2019 European Championships Live Blog | Qualifications Subdivision 1

Welcome to the live blog for the first subdivision of women’s qualifications at the 2019 European Championships, held in Szczecin, Poland!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

11:23 am. Rotation 1 Standings

1. Anastasiia Bachynska, Ukraine, 53.499
2. Lorette Charpy, France, 53.165
3. Jade Vansteenkiste, Belgium, 49.732
4. Sanna Veerman, Netherlands, 49.432
5. Valeriia Osipova, Ukraine, 48.832
6. Alba Petisco, Spain, 48.399
7. Anina Wildi, Switzerland, 47.398
8. Demet Mutlu, Turkey, 46.666
9. Megan Ryan, Ireland, 46.298
10. Anny Wu, Switzerland, 44.832
11. Christina Zwicker, Croatia, 43.232

11:03 am. Running to do interviews but will be back shortly with standings!

11:01 am. Anina Wildi SUI FX: Tucked full-in is pretty solid to start. Front tuck through to layout full, hop back. Double tuck, a bit low, chest down.

10:59 am. Anny Wu SUI FX: 2.5, almost has it, but then keeps rotating and falls forward onto her hands. Better on the double pike and double full.

Valeriia Osipova UKR BB: Off on her layout stepout mount. 😦 Floaty bhs loso, though. Hit her side aerial as well. Front aerial to split jump to straddle jump, little stumble. Switch half. Stumbled back and sat the double tuck. 😦

Anastasiia Bachynska with a 53.499 for her day, with room to improve on floor! Lorette Charpy with a 53.165, Jade Vansteenkiste with a 49.732 after two falls on beam and an otherwise good day, Sanna Veerman with 49.432, Alba Petisco with 48.399.

10:57 am. Lorette Charpy FRA VT: Solid FTY. 13.533

Christina Zwicker CRO VT: Balked her first attempt mid run, steps must have been off. Tries again, clean Yurchenko layout with a step.

10:55 am. Anastasiia Bachynska UKR BB: Front handspring front tuck is great, just a bobble on the landing. Good leap series, front aerial to split ring jump to split jump to back handspring, flawless. QUEEN. Side aerial, a tiny bobble. Hit a leap and the full turn after that, and a good double tuck with a step. 13.533

Meg Ryan IRL FX: Double tuck a little short with a step. Good double full.

Helena Bonilla ESP UB: Maloney to Pak, front toe-on half, nice, hit the full-in dismount. Great set!

10:51 am. Maria Paseka RUS VT: Cheng is a…mess. Idk how else to explain it honestly. It was everything that it shouldn’t have been. Fully tucked, legs apart on everything, and crashed, to top it off. That was the roughest it’s ever been. 13.5

Second vault for Maria Paseka is the Amanar, which was the opposite of the Cheng. Really just the leg split on the pre-flight, but solid in the air and a good landing. 14.766, she averages a 14.133.

Sanna Veerman NED UB: I couldn’t type during this which is a bummer because I really wanted to but the bulk happened during Maria’s vault so I missed all of the individual skills though overall it seemed like a solid routine, and she hit! 14.133!! Puts her ahead of Anastasia Iliankova, and now I’m super depressed that I missed it!

Jade Vansteenkiste BEL BB: Really aggressive and solid punch front mount! Good work. Ugh, then off on the split jump full. 😦 Off again on a side somi. 😦 Good wolf turn. Double full to end. 10.366

Demet Mutlu TUR FX: Just saw the double pike at the end, which was good.

Alba Petisco ESP UB: I missed this!

10:47 am. These beam scores are ROUGH, even for the better of the routines we’ve seen so far.

10:44 am. Anina Wildi SUI BB: Sissone to wolf jump, solid. She’s beaming to Uptown Funk, FYI. Bhs loso, almost has it, but she’s a little low on the loso and ends up stumbling when she corrects her chest position, hand down I think but grazed. Front aerial is also a bit short. Side aerial. Full Y turn, really went into that with nothing but a hope and a prayer and it worked out! Switch leap is very nice, to a switch half, split positions are solid. Double tuck is low, almost crashed but didn’t. Still some good stuff in there. 10.500

10:41 am. Anny Wu SUI BB: Looked up just as she bent over and grabbed the beam before falling, just didn’t see what skill. Switch to switch half, a bit shy in her rotation. Front aerial, stumble and another fall. Side aerial, little bobble. Split jump full, a little short but the rotation was better there. Another leap series, looked like a split leap sissone kind of deal. Double full with a step back. 8.966

10:37 am. Marine Boyer FRA FX: Solid 2.5 to front tuck. A bit wild on the double tuck landing, leg flies up. Mostly controlled in her wolf turn until the end. Hit the rest from what I could see. 13.133

Meaghan Smith IRL BB: Back dive to chest stand mount. Little check on full turn. Good bhs loso! Big switch side. Little stumble on a transverse jump. Bobble on her jump series that ended with a wolf jump. Just had a heart attack on her dismount, missed her foot COMPLETELY, just does a back tuck, really good save, and good work not landing on her head because that could’ve been rough. I actually didn’t see if she fell on what she ended up doing but either way the dismount obviously isn’t going to be scored well. 9.900

10:33 am. Meg Ryan IRL BB: Little stumble on a jump, scissone to split jump after, solid bhs loso. Ugh, off on a side somi I think. Hit the rest, dismount was I believe a front tuck full with a hop. 10.333

Lorette Charpy FRA FX: Double front with a hop forward in her Bond routine. Double tuck, leg comes up a bit. I missed the rest. 12.433

Anastasiia Bachynska UKR UB: Stalder to Maloney to Pak, good. Van Leeuwen, toe full with GORGEOUS toe point into a nice Tkachev, blind change to piked Jaeger, her toes are WORKING. Super high and clean double tuck, little bounce. Well well well. Someone showed up today. 13.566!

10:32 am. Sanna Veerman NED VT: Yurchenko 1.5, looked like a solid landing from here! 13.800

Jade Vansteenkiste BEL UB: I missed the very beginning. Good straddle Jaeger. A little short on some handstands. Good Pak to Maloney to bail, short, to toe shoot, little hop on the double pike. 12.733

10:29 am. Alba Petisco ESP VT: Nice FTY! Step back. 13.333

Valeriia Osipova UKR UB: Stalder full to stalder to Chow to Pak, very nice. Toe-on to Maloney to stalder half to Tkachev, AWESOME. Blind change to front giant half, to double tuck, little hop. Very very very nice work for her on this event, just some little things throughout. 12.333

Demet Mutlu TUR BB: Hit her loso mount. Short on a transverse jump with a half twist, fall. Step back on the landing on her dismount. 9.600

Christina Zwicker CRO FX: I missed the beginning. Double full is where I caught up, just crossed legs and a hop. 1.5 is a bit short with a stumble back. 11.533

10:27 am. Boyer is behind Charpy in the beam race, and still with Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos to come in a later rotation, so this could be rough for her.

10:23 am. Marine Boyer FRA BB: Front aerial, little wobble, split jump to tuck jump half. Won’t get that connection from the acro to jumps but good cover. Hand down on the layout series though. 😦  She just looked a little off-center and low. Good switch to switch half, a wobble on the full turn, switch to side somi, doesn’t connect it to the transverse split jump half, but that looked fine on its own from here. High double pike dismount, hop back. 13.000

Anny Wu SUI UB: Hit what I saw, including a piked Jaeger, bail to Ray, blind full, and she tried for a double layout dismount but it was a bit piked in the first flip and short overall.  12.466

10:20 am. Jade Vansteenkiste BEL VT: Solid and lovely FTY, the way Belgium does it. 13.500

Meaghan Smith IRL UB: I wasn’t typing through most of this but it was a solid hit routine, caught her release, double pike dismount, solid. 11.766

10:18 am. Demet Mutlu TUR UB: Maloney to Pak, leg sep, toe shoot, blind full is a bit messy, to Tkachev, a little dead hangy on the catch, double front cowboyed and deep but hit. 12.000

Christina Zwicker CRO BB: Nice bhs loso and front aerial to back tuck! Side aerial. Switch side to transverse straddle jump, nice!! Hit an acro skill after that as well. WE’VE GOT A WEE LIL BEAMER OVER HERE. Just a front layout dismount, a bit arched, but the majority of that routine was very very very promising for a wee one from Croatia. 10.333

Sanna Veerman NED FX: The way she just struttted onto that floor is GOALS. Nice landing on the arabian double front. Hops around one of her turns. Bouncy on her double tuck. Hit the 1.5 to front full. Hit the last pass. 11.833

Meg Ryan IRL UB: HUUUUUGE TKACHEV! YAS! Blind change to front giant half, bail is a bit messy and arches over but gets it back under control, blind full is a little rushed, just a layout dismount, stuck. When she’s fully healthy y’all better hold your wigs. 11.433

10:17 am. Valeriia Osipova UKR VT: Suuuuper high Yurchenko 1.5!! Just a hop on the landing. She’s training an Amanar and IT SHOWS. 13.933

10:14 am. Anastasiia Bachynska UKR VT: Yurchenko 1.5, buckles a little on the landing, step forward. 14.000

Anina Wildi SUI UB: Clear hip to blind full, blind change to front giant to piked Jaeger, hit the rest! 11.866

Lorette Charpy FRA BB: Loso mount, good. Hit her wolf turn. Side aerial. Switch to split leap to Korbut. Front aerial to split jump not at 180 to back handspring, double pike a tad short, step. 13.266

Alba Petisco ESP FX: Arabian double front, pretty solid! Step forward. Crashed double pike after that. Her music is high key nuts, I love it. Belgium will have this music by next week. Double tuck at the end is hit. 11.333

10:13 am. Floor scoring at the moment seems pretty tight! But solid result for Jade Vansteenkiste. I just went through and added all scores after routines below.

10:07 am. Meg Ryan IRL VT: FTY, does it tucked, hop back. I think she wanted to do it full but decided to go for the safer option. So happy to see her back! 12.666

Valeriia Osipova UKR FX: Piked full-in, pretty good actually, just a step back. Tucked full-in has a little bit less steam but she still gets it around and hits the landing. Love her choreo out of her leap series. Front tuck through to double tuck, solid! Clean on a split jump full, then a lovely switch ahlf to sissone. Double pike, a little short, pulls her chest back and steps. That was overall really really solid for her. 12.300

Alba Petisco ESP BB: Hit the acro mount. Haaaahahaha she hit the bhs loso pretty solidly, then decided to stumble a second later and had a solid five-second hop around the beam to hold on. Good save. A little short on a leap, side aerial, Double tuck with a step back. 11.500

10:04 am. Anastasiia Bachynska UKR FX: Tucked full-in, little step back, flag up. Very clean double pike. She looks so tall and grown up. Switch ring is lovely, into an equally lovely ring leap. Front full, little stumble out of it. Bounce on the double tuck. 12.400

Christina Zwicker CRO UB: Pak, toe on to toe shoot, clean and tight there, a little halted in her toe half, and she dismounts with just a layout half. Simple stuff but she was mostly good in what she did. 10.466

Helena Bonilla ESP BB: Clean bhs mount. Front aerial, I missed a lot but she had a really cool roll in her low beam series, Steingruber dismount. Good work from what I did see but I missed a bunch. 11.333

Demet Mutlu TUR VT: Missed what she did but she had a solid landing. 13.400

10:03 am. Anastasia Iliankova RUS UB: Shang, good, nice handstand before her Tweddle to Ezhova, another solid handstand before her Chow to Pak, a little short on the handstand before the van Leeuwen, and short again before the toe full, a tad late, to full-in, a bit short on the landing and her hip angle is awkward, but overall that was solid, the beginning was done very well. 14.133

Anina Wildi SUI VT: Second vault is an FTY, leg sep on the pre-flight and comes off the table super low, has to really crunch down on the landing.

10:02 am. Anina Wildi SUI VT: Solid handspring front pike half! That was pretty sweet. 13.466

9:58 am. Anny Wu SUI VT: FTY, not a ton of power, ends up a little short. 13.233

Lorette Charpy FRA UB: Chow half, good piked Jaeger, Ricna to Pak, a little low on the Pak but pretty good overall. Van Leeuwen, toe full, full-in tiny bounce. Good work. 13.933

Sanna Veerman NED BB: Off on her punch front mount. 😦 Off again on her bhs loso. Almost off again on a side somi but she grabbed her legs and held on. 1.5 dismount, hop forward. 9.666

Jade Vansteenkiste BEL FX: The opening is soooo good. Triple full, then hit her second pass. Double tuck, maybe a tad low, little bounce. Growly end choreo. Great work! 13.133

9:56 am. Warmups beginning now! Switzerland, Turkey, and Ireland on vault, France, Russia, and Croatia on bars, Netherlands and Spain on beam, and Belgium and Ukraine on floor.

9:54 am. Good morning, all! The first subdivision here at European Championships is getting underway shortly. This subdivision will see gymnasts from Switzerland, Turkey, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain, France, Russia, Croatia, Belgium, and Ukraine.

The biggest names here will be Maria Paseka, who is likely to take the vault title if she hits, and her teammate Anastasia Iliankova, who has been steadily getting back to a high level on bars and will be a big contender in that final, which is going to be a bit weaker than usual this year with some of the biggest bars stars in Europe – including 2018 world champion Nina Derwael and 2018 world bronze medalist Elisabeth Seitz – missing out.

This subdivision also features first-year senior Anastasiia Bachynska of Ukraine, who will be hoping to reach the finals on beam and floor in addition to getting a solid all-around ranking, while Marine Boyer of France is gunning for a beam medal, and her teammate Lorette Charpy has been looking fabulous on that event this year so we could possibly see her sneak into that final as well in addition to maybe having a shot on bars.

In a last-minute lineup change, Meaghan Smith of Ireland will do only bars and beam instead of competing in the all-around, and it looks like Tutya Yilmaz has withdrawn.

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