2019 European Championships Live Blog | Qualifications Subdivision 4

Welcome to the live blog for the fourth subdivision of women’s qualifications at the 2019 European Championships, held in Szczecin, Poland!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

8:18 pm. Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos ends up with a 55.032, just a tenth back from Angelina Melnikova! Alice Kinsella currently third with a 54.432 which is the biggest shock of the day/my life/the history of the world. Half a point ahead of Ellie Downie, and Amelie Morgan is two-per-country’ed out of the final.

Chiara Bunce SVK FX: Hit her opening pass, then a 1.5 to front layout, good. Double full with a bounce to finish.

Doga Özgöcmez TUR BB: Had a fall.

8:16 pm. Nazli Savranbasi TUR BB: I missed the beginning of this. Wobbled on a side aerial. Fell on something after that. Hop back on the dismount.

8:14 pm. Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos FRA FX: She literally just needs to hit this. Double layout with a full twist to start is lovely. Tucked full-in, little steps back. Good switch full. Front layout through to double tuck, beautiful. She honestly looks better than literally everyone here on almost every event. She’s just SO clean and tight and solid. As soon as I say that she’s a bit short on her double pike but that was really her worst mistake all day. Beautiful routine. 13.333

8:13 pm. Angelina Melnikova with a 55.166 to lead the all-around at the moment!

Celeste Mordenti LUX BB: A little tentative on some of her skills. 1.5 stumbled off the podium. 10.600

I think Melnikova wanted to do a ‘Mustafina’ for her second vault but went with the Lopez instead. I didn’t see much of it though.

8:10 pm. Coline Devillard FRA FX: Double layout, step back, hit her second pass a bit low. Double tuck step back OOB. Hit the last pass. 12.000

Angelina Melnikova RUS VT: DTY, a bit messier than when we saw her in Germany in terms of her form. Okay on the landing though. 14.233.

Filipa Martins POR UB: Maloney to Pak, nice amplitude. Blind change to piked Jaeger, bail to toe full, Ray to high. Deep in the double layout landing. Lunge forward. 13.100

8:09 pm. Angelina Simakova RUS VT: Handspring front pike half THANK GOODNESS. Just a small step. Phew. 13.300

Mariana Pitrez POR UB: Good Gienger. Double pike with a step. 11.266

Polina Borzykh GEO BB: Switch ring, bobble. Front aerial to split jump to sheep jump, a little heavy in her landings. Switch leap. 10.733

8:08 pm. Laura Bechdeju ESP FX: Double pike is good. Double tuck with a tiny bounce. Very nice work throughout. 12.366

Julie Søderstrøm NOR VT: I missed this. 12.233

8:07 pm. Diana Varinska UKR UB: Shaposh (didn’t see the entry, not a toe-on though) to Pak, clean, to Maloney to clear hip full, Huge Tkachev half to Gienger, arches over in a toe full after that, into a full-in dismount. Well, she didn’t connect the whole opening series, and then that toe full was rough, but great fight. 13.733

8:05 pm. Raya Ranchova BUL BB: Didn’t see this whole routine but saw lots of really nice moments, including some great connection series! 11.533

8:03 pm. Angelina Radivilova UKR UB: Ricna, slipped and fell. 😦 Took a second to lie on the floor before getting up, just thinking about how cruel the world is. Back on for a Pak, toe-on to Maloney to Gienger, almost caught that with her armpits. Straddle Jaeger is good. Toe half a little late, blind change to double front, sat. Ugh. 10.733

Cintia Rodriguez ESP FX: Double pike clean and solid. Double full at the end was lovely. 12.733

Eythora Thorsdottir NED VT: DTY is back for Eythora as well it seems! Damn NED. Just kidding, she only did the full after putting up the number for the DTY. It was nice though! 13.433

8:02 pm. I believe Alice Kinsella has qualified above Ellie Downie in the all-around! WOULD BE GREAT IF THE RESULTS PAGE WORKED.

8:00 pm. Laney Madsen BUL BB: Hit her flight series. Wobbled on her side aerial, then fell. Double full dismount. 11.200

Agnes Suto-Tuuha ISL FX: Had a solid double tuck at the beginning. 11.066

Tisha Volleman NED VT: The DTY is back! Knees are a bit messy but good landing. Average 13.666, I missed her Lopez.

Jessica Castles SWE UB: Blind change to straddle Jaeger. Pak, Maloney to bail to toe full to toe shoot, good, just some form issues. Double tuck. Chiara Bunce cheered for her the whole time. TEARS. Club teammates FTW. 12.133

7:58 pm. Okay so Mélanie only needs a 12.266 to tie for the lead!

7:56 pm. Teja Belak SLO VT: YAY, she hit the handspring front layout full! Solid landing too. 14.366

Nora Feher HUN UB: Maloney to Pak, some flexed feet. Nice Endo to piked Jaeger!! Stalder to giants, double pike is clean and solid. Very nice routine.

Alice Kinsella GBR BB: Back dive mount to chest stand. Hit her wolf turn. Had a wobble on something after but I didn’t see the skill. Front aerial, little wobble, double pike, chest at her knees. 13.566

Kristina Pychova SVK FX: Good double pike. That’s all I saw!

7:54 pm. It would be amazing if scoring worked either in the arena or on the app! I can’t get AA standings Afaslkfj;asfdja;lfkj

7:48 pm. Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos FRA BB: Excellent punch front pike mount. Punch front pike after that is excellent as well. Bhs layout, big wobble and break at the hips but saves it. Nice on a jump after that. Good front aerial to split jump to back handspring. She’s SO tidy on everything. Leap series is lovely. High double tuck, slide back. 13.233!

Angelina Melnikova RUS FX: Turns at the beginning into the corner are a bit rushed. Full-twisting double layout and double layout are both sliiiiightly forward.  Front tuck through to double tuck, little bobble on that landing but damn compared to nationals she looks like a goddess. Double pike at the end, little windmill with her arms and chest a little forward but overall good! 13.533!

7:45 pm. Coline Devillard FRA BB: Off on her swtich side. Solid bhs loso. Hands down on her double pike dismount.

Angelina Simakova RUS FX: 2.5 to front full is good, little ohp. Low tucked full-in, hands down. 😦 Double tuck at the end was a little low. 11.933

Doga Özgöcmez TUR UB: Huuuge Tkachev between the bars! Hit routine. 11.166

7:42 pm. Cintia Rodriguez ESP BB: Back handspring mount is lovely. Hit her flight series then a lovely switch leap to split leap, THOSE TOES. Front aerial. Switch ring is nice. Clean double full. Beautiful routine. 13.033!! Omg that could qualify.

Filipa Martins POR VT: FTY, lunge back. 13.366

Julie Søderstrøm NOR FX: Good double pike. Bounce back on her double full. Love the ending choreo. Great routine. 11.933

Nazli Savranbasi TUR UB: Deep stalder full, nice. Chow to Pak, also good. Ray to high. Good piked Jaeger then a big Tkachev. UGH, she was doing so well, then had to re-start her kip and rest on the bar before her double front, a bit low. Just lost steam right at the end which is a shame, she’s a lovely bar worker. 11.333

7:40 pm Celeste Mordenti LUX UB: Pak, clear hip to toe-on to toe shoot, a little close and muscled up into a handstand. Blind full, breaks in her leg form, double tuck with a little bounce in place. 10.600

Mariana Pitrez POR VT: Yurchenko layout, a little soft throughout.

7:39 pm. Laura Bechdeju ESP BB: Saw a solid bhs loso from her, had a fall in the middle of this routine though. Double tuck with a lunge back.

Angelina Radivilova UKR VT: Second vault was a huge FTY, some leg form, big step back.

7:37 pm. Eythora Thorsdottir NED FX: Lovely 2.5. Triple full to punch front works out really well for her. Lovely in her turn series. Double tuck with a little bounce. Beautiful routine. 13.300! Currently second.

Polina Borzykh GEO UB: Maloney to Pak, went for a toe-on but flew forward off the bar, that was nuts. Gets the van Leeuwen when she gets back on, and a good Tkachev. Double tuck with a step. 11.600

7:35 pm. Jessica Castles SWE VT: FTY, not bad, just a little short/not super powerful. 13.100

Raya Ranchova BUL UB: Bail is a bit messy. Toe-on arched over but good fight. Into a toe shoot. Clear hip, legs go a bit crazy whens he goes to handstand, double tuck with a step back. 9.500

Agnes Suto-Tuuha ISL BB: Her fab mount, always a crowd pleaser. A little wild on a turn. Big wobble and fight after her jump series but she unfortunately falls. Back handspring. 9.733

Diana Varinska UKR VT: I missed what she did. 13.500

Angelina Radivilova UKR VT: Lopez, not bad, some leg form. 13.900

7:31 pm. Sara Peter HUN VT: Went for the DTY…and it was a great one! The landing was especially nice. 14.333. Hungary now has two SOLID DTYs. Then Zsofia Kovacs gets hers back? They’re a huge threat this year. Handspring front layout half for her second vault, great! Averages 13.983 which is amazing for her!

Chiara Bunce SVK BB: I missed this. 10.033

Tisha Volleman NED FX: UGH I MISSED THE BEGINNING. Was really hoping to see if she did her crazy opening pass. Only saw the double tuck. Crowd went wild for it though. 12.733

Laney Madsen BUL UB: Maloney to Pak, some leg form, toe shoot, caught a release, just a layout dismount. Got a little stuck at a couple of points but made it through. Good team camaraderie between her and Raya Ranchova, which I love to see. 11.433

7:29 pm. Kristina Pychova SVK BB: Good side aerial, front aerial, transverse straight jump full. Comes off a bit low on her front layout dismount, hop. 10.366

Adela Sajn SLO FX: Double pike, good! I love that she’s bringing this routine back. Hit the third pass. Clean and solid 2.5 to finish. Lovely routine. 12.200

Nora Feher HUN VT: Clean Yurchenko layout. 12.966

Alice Kinsella GBR UB: Toe half to piked Jaeger, Ricna to Pak, leg separation there, short handstand before the Maloney to Gienger, slight leg separation there, toe full is a bit late, to half-in double front, step. 13.800

7:28 pm. For gymnasts in this subdivision, Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos leads followed by Angelina Melnikova and then Alice Kinsella.

7:22 pm. Filipa Martins POR FX: Tucked full-in, slight bounce. Switch to tour jeté half. Front turough to 2.5, step forward. Double full, slight hop. Good work. 12.366

7:20 pm. Angelina Melnikova RUS BB: Here we goooooo! Punch front tuck, super solid. Good jump right after it. Switch leap. Kochetkova a little crooked but nothing major. Bhs loso, front leg comes up but overall a nice series. Front aerial, slight check, misses connection to split ring jump. Double wolf turn, mostly controlled. Side somi, good. Tiniest bobble. Double pike, little bounce. That was pretty excellent in the skills she hit well. 12.800

7:17 pm. Julie Søderstrøm NOR BB: Saw it frm the switch leap, good jump series after that, but then had a fall. 10.533

Angelina Radivilova UKR FX: 1.5 through to double full with a step to the side. Arabian double front, lunge forward. Nice switch full. Clean and basically stuck double pike. 12.966 which is basically the magic score of the day? How many have gotten this score?!

7:14 pm. Diana Varinska UKR FX: Double tuck is clean, 2.5 with some ankle form in the air, they’re pretty crossed. Double full. It was okay. 12.966

Nazli Savranbasi TUR VT: Handspring front pike half, nice! 13.500

Cintia Rodriguez ESP UB: Front stalder half, Maloney to Pak, some flexed feet, Maloney to Gienger, ugh, just doesn’t get any height out of that swing and can’t hold on. Really tries to reach for it though. Toe full to full-in with a small hop. 12.333

7:12 pm. Eythora Thorsdottir NED BB: Stumbled out of a turn. Split leap to side aerial, wobble and a fall. 😦 Wobbled on an acro skill after that, front aerial, triple full dismount, a little iffy with the legs. 11.633

Polina Borzykh RUS VT: Tucked FTY. Decent. 12.366

Laura Bechdeju ESP UB: Toe front half to Maloney to Gienger, nice. A little late on her toe full. Toe shoot is good. Double layout is good. 13.000

Celeste Mordenti LUX VT: I missed this! 13.133

7:11 pm. Agnes Suto-Tuuha ISL UB: Blind full, aught her release, bail to toe on to toe shoot, hit the dismount with a step. 11.333

Jessica Castles SWE FX: Double tuck, clean. 2.5 with a step forward. Hit the last pass. 12.833

7:09 pm. Tisha Volleman NED BB: Hit the punch mount! Wobbled on both the illusion turn and the double spin. Wobble on side somi. Double full with a hop. 12.366

Laney Madsen BUL VT: Podkopayeva! Someone’s ready for college gym. Some leg form but decent landing. 13.566

7:08 pm. Sara Peter HUN FX: She just did the HIGHEST ARABIAN DOUBLE FRONT I’VE EVER SEEN. Her double full was JUST AS HIGH. DAMN. I’m literally screaming. High double tuck with a hop. This was low for her but higher than basically any other tumbling pass here. Solid 2.5 to end. Uh. WOW. 12.533

Thelma Adalsteinsdottir ISL UB: Maloney to Pak to toe shoot, blind full to blind change to straddle Jaeger, hit the dismount. 11.533

7:06 pm. Chiara Bunce SVK UB: Maloney to bail to Ray, good, Tkachev, a little low but solid, blind full almost right on the bar, blind change to front giant half, some leg form, into a front 1.5 dismount, a little low but she sneaks it around. 11.633

7:04 pm. Alice Kinsella GBR VT: DTY, really buckled on the landing, ends up almost sitting it but is able to muscle out and just stumbles it back instead. 14.000

Kristina Pychova SVK UB: Clear hip to toe-on to toe shoot, nice height on that. Clean blind full, blind change to front giant half, some leg form, tucked toe front dismount. Good work! 10.300

Adela Sajn SLO BB: Great double spin. Clean side aerial to side aerial to side somi, YAS, what a great series that was and so well-connected. Clean and stuck 1.5 dismount. 12.700

Nora Feher HUN FX: Clean double pike. Hit the pass after that, she looks super solid. Last pass also hit. 12.466

Raya Ranchova BUL VT: Yurchenko layout with a little hop.

6:59 pm. Doga Özgöcmez TUR VT: I missed this! 12.866

Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos FRA UB: Maloney to clear hip to Galante to Pak, YAS. Super clean van Leeuwen, inbar half to front giant full to front giant half, super clean and basically stuck full-twisting double layout. 14.033

Angelina Simakova RUS BB: Bhs loso, a bit wobbly. Good jump series. Clean side aerial. Side somi is gorgeous. Just a step back on the dismount. 13.066

Mariana Pitrez POR FX: Low on her first pass, a double pike. Switch to tour jeté half. 11.133

6:56 pm. Super sorry, just looked at vault scores and saw Coline Devillard actually did an FTY, no wonder it was so beautiful and flared!! Her AVERAGE is a 14.216, I’m sure she’ll bring the DTY for the final.

6:54 pm. Celeste Mordenti LUX FX: Double tuck, skid with her chest down. 2.5 is actually really clean! Just a stumble on the landing. Clean double full as well. Good work! 10.900

6:50 pm. Polina Borzykh GEO FX: Double tuck, little hop back. 2.5 has a stumble. Switch to wolf jump. She has someone’s 2012 music and I can’t place it. I think it’s called “Hey Na Na Na.” 1.5 to front tuck. Double full, just some leg form. Overall good! 11.066

6:47 pm. Raya Ranchova BUL FX: First pass went completely OOB. Crashed her double tuck. Front layout. Finishes with a 1.5, skids and sits it. 8.700

Diana Varinska UKR BB: Off on her layout series. 😦 Bobble on switch ring. Switch leap to sissone. Front aerial, bobble, stag ring jump. Double full with a hop. 12.166

6:44 pm. Angelina Radivilova UKR BB: Off on her switch half. Good front aerial to front aerial series. 11.333

Laney Madsen BUL FX: Super cowboyed on the arabian double front. 1.5 to front full with a bounce in place. Double full with some leg form. LOOOOOVE her ending pose. 12.200

6:42 pm. Laura Bechdeju ESP VT: Another solid FTY from Spain, this one with a little bounce in place. 13.400

6:40 pm. Agnes Suto-Tuuha ISL VT: FTY, some leg form but good landing. 13.233

Jessica Castles SWE BB: Bhs mount, nice. Hip angle off on bhs loso and she falls. Hit the rest including the dismount. 11.833

Claudia Fragapane GBR FX: Full-twisting double layout, just a tad low but overall solid! Double layout after that is even better. Hit her third pass. Good double pike to finish. I think that could put her in the lead! 13.600, yep! That’s a solid lead lmao.

Cintia Rodriguez ESP VT: Solid and clean FTY. 13.333

6:39 pm. Julie Søderstrøm NOR UB: Toe half to piked Jaeger, good, bail, toe full is late, short handstand before toe shoot, double pike almost to her knees, hand down. Too bad, she was so close! 10.266

6:37 pm. Eythora Thorsdottir NED UB: Toe-on to Maloney to Pak, caught her piked Jaeger. Full-out stuck cold. Actually the first two skills may have been out of clear hips, I just realized I wasn’t really paying attention super close. Anyway. 13.866!

Nora Feher HUN BB: Switch leap moutn to split leap to side aerial to straddle jump. Great jump series. Good side somi. Really nice routine. 12.800

Alice Kinsella GBR FX: Hit her opening pass and the second, both solid. Also hit her third pass, I didn’t see any of what she actually did though, every time I look over she’s landing. Double pike to end was solid. 13.066

Chiara Bunce SVK VT: FTY, stumbles back out of it. 12.933

6:36 pm. Kristina Pychova SVK VT: I missed her first vault, something forward but low D. 12.400

6:35 pm. Tisha Volleman NED UB: Khorkina!! Straddle Jaeger, clean handstand before the bail, nice, to clear hip to toe-on to toe shoot, hit the dismount with a hop.

6:31 pm. Angelina Simakova RUS UB: Stalder to Maloney to Gienger, a little crooked on the catch but it doesn’t phase her. Blind chge to big piked Jaeger, toe full to Pak, some leg form in the toe full, van Leeuwen is a little messy. Hit the dismount, I believe a double front. 13.666

Coline Devillard FRA VT: Rudi is pretty excellent in terms of the landing. The form in the air could use some work but really impressed with the height she’s getting on this vault. 14.966!!!!!!!!! Second vault is the DTY, flared with a step back. DAMN COLINE. 14.216 for this, step OOB that I didn’t see.

Filipa Martins POR BB: Solid bhs loso but came off on something after that. Hit the dismount.

Nazli Savranbasi TUR FX: Arabian double front with a lunge back. Clean double pike, step back. Bounce forward on the last pass.

6:28 pm. Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos FRA VT: DTY, stuck!! Mostly clean, just some ankle form but damn. “I’m not competing all-around lmao.” SURE. 14.433

Angelina Melnikova RUS UB: Toe full to Maloney to Pak to van Leeuwen, pretty clean! Inbar half to big piked Jaeger, nice, slightly short handstand before her blind change, blind full to full-in with a little bounce in place. That was excellent. 14.600! Second behind Jonna Adlerteg.

Mariana Pitrez POR BB: Solid bhs loso, just some knee form. Switch half is maybe at 90 degrees sadly. Came off after that. 1.5 with a big lunge forward. 9.800

Doga Özgöcmez TUR FX: Solid double tuck. Front tuck through to layout full with a bounce. 11.100

6:24 pm. This is a huge subdivision with “the Gelyas” – Simakova and Melinkova – as well as the French, with Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos capable of qualifying into several finals while Coline Devillard will be hoping to top the vault field, something she can totally do now after Maria Paskea’s struggles.

Also in this subdivision are the Ukrainians, with Diana Varinska going for the bars final while Angelina Radivilova hopes for beam and floor, and then of course we have the Dutch with Eythora Thorsdottir and Tisha Volleman in the mix, while Great Britain will round things off with Alice Kinsella and Claudia Fragapane, with Kinsella’s best shot at an event final coming on beam, while Fragapane could very well get in on floor.

14 thoughts on “2019 European Championships Live Blog | Qualifications Subdivision 4

  1. Can we talk about how Alistratava for BELARUS is in 3rd into finals?? Even if she finishes last in finals, this is such a big deal for them and I’m so proud of her and for Belarus making strides with a lot of super talented young kids up and coming!


  2. I love Amelie but GO ON ALICE! Everyone thought she shouldn’t have been on the team and GMF should have gone but she proved them wrong, what an icon


    • In fairness, I don’t think that the criticism was about her personally, more the make up of the team for an individual Euros. I didn’t see anyone saying her place specifically should have gone to GMF, just that (before Simms injury) it made no sense to send 4 AA gymnasts when they had a very good chance of a bars medal.
      Of course, we don’t know if GMF is carrying an injury or anything like that.


  3. Do you realize that excluding Mustafina, the last Russian to win a medal on beam on Worlds/Olympics was Ludmila Ezhova is fucking 2003?


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