2019 City of Jesolo Trophy Live Blog | The Seniors

Welcome to the live blog for the senior all-around and team competition at the 2019 City of Jesolo Trophy, held in Jesolo, Italy!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

12:41 pm. All-Around Standings

1. Sunisa Lee, United States, 56.466
2. Liu Tingting, China, 55.901
3. Emma Malabuyo, United States, 55.899
4. Tang Xijing, China, 54.167
5. Alice D’Amato, Italy, 53.733
6. Zhang JIn, China, 53.534
7. Asia D’Amato, Italy, 53.500
8. Liu Jingxing, China, 53.434

12:39 pm. Team Standings

1. United States 166.798
2. China 165.201
3. Italy 161.333
4. Japan 150.866

12:36 pm. I’ll have the team and all-around scores shortly!

12:34 pm. Liu Jingxing, China, BB: Hit the layout series, almost directly into her jumps. Would be cool to see her link them out of her flight series. Nice jumps into her back tuck. Stumble on side somi, split ring jump, both good. Full turn with a check. Clean and stuck double tuck.

12:33 pm. Shilese Jones, United States, FX: Big double double to start. Excellent arabian double front to stag. Bounce back on the double pike. Finishes with a double tuck, a bit low with a couple steps forward.

12:31 pm. Martina Maggio, Italy, UB: Tkachev, took an extra swing, legs came apart in her toe full before her Maloney, doesn’t have enough back swing out of it and she has to come off. May have come off a second time after that but I missed the skill. Finishes with a double pike with a little step.

12:30 pm. Elisa Iorio, Italy, VT: I didn’t see the beginning but believe she did an FTY, looked clean with a bounce.

12:28 pm. Tang Xijing, China, BB: Nice layout stepout mount. Floaty layout in her series but unfortunately too far to the side, and she falls. Nice leaps into Korbut. Good switch ring, a little slow into the back handspring. Clean side aerial. A bit short in the rotation on her triple full dismount, some form as well…hop back.

12:26 pm. Emma Malabuyo, United States, FX: Double layout with a big bounce back. Good control on arabian double front to stag jump. Tucked full-in is slightly short, chest down, and a solid double pike to finish.

56.466 for Sunisa Lee in her senior international debut!

12:25 pm. Ayumi Niiyami, Japan, UB: Toe-on to blind full, blind change to piked Jaeger, nice. Good dismount.

12:24 pm. Desiree Carofiglio, Italy, VT: Big air on the Yurchenko 1.5, but a bit messy throughout, and she has a huge hop forward on the landing.

12:22 pm. Liu Tingting, China, BB: Candle mount, doesn’t quite hold the cheststand long enough but oh well! Front handspring to front tuck, little bobble. Switch to split leap to back handspring. Switch ring, front aerial to split ring jump to Korbut. Split leap to side aerial to split jump. She’s WERKIN. Really aside from the acro series, this was excellent. Stuck the dismount perfectly. Brilliant. Our world champ!

12:20 pm. Sunisa Lee, United States, FX: Double double and double layout, both with tons of power. Love! Switch ring to tour jeté full. Solid 1.5 to front full. Double tuck stuck. Beautiful routine!

12:18 pm. Asia D’Amato, Italy, VT: DTY, lots of power, steps back out of it.

Rinne Sakatani, Japan, UB: Clear hip to toe on to stalder to blind change to straddle Jaeger, good! Short handstand on the low bar going into her toe shoot, blind full, double layout with a little hop.

12:17 pm. Zhang Jin, China, BB: Switch ring, back leg could be better. Bounce back on layout series. Front aerial, nice, but slow into the split ring jump. Switch leap into split jump to straddle jump, good work there. Transverse split jump half. Clean double full with a step.

12:15 pm. Gabby Perea, United States, FX: Tucked full-in, little hop. Front through to a 2.5 I believe after that. Double pike, clean, good landing, chest maybe just a little low. Solid double full to finish. Happy about that good ending for her!

12:14 pm. Urara Ashikawa, Japan, UB: Good straddle Jaeger, blind full, layout 1.5 dismount. Simpler but solid routine.

12:13 pm. Alice D’Amato, Italy, VT: DTY, superb landing! Looked pretty good in the air.

12:12 pm. Qi Qi, China, BB: Tuck full, little stumble. A little weak on the switch ring. Falls off the back of the beam on her layout series though. 😦 Switch leap to split ring jump, Front aerial, leg up, ring leap, her ring shape is pretty weak on all of them unfortunately. Full turn. Hit the dismount well.

12:08 pm. Sunisa Lee leads the all-around with a 42.133 even with the beam fall, Emma Malabuyo with a 41.666, Liu Tingting with a 40.934!

12:04 pm. Rotation 3 Team Standings

1. United States 124.432
2. China 123.200
3. Italy 118.034
4. Japan 114.166

12:01 pm. Going into the final rotation! Will try to have team and AA standings in a few moments. Gonna be about 10 minutes between rotations because they do a performance first and then the touch.

11:58 am. Martina Basile, Italy, VT: Yurchenko 1.5, really low landing, somersault out of it.

11:57 am. Liu Jingxing, China, UB: Church to Pak, nice! Maloney to Tkachev, good. Big double layout, little hop back.

11:55 am. Alice D’Amato, Italy, FX: Little hop on the tucked full-in. Triple full, a bit underrotated, hop. Hit her third pass, then a split jump full. Front full to stag.

11:54 am. Liu Tingting, China, UB: Chow to Pak, lovely handstand before Maloney to clean Gienger, short handstand before blind change to Ling to Healy to Healy half, double layout with a little hop. Nice work! 14.500

11:53 am. Martina Maggio, Italy, VT: FTY, little hop, really nice though, lots of power.

11:51 am. Emma Malabuyo, United States, BB: Nice triple wolf turn, little bobble on an acro skill early on. Good punch front to straddle jump to Korbut! Standing arabian, almost directly into her jumps. Switch ring, I have a bad angle so couldn’t really see how her back leg looked, but solid. Double pike, nice, step to the side. 13.500

11:49 am. Asia D’Amato, Italy, FX: Double layout, yay! Arabian double front, two baby steps. Double tuck, bounce back, a little wild. Good double full at the end.

11:48 am. Tang Xijing, China, UB: Maloney to Pak, very nice, van Leeuwen, some ankle sep, Ling to Healy to piked Jaeger, double layout with a couple of steps back.

11:46 am. Sunisa Lee, United States, BB: Wobbly triple wolf turn, can’t quite get the last rotation around and falls backwards off the beam. Aerial, legs apart on layout in her series but decent on the landing. Switch leap to switch half, bobble, back tuck. Side aerial loso loso, YAS. Double tuck, chest low, step back.

11:45 am. Desiree Carofiglio, Italy, FX: Good double front!. Second pass was simple but solid. Hit the rest, good routine.

11:43 am. Zhang Jin, China, UB: I missed the very beginning of this, saw her catch her release and her Pak, toe shoot, toe full is super late, full-in a little low, but solid landing.

11:42 am. Shilese Jones, United States, BB: Full L turn, big wobbles on her flight series. Side aerial. Switch leap. Chest down on transverse split jump half. Double tuck with a step.

11:40 am. Elisa Iorio, Italy, FX: Hit her opening pass, I missed the beginning, prob a 2.5 or front double full? Triple full, a little underrotated. Double pike is a little low.

11:38 am. Qi Qi, China, UB: Weiler to Weiler half, piked Jaeger, toe shoot, blind full, double layout with a step back.

11:36 am. Gabby Perea, United States, BB: Hands down on double wolf turn. 😦 Then she falls on her standing tuck full. Poor kid. Hit the flight series and a transvers split jump half. Front aerial, side somi, double full dismount with a nice landing.

11:25 am. Rotation 2 Team Standings

1. United States 84.666
2. China 81.767
3. Italy 79.200
4. Japan 75.233

Rotation 2 AA Standings

1. Sunisa Lee, United States, 28.900
2. Emma Malabuyo, United States, 28.166
3. Qi Qi, China, 28.033
4. Zhang Jin, China, 27.034
5. Elisa Iorio, Italy, 26.800
6. Tang Xijing, China, 26.700
7. Gabby Perea, United States, 26.467
8. Liu Tingting, China, 26.434

Warmups just beginning for the third rotation!

11:22 am. Martina Basile, Italy, FX: Double tuck, a little buckled but muscles it up. Arabian double front, super cowboyed and low on the landing. 2.5, some crossed ankles, step out of it.

11:21 am. Liu Jingxing, China, VT: FTY, basically stuck, not as much lift off the table as the others.

11:19 am. Martina Maggio, Italy, FX: Her injured knee is sooooo heavily wrapped. Double tuck to open. Double pike with a bounce back. Legs are a little soft in her leaps. Hit the last pass well.

11:18 am. Sunisa Lee, United States, UB: Stalder half to piked Jaeger, very nice. Nabieva to Pak to Maloney to Gienger, YAS. A little low on the Nabieva so she has to flex her feet a little but overall that series is INSANELY difficult so good for her for even ATTEMPTING it let alone nailing it. Full pirouette into her full-in, just a little bounce. Epic queen. 14.700

11:17 am. Qi Qi, China, VT: DTY, really nice! Little hop back.

11:15 am. Desiree Carofiglio, Italy, BB: Front aerial, little bobble, jumps probably a little too late to connect into it but good work on those. Bhs into a back pike, really low and falls. Switch half. Full turn, switch leap to split ring jump, gainer layout off the end.

11:13 am. Ayumi Niiyama, Japan, FX: Arabian double front, good! Chest a bit forward, little hop back. Good double tuck, hop back. 2.5 with a little scoot forward. Double pike, chest low again, hop back but good work overall.

11:12 am. Gabby Perea, United States, UB: Inbar full to Maloney to Ricna, misses it. The U.S. will count a fall. 😦 But honestly it won’t hurt them in this field. I’m just sure they’re bummed about it. Lovely Pak to van Leeuwen, toe half to piked Jaeger way too close to the bar, double layout with a hop back. 12.400

11:11 am. Zhang Jin, China, VT: Tsuk double full, a bit low, one knee almost to the mat.

11:09 am. Elisa Iorio, Italy, BB: Layout stepout mount, lovely. Floats through it. Side aerial, switch leap to split leap, super solid bhs loso loso. Double spin, leg comes up a bit prematurely to finish but she makes it artsy. Wobble on her front aerial but a good save. Split ring jump, back foot is flexed. Looked like she almost missed a foot on the punch into her double pike but it’s a GORGEOUS dismount, and stuck!

11:08 am. Rinne Sakatani, Japan, FX: Double tuck, and then slightly low on the double pike, tiny hop. Clean on the 1.5 to front full mostly, just some slight knee bend. 2.5 with a little hop.

11:07 am. Shilese Jones, United States, UB: Stalder full right on the bar to Maloney to Pak, nice and controlled. Chow half, excellent handstand before toe half to piked Jaeger, misses her hands completely. Ughhhh. 😦 High full-in, slowly rotated in the air, a little low with a step. 11.600

11:06 am. Tang Xijing, China, VT: FTY stuck cold! Very nice!!! She gets the NCAA 9.9. I’m glad I gave the 9.875 to Liu Tingting. #ScoreBuilding

11:04 am. Asia D’Amato, Italy, BB: Layout mount, hops it right off. Oof. Solid bhs loso. Nice on her front aerial to split jump. Side somi with legs extended, love those. Switch to split leap. Check on full Y turn. Switch half with a step back. Double pike, chest a little low, little hop. 11.967

11:03 am. Urara Ashikawa, Japan, FX: Double pike, a tad low with a hop. A little low on the punch front coming out of her second pass. Triple full, over-rotates it and hops it over. Double full to finish is a little weak in the leg form.

11:02 am. Emma Malabuyo, United States, UB: Piked Jaeger, tight on that form, Pak with some leg separation, Ray to high, nice handstand before giants into her full-twisting double layout, tiny hop back. I think I missed the very beginning. 13.633

11:01 am. Liu Tingting, China, VT: Super clean FTY, almost stuck! Very nice. NCAA 9.875.

10:59 am. Alice D’Amato, Italy, BB: Little stumble on punch front mount, but not bad. Front aerial, check, leg up slightly. Bhs back tuck, step back. Punch front is solid. Switch leap to split jump. Triple full about a quarter shy of getting there, hops over.

10:50 am. Rotation 1 Standings

1. United States 43.433
2. Italy 42.067
3. China 39.600
4. Japan 37.300

Went back and put some individual scores in after routines!

10:48 am. Liu Jingxing, China, FX: Good full-in, stumbled back a bit on her second pass, the double tuck. Front tuck through to double full is good. Big switch to switch half. Double pike to finish is solid.

10:45 am. Martina Basile, Italy, BB: Bhs bhs layout, bobble but fights. Switch leap to split leap to split jump, check on the landing. Hit the dismount well. 12.967

10:44 am. Zhang Jin, China, FX: Whip to triple full to split jump GIRL YES!!!!!! Front tuck through to a nice double full. Slightly low but stuck double pike. Fantastic.

10:43 am. Elisa Iorio, Italy, UB: Ricna to Pak, is this compulsory in Italy now? Maloney to stalder half to Ezhova, nice, just some ankle separation throughout. Clean van Leeuwen, Blind change to front giant to front giant full to double tuck, a little too close to the bar, step back. 14.067

10:42 am. Shilese Jones, United States, VT: Huge DTY, mostly great in the air, just some leg separation on the second twist, lunges back out of it. 14.700

10:40 am. Martina Maggio, Italy, BB: Her first meet since last summer after getting injured before Euros. Switch leap to split leap. Little step on her bhs loso loso. Full Y turn with a big wobble, screams from the crowd, and a fall. Big switch ring, nice amplitude. Side aerial, little stumble, leg up slightly, brings her hips back and corrects. Front aerial, switch leap to split jump, check on the side somi. 2.5 dismount with a little bounce in place. 12.233

10:38 am. Qi Qi, China, FX: Another senior debut! Half-in half-out, really lovely. Super clean on her 2.5 to front full. Triple spin with good control. Switch ring to ring leap. Very clean triple full, baby step back. Chow is like the Jordyn Wieber of China with what he’s done to help this team on floor. Double tuck, little step. Fab. 13.533

10:37 am. Emma Malabuyo, United States, VT: Clean DTY in the air! Good power, step back to control it. 14.533

Asia D’Amato, Italy, UB: Ricna to Pak, considerable leg separation on the Pak, Maloney with the same amount of leg sep into a Tkachev, Church, good, blind change to front giant to front giant full to double front with a little hop back. Good girl!

10:35 am. Urara Ashikawa, Japan, BB: Lovely layout stepout mount. Little scoot on the bhs loso. Switch leap, stumble, can’t connect to sheep jump. Switch ring, back leg could be better, but it’s not bad, clean side somi. Transverse split jump half is pretty great. Double spin with a bobble but a good fight. Over-rotated it though. Goes for the triple full dismount, a tad short and a bit messy, steps out of it.

10:34 am. Tang Xijing, China, FX: Senior debut!! Good double pike to start, then clean work on her 2.5 to front tuck. Double full to finish is a little low, some crossed ankles, but stuck and solid on the landing. Good work. 12.900

10:32 am. Sunisa Lee, United States, VT: DTY, looked much better than training in the landing, not really all that low, step back. Some things in the air could use some attention to detail but overall solid. 14.200

Desiree Carofiglio, Italy, UB: Ricna to Pak, slight leg separation on the latter. Stalder full to Maloney (leg sep) to bail to toe-on to toe shoot, nice work on that series. Stalder half to front giant to double front, almost gets the stick but takes a step back to control it at the last second. Another solid set. 13.933

10:29 am. Ayumi Niiyama, Japan, BB: Split leap mount. Split leap to wolf jump after that is nicely controlled. Super solid bhs loso. I love that even in Japan’s WAG program they have a seemingly endless supply of really incredible gymnasts who could legitimately make a worlds team and do well there if needed. Switch leap, standing arabian!! Low but solid. Nice Korbut. Clean on her side somi, super clean double tuck dismount, tiniest of bounces.

10:28 am. Liu Tingting, China, FX: Her first floor routine since Chinese National Games in 2017. A little short on her triple full. Front layout into a stag jump. Low double tuck, steps forward out of it. Finishes with a leap series and a smile. Glad to see her back there! 12.867

10:27 am. Gabby Perea, United States, VT: Big air on her FTY, a little soft in the knees with a hop back. 13.567

Alice D’Amato, Italy, UB: Maloney to low Tkachev, Ricna to Pak, a little close and low on the Pak but nice form. Gets the van Leeuwen with minor leg form issues, hop forward on the double front dismount. Earning this spot today! 13.967

10:26 am. Rinne Sakatani, Japan, BB: Excellent punch front mount and handspring into a front tuck!! Fantastic. Side aerial is also pretty clean. Hits her jump series well, and then her back leg is a little low on the switch ring. Solid bhs loso. A little check on the full turn, figures she did all this crazy difficulty and that’s what gets her. Double pike stuck with her feet together which would’ve been amazing if her chest was up! Unfortunately it’s a bit low, almost to her knees.

10:25 am. Competition beginning any second!

10:19 am. Chow is chatting and giggling with the U.S. team coaches.

The U.S. begins on vault here, the main Italian team on bars, Japan and the “Italian leftovers” on beam, and China on floor.

10:18 am. Now that the 80,000 national anthems are over, let’s start.

The first order of nonsense is that Giorgia Villa has reportedly withdrawn due to a finger injury, though she’s still going to be rotating with her team. Alice D’Amato has taken her place on the main senior squad.

Warm-ups happening now!

6 thoughts on “2019 City of Jesolo Trophy Live Blog | The Seniors

  1. I loved this competition. Konnor and the Russians are incredible. I didn’t think that the Russians were so so good ! They completely deserved their gold medal. And their floor were stellar, especially Listunova and Urazova, the best of this competition. Konnor is a very beautiful gymnast, I hope she will have the gold medal on beam. I can’t wait tomorrow for the EF.


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