, toe half to front giant half, Alt dismount!!

4:57 am. Lisa Vaelen, Belgium, BB: Off on her bhs back tuck.

Angela Andreoli, Italy, VT: Omg she starts her run basically in a dab, I’m dead!! The camera people didn’t show her vault, just the start of the runway. WAKE UP. 12.900

4:54 am. I believe Konnor McClain has the lead, with Vlada Urazova in second at the moment. Nothing official though!

4:52 am. That’s it for the first rotation…one hour later. This meet is going to literally be four hours long. I’m going to do my best to get standings for you, hopefully the broadcast will show the screens!

4:50 am. Chiaki Hatakeda, Japan, FX: Double tuck, hop back. Mustafina turn! Little stumble out of it. Really aggressive on her leaps, so good. Triple full, didn’t get a great set into it, pretty short on the landing but covers it up. Double attitude into a full turn, 2.5 to front tuck, comes out of the first part a bit low but still gets it around well. Good fight throughout that set. 12.900

4:49 am. Vladislava Urazova, Russia, VT: Pretty clean FTY for her second vault, little bounce in place.

4:48 am. Vladislava Urazova, Russia, VT: DTY, also better than it was in training, still some form stuff in the air but she’s not super deep on the landing which is good. Just a big step back. 14.067

India Bandiera, Italy, UB: Piked Jaeger, some flex in her feet, off on her Tkachev after that. Bail looks like it might be tentative but then she pulls it right to handstand, nice. Toe-on to toe shoot, blind change to front giant to double front with a hop. 12.000

4:46 am. Hazuki Watanabe, Japan, FX: Double tuck to start is good. 2.5 to front full, really nicely done!! Triple full is a little short, lunge forward. Clean and solid double full to finish. She’s great, lots of promise.

4:44 am. Viktoriia Listunova, Russia, VT: DTY, looked better than it did in training! Some form stuff in the air but she has a better position on the landing. Just a lunge back. 13.867 Does an FTY for the second vault, pretty solid from what I could see.

Camilla Campagnaro, Italy, UB: Maloney to bail to toe-on to toe shoot, good, Tkachev, not bad, blind change to front giant half, blind full, full-out, step back. Not bad! 12.367

4:42 am. Chiara Vincenzi, Italy, BB: Stumble at the end of her leap series. Good split jump to wolf jump. Bhs bhs loso, knees are pretty bent, break at the end but saves it. She’s competing as an individual, by the way. Flo has her on team China for their name graphics though hahahaha. Same. Good on her side aerial. Hit the dismount. 11.800

4:40 am. Akiho Tokita, Japan, FX: Double pike is a little low with a big bounce back. Hit her second pass into a punch front, leaps looked strong. 1.5 to front full, gets a bit tucked throughout. Mostly clean double full to finish, solid landing.

4:39 am. Elena Gerasimova, Russia, VT: FTY, decent in the air, solid on the landing. 13.333

Micol Minotti, Italy, UB: Tkachev a bit low, hip rotation is also a bit wonky. Short on the bail, stalder to toe-on to toe shoot is good, blind full, looked like she bent her legs a little, blind change to front giant half to double front, a bit deep with a lunge forward. 11.800

4:38 am. Wei Xiaoyuan, China, BB: Back handspring mount and a really nice layout series. Front aerial is slow into her split ring jump but nice connection out of that into the back handspring. Switch leap to switch half, little bobble, into a Korbut, beautiful. Just a foot flex on her switch ring, good jump series, a little low on her side somi but good cover. Solid on the double full dismount. Flo is literally filming a Chinese man in the crowd filming this on his iPad. Their secret police are gonna be on him so hard. 13.733

4:36 am. Seri Haruguchi, Japan, FX: Little slide back and stumble on her double tuck, makes a face like EEP. Good 2.5 after that. Switch leap to tour jeté half. Good 1.5 to front layout. Little bounce on the double full.

4:34 am. Olga Astafyeva, Russia, VT: Yurchenko 1.5, I thought it was a half, the twist came super late but decent landing. 13.833. FTY for the second is a little form-y but not too bad. Good landing again.

Giulia Cotroneo, Italy, UB: Super low Tkachev. Pak is okay. Little stumble back on the double tuck. 11.867

4:32 am. Guan Chenchen, China, BB: Split leap mount, some leg separation on her roundoff layout series. Switch leap to switch half, a little short, to Korbut, nice. Front handspring to front tuck is a bit messy and she has a stumble, then a stumble on her front aerial and she comes off. Transverse split half right into a transverse straddle jump half into a straddle jump facing the side, SUPER impressive and ambitious series, but she’s a bit too far back on the third of those and falls again. NOOOOOO. Double pike with a lunge. 12.267

4:29 am. Little pause for the touch warm-up for group two! Gonna try to get some scores in there.

4:26 am. Veronica Mandriota, Italy, FX: Double tuck, a little hop back. 1.5 to front full with some loose form in her body line, switch ring to switch half was lovely. Double pike a bit buckled on the landing. Hit her last pass. Good work! 12.867

4:25 am. Noémie Louon, Belgium, UB: Good routine, I couldn’t type during this but it was mostly clean, just a step on the full-out!

4:22 am. Giorgia Leone, Italy, FX: First I’ve EVER seen from her. Little shimmy to start out her routine so she’s okay in my book. Triple full!! Tiniest bit short, little bounce in place. ANOTHER SHIMMY. Queen. Front layout to front full, some arch in her body shape but overall okay. Switch ring to tour jeté half. Good double pike, hop back, ugh, then does the double tuck to her knees. Well, just lost steam there at the end but overall really nice. 11.133

4:21 am. Jutta Verkest, Belgium, UB: Lovely stalder to blind full (some ankle stuff in there), then a blind change to piked Jaeger, clean. Toe-on to bail (a little messy) to toe shoot, a little short on the handstand before her giants into a big double tuck, solid landing.

Lara-Marie Hinsberger, Germany, VT: She’s doing a second vault, Yurchenko layout with a hop back.

4:20 am. Lara-Marie Hinsberger, Germany, VT: FTY, a little piked down, and she takes it almost to one knee. Not quite down but pretty close. 12.800

4:18 am. Konnor McClain, United States, BB: Standing arabian. Beauuuutiful bhs bhs layout with a tiny bobble. Full turn is clean. Amazing on the standing full!!! Front aerial, a little slow into the jump, but strong overall, and then a tuck jump half out of it. Double pike, lunge back. Good work. 14.133

4:16 am. Alessia Federici, Italy, FX: Front double full to front tuck, great. A really fun routine and she expresses herself very well. I’ll never forget her debut here two years ago where she was literally growling in her choreo and making the best faces. Good double pike. Clean double tuck. Double full to finish, just some leg form. 12.933

4:14 am. Jasmin Haase, Germany, VT: Handspring front pike, actually really nice! Little step. Could use a bit more power off the table but overall pretty clean.

Stacy Bertrandt, Belgium, UB: Toe full is a little bit late, nice lines though, toe half to Jaeger, bends her legs a little on her Pak and then misses her toe-on and has to jump off. Bummer. Back on for the Maloney to bail to toe shoot, nice last handstand as if this is NCAA, little hop on the double tuck.

4:13 am. Ciena Alipio, United States, BB: Easy full turn, split leap to side somi, clean and solid. Little stumble on the bhs bhs layout, leg up. Switch leap to switch half, one of the better of those series! Nice amplitude especially on the latter. Side aerial layout stepout, solid. Front aerial, second guesses the landing a bit and misses the connection into her jumps, but good cover, and also hits a transverse jump with a half twist. Clean double full dismount. Good for her! 13.6

4:12 am. I think this is gonna be one of whose “what are scores?” meets.

4:10 am. Angela Andreoli, Italy, FX: Tucked full-in, little hop back. God I love this kid so much. She is the new Giorgia Villa, and already a fab performer. Excellent double pike. Good on her leaps after that. Some sassy choreo. Front lay front full, a little bent in her hips on the landing but nothing severe. Double tuck with a hop back. MINI QUEEN.

4:09 am. Marielle Billet, Germany, VT: Yurchenko layout, runs out of it a bit.

Vaelen UB: Muscled blind change into her straddle Jaeger, super clean on the Pak though. Maloney to bail, legs a little apart, to clear hip to stalder to Ray, nice. Good on the blin full, dismounts with a full-out with a little hop. She’s soooo great.

4:07 am. Sophia Butler, United States, BB: Front aerial to split ring jump to Korbut is great. Bhs bhs layout full, form there will get her but solid on the landing, if a tad low. Switch leap, clean, full turn, transverse split jump half isn’t at 180 and she has a little stumble, solid side aerial, and then a stumble and she’s off on the Onodi. 😦 Clean jump series after and she nails the double pike into a lunge back. Shame about that Onodi, she is a QUEEN. 12.300

4:06 am. Already a bummer to start the meet but apparently Kayla DiCello has scratched all but bars because we can’t have nice things. This REALLY opens up the all-around. She’s usually so clean and solid, she was my pick for AA champ, and the other three U.S. juniors are all *brand new* without the greatest consistency records so the Russians are going to be in a good position to take advantage if they hit.

4:05 am. I’m gonna try to get as many scores as I can. FINGERS CROSSED.

4:02 am. Germany and Russia start on vault, Italy and Belgium start on bars, the United States and China are on beam, and the baby Italians and Japan are on floor.

4:00 am. Touch warm-ups for the first rotation. Be back in a few minutes with all the updates!

3:58 am. After a celebratory ten seconds of every national anthem in the world, I think the junior session at Jesolo is about ready to begin!

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