2019 International Gymnix Live Blog | Challenge Cup Session 2

Welcome to the live blog for the second session of the Challenge Cup at the 2019 International Gymnix, held in Montreal, Canada!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

3:20 pm. Final Standings

1. Emily Lee, West Valley, 51.350
2. Laurie-Lou Vézina, Gym-Fly, 51.166
3. Audrey Rousseau, Equilibrix, 51.049
4. Erin Modaro, Australia, 50.983
5. Jessica Dowling, Dynamo, 50.366
6. Violeta Sanchez, Spain, 50.050
7. Katelyn Rosen, Mavericks, 49.766
8. Emily Walker, Saskatchewan, 49.616
9. Alba Asencio, Spain, 48.966
10. Sienna Robinson, Brown’s, 48.533
11. Cassie Lee, Manjak’s, 48.500
12. Kyra Cato, Calgary, 48.433
13. Emma Milne, Shenderey, 48.133
14. Mahleea Werline, Aftershock, 48.099
15. Jenna Sartoretto, Futures, 47.816
16. Kiera Wai, Manjak’s, 47.566
17. Hannah Scharf, Shenderey, 47.333
18. Saki Yoshida, Gadbois, 46.833
19. Kiora Peart-Williams, Milton Springers, 46.800
20. Alexa Tucker, Dynamo, 46.749
21. Sidney Stephens, Australia, 46.616
22. Ilka Juk, Calgary, 46.516
23. Sofia Nair, Algeria, 46.150
24. Calisse Kums, Belgium, 45.283
25. Jovie Richardson, Bluewater, 45.182
26. Lucia Esposito, Argentina, 45.016
27. Mackenzie Robinson, Jamaica, 44.933
28. Marisa DeGroot, Calgary, 44.833
29. Makenna Guidish, Flip City, 44.316
30. Malena Harte, Argentina, 44.233
31. Audrey Grimard, Wimgym, 44.166
32. Elizabeth Noble, TAG, 43.799
33. Zoé Cotnoir, Laval Excellence, 43.533
— Greys Briceño, Mexico, 43.533
35. Maria Roman, ESGILA, 43.233
36. Sydney Turner, TAG, 42.932
37. Jessica Sanchez, Mexico, 40.299
38. Jayne Carvell, Flicka, 40.032
39. Savannah Holman, Calgary, 33.800
40. Julia Gillies, Gquebec Performance, 31.616
41. Piper Johnson, Calgary, 22.783
42. Scarlett Earl, Club Aviva, 20.866
43. Malayna Ramos, KIN, 10.033

3:16 pm. Erin Modaro, Australia, BB: EXCELLENT punch front mount. Bhs bhs layout, some form issues in the layout but solid landing. Switch leap, switch half, a little shy of 180. Back tuck, I think supposed to be connected but not quite. Switch ring, low ish back leg, front aerial to split jump, low back leg, nice transverse split jump half, sissone to wolf jump, 1.5 dismount, really solid routine! Good for her. She’s still my favorite thing about 2018 worlds.

3:13 pm. Jovie Richardson, Bluewater, BB: Little check on a transverse jump to start. Excellent bhs bhs loso. Solid jump series. full turn is clean. Front aerial, break at the hips, but good save. Layout dismount with a step.

Jessica Sanchez, Mexico, FX: Double tuck, good! Little hop back. 1.5 to front tuck, step forward. Double full, hop back.

3:11 pm. Greys Briceño, Mexico, FX: Love her so much. Opens with a double full and then hits a 1.5 to punch front. Switch leap through to tour jeté half. Full turn. 2.5 to finish was solid. Fab job.

3:08 pm. Marisa DeGroot, Calgary, UB: A bit wild on her Pak. The rest was hit, just not a ton of D. Double tuck dismount was clean.

Emily Lee, West Valley, BB: Can’t waiiiit for this, I love her! Punch front to split jump to straddle jump, excellent. Roundoff into her layout, big bobble but holds it. Switch leap to switch half, great. Side aerial to layout stepout, really solid. Front aerial to stag ring jump, lovely. Double pike with a step. Some little nervous moments there but overall great.

3:06 pm. Ilka Juk, Calgary, UB: Nice Tkachev! Toe full with some leg from, Pak with legs a bit apart, toe shoot, hit the dismount, good work.

Scarlett Earl, Club Aviva, BB: Off on her bhs loso.

Jessica Dowling, Dynamo, FX: Hit her first pass, I think she does a 2.5 to punch front or something but I only saw the landing. Double pike, a little low, step forward. Double tuck with a hop back.

Hannah Scharf, Shenderey, VT: Big FTY, hop back.

3:05 pm. Kiera Wai, Manjak’s, VT: I missed this!

Lucia Esposito, Argentina, VT: FTY, some leg form in the air, hop back.

3:04 pm. Alexa Tucker, Dynamo, FX: Tucked full-in, great, step back. Switch ring to tour jeté half, looks like she slipped a little going into the second leap but still got it around. Great on the 1.5 to front full. Hit her last pass. Great work!

Audrey Rousseau, Equilibrix, BB: Hit her flight series. The rest was good, hop back on her dismount.

Calisse Kums, Belgium, UB: Nice piked Jaeger, toe-on to Pak, came on a bit close and had to take an extra swing, then came off after not being able to get her rhythm back. Back on for toe shoot, just a layout dismount.

3:03 pm. Emma Milne, Shenderey, VT: Huge FTY, hop back.

3:02 pm. Savannah Holman, Calgary, UB: A little late on her toe full, stalder to toe shoot, toe half to front giant half, double tuck with a hop back. Good work.

3:00 pm. Malena Harte, Argentina, VT: Crashed her FTY 😦

Kyra Cato, Calgary, UB: Big Ray! Pak, some knee form, stalder full, stalder haf on the high bar is muscled but she gets it around, double front a bit low but hit!

Sidney Stephens, Australia, BB: Off on her flight series. Off again on something after that. Layout full dismount is clean and stuck.

Laurie-Lou Vézina, Gym-Fly, FX: Hit her first pass. And her second. Beautiful switch ring. She’s always gorgeous. 1.5 with a step for her last pass.

Cassie Lee, Manjak’s, VT: Lots of power into her Yurchenko layout, lunge back.

2:56 pm. Rotation 3 Standings

1. Laurie-Lou Vézina 38.416
2. Erin Modaro 38.383
3. Audrey Rousseau 38.016
4. Emily Lee 37.950
5. Jessica Dowling 37.816
6. Kyra Cato 37.233
7. Cassie Lee 36.350
8. Sidney Stephens 36.083

2:52 pm. Lucia Esposito, Argentina, FX: Double pike, excellent! Switch to switch side. Double tuck not quite as high/solid but still good. Fun dance and nice expression. Front pike through to 1.5, a bit seated with a hop back. Good routine!

2:49 pm. Kiera Wai, Manjak’s, FX: Double pike, a little buckled, hop back. Switch leap to tour jeté half. Hit her last pass.

Greys Briceño, Mexico, BB: A little short on her jump series. Check on bhs loso. Off on a back tuck. Off again after that. Hit side aerial with a wobble. 2.5, nice!! Just a step forward.

Jovie Richardson, Bluewater, UB: Toe half to front giant to straddle Jaeger, Pak with some leg separation, stalder half to toe shoot, high double tuck but landed lock-legged, sat it back. 😦

2:48 pm. Emily Lee, West Valley, UB: I couldn’t type during this but hit what I saw! Apparently she came off on her first skill.

2:46 pm. Scarlett Earl, Club Aviva, UB: Nice Jaeger, clear hip to Pak, hands slip and she sits it. Toe shoot, hit the dismount.

Emma Milne, Shenderey, FX: 1.5 through to double pike, chest down. Great on the 2.5 to front tuck. Double tuck a bit low.

Jessica Dowling, Dynamo, BB: Came off the end of the beam on something, I think her flight series. Front aerial to stag ring jump, I missed the rest because of this dumb audience member cell phone drama.

2:45 pm. Someone above me in the audience being dumb with a phone just literally dropped it onto me. Last year it was a muffin! WHAT WILL 2020 BRING?

2:42 pm. Cassie Lee, Manjak’s, FX: A bit wild in a wolf turn to start. A little hard in her first landing on a double back, 1.5 to front full is excellent though.

Ilka Juk, Calgary, VT: FTY, hops it back.

Audrey Rousseau, Equilibrix, UB: Maloney to bail to Ray, came off after that. Good Tkachev. Hit her dismount.

Alexa Tucker, Dynamo, BB: Nice switch half. Nails the layout series! Switch ring jump, back leg a little not quite there, dismount to her back. 😦 😦 This poor wee one.

2:41 pm. Piper Johnson, Calgary, VT: Yurchenko layout.

Laurie-Lou Vézina, Gym-Fly, BB: Hit the beginning. I wasn’t typing during most of this but she looked great whenever I happened to be looking. Hit routine!

Calisse Kums, Belgium, VT: Yurchenko layout, I couldn’t see the landing super well. The line judge lifeguard stand on floor blocks me!

2:38 pm. Savannah Holman, Calgary, VT: Tucked FTY, hop back.

Malena Harte, Argentina, FX: Double pike, slightly low. Really creepy robotic kind of choreo, I love it, she’s fantastic. 1.5 to finish.

Sidney Stephens, Australia, UB: Inbar to inbar full, late and bends her legs, then her arms bend and she almost flies off, don’t know how she saved that! Good Jaeger and Pak. Fell on her dismount.

2:35 pm. Marisa DeGroot, Calgary, VT: Yurchenko pike, she’s a wee one.

Erin Modaro, Australia, UB: Toe full to Maloney to Pak, good. Caught her release. Just a layout dismount, stuck.

Jessica Sanchez, Mexico, BB: Off on her bhs loso. Little stumble back on a back tuck. Off again on something after that. Hit the dismount.

Hannah Scharf, Shenderey, FX: Arabian double front, sat it. 😦 Not her day. Nice switch leap to switch half. Double full, lunge back. Step back on double pike.

Kyra Cato, Calgary, VT: FTY, looked a bit low and buckled on the landing, I think some leg form in the air as well.

2:34 pm. Rotation 2 Standings

1. Emily Lee 26.850
2. Jessica Dowling 26.583
3. Audrey Rousseau 26.450
4. Sidney Stephens 25.850
5. Erin Modaro 25.650
6. Laurie-Lou Vézina 25.350
7. Kyra Cato 24.333
8. Cassie Lee 24.000

2:26 pm. Calisse Kums, Belgium, FX: So no Savannah Holman or Piper Johnson on floor? Weird. Not sure what happened there. Nice double full, step back. 1.5 to front tuck, double L turn, nice switch ring to tour jeté half, layout full for her last pass.

Kiera Wai, Manjak’s, BB: Switch leap mount, big wobble but saved it. Hit the rest!

2:25 pm. Seems to be an issue with the floor judging…I think they brought the head judge over?

2:23 pm. Emma Milne, Shenderey, BB: Goes a bit wild on her side aerial to layout stepout, fall. Love her wolf jump to split ring jump series. Off again on her front aerial. Illusion turn, check, double full with a step.

Emily Lee, West Valley, VT: Clean and big FTY!

2:22 pm. Jessica Dowling, Dynamo, UB: Clean inbar half to straddle Jaeger, Ricna is great, toe full a tad late, clean Pak but kind of stuck for a second when she catches, good cover, Maloney to bail to toe shoot, slightly short on the handstand before her full-in dismount with a step.

2:20 pm. Alexa Tucker, Dynamo, UB: Came off early on a pirouette. 😦 Big Pak, gets it back under control for the rest of her routine, stuck the full-twisting double layout dismount with a little balance adjustment with her arms. She was REALLY rattled after seeing Leah Tindale get injured during warm-ups and I think it’s affecting her here. 😦

Kyra Cato, Calgary, FX: Hit her first pass, then a bounce back on her double tuck. A little buckled on her double pike at the end. Really love her music.

Cassie Lee, Manjak’s, BB: Love her back tuck to split jump to tuck jump half. Came off on something after that. Clean on the dismount.

2:19 pm. Malena Harte, Argentina, BB: Wobble on her flight series, the rest was good, just minor issues…either did a punch front or a standing arabian, I missed the entry into it, but the landing was fantastic. Front pike dismount.

Audrey Rousseau, Equilibrix, VT: FTY and a tsuk layout, both solid.

2:17 pm. Marisa DeGroot, Calgary, FX: Clean double tuck, just a bit low on the landing. Step back. Hit the rest.

Sidney Stephens, Australia, VT: FTY, bounce in place I think.

Laurie-Lou Vézina, Gym-Fly, UB: Ray, clear hip to clear hip half to Ezhova, hecht to high, then her clear hip straight into a back tuck dismount.

2:15 pm. Erin Modaro, Australia, VT: Good FTY, hop back.

Jessica Sanchez, Mexico, Nice Pak, toe-on to toe shoot, blind full a little halted in the middle, double tuck, cowboyed, step back.

Hannah Scharf, Shenderey, BB: Great punch front. Switch to switch half is solid. Side aerial, low and does it down to her knee, saves the fall though, similar to Lucia Esposito before her! Double spin. Hit the dismount.

2:10 pm. Jovie Richardson, Bluewater, VT: FTY step back. Did a tsuk back tuck I think for her second vault.

Greys Briceño, Mexico, UB: Short on bail, toe full with bent arms, toe shoot, step on double tuck.

Lucia Esposito, Argentina, BB: Front aerial had a weird bobble that kind of brought her into some choreo low to the beam, it was a great save from a fall but she’ll still get docked for putting her hands down.

Ilka Juk, Calgary, FX: Very nice double attitude turn to full pirouette! Little bounce on 2.5 to front tuck. Solid double pike. Ugh, on her double pike it looks like she hit a dead spot on floor and kind of should’ve had it but jolted forward onto her hands.

2:07 pm. Rotation 1 Standings

1. Emily Lee 13.200
2. Jessica Dowling 12.850
3. Audrey Rousseau 12.800
4. Sidney Stephens 12.450
5. Laurie-Lou Vézina 12.350
6. Cassie Lee 12.300
7. Erin Modaro 12.100
8. Greys Briceño 12.050

2:03 pm. Emma Milne, Shenderey, UB: Toe full, van Leeuwen with some messy legs, stalder half to big straddle Jaeger, fall. 😦 Back on for stalder half to HUUUUUGE Jaeger, even bigger Ray, does it into a Pak which she catches at first but then slips and sits it. Ughhhh. 😦 Back on for Maloney, double layout, almost stuck, landing cheated into the salute.

2:00 pm. Audrey Rousseau, Equilibrix, FX: Arabian double front, forward on the landing and a big step forward, I think OOB. Nice double pike though. 1.5 is clean. Swtich ring, weird landing on that, to stich full. Double tuck is a little cowboyed, but hit routine!

Piper Johnson, Calgary, BB: Bhs loso, bent knees and a fall. Really nice front attitude turn, double full dismount, just slightly buckled.

Cassie Lee, Manjak’s, UB: Jaeger, Pak, some leg sep, hit the double tuck dismount.

1:59 pm. Malena Harte, Argentina, UB: Toe-on to stalder to toe shoot, blind change to HUUUUUGE piked Jaeger that comes nowhere near the bar, fall. Gets the Jaeger the second time, open double tuck dismount with a hop.

Savannah Holman, Calgary, BB: Candle mount, nice full turn, a little short on her transverse split jump half, little check on her bhs loso, hit the dismount.

1:57 pm. Sidney Stephens, Australia, FX: Great double pike to start. Excellent on her leaps. Front layout. Switch half to straight jump full. Some rock music, love. Double full, slightly buckled landing.

Alexa Tucker, Dynamo, VT: Crashed her handspring front pike half 😦 😦 😦 😦

1:56 pm. Laurie-Lou Vézina, Gym-Fly, VT: Tsuk back pike.

Kyra Cato, Calgary, BB: Front aerial to split jump to wolf jump, nice jumps especially. Wobbles a bit on an aerial as she tries to connect it to a jump. Transverse split jump half, step back on her double tuck dismount. Overall a good routine, hit what I saw.

1:53 pm. Hannah Scharf, Shenderey, UB: Shaposh half, blind change, smacked her heels on the low bar, still went into the piked Jaeger but with that mistake she can’t get it around, fall. 😦 Hit what I saw when she got back on, Pak with leg sep, but then off on a low to high transition. Toe full, double tuck with a step.

Marisa DeGroot, Calgary, BB: Off on a jump. A little wobbly on some jumps after that. Stuck low 1.5.

Erin Modaro, Australia, FX: She was originally on the senior team and Elena Chipizubov was in the Challenge but they got swapped. Hit the first two passes. Double pike, a bit wild on the landing, and she’s also a little low there.

1:52 pm. Jessica Sanchez, Mexico, VT: I think I possibly missed her first vault. The one I saw was a handspring front tuck, big hop forward.

1:50 pm. Lucia Esposito, Argentina, BB: Some bent knees on her Tkachev, leg sep in the Pak. Overall hit but lots of form things in there.

Ilka Juk, Calgary, BB: Lost her footing on her side aerial and stumbled a bit. The rest was good from what I saw, maybe a couple of bobbles, front layout full dismount.

Jovie Richardson, Bluewater, FX: Solid first pass. Excellent landing on her double tuck. Just a layout third pass. Short on her last pass, lunge forward. Looks thrilled!

1:49 pm. Greys Briceño, Mexico, VT: I believe she did an FTY, couldn’t quite see the landing from here though.

1:46 pm. Jessica Dowling, Dynamo, VT: FTY, a little short with a step.

Kiera Wai, Manjak’s, UB: Toe full, nice, was looking good until she lost her swing a bit and paused on the high bar. Little bobble on her dismount.

Calisse Kums, Belgium, BB: I remember her first elite competition in 2016 when she was ten! She was phenomenal there. Big layout stepout mount. Came off on something right after. Also off on her flight series. 😦 Clean jump series. Just a layout full dismount. Shame about the falls.

Emily Lee, West Valley, FX: Excellent double layout to start. Excellent 2.5 to front full as well. Solid double tuck. Switch full. Double pike, clean but with a stumble back. Overall great!

1:43 pm. Touch warm-up happening now!

1:38 pm. Starting the second session of Gymnix in a few moments!

Sadly during the warm-up, Leah Tindale had a bizarre fluke fall on a handstand on the low bar and dropped down right onto her arm, dislocating her elbow. 😦 She’s doing better now but that was a huge bummer, especially as she just returned from an injury and has been looking fantastic.

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