Around the Gymternet: It says “Balls” on your face


“🗣there’s no such thing as the color ‘nude’!!!👏”-Margzetta Frazier is done with non-inclusive brands. Say it louder for the Victoria’s Secret rep in the back.

Comp news

Japan selection surprise. Asuka Teramoto led Japan’s AA standings after Saturday’s NHK Cup, which Mai Murakami sat out due to injury. She was not named to the worlds eam, which includes Teramoto, Hitomi Hatakeda, Aiko Sugihara, and Nagi Kajita, but there’s still a fifth spot to be named after All-Japan Event Championships, so all hope isn’t lost.

For the dudes, the Tanigawas topped the standings after NHK and both qualified for worlds.

European Games teams named. Aliya Mustafina and Angelina Melnikova are penciled in for Russia, which also just named its junior champs. Lorette Charpy will lead France’s team.

Challenge Cups underway. The Challenge Cup series kicked off in Zhaoqing, China on Sunday. China sent some of their best, and so far they are dominating.

U.S. Junior Olympic Nationals happened. Your future NCAA stars competed this weekend. Here are your results.

Wut happened

USAG facing $1 billion in claims. USA Gymnastics is facing over $1 billion in claims from survivors, according to Monday bankruptcy court filings. We also found out on Monday that the committee representing survivors in the case is trying to see if the National Gymnastics Foundation’s assets can be used to pay survivors, but the foundation said that this could cause it to collapse.

Healing fund warrants issued. Seven arrest warrants have been issued in the investigation into fraudulent claims made from the Michigan State University Healing Assistance Fund, it was announced on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, lawyers want to investigate whether “second wave” survivors are getting the short end of the stick MSU settlement-wise, and the uni has hired a firm to help find out whether alumni are satisfied with MSU’s handling of the Nassar scandal.

Abuse bombshell from OSU. An Ohio State University team doctor sexually abused 177 men over the course of three decades, the school announced on Friday at the conclusion of an investigation. Sixteen of the complaints against Richard H. Strauss, who committed suicide in 2005, came from gymnasts.

More confusion in India. Even more drama is brewing regarding India’s selection for Asian Championships after the Sports Authority of India announced trials with only a two-day notice, making it impossible for some athletes to participate.

Finny under fire. Sarah Finnegan is selling her Olympic and national team leos, which was a fun and sunshine idea until we all realized it’s to benefit an anti-abortion organization and not to stop trafficking as she claims (@ me all you want). Luba summarized the situation on her blog.

Star status

Retirements. Ashton Locklear announced her retirement on Thursday, citing injuries and two surgeries in a seven-month period. We wish the best of luck to Ashton in her future endeavors!

Recoveries. Vera Van Pol is on the up-and-up after ankle surgery.

Upgrades. Lexy Ramler was spotted in the wild doing a Maloney to a Jaeger/Comaneci/Ramler, who the hell knows.

NCAA corner

Central Michigan University named Christine MacDonald its new head coach on Thursday. Meanwhile, Arkansas hired Chris Bogantes and Chris Brooks as assistant coaches on Friday, making Jordyn Wieber literally the boss of her boyfriend.

PSST: Here’s Greg Marsden’s NCAA coaching spreadsheet to help you keep track.

Staying social

Liv fell down. Olivia Dunne did a beautiful triple, and then another triple connected to a lizard splat for .2 CV.

But Andrew didn’t. This video is great because you get three gym legends (including a brand-new hall-of-famer–congrats, Shawn) and then oh hey it’s Andrew! Hi Andrew👋!

Rejoice. Beff Tweddle had her babay.

Also Mom. Alicia Sacramone Quinn was interviewed by the Also Mom podcast, discussing how being an elite has helped her handle motherhood, her comeback to gymnastics after “breaking up” with the sport, and her hatred for laundry. #GirlSame

CCG is homeless. MIT has decided to turn the Cambridge Community Gymnastics gym into a weight room for varsity athletics, making the club homeless starting July 1. CCG is the place where I notably tried, failed, tried, and failed again to learn how to do a handstand, so it holds a special place in my severely undertalented heart. More details and ideas on how we could potentially help at the link.

Because you asked…

Lauren answered a wide variety of questions, such as what happens if a country qualifies two gymnasts through the apparatus world cups, what happens if a country qualifies two gymnasts through the apparatus world cups, and what happens if a country qualifies two gymnasts through the apparatus world cups.

Last words

I wrote this thing for Deadspin.

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