2019 U.S. Classic Live Blog | The Juniors


Welcome to the live blog for the junior session at the 2019 U.S. Classic, held in Louisville, Kentucky!

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1. Konnor McClain, Revolution, 55.600
2. Sydney Barros, Texas Dreams, 55.300
3. Olivia Greaves, MG Elite, 54.750
4. Skye Blakely, WOGA, 53.950
5. Ciena Alipio, West Valley, 53.900
6. Sophia Butler, Discover, 53.500
7. eMjae Frazier, Parkettes, 53.350
— Anya Pilgrim, Hill’s, 53.350
9. Lilly Lippeatt, Cincinnati, 53.150
10. Sydney Morris, First State, 53.100
11. Kayla DiCello, Hill’s, 52.100
12. Zoe Miller, World Champions, 52.050
13. Lauren Little, Everest, 52.000
14. Jamison Sears, World Class, 51.900
15. Sophie Parenti, San Mateo, 51.650
16. Kaylen Morgan, 51.350
17. Addison Fatta, Prestige, 51.300
18. Ella Zirbes, Flips, 51.250
19. Katelyn Rosen, Mavericks, 51.150
20. Karis German, World Champions, 51.100
21. Ariel Posen, MG Elite, 51.000
22. Nola Matthews, Airborne, 50.850
23. Elizabeth Gantner, JPAC, 50.450
24. Olivia Ahern, River City, 50.100
25. Chavala Shepard, Hopes and Dreams, 49.950
26. Annalise Newman-Achee, Chelsea Piers, 49.950
27. Amber Lowe, Everest, 49.700
28. Charlotte Booth, Brandy Johnson’s, 49.300
29. Kailin Chio, Gymcats, 49.000
30. Lyden Saltness, Midwest, 48.600
— Joscelyn Roberson, North East Texas Elite, 48.600
— Levi Jung-Ruivivar, Paramount Elite, 48.600
33. Eva Volpe, Pearland Elite, 48.400
34. Jamie Wright, World Class, 48.250
35. Julianne Huff, JamJev, 46.150
36. Mia Heather, San Mateo, 44.750
37. Ava Siegfeldt, World Class, 26.500

3:56 pm. Kayla DiCello UB: Hit a release into a Pak and then a van Leeuwen, clear hip to blind change to piked Jaeger, stuck the full-in, her typical excellence on this event.

3:55 pm. Sydney Barros BB: Full wolf turn, a little tentative. Great punch front. Super solid on the bhs loso loso. Front aerial to split jump to sissone, a little shy in her jumps. Hit an aerial after that, double pike with a hop. FANTASTIC day today. 13.750

Nola Matthews 50.850, Jamie Wright 48.250

3:54 pm. 55.600 AA for Konnor McClain, after a 14.350 on beam. A QUEEN.

3:53 pm. Nola Matthews UB: Stalder half to big straddle Jaeger, toe-on to stalder full, a little late, to Pak, stalder to Ray, double layout with a hop back.

Skye Blakely 53.950, Sydney Morris 53.100

3:51 pm. Konnor McClain BB: Standing arabian, excellent. Bhs bhs layout, super floaty and with a perfect landing, almost connects to the wolf jump to sissone. Full turn, excellent standing full, oh my godddd. Switch leap to switch half, tiny check. Front aerial, split ring jump, Double pike with a lunge back. I get the reasoning for choosing the junior worlds team the way they did, I REALLY DO, but personally and factually LEAVING KONNOR OFF WAS A MISTAKEEEEEE. 14.350

3:49 pm. Skye Blakely UB: I wasn’t typing at the beginning but caught a release into a Pak, nice van Leeuwen, toe half, arches it ALMOST but you can see her core working to get it right. Stalder to stalder full, bent her legs coming down out of it and had to start her swing again, hits the dismount.

Charlotte Booth 49.300, Kailin Chio 49.000

3:48 pm. Ariel Posen VT: Big clean FTY, just lunges it back, possibly OOB.

Kailin Chio BB: Bhs loso loso, nice. Punch front tuck, stumble forward but stays on. Switch to switch half, big wobble and leg up, Korbut, a little crooked. Hit the dismount.

Ariel Posen 50.900, just a tenth from qualifying, OUCH IT HURTS, Maggie Haney is probably like GIVE HER BACK A TENTH YOU MONSTERS, because same, Lyden Saltness 48.600

3:47 pm. Kaylen Morgan 51.350, Katelyn Rosen 51.150

3:46 pm. Lyden Saltness UB: Piked Jaeger, Pak, Maloney to Gienger, Double layout, form things throughout but a hit routine!

Ella Zirbes 51.250, Olivia Ahern 50.100

3:44 pm. Kaylen Morgan BB: Triple and double wolf turns, keeps her leg extended and straight the whole time! Side somi, transverse split jump half, bhs loso, solid. Good front aerial and side aerial as well, she’s super sharp on everything. Just a huge prep and a stumble back on her double tuck, but great work.

Jamison Sears 51.900, Addison Fatta 51.300, Karis German 51.100

3:43 pm. Jamison Sears FX: Nice tucked full-in. Front tuck through to double tuck, super clean! I like her a lot. Switch ring to tour jeté full, queen. Double pike, big step back. Fab job and a great day for her! 12.900

3:42 pm. Addison Fatta VT: DTY! Step back but that was solid. 14.050

3:39 pm. Lilly Lippeatt 53.150, Sophie Parenti 51.650

3:36 pm. Lilly Lippeatt BB: Bhs bhs layout, solid! Front aerial, bobble into her straddle to Korbut, but she made the bobble work up into her jump so should still get SB. Transverse straight jump full. Switch leap to split leap. Side aerial, pause, split jump to back tuck. Won’t get that series, but good on the back half. Full turn, clean. Transverse split jump half, very clean. She’s a queen today. Double pike, some leg separation and a step. Fantastic day! 13.300

Julianne Huff 46.150

3:34 pm. Julianne Huff FX: I love how we’ve somehow seen all four of her routines in full today, BLESS. Everyone else got a raw deal but she’s out here like yes, this is my competition. Tucked full-in is good. Front tuck through to 2.5, some form in the air and a step forward. Double tuck with a step back. Double pike, a little short, step forward.

Levi Jung-Ruivivar 48.600

3:33 pm. Levi Jung-Ruivivar UB: Lovely toe full to Maloney to Pak, stalder, misses her toes for her van Leeuwen so does the sequence again, a little weak in the van Leeuwen but stays on. Ugh, then off on the Jaeger. 😦 Back on for the full-in dismount to her knees. 😦 Poor kid. 11.150

Lauren Little 52.000, Elizabeth Gantner 50.450

3:31 pm. Elizabeth Gantner FX: Piked full-in with a hop. Double tuck, also pretty solid. Front tuck through to 2.5, great! She has really gotten pretty excellent since last year. Double pike, a little short, hop. 12.100

Anya Pilgrim 53.350!, Joscelyn Roberson 48.600

3:30 pm. Anya Pilgrim UB: Toe full, Chow to Pak, some form things, short handstand before her toe half to Endo half, nice, to Maloney to Tkachev, excellent series! Stalder half to double pike with a hop. 13.300

Olivia Greaves 54.750, Ciena Alipio 53.900, Eva Volpe 48.400, Mia Heather 44.750

3:29 pm. Olivia Greaves VT: DTY, Not the biggest, and she goes crooked to take a big step off the mat, but she looks pretty good in the air. 13.950

3:28 pm. Ciena Alipio FX: Double layout, step back OOB, and then she’s a bit short on her double tuck. Nice tour jeté full. 1.5 to front full is great, stuck. Great turn sequence before her switch leap to switch half. Hop back on her last pass. 12.900

Annalise Newman-Achee 49.950, Amber Lowe 49.700

3:27 pm. Annalise Newman-Achee VT: Low FTY off the table, but clean and a solid landing. 12.800

Sophia Butler 53.500! eMjae Frazier 53.350!

3:26 pm. Amber Lowe BB: I wasn’t typing during most of this and we cut in late, but she hit everything I saw, for what it’s worth. Good 2.5 dismount with a step back. 12.800

Chavala Shepard 49.950

3:25 pm. Sophia Butler VT: DTY, lunges it back but that was great overall!! 14.300

3:24 pm. eMjae Frazier FX: Double layout, hop back, love! Front tuck through to double tuck, solid. Good leap pass. Double full into a controlled lunge. Does a little illusion turn down into her double wolf turn, she wins. Switch half to split jump. Double pike with a hop forward. Great job from her today!!! 13.200

Zoe Miller with a 52.050 AA after a 13.550 on vault.


1. Sydney Barros 41.550
2. Konnor McClain 41.250
3. Skye Blakely 41.150
4. Ciena Alipio 41.000
5. Olivia Greaves 40.800
6. Sydney Morris 40.600
7. eMjae Frazier 40.150
8. Anya Pilgrim 40.050

This could be SOOOOO CLOSE. Literally anyone in the top five could win it (if Olivia does her DTY).

3:16 pm. Ella Zirbes FX: They cut into her routine just as she was kind of standing there looking hurt or something…she looked like she was gonna stop but then like, walked into the corner and did her last pass? Really bizarre.

3:15 pm. Ava Siegfeldt BB: Little slide back on her flight series. Front aerial into her jumps, good work there. Onodi, leg up, switch to switch half, a little short on the latter. Side aerial. Double tuck with a step back.

3:12 pm. Karis German FX: I think we missed her first two passes. Cut in right as she landed her second pass. Hit her leaps after. 1.5 to front full, hop forward. Double turn. Tour jeté half. double tuck, a bit buckled, hop forward. Her form in the air on that pass was gorgeous, though. 13.200

3:11 pm. Kailin Chio UB: Toe full, a little late, toe-on to Maloney to clear hip to bail to toe shoot, good, her leg form could just be a little tighter throughout. Stalder half to piked Jaeger, a bit too far and she falls. 😦 Back on for a double layout dismount, super clean with a hop back. Cassie Rice is like yas queen. 11.500

3:09 pm. Addison Fatta FX: Triple full to start! Glad to see that back. Front tuck through to 2.5, little hop to the side. I think she used to have a 2.5 through to double full so she’s changed it up a bit. Double tuck, great landing. Clean double wolf turn, switch half also nice. Her music has evil maniacal laughter which is all I want on floor. Clean double full to finish. Great set! 12.800

3:08 pm. Skye Blakely VT: Huuuge beautiful DTY. That comes closest to rivaling Konnor’s vault. 14.500

Jamison Sears BB: Punch front to split jump to straddle jump. Front aerial, kind of a big bobble. Split ring jump. Hit the dismount with a little stumble back. 12.400

3:07 pm. Joscelyn Roberson FX: Cut in late to this routine, really nice control on the front full to front pike. Finishes with a double pike into a lunge. 12.750

3:05 pm. Lilly Lippeatt UB: Maloney to blind full to bail to toe shoot, cool combo! Toe-on, little step on the full-out. Wish we saw the beginning because she looks really happy with that! 13.550

Lyden Saltness VT: DTY! Tucks her knees a little throughout which will hurt her score but I love how much she’s upgraded in the past year. 13.700

3:04 pm. Julianne Huff BB: Front toss. Split jump to straddle jump. Front aerial, bobble, bhs loso. Bringing us back to 2012. Had a couple of dance element wobbles, including on a split leap full. Double full with a step back.

13.600 for Lauren Little on bars!

3:02 pm. Levi Jung-Ruivivar VT: FTY, better distance/height than she’s had in the past! Step back. 13.000

Olivia Greaves FX: Saw it from the tucked full-in, think we missed her opening pass. I missed the entry into her third pass, it was either a 1.5 or front something or other stepout into a 2.5, just a little wonky on the landing of the 2.5. Double tuck to finish is a tad low but overall this was solid from what I saw.

2:57 pm. Elizabeth Gantner BB: Bhs loso loso, leg up but good save. Switch leap to switch half, low in the split on the latter, to back tuck. Front aerial, split jump to straddle jump, side aerial, keeps her back leg so straight the whole time. Full turn, 2.5 with a tiny step back. 12.900

14.050 for Anya Pilgrim’s DTY, which we didn’t see.

2:55 pm. Annalise Newman-Achee FX: Her choreo is fab. Double L turn. Double tuck with a lunge back OOB. Hop L turn, good 2.5, just steps forward. Stumbles back her last pass a bit. 12.250

2:53 pm. Ciena Alipio BB: Full turn, clean, side aerial loso loso, just a wobble and break at the hips at the end. Bhs bhs layout, good, foot comes up a little bit. Switch leap to switch half, a little bit short on the latter. Split leap to side somi, a bit far back on the landing but she uses that core strength to pull her to safety. Front aerial to split jump to straddle jump, leg extension was nice, just needs to add the foot detail in there. Transverse split jump half, good. Double full, hop back. 13.850

2:51 pm. Sophia Butler FX: “Cell Block Tango.” Because what child doesn’t need to dance to a song about women murdering their lovers? I’m here for it. Arabian double front to stag like a queen. Piked full-in with a hop back. Ooh, was that a triple L spin to a pirouette? Good leap series. 2.5 to front tuck is great. whip to double tuck, then her signature dive roll, fabulous queen. 13.350

2:50 pm. eMjae Frazier BB: Wolf turn gets a little wild, love that she just slammed her foot down to stop it like NOT TODAY SATAN. Front aerial, excellent split jump to straddle jump out of it. Side aerial. Wobble on the transverse split jump half. Wobble on the bhs loso. Switch ring, couldn’t really see the position from this angle. Ring jump to back tuck though, yas, get it. Double pike, slight leg separation and a step back. 12.700

2:49 pm. Eva Volpe UB: Caught a toe-shoot super close and then had to pause on the high bar before her giants, double layout dismount, pikes it down a bit. 11.150

2:48 pm. Zoe Miller FX: Saw it from the front tuck through to double full. Double tuck is very clean with a great landing. She needs a little bit more to her choreo…the last 20 seconds of her routine is basically her just standing still hahaha. But she looks fantastic. 12.500

2:47 pm. Jamie Wright BB: Bhs loso loso, super solid! This World Class leo is super lovely. Front aerial into a jump series. Double full, legs are pretty tucked, hop back. 12.700

2:45 pm. Sydney Barros UB: Just saw her dismount, a full-twisting double layout. She looks so solid! 13.550

We didn’t see Konnor on bars but she got a 13.150.

Ariel Posen FX: Was a little short on both passes I saw. 12.500

Mia Heather VT: Yurchenko pike, kind of runs back out of it. 11.650

2:44 pm. Sydney Morris BB: Yay, we’re finally seeing her! Standing full, excellent! Almost connects it to her sissone to pike jump. Super solid bhs loso loso. DAYUM SYDNEY. Full turn. Transverse split jump half. Side aerial, goes a little crooked and a big break at the hips but saves it. Switch to switch half to back handspring, clean. Double pike with a hop back. Mostly great! 13.550

2:43 pm. Kayla DiCello VT: No wolf turns in this set so she’ll probably be okay. 😉 Big DTY, maybe comes up a little short on the landing, step forward to control it. But her form in the air was pretty great. 14.100

2:41 pm. Nola Matthews VT: I think she’s gonna be the gymternet fan fave pretty soon. Doesn’t get a ton of power here, and she lands pretty close to the table, but still a solid enough FTY. 12.950

Katelyn Rosen FX: Good tucked full-in to open. Double pike, same issue she has in her beam dismount where she’s basically straddled. Good leap series after! She looks so good in this color pink. Front tuck through to double full, stuck! Double tuck, some leg separation in there, but another solid landing. 12.800


1. Konnor McClain 28.100
2. Sydney Barros 28.000
3. Olivia Greaves 27.750
4. eMjae Frazier 27.450
5. Ciena Alipio 27.150
6. Sydney Morris 27.050
7. Skye Blakely 26.650
8. Jamison Sears 26.600

2:34 pm. Addison Fatta UB: Standing back pike, her body shape was super loose though. Could’ve been a layout or a tuck, hahaha. Bhs loso, full turn. She is so beyond tan. Front aerial to split jump to sissone. Side aerial, solid. Just a little bobble on her leap series. I’d give her like 120 degrees max on her transverse split jump half. Double full with a hop. 12.200

2:33 pm. Olivia Ahern FX: I only saw the last pass where she low-key crashed the double tuck, I couldn’t see if she actually put her hands down though. It was just veryyyyy low. 11.800

2:32 pm. Joscelyn Roberson BB: Onodi, full spin, front aerial to straddle jump to sissone, just a little short in the first jump. Off on the bhs bhs layout. 😦 Almost had it, just a little too bouncy on the landing and popped right off. Big switch leap full, but lands it awkwardly and has a stumble. Stays on. Hit her transverse split jump half. Side aerial loso loso, fab. Good double pike. Too bad about the fall. 11.950

2:28 pm. Olivia Greaves BB: Triple wolf spin, pretty nice actually. Dances over into the wolf position again for a double, this one is tighter. Front aerial, split jump to sissone, good bhs loso, super solid punch front. Switch leap. Side aerial. Both great. Solid double tuck dismount! Based on today so far, she and Konnor would’ve led the worlds team. Crazy how much timing matters. 13.550

2:27 pm. Jamison Sears UB: Chow to Gienger, great!! Just leg separation in the Gienger. Blind change to front giant half, not really there in her handstands, and a…I’m gonna call it a super open double pike, and not a piked double layout. It was ambiguous but she was holding her legs the way you would with a pike. She’ll get a double layout soon enough! 12.750

2:26 pm. Levi Jung-Ruiviviar FX: 2.5 to front tuck, almost lands it totally OOB, step forward. 1.5 to front full, ugh, not quite there enough, just puts her hand back behind her. IT’S CHOREO not a fall. Double pike is a bit buckled at the end. Really lovely leaps in that set. 11.350

2:25 pm. Julianne Huff UB: Huge straddle Jaeger but she misses the bar (and the safety mat) completely. Bail to toe-on to stalder to toe shoot, dismounts with a layout double full, feet come out from under her and she sits it. 😦 8.450

12.950 for Anya Pilgrim on floor.

2:24 pm. Lippeatt VT: Decent FTY, just a step back, not a ton of power. 13.100

2:23 pm. Only a 12.800 for Lauren Little on vault. She used to have a DTY that looked great, but now she’s doing a pretty weak tsuk layout/pike. No idea why. Something with injuries maybe?

2:22 pm. Elizabeth Gantner UB: Wasn’t typing through this but what we saw, she hit. Nice double layout dismount, super straight body line, just pikes near the end. Hop back. 12.250

2:21 pm. Sophia Butler BB: Hit her jump series, front aerial to split ring jump, little bobble before the back handspring, probably not a creditable series. Bhs bhs layout series, great. Switch leap, little bobble, dances out of it, full turn, solid transverse split jump half. She seems to be going for safer but dependable skills so far (aka no fulls), still a great amount of D though. Leap series into a back tuck/pike, I couldn’t see, god she’s going too fast while I’m trying to type, I think it was the Onodi that went into the stag ring jump, YAS. Double pike. Truly a fantastic, confident, calm, and incredible routine from her. I think nerves usually get to her but this was great. 13.100

2:20 pm. Ciena Alipio UB: Inbar to Komova II to Pak, some leg separation but great series overall. Nice handstand before her van Leeuwen, toe half to piked Jaeger, really nice pike shape, stalder half is short, then a toe full right on the bar, full-out lands really low with a step back. 13.200

2:19 pm. Mia Heather FX: Love her Tetris music. We have a really bad view of her but she just landed a double pike. 11.500

2:18 pm. Amber Lowe VT: FTY, a little short, pikes it down and takes a step. 13.950

2:13 pm. Bummed we missed Ava Siegfeldt’s action-packed bars set…she got a 13.450 FYI!

2:12 pm. Zoe Miller BB: Caught it from the switch leap to switch half to back tuck, lovely. Transverse split jump half, a little bobbly. Side aerial with her leg up, a wobble, and a fall. Bummer!!! Front aerial to split jump (toe point!) to wolf jump, good series. Double full with a hop back.

2:11 pm. Chavala Shepard FX: Dobule pike, a little short, lunge forward. I really like her leo color, an emerald green, how rare! 1.5 to front layout, clean. Double full, a tad short, step forward. 11.950

2:09 pm. Ariel Posen BB: Switch leap to switch half, low splits. Side aerial, little bobble. Transverse split jump half, pretty good, bobble on the full turn, hit her dismount with a hop forward. 12.500

Sydney Morris got a 13.8 on bars, btw!

2:08 pm. eMjae Frazier UB: Short handstand before her Church, flexed feet…clear hip to Pak, a little slow and her body shape is a little weak in that skill, Maloney to Tkachev is solid, then a front toe half, YAS. Blind full, dismounts with a solid double layout, baby hop. Overall great! Just the little things to clean up. 13.250

2:07 pm. Kayla DiCello FX: Caught it right as she did the 1.5 through to 2.5, which looked good. I think she has a double layout first pass, which we missed. Kind of fell out of her wolf turn onto her hands. Front full. Switch ring is excellent, into a switch ring full, which could use a little work in the shape but get that D. Double pike is pretty open, a little short with a step. 12.500

2:06 pm. Katelyn Rosen BB: Good bhs loso loso! Transverse split jump half, looked good from this angle. Full turn, slight bobble, good side aerial. Switch half, leg up, Korbut. She’s talking to herself which is bonus points from me and Tabitha Yim. Front aerial, almost gets it into her wolf jump to sissone series. Switch leap slow into the Onodi but YAS to that connection. Double pike, pretty straddled in that second flip, but still gets it around. 12.800

2:04 pm. Nola Matthews FX: Love her omg, her opening is SO sassy. Split full to start. Omg her facial expressions. QUEEN. Double pike with a bounce back. Switch ring to tour jeté half. 1.5 to front pike, hop forward. Does a cute little somersault basically right into her wolf turn, which is fab. Switch half. Double tuck, a little low on that one, stumbles forward but a good save. 12.350

2:03 pm. Ella Zirbes BB: Caught it from her triple flight series, just a little bobble at the end but overall great. Punch front with a little step forward. Transverse split jump half, very nice extension! Same with the transverse straddle half after. Full turn, little wonky, side aerial, little bobble. 2.5, whips that last half around super fast, that was close but she gets it with a step forward. 12.750

2:02 pm. Sydney Barros VT: DTY, huge distance! A little bent in her landing with a shuffle back, and could be a wee bit cleaner in the air. 14.300

2:00 pm. Skye Blakely FX: Beautiful double layout! Just a slight lunge back. Switch ring, to switch full. Tucked full-in with a step back. Front handspring to front double full to front tuck, great. Switch side half. Excellent double pike, basically stuck. 13.750

1:59 pm. Konnor McClain VT: Beautiful DTY with a small step back. 14.800!!! That’s with a tenth in bonus for doing a double but still. Deserved.

1:58 pm. Karis German BB: Front aerial, big wobble. Beam is usually the best event for most juniors (easiest-to-do skills, the only hard thing is that you’re up high) but for Karis it’s somehow her weakest, which I think is so funny. Side aerial and full turn both have bobbles. Standing punch front, bobble. Good saves on everything. Jumps are really low and slow to connect. If the judges wanna be mean and not credit the CR they could. They probably won’t, though. Short on her transverse jump. CASUAL tucked full-in dismount is amazing. Did she even do a flight series? Maybe at the beginning and we just didn’t see it? 10.700

1:57 pm. Kailin Chio VT: Yurchenko 1.5, doesn’t quite have the power for it, rotates it well enough but is still a bit short and stumbles it back considerably, OOB. 12.700

1:55 pm. Kaylen Morgan VT: Solid FTY. 13.400

Charlotte Booth UB: Stalder to toe-on to Maloney, nice shape, to Pak, caught a little awkwardly so she has to kind of correct her swing. Blind change to big straddle Jaeger, blind full, steps on her double tuck. 11.750


1. eMjae Frazier 14.200
— Olivia Greaves 14.200
3. Ciena Alipio 13.950
4. Jamison Sears 13.850
5. Zoe Miller 13.750
6. Sydney Barros 13.700
7. Jamie Wright 13.350
8. Nola Matthews 13.300
— Konnor McClain 13.300

1:48 pm. Levi Jung-Ruivivar BB: Candle mount, toe point, YAS. Front aerial to Korbut, lovely. Side aerial. Switch leap to switch half to split jump, great! That was so quick and well-connected. Onodi with a little bobble out of it. Solid bhs loso. This is one of the best I’ve seen from her in competition! Effortless full turn. Just a bobble on a transverse split half. 1.5 with a step back. WOO! 13.100

1:47 pm. Anya Pilgrim BB: They showed like two skills. Literally come into this streaming situation with ANY KIND OF PLAN so we don’t just see the end of every routine. Anyway, she hit a front aerial, a transverse straight jump full, and a double tuck dismount but who knows what the beginning was like. 13.050

1:46 pm. Olivia Greaves UB: They showed it from her lovely piked Jaeger, Downie to Pak, beautiful, perfect van Leeuwen, toe-on, and then a full-in with a small hop. 14.200

1:45 pm. Eva Volpe FX: Tucked full-in out-of-bounds. Front layout to front double full is a little short. 1.5 to front full, not bad! Front layout (pretty arched) into a Rudi. Her ending music sounds like something from the Dunder Mifflin commercial Michael Scott made. 12.300

Apparently Kayla DiCello must have fallen before the stream cut in. THIS IS WHY WE NEED A FOUR-WAY STREAM.

1:43 pm. Mia Heather BB: Front aerial to split jump to straddle jump, very nice. Switch leap to switch half, a little rough with her back leg and it causes her to kind of wobble when she lands, fall. Solid bhs loso. Double full with a step back. 12.250

1:41 pm. Amber Lowe FX: Caught it from the double tuck, hop back. Switch leap to switch full. Fab 2.5! Clean 1.5 to front pike after. Good routine! 12.050

1:40 pm. Elizabeth Gantner VT: Ooh, she got a 1.5! But her knees are bent even in her pre-flight, it’s not a pretty vault…though she did well with getting it around and landing it. 13.200

Sophia Butler UB: Stalder half to piked Jaeger, Church, lovely! Huge Ray to Pak, Pak got a little too arched but not too bad, stalder full, Chow half, and hit a full pirouette into her double tuck, with a step forward. Really nice improvement from her! 12.750

1:39 pm. Sydney Barros FX: We cut halfway into her routine, she hit everything, replay now is showing a double pike that looked beautiful in the air, just a bounce in place. 13.700!

1:38 pm. Ciena Alipio VT: Yurchenko 1.5! Upgrade. Stuck!! She gets a great lift off the table, just pikes her hips and bends her knees slightly as she comes in for the landing. Well, THAT’LL get her a better shot at the podium! 13.950

1:37 pm. Kayla DiCello BB: Side aerial to split jump, good! Switch leap to sissone, and then a SUPER solid bhs loso loso, just slightly bent knees at times. Front aerial to split ring jump, solid. Good and clean transverse split jump half. High double tuck, doesn’t rotate super fast and ends up landing with her chest down, but great routine overall. 11.750? Did I miss something? Maybe we cut in after a fall on this stream. THIS IS WHY WE NEED A FOUR-WAY STREAM.

1:36 pm. eMjae Frazier VT: DTY, nice! Step back out of it. 14.200

1:35 pm. Konnor McClain FX: Double layout, excellent! Just a step back. 1.5 through to double pike, also great, lunge back. Switch ring into a beautiful switch half. Front tuck through to 2.5, great, step forward. Switch full. She’s so elegant. Double full to back handspring. I’m crying. This is the best junior routine we have on floor and it wasn’t at worlds, BYE. 13.300

Jamie Wright VT: Just saw that she did a Yurchenko 1.5, landing looked good from what I could tell. 13.350

1:34 pm. Okay, Konnor is going in the second group on floor now apparently? Can someone make a start list and like, not ruin it for once in my life?

1:28 pm. Nola Matthews BB: Hit her double wolf turn at the beginning. Bhs loso, just a check. Front aerial, also a little check. Good side aerial, and a nice jump series into a back handspring. Double full, just some crossed ankles, but overall a good set. 13.300

No Konnor McClain on floor????

1:24 pm. Skye Blakely BB: Dear lord, she started wobbling through her wolf turn (I think a triple was what was intended), then grabbed the beam, and then like, did the fanciest handstand choreo out of it to keep from falling. It was a full theatrical production. Then a standing full like it’s literally the easiest thing in the world. BLESS JUNIORS. Bhs loso with a slight check. Front acro series went well, then a switch to switch half to back tuck, solid. Front aerial, bobble into her split jump, and then a split jump half out of it. Another jump series into a side aerial. Double pike, a little lower than I would’ve liked, steps back out of it. 12.900

1:23 pm. Kailin Chio FX: They’re showing this from an above angle so they’re probably going to cut away. Really the best angle for gymnastics is AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE SO YOU CAN’T SEE ANYTHING. She had a skid on her double tuck and then hit I believe a 2.5 to punch front or something like it for her second pass. Triple full with a hop forward. 12.650

Sydney Morris with a 13.250 on vault, we missed her set.

1:22 pm. Lyden Saltness BB: Double wolf turn to start, and then she hit the standing arabian! Bhs bhs tuck full, her knees are pretty bent in the back handsprings and she gets super crooked, doesn’t have a prayer at landing the tuck full anywhere near the beam unfortunately. Comes off on a switch half after as well. Side aerial to back tuck, slow in the connection. Hit her jump series, but then off again on a side somi. 😦 😦 😦 Double tuck with a step back. Well, she went for the big D. 9.700

1:20 pm. Kaylen Morgan FX: Hit her double tuck at the beginning. Double full with a hop in place. Switch leap to switch half, her leaps aren’t like oversplit or anything but they look pretty effortless, all that power. 12.900

1:19 pm. Karis German UB: They cut in for a little replay, just saw the Pak, van Leeuwen, and double layout, which looked good. She is SO similar to Simone in her movements and mannerisms, I love it. 13.000

1:18 pm. Olivia Ahern BB: Hit the beginning but I wasn’t typing…Good transverse straddle jump half. Side aerial is a little crooked, corrects her hip placement. Double full, stuck! What I saw was good. 12.600

1:17 pm. Lilly Lippeatt FX: Piked full-in, scoot back into a lunge. She’s putting her all into this choreo right now. Casual whip full to double tuck, awesome. Switch ring to split full. 2.5 gets a little crooked in the air but she magically lands it right where she needs to for her punch front out of it. Great awareness. Gets a turn in there and then does a switch half. Cool headstand choreo and this music is also very cool. It has thunder. Double pike to finish, bounced into a lunge. Loved this routine. 13.200

1:16 pm. Sophie Parenti BB: Caught it from the middle/near the end of her routine I think. Hit her bhs loso and a side aerial, check on the latter. Dismounts with a double full, some legs in the air, good landing. 13.100

1:15 pm. Jamison Sears VT: DTY, kind of short, lands it pretty much on one foot and kind of bounces forward into a lunge to the other foot. 13.850

1:14 pm. Lauren Little FX: We missed the beginning, caught it from her wolf turn. Switch half into the corner was nice. 2.5, little stumble forward, I think her toes went OOB. 13.150

1:13 pm. Julianne Huff VT: Clean FTY, nice flair, just a step back. Very nice start! 13.250

1:12 pm. Yup, one screen at a time. TRASH. HATE. We’re already missing 3 routines while watching someone stand still. #gymnastics

1:09 pm. So far it’s skipping around from athlete to athlete instead of being a four-way screen so I might scream a lot about missing various routines.

1:08 pm. Touch warm-up is beginning now for the first rotation!

1:05 pm. The national anthem singer is a tiny child so she gets a pass but she’s really drawing this out about 20 minutes beyond what it should be.

1:00 pm. I really hope we get a four-way screen again, but bear with me, I’m not in the arena (Louisville in July, no thanks) so I’m going off of the stream and if it’s not split-screen, then we’re just going to get one event at a time which is going to be frustrating as someone who wants to see everything. But we’ll figure this out as we go along. 🙂

Juniors are marching out now! Elizabeth Gantner has the bun to END ALL BUNS.

9 thoughts on “2019 U.S. Classic Live Blog | The Juniors

  1. I find it kind of hilarious that the top 3 consist of two of the gymnasts removed from the jr. worlds team and one that wasn’t on the nominative roster.


    • To be fair, gymnasts who competed at Jr. Worlds may have tried to peak for that instead of at Classics or may have been more exhausted from competing already. And I’m sure the gymnasts who missed Jr. Worlds had the chance to prepare better for Classics.

      However I do think Konnor deserved to be on that Jr. Worlds team.


    • That’s thanks to depth! When you have six gymnasts competing at a similar level, there’s going to be a lot of back and forth depending on how they compete on a given day. It’s impossible to choose “the best three” when they’re all at more or less the same level.


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