2019 International Gymnix Live Blog | Challenge Cup Session 1

Welcome to the live blog for the first session of the Challenge Cup at the 2019 International Gymnix, held in Montreal, Canada!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

11:06 am. The first flight is over! A reminder that medals aren’t determined until the second flight, which is at 1:30 pm.

Final Standings

1. Violeta Sanchez, Spain, 50.050
2. Katelyn Rosen, Mavericks, 49.766
3. Emily Walker, Saskatchewan, 49.616
4. Alba Asencio, Spain, 48.966
5. Sienna Robinson, Brown’s, 48.533
6. Mahleea Werline, Aftershock, 48.099
7. Jenna Sartoretto, Futures, 47.816
8. Saki Yoshida, Gadbois, 46.833
9. Kiora Peart-Williams, Milton Springers, 46.800
10. Sofia Nair, Algeria, 46.150
11. Mackenzie Robinson, Jamaica, 44.933
12. Makenna Guidish, Flip City, 44.316
13. Audrey Grimard, Wimgym, 44.166
14. Elizabeth Noble, TAG, 43.799
15. Zoé Cotnoir, Laval Excellence, 43.533
16. Maria Roman, ESGILA, 43.233
17. Sydney Turner, TAG, 42.932
18. Jayne Carvell, Flicka, 40.032
19. Julia Gillies, Quebec Performance, 31.616
20. Malayna Ramos, KIN, 10.033

11:00 am. Makenna Guidish, Flip City, BB: Switch leap mount to split leap to back tuck, fab!! OOF, bhs loso loso, misses the foot on her first loso almost completely and then still keeps the second one going, hard fall but she’s fine. Full Y turn. Goes for a huge transverse straddle full, a bit weak but love the D. Missed her foot in her dismount series as well GAHHHHH crashed the dismount.

10:58 am. Zoé Cotnoir, Laval Excellence, FX: Double tuck, step back, solid. VERY nice triple spin! Front layout to front pike with a hop forward. Switch ring to hop full L turn to double pirouette, that was a lovely series. Big prep for her double L turn to full pirouette, the L gets a bit wild. Double full, some leg form and a step. Way short on her Popa at the end, you can tell she’s like I have ZERO ABILITY TO BREATHE LEFT IN MY LUNGGGGS hahaha. But overall a fab routine.

10:55 am. Sofia Nair, Algeria, FX: Clean double pike, just a stumble back OOB. Switch ring. Front full with a lunge forward. Front layout to front pike is clean.

Alba Asencio, Spain, BB: Split leap to split jump. Bhs loso loso, big stumble and a fall. 😦 Solid punch front, missed connection to the split ring jump but both good on their own. big stumble and a fall on her Y turn. A little short on her side aerial. Split ring leap. Came in really low into her double tuck, but stands it up nonetheless, just a step.

Katelyn Rosen, Mavericks, UB: Huge Tkachev, but ugh, grabs the bar and slips. 😦 Stalder to Pak, some leg separation. Toe shoot. Blind full, double tuck clean with a hop.

10:53 am. Kiora Peart-Williams, Milton Springers, UB: Toe full, nice, Maloney to Pak, leg sep/flexed feet, Ray back up to the high bar, clear hip half to front giant half, super high double tuck with a hop back.

Mahleea Werline, Aftershock, VT: FTY, pretty short with a step forward.

10:51 am. Emily Walker, Saskatchewan, VT: Solid FTY with a little bounce. Good day for her!!

Jayne Carvell, Flicka, FX: Solid double pike to start. Hands down on her double tuck. Hit her third and fourth passes.

Maria Roman, ESGILA, UB: Short handstand before Gienger, legs apart, clear hip to blind full, holds the bail in handstand but then goes over the wrong way and comes off.

Jenna Sartoretto, Futures, BB: I missed a lot of this, but what I did see was mostly solid, just wobbly. Step back on her layout dismount.

10:48 am. Elizabeth Noble, TAG, UB: Good set from what I could see, just a bit simple.

Julia Gillies, Quebec Performance, FX: Nice double pike to start, step back. 2.5 to punch front, step OOB but her twisting form mostly looked good. Double tuck, short, hands down.

Violeta Sanchez, Spain, BB: Goes for a layout mount but is a bit off and falls. Nice shape in the layout in her flight series though. Transverse split jump half, good. Punch front tuck is solid, into a split jump to wolf jump. Switch leap. Missed connection to switch half, a little shy there. Good side aerial. Solid double pike dismount, step back. Lots of good stuff in there on an event where Spain could always use some help!

10:45 am. Mackenzie Robinson, Jamaica, VT: Bounce back on her vault.

Sydney Turner, TAG, UB: Inbar to stalder half, nice. Hard fall on her dismount, looked like she basically scraped the bar on her way down, that was rough.

Sienna Robinson, Brown’s, BB: Came off on something early in her routine. I missed her flight series I think, good front aerial to split ring jump, full Y turn, big wobble at the end of that. Double tuck with a hop

Saki Yoshida, Gadbois, FX: Big but wild triple full, stubmle back OOB. Front tuck to 2.5, a bit wild again there. Hit routine but lots of little issues that add up.

10:42 am. Rotation 3 Standings

1. Katelyn Rosen 38.933
2. Sienna Robinson 38.833
3. Alba Asencio 38.266
4. Violeta Sanchez 37.950
5. Jenna Sartoretto 36.383
6. Emily Walker 36.116
7. Saki Yoshida 35.833
8. Mahleea Werline 35.199

10:37 am. Emily Walker, Saskatchewan, FX: Tucked full-in, a bit low, stumble to hold it up. Her music is high key insane. Switch ring is great, to a switch half. Big double pike, chest just a bit down and a little bobble on the landing. Clean double spin. Nice 1.5 to front pike to finish. Good work!

10:36 am. Sofia Nair, Algeria, BB: Big air on her bhs loso. Front aerial, little check, split jump to sissone, nice. The rest was hit, just a wobble on her back tuck, layout dismount.

Alba Asencio, Spain, UB: Clear hip to Maloney, nice air, to Pak, some flexed feet but good connection. Ray back up to high, nice handstand before her blind changed to straddle Jaeger, low double pike, buckled the landing a bit but hopped out of it.

10:32 am. Kiora Peart-Williams, Milton Springers, VT: FTY, solid. Did a tucked FTY for her second vault, I didn’t see the landing though.

Audrey Grimard, Wimgym, FX: Arabian double front, sat it. 😦 1.5 to front tuck with a hop forward. Double tuck, step back.

Jenna Sartoretto, Futures, UB: Big Tkachev! Very nice. Clean Pak, great handstand before stalder full, a bit late, Maloney, caught on her fingertips and almost doesn’t get her hands over the bar but basically does a hop to regrasp. Hit the double tuck dismount.

10:31 am. Maria Roman, ESGILA, VT: Handspring front pike, big hop forward.

Violeta Sanchez, Spain, UB: Blind change to piked Jaeger, bail is clean, blind full, some ankle separation, double layout with some leg separation and a step.

10:29 am. Elizabeth Noble, TAG, VT: FTY, just a little short. Also did a tucked FTY.

Sienna Robinson, Brown’s, UB: Front giant full to piked Jaeger, nice! Then a straddle Jaeger. Great handstand before lovely Pak, gets a little muscled on the low bar but covers it up well, toe-on to double tuck dismount, little hop forward. Great work.

Mackenzie Robinson, Jamaica, FX: Solid double pike to start and she also hit her second pass. 1.5 to lovely front pike to finish. Another good set from her!

Saki Yoshida, Gadbois, BB: Lots of stumbles throughout this but she stayed on for all of it! Some leg form in her double full dismount.

10:26 am. Katelyn Rosen, Mavericks, VT: Solid FTY!

Makenna Guidish, Flip City, UB: Came off early on a handstand/rhythm issue. Nice Jaeger, though!

Zoé Cotnoir, Laval Excellence, BB: Off on bhs back tuck. Hit the rest, just a layout dismount.

Mahleea Werline, Aftershock, FX: Love her music. Low double pike but gets it around. Omg it just changed to Les Mis I’m here for it, “I Dreamed a Dream.” Switch ring is gorgeous. Lots of nice choreo moments. 1.5 to solid front pike. Omg now it’s changing to “This is Me” I’m screaming this is a medley of champions. Solid double full to finish. Lovely work!!

Sydney Turner, TAG, VT: Yurchenko layout, a bit piked.

10:20 am. Rotation 2 Standings

1. Sienna Robinson, Brown’s, 26.100
2. Alba Asencio, Spain, 25.800
3. Katelyn Rosen, Mavericks, 25.333
4. Violeta Sanchez, Spain, 25.150
— Jenna Sartoretto, Futures, 25.150
6. Saki Yoshida, Gadbois, 24.133
7. Makenna Guiish, Flip City, 23.550
8. Emily Walker, Saskatchewan, 23.366

10:16 am. Maria Roman, ESGILA, FX: Double pike, step to the side. Switch half to Popa. 1.5 to front lyout, tucks her legs and sits it. 2.5, doesn’t get it quite all the way around and ends up crashing it.

Audrey Grimard, Wimgym, BB: Candle mount. Leg up on bhs loso. Transverse split jump half, little bobble. Off on her leap series. Hit her side somi. 1.5 dismount with a hop into her salute.

10:15 am. Jayne Carvell, Flicka, UB: Hit the beginning, then a good toe-on to toe shoot, a little rushed throughout so she loses a lot of leg form, sat the double tuck dismount. 😦

10:13 am. Elizabeth Noble, TAG, FX: Hit first pass, a double pike with slightly soft knees, and then a front tuck through to 2.5 I believe, stumbled on the second with some leg form. Solid double tuck to finish. She’s really happy about this!

Malayna Ramos, KIN, BB: Triple flight series, some stumbles, also a stumble on an aerial but I haven’t seen her fall. Layout full dismount.

10:12 am. Julia Gillies, Quebec Performance, UB: Huge air on her Tkachev but a fall unfortunately. Pak, some flexed feet, clear hip to toe-on to toe shoot, a little dead hang on that, blind change to front giant to front giant half, arches it over and lands feet-first on the bar and stands there for a sec before hopping off hahaha awwww that’s when you just say screw it and do a Korbut flip!!!!! GO FOR IT. Back on for a solid dismount with just a slight step.

10:10 am. Saki Yoshida, Gadbois, UB: Blind change to piked Jaeger, good, a tad short on a handstand before her Pak, leg sep, clear hip half to toe shoot, good, oooh, lovely double full dismount.

Mackenzie Robinson, Jamaica, BB: Solid flight series. Switch leap to split leap. Check after her cat leap to side somi. 1.5 with a step.

Jenna Sartoretto, Futures, VT: FTY, a little short but solid on the landing.

Sydney Turner, TAG, FX: Excellent double pike to start, Front tuck to double full, a little short, bounce OOB. Hit the 2.5 at the end with a little stumble OOB.

10:09 am. Violeta Sanchez, Spain, VT: Excellent FTY!!! That was fab.

10:06 am. Sienna Robinson, Brown’s, VT: Solid FTY, hop back.

Zoé Cotnoir, Laval Excellence, UB: Off on a Gienger. Bail with slight ankle separation, toe shoot back to high, legs apart on blind full, little stumble on double tuck dismount.

Mahleea Werline, Aftershock, BB: Wobbly at the end of her flight series. Hit the rest, a little short on her double full dismount.

Katelyn Rosen, Mavericks, FX: Big tucked full-in to start, a couple of steps back. Solid double pike. Front tuck through to double full, lands it just slightly OOB. Good double tuck to finish. Lots of power and solid form in that routine!

10:04 am. Alba Asencio, Spain, VT: Yurchenko layout, clean.

Sofia Nair, Algeria, UB: Maloney to Pak, nice! Just some flexed feet. Toe-on to toe half, squat on to the high bar and just a layout dismount.

Emily Walker, Saskatchewan, BB: Solid bhs loso. Off on a jump. 😦 Wobble on a side aerial and a good double full dismount.

Kiora Peart-Williams, Milton Springers, FX: Little stumble forward on her first pass but good double pike in the second. Solid front tuck through to double full. Clean double tuck, step back.

Makenna Guidish, Flip City, VT: Another Yurchenko layout, just some hip form from what I can see far away.

9:59 am. Rotation 1 Standings

1. Sienna Robinson 12.800
2. Alba Asencio 12.750
3. Katelyn Rosen 12.633
4. Emily Walker 12.233
5. Jenna Sartoretto 12.050
— Zoé Cotnoir 12.050
6. Violeta Sanchez 11.450
7. Audrey Grimard 11.033
8. Makenna Guidish 10.850

9:57 am. Julia Gillies, Quebec Performance, VT: Yurchenko layout, tucks her legs a bit at the end.

Malayna Ramos scratched bars FYI.

9:55 am. Violeta Sanchez, Spain, FX: Opens with a tucked full-in, chest down and a tiny step back. Front tuck through to layout full, good. Double pike, step back OOB. Leg is a little low in her double L turn at the end but overall solid.

Elizabeth Noble, TAG, BB: Off on her back handspring mount. Good full turn. Nice flight series. A little short on her switch side, almost connects it into a straight jump full, little wobble at the end of that.

I can’t really see what’s happening on vault but I think Saki Yoshida hit her Yurchenko layout.

9:51 am. Sienna Robinson, Brown’s, FX: Big tucked full-in to start, hop back and chest a little low. Excellent front tuck through to 2.5! Clean double full at the end. Jumps down into a split for her ending pose. Great work.

Zoé Cotnoir, Laval Excellence, VT: Yurchenko back pike, some hip form, hop.

Sydney Turner, TAG, BB: Came off on something early on, and then off again on her flight series and a side aerial. 😦 Good 1.5 dismount to finish.

9:48 am. Makenna Guidish, Flip City, FX: Double pike, a bit short, stumble, hands down. 😦 Switch full to switch half, nice. Solid double full to finish.

Katelyn Rosen, Mavericks, BB: U.S. junior! Super solid on her bhs loso loso. Clean on her front aerial into a jump series. Big switch leap to Onodi, YAS!!! Double pike a bit low with some leg form, but solid landing.

Mackenzie Robinson, Jamaica, UB: Caught her release and then a Pak, good. Double tuck with a step. Lots of fans here in the croed from her gym.

Sofia Nair, Algeria, VT: This poor kid had like a 5 minute wait at least. I didn’t see what she did for her first vault but the second was a tsuk back pike with a huge hop back.

9:46 pm. Mahleea Werline, Aftershock, UB: Ricna caught basically on the bar, stalder to Pak, legs in a V. Stalder half is a bit late, Ray back up to high, handstand after that was almost horizontal, double tuck to finish, good work getting through that with some big skills!

9:44 am. Alba Asencio, Spain, FX: Tucked full-in, good. 1.5 to punch front solid. Memmel turn into a little pirouette, switch ring to ring leap. Double tuck at the end is solid.

Kiora Peart-Williams, Milton Springers, BB: Hit her bhs loso, nice switch leap, missed connection to switch half, short of 180. Check on her full Y turn. Transverse split jump half, a little short and a tiny bobble. Double full into a big step back.

9:43 am. Emily Walker, Saskatchewan, UB: Blind change to front giant to piked Jaeger, good, Pak, toe half to toe shoot, blind change to layout half dismount. Good work! I feel like whenever I see her compete she has some sort of disaster that isn’t her fault like equipment malfunctioning or floor music not working.

9:40 am. Jayne Carvell, Flicka, VT: Hands down but I didn’t see what she did.

Audrey Grimard, Wimgym, UB: Nice Endo half! Stalder full, arched over after that, clean double tuck dismount with a step.

Maria Roman, ESGILA, BB: Off on her flight series. The rest was hit, 1.5 with a step forward at the end.

Jenna Sartoretto, Futures, FX: Hit her first two passes and then a double tuck, chest a little forward. Good routine!

9:38 am. Touch warm-up happening now! We’ll have quick hits coming any second.

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