2019 European Championships Live Blog | Men’s All-Around Final

Welcome to the live blog for the men’s all-around final at the 2019 European Championships, held in Szczecin, Poland!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.


1. Nikita Nagornyy, Russia, 88.665
2. Artur Dalaloyan, Russia, 87.832
3. Marios Georgiou, Cyprus, 84.398
4. Joe Fraser, Great Britain, 84.365
5. Ahmet Önder, Turkey, 84.299
6. Petro Pakhniuk, Ukraine, 83.298
7. James Hall, Great Britain, 83.097
8. Artur Davtyan, Armenia, 83.097
9. Loris Frasca, France, 82.597
10. Ferhat Arican, Turkey, 82.265
11. Andreas Toba, Germany, 82.231
12. Casimir Schmidt, Netherlands, 82.098
13. Nicolo Mozzato, Italy, 81.599
14. Eddy Yusof, Switzerland, 81.032
15. Ludovico Edalli, Italy, 80.865
16. Robert Tvorogal, Lithuania, 80.498
17. Christian Baumann, Switzerland, 80.098
18. Joel Plata, Spain, 79.897
19. Yevgen Yudenkov, Ukraine, 79.799
20. Oskar Kirmes, Finland, 79.199
21. Ivan Tikhonov, Azerbaijan, 78.665
22. Jimmy Verbaeys, Belgium, 78.365
23. Elias Koski, Finland, 78.133
24. Paul Degouy, France, 75.532

3:20 pm. James Hall GBR FX: I missed what he did on his opening pass but just a small hop back. Hit his second pass well also. Front double full to barani, chest a bit down. Double full, clean, little tiny foot movement. 2.5 to front full, hand down. Poor thing, this day was going so excellently for him. Triple full to finish.

3:17 pm. Artur Dalaloyan RUS HB: Cassina, nice, layout Kovacs is also great, layout Tkachev half, layout Tkachev, also good, Yamawaki, just a tiny hop back on his flared dismount.

Christian Baumann SUI PH: I only saw the end which looked hit.

3:16 pm. 88.665!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR NIKITA NAGORNYY.

3:14 pm. Ahmet Önder with an 84.299, currently third behind Georgiou and Fraser.

Nikita Nagornyy RUS HB: Big layout Tkachev, layout Tkachev half, stoop half, ankles just slightly apart. Tkachev, Tkachev half, both good, one-arm pirouette, stalder, HE’S SO CLOSE. Double double layout stuck. THIS DAY, NIKITA. THIS DAY.

Artur Davtyan ARM FX: Front layout to double front, big step forward. Flared one of his passes really nicely near the end. Triple full, big hop back.

Petro Pakhniuk UKR SR: Nice finish for him on rings! Looks very happy.

Nicolo Mozzato ITA PH: I missed this.

3:10 pm. Marios Georgiou gets a 14.166 on high bar to edge out Joe Fraser!!!!!!!! 84.398 puts him a third of a tenth ahead. OMGGGGG.

Ahmet Önder TUR HB: Yamawaki, a little messy in his Kolman, layout Tkachev like Jesus on the cross, same on the layout Tkachev half, just a small hop on his dismount. Great work from him today.

Loris Frasca FRA FX: Really nice on his flair work but I missed all of his opening passes. Double front with a little hop. Weak landing on his triple full at the end.

Robert Tvorogal LTU SR: Hit routine but I saw almost none of it.

Ludovico Edalli ITA PH: Looked hit from what I saw, his dismount sequence was especially nice.

3:07 pm. Ferhat Arican finishes with an 82.265 after a 12.8 on high bar.

Marios Georgiou CYP HB: Lovely Cassina, layout Kovacs is also very nice. Kolman is great too! Then a perf Kovacs. He’s so beautiful. Hop full, blind change, stuck the full-twisting double layout. That was BEAUTIFUL. He’s a gem. Lets out a scream at the end because why not.

Joel Plata ESP FX: Solid tumbling, really nice on his double double. Finished with a tucked full-in, pretty short with a big lunge forward.

Ivan Tikhonov AZE SR: Didn’t see much of this, including the dismount.

Yevgen Yudenkov UKR PH: Missed this completely.

3:05 pm. Joe Fraser gets an 84.365.

Ferhat Arican TUR HB: Yamawaki, layout Tkachev, huuuuge straddle Tkachev, some wonky swing elements in there, buckled full-twisting double layout dismount.

Andreas Toba GER FX: Hit the first two passes, the third one had a lot of combo skills, really cool. Tiny hop on his last pass.

Elias Koski FIN SR: Hit routine, just pretty low on his dismount.

Casimir Schmidt NED PH: Can not all four go at once? Can the judges space out how long it takes them to judge so we can have staggered starts? Anyway this was hit, and the crowd went nuts for it!

3:02 pm. Joe Fraser GBR HB: Yamawaki, Cassina, great, Kolman looked like it was gonna be scary on the catch but he gets it no problem. Lovely one-arm pirouette. Endo to Endo half to stalder, little step on his dismount. WELL WELL WELL, JOE.

Eddy Yusof SUI FX: Double front half-out, little hop. Double double, another small hop. Good front double full to barani. I missed a couple of passes. Tucked full-in with a scoot back at the end.

Paul Degouy FRA SR: Hit routine.

Oskar Kirmes FIN PH: I missed this…I’m prob gonna miss a lot of pommels and rings this rotation with them so far away and with the top guys on high bar and floor. BUT I SHALL TRY WHEN I CAN.

2:58 pm. Rotation 5 Standings

1. Nikita Nagornyy, Russia, 74.132
2. Artur Dalaloyan, Russia, 73.099
3. Joe Fraser, Great Britain, 70.665
4. Ahmet Önder, Turkey, 70.366
5. James Hall, Great Britain, 70.331
6. Marios Georgiou, Cyprus, 70.232
7. Petro Pakhniuk, Ukraine, 69.865
8. Artur Davtyan, Armenia, 69.531

2:55 pm. Nikita Nagornyy RUS PB: Good transition to single rail, confident in his pirouettes, handstands are to die for, another perfect single rail back to both rails transition, all of his pirouetteing work is INSANE. Clean double front half-out, brings his heels together. HE’S A GOD TODAY, I’m basically crying.

2:52 pm. Ahmet Önder TUR PB: I missed the beginning, really high on his salto skills but caught one with kind of wonky locked arms. Looked like a great routine otherwise, stuck the dismount.

Petro Pakhniuk UKR PH: Legs apart and a little bent near the end. Hit routine.

Artur Davtyan ARM HB: Stoop, stoop half, stalder, stuck the double double dismount. Super simple but VERY clean routine.

Nicolo Mozzato ITA FX: Hit his opening passes well, just a large-ish step on one of them. Double full is clean. Excellent triple full.

2:50 pm. Loris Frasca FRA HB: Stoop full to Yamawaki, lovely, stalder, hop full, just a step back on the dismount.

Marios Georgiou CYP PB: Beautiful routine, just a tiny step on the dismount but everything I saw in the interior was lovely.

Ludovico Edalli ITA FX: I wasn’t typing until close to the end but he hit every pass I saw pretty well. 2.5 with a small hop was his last pass, big smile on his face.

Robert Tvorogal LTU PH: Hit routine!

2:47 pm. Ferhat Arican TUR PB: Great transition to the single rail, good hold in handstand there. Legs apart on one of his pirouettes. Step on his double front half-out. Not his best but still pretty lovely at most parts!

Joel Plata ESP HB: Yamawaki, Kolman a little wild, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev half, Rybalko, hit the dismount. Some good things in there!

Yevgen Yudenkov UKR FX: Front double frull to barani to start was good. 2.5 to front full was also nice.Punched into a Rudi, little balance on the landing. Stuck the double full. Some leg/ankle form in his triple full.

Ivan Tikhonov AZE PH: Hit routine from what I could see.

2:44 pm. Joe Fraser GBR PB: Great handstands at the start. Some later on are crooked. Double front half out, legs a bit nuts, but good landing.

Andreas Toba GER HB: High Kolman but wild legs. Way cleaner on the Kovacs. Stuck the double double layout cold.

Casimir Schmidt NED FX: Double front half-out, good. Piked double front is nice, small hop. 2.5 to barani after that. I missed a couple of things but he eneded with a clean triple full, little slide back.

Elias Koski FIN PH: Hit routine, just had bent elbows through the dismount sequence.

2:43 pm. Oskar Kirmes FIN FX: Wasn’t typing during this as it was during Artur’s p-bars but everything seemed good to me. Think he opened with a front layout to Randi from my crappy memory, and ended with a triple full, step back there.

2:41 pm. Artur Dalaloyan RUS PB: Holds his first handstand for 12 hours. Crooked in his Ono and then an adjustment on the skill after that. Looks a little nervous. But mostly tight in his form. Great on his salto skills. Confidence building now. Beautiful handstand pirouette. Legs go WILD in his double pike half-out, looked like his legs on vault tbh, but he somehow sticks it LOL. OKAY. 15.200

Eddy Yusof SUI HB: Hit what I saw, double double layout with a step back.

Paul Degouy FRA PH: Missed this!

2:39 pm. James Hall GBR HB: Cassina, Kovacs, Kolman, all good! Yamawaki, double double layout deep but stuck! He’s having himself a day.

Christian Baumann SUI FX: Hit his first three passes and then a clean arabian double front. Clean double full, lovely there actually, but his triple full is quite shy on the rotation.

Jimmy Verbaeys BEL PH: Hit routine, just some noticeable leg form errors at parts.

2:36 pm. Rotation 4 Standings

1. Nikita Nagornyy, Russia, 58.732
2. Artur Dalaloyan, Russia, 57.899
3. James Hall, Great Britain, 56.398
4. Petro Pakhniuk, Ukraine, 56.165
5. Artur Davtyan, Armenia, 56.165
6. Joe Fraser, Great Britain, 55.832
7. Marios Georgiou, Cyprus, 55.499
8. Andreas Toba, Germany, 55.432

2:34 pm. Robert Tvorogal LTU FX: SURPRISE, I missed the beginning. They really need to warn me when floor starts. Something done into a front full was good, and a clean double full. Whip to layout haha. Stuck. 2.5 to finish

2:31 pm. Ludovico Edalli ITA HB: Yamawaki, nice layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev also good, straddle Tkachev half, stoop through to front giant work, Rybalko, full-twisting double layout a tad low, lunge forward.

2:30 pm. Ivan Tikhonov AZE FX: I missed his first pass, front layout to Randi second pass was good, front full to Rudi is stuck and also mostly clean. Clean stuck flared double full side pass. Super clean 2.5 to barani. Good triple full, lunge back.

Loris Frasca FRA PB: Decent routine overall, double front dismount had a super tight tuck position. I didn’t see the beginning so there could’ve been something he didn’t like early on because he doesn’t look super thrilled but from what I saw it wasn’t bad.

2:29 pm. Yevgen Yudenkov UKR HB: Yamawaki, hop full, flared and lovely full-twisting double layout stuck.

2:27 pm. Elias Koski FIN FX: Super clean arabian double front. Front full to front double full, tiny bounce. 2.5 to tucked barani, okay. Clean stuck double full. Triple full, ankles in the air are a bit weak, small step back.

Joel Plata ESP PB: Steady routine. Nice control on his press handstands. Double front half-out legs a little wild, small hop.

2:26 pm. Andreas Toba GER PB: Decent routine throughout. Just low D it seeems.

Casimir Schmidt NED HB: I missed most of this but know he stayed on. Low on his dismount with a big hop.

Ahmet Önder TUR VT: Nice kaz 1.5, legs were pretty good in the air until the very end, small hop forward.

2:24 pm. Paul Degouy FRA FX: Pike ddouble front was low and long but no problems getting it around. His landings overall have some hops. Big step on his last pass.

Marios Georgiou CYP VT: Didn’t see what he did, assume a kaz full, landing looked a little weak with a big step to the side.

2:22 pm. Ferhat Arican TUR VT: Really clean kaz 1.5 in the air, just slightly crossed ankles and a big step forward.

Eddy Yusof SUI PB: Really beautiful in his handstands. Piked double back with a small step.

Oskar Kirmes FIN HB: Legs went wild on his stoop half but otherwise a mostly tidy routine. Clean full-twisting double layout, hop back.

2:20 pm. Joe Fraser GBR VT: Kaz 1.5 was a wee bit messy but got it around well.

Jimmy Verbaeys BEL FX: I missed the first couple of passes, caught it from the side pass, a Rudi, chest a bit low, hop. Short on the triple full at the end, another big hop.

2:19 pm. Yeah, they only credited Artur Dalaloyan with the Dragulescu. I mean…it was pretty rough so that was a good call.

James Hall GBR PB: Solid routine.

2:18 pm. Artur Dalaloyan RUS VT: I think he was attempting to do the Ri Se Gwang II aka the piked Dragulescu but it looked like a pretty weak pike shape to me. :-/ Good landing though.

Christian Baumann SUI HB: Wasn’t typing during most of this but a good routine, just low on the double double layout dismount, big lunge forward.

2:15 pm. Nikita Nagornyy RUS VT: I didn’t see what he did, they started so fast on this event, but it looked like a great landing, which is when I tuned in! Think it was the handspring Randi. 14.900

Nicolo Mozzato ITA HB: Hit routine!

Artur Davtyan ARM PB: Good routine, baby hop on the dismount.

Petro Pakhniuk UKR FX: Missed the first few passes, but he seemed fine on them from what I can surmise. Then I missed the rest. SHRUG.

2:12 pm. Rotation 3 Standings

1. Nikita Nagornyy, Russia, 43.832
2. Artur Dalaloyan, Russia, 43.366
3. Petro Pakhniuk, Ukraine, 42.932
4. Artur Davtyan, Armenia, 42.465
5. James Hall, Great Britain, 41.932
6. Robert Tvorogal, Lithuania, 41.865
7. Loris Frasca, France, 41.732
8. Andreas Toba, Germany, 41.732

Just saw Loris Frasca got a 15.033 for his stuck kaz double!!!

2:08 pm. Ivan Tikhonov AZE HB: Off on his Kovacs.

Marios Georgiou CYP SR: Really tight in his salto skills, especially the tucks, transitioned into an L sit. Pretty open double double dismount, looked stuck from here!

Joel Plata ESP VT: I missed this!

Yevgen Yudenkov UKR PH: Hit routine.

2:05 pm. Elias Koski FIN HB: I missed the beginning, huge straddle Tkachev, blind change to one-arm front giant full, stuck his full-twisting double layout. BEAUTIFUL!

Ferhat Arican TUR SR: Maltese was nice. arched a handstand pretty severely near the end and started swinging a bit. Almost did the same thing a second time, then he’s too tentative on a handstand after that. Love the salto elements directly into his dismount, though. Good landing.

2:04 pm. Joe Fraser GBR SR: Couldn’t see most of this but what I did see was hit.

Andreas Toba GER VT: Solid kaz 1.5 from what I could see.

Oskar Kirmes FIN PB: Hit his routine, pretty solid throughout.

2:02 pm. Christian Baumann SUI PB: Things went well for him until the dismount, double front half-out, hands down.

Paul Degouy FRA HB: Yamawaki to Gienger, LOVE!!!! Endo full, layout Tkachev half, stoop half, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev half, front giant full, hop full, full-twisting double layout with a hop back.

1:59 pm. Jimmy Verbaeys BEL HB: German giants to stalder, deja vu, let go with one arm on a pirouette and had to regroup, blind change to stoop, hop full, full-twisting double layout with a step.

Eddy Yusof SUI VT: Tsuk double pike, little stumble on the landing.

Artur Dalaloyan RUS SR: Literally didn’t even know he was up until he dismounted, GRR. Looked happy at the end as he was walking off the podium though.

1:58 pm. James Hall GBR VT: Kaz 1.5, good form, a little short off the table though, steps forward and over to control the landing.

Nicolo Mozzato ITA PB: Clean at the beginning. Had a very nice press handstand in there. One-arm swing. Hand adjustments near the end, including one significant one, but nailed the double tuck half-out dismount.

1:57 pm. Nikita Nagornyy RUS SR: Good transition at the start with saltos into an iron cross. Straddle planche, muscles through a handstand quite a bit after that. Next handstand is a little short at first and then he starts swinging a bit. Stuck the dismount.

Petro Pakhniuk UKR HB: German giants are cool, into a stalder, Tkachev is pretty low, Tkachev half is better, big full-twisting double layout with a solid landing.

1:56 pm. Artur Davtyan ARM VT: Dragulescu, pretty good chest position, small hop on the landing.

Ludovico Edalli ITA PB: Good routine, small step on his double pike dismount.

1:54 pm. Ahmet Önder TUR SR: Hit routine. Small stumble back on his dismount.

Loris Frasca FRA VT: Casually stuck his kaz double!! Excellent.

Robert Tvorogal LTU HB: Big layout Tkachev, layout Tkachev half, legs a bit wild on his stoop full, straddle Tkachev, Rybalko, I love seeing the grip change work because I’m sitting SO close. Something I don’t normally pay attention to but it’s fascinating how seamless it looks for some guys. Full-twisting double layout with a hop.

1:49 pm. Rotation 2 Standings

1. Petro Pakhniuk, Ukraine, 29.366
2. Nikita Nagornyy, Russia, 29.099
3. Artur Dalaloyan, Russia, 28.766
4. Casimir Schmidt, Netherlands, 28.066
5. Robert Tvorogal, Lithuania, 27.999
6. Marios Georgiou, Cyprus, 27.999
7. Ferhat Arican, Turkey, 27.866
8. Christian Baumann, Switzerland, 27.833

1:45 pm. Ferhat Arican TUR PH: Steady and smooth throughout. Nice flairs. The wide-arm transition always FREAKS ME OUT and looks like a mistake but he makes it look less so. Good work up to handstand. This was actually a pretty great pommels rotation!?

1:44 pm. Elias Koski FIN PB: One arm pirouette was nice to handstand. His press work is very nice overall. Piked double back with a step back.

1:43 pm. Andreas Toba GER SR: Clean double tuck to double pike to straddle planche, legs a little lower than his chest. Iron cross, arched handstand before his full-twisting double layout dismount.

Joe Fraser GBR PH: Nice solid routine with no major flaws!

1:42 pm. Paul Degouy FRA PH: Wasn’t in handstand at a couple of moments, hip angle is a bit awkward on most. Nice basket swing into a press to handstand though, but then he is too far back on his heels on his piked double back dismount, bounces right to his bum.

1:41 pm. Eddy Yusof SUI SR: Beginning was good. He faces the opposite direction as the other guys. Handstands are pretty arched near the end, feet are swaying pretty far back over his head. Double double with a step back.

1:40 pm. Jimmy Verbaeys BEL PH: Really controlled in holding his handstands, hop forward on his double pike dismount.

1:39 pm. Artur Dalaloyan RUS PH: Lovely swing at the start. Started to look a tiny bit rushed at one point before his flairs but he quickly calmed down. Maybe a little rushed and not paying as much attention to detail just before the dismount, but the dismount pirouette sequence was GORGEOUS and FLAWLESS. 13.966

1:37 pm. Casimir Schmidt NED VT: Kaz 1.5 is nice and clean, little bounce forward. 14.433

James Hall GBR SR: Maltese pressed into an iron cross, nice. Double pike salto into a straddle planche is very nice, transitioned well into an L sit. Starts swinging a bit on his last couple of handstands but good control in his actual handstand. Last handstand has a bit of an arch. Double double, tiny scoot back.

1:35 pm. Nikita Nagornyy RUS PH: Loved his one arm swing. Good single pommel work. That was actually pretty excellent for him?! 14.333

Artur Davtyan ARM SR: Swinging a lot in his handstands. Double double with a hop back.

Oskar Kirmes FIN VT: DTY, I only saw the landing, which was pretty solid.

Petro Pakhniuk UKR PB: Good routine, nailed the landing on the dismount, looks thrilled!

1:34 pm. Nicolo Mozzato ITA VT: Kaz 1.5, a little messy, step forward.

Loris Frasca FRA SR: Nice swing into his handstands but they’re all a bit short. Double double dismount is good. 13.333

Robert Tvorogal LTU PH: Looked mostly okay, double front dismount with a small step. He was like “meh” when he came off the podium.

Christian Baumann SUI VT: DTY, a little wonky, step on the landing.

1:33 pm. Ahmet Önder TUR PH: Pirouette in handstand almost came down a little too heavy but good cover. Legs apart at a couple of moments near the end but hit!

1:31 pm. Ivan Tikhonov AZE PB: Mostly good routine but stumbled back his dismount and finished it pretty low.

Ludovico Edalli ITA VT: Just a kaz half, big step to the side on the landing.

1:29 pm. Marios Georgiou CYP PH: Nice on his scissor work at the beginning. Calm swing throughout. Good transition into a handstand pirouettes and into his traveling in flairs, beautiful! Beautiful dismount too. Excellent! 14.166

Joel Plata ESP SR: I missed this but it sounded like he did a good job from the crowd.

Yevgen Yudenkov UKR VT: Stumbled on his kaz full landing.

1:27 pm. Artur Dalaloyan leading with a 14.800 after the first subidivision, followed by Nikita Nagornyy with a 14.766, Petro Pakhniuk with a 14.433, Ivan Tikhonov with a 14.333, and Christian Bauamnn with a 14.100. Ahhh, first subdivision standings in MAG being meaningless.

1:21 pm. Joe Fraser GBR FX: Good double double opening, stuck it, and hit his second pass but I wasn’t typing. 2.5 to Rudi I believe after that. Stuck the double full. Tucked full-in with a hop back. Good routine.

1:17 pm. Artur Dalaloyan RUS FX: They’re playing Sia’s “Breathe Me” as he goes and also SAME. Front full to Randi, solid. Front layout to front double pike, hop forward. Double double, little hop. He looks a little tentative today. 2.5 to front full. 1.5 to Rudi for his side pass. Triple full, flares it open but his chest is pretty down. Good foot position though! 14.800

1:11 pm. Christian Baumann SUI SR: Body is SO hollow in his maltese. Good straddle planch to L sit transition but the transition into the handstand from that is messy and the handstand isn’t there. Double double dismount with a good landing. 14.100

James Hall GBR PH: Hip angle isn’t quite there and he has some tiny leg separations but he improves as he works through the routine and it ends up being a solid hit! 13.833

1:13 pm. Nikita Nagornyy RUS FX: Triple back, hop back, I can’t believe his chest position on that landing. Piked double front half out with a little hop. Front double full to double front, CASUAL. Scoot forward. 2.5 to front full to barani, stuck. Double double side pass QUEEN. Arabian double front half-out. GOD. 14.766

Eddy Yusof SUI PH: Was going pretty well and I actually enjoyed his swing but then he started getting a little wonky near the end and ended up rolling over onto his back and falling off.

Oskar Kirmes FIN SR: Hit what I saw, dismount with a small hop.

1:10 pm. Artur Davtyan ARM PH: I also missed this, pommels is furthest from me and I never see when they start with the other three going on! I’ll try more when the top group is there.

Paul Degouy FRA VT: Huuuuge air on his kaz 1.5 but goes off the table crooked and loses some of his air awareness, lands awkwardly and ends up putting his hand down. 13.100

1:08 pm. Ahmet Önder TUR FX: Hit the first two passes before I could start typing then a double double and a 2.5 to front full all really well. Legs came apart a bit in his side pass. I couldn’t type during any of this as my page was reloading but aside from the side pass and a couple of little landing issues everything went well overall. 13.833

Nicolo Mozzato ITA SR: The rings move SOOOOO much on his salto elements. Hop back on his piked double front dismount.

Loris Frasca FRA PH: I missed this! 13.266

Jimmy Verbaeys BEL VT: A little low on his kaz full.

1:06 pm. Ludovico Edalli ITA SR: Planche position was pretty wonky with his chest much lower than his legs. Tucked to piked saltos into a straddle sit pressed up into a nice handstand. Piked double front dismount stumbled back to his knees. 😦

Petro Pakhniuk UKR VT: Baby hop on his kaz 1.5, pretty good in the air from what I could see but I have basically a straight-on view from the back so couldn’t see side angle stuff that well.

1:03 pm. Joel Plata ESP PH: Pretty calm and steady at the beginning. Legs started coming apart quite a bit near the end just before his travels but he did a good job getting it back under control. Muscles into the handstand pirouette dismount. Good effort!

Ivan Tikhonov AZE VT: Long wait for him. Shewfelt with two little steps to control the landing.

Yevgen Yudenkov UKR SR: What I saw at the beginning was okay. Stuck the dismount, double double I believe.

Marios Georgiou CYP FX: Double double, front layout to front double full, both good! 2.5 to barani is beautiful. Big bounce back on the triple full at the end but overall that was lovely work.

Robert Tvorogal LTU VT: Kaz full, I think he wanted the 1.5.

12:58 pm. Ferhat Arican TUR FX: Tiny hop on the piked double front. Hit the second and third passes as well but I didn’t see what either was, just saw that the landings were pretty solid. 2.5 to barani after that was nice. Clean double full. Triple full to finish, little scoot back. Good routine!

Andreas Toba GER PH: Hit routine!

Casimir Schmidt NED SR: Got very arched in some handstands.

Elias Koski FIN VT: Kaz full I believe, solid enough on the landing.

12:55 pm. Getting ready to kick off the men’s all-around final here in Szczecin! Literally so excited for Artur Dalaloyan and Nikita Nagornyy as a huge Russian MAG stan but I’m also hoping for a great meet for underdogs Marios Georgiou and Ahmet Önder, who are my personal favorites for bronze.

4 thoughts on “2019 European Championships Live Blog | Men’s All-Around Final

  1. The results are not too bad for Artur. He took some time off after Doha and crashed the Russian Championships. He won the Stuttgart World Cup but with 2 falls on HB. So I was a bit scared. But after QX, he proved himself to be reliable in all circumstances. I think he’s one of the most elegant and precise gymnasts and he’s a joy to watch. His floor routine is as smooth and elegant as Alex Nemov’s in Sydney. It looks effortless and classy. Nikita has probably worked like crazy since Doha and he’s such a powerhouse. He really wanted his own gold medal in a major meet. And this Russian team is so charismatic. Stuttgart is going to be very interesting, tighter than the AA in Doha – and that was tight.


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