2019 U.S. Classic Live Blog | The Seniors

Welcome to the live blog for the senior session at the 2019 U.S. Classic, held in Louisville, Kentucky!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.


1. Simone Biles, World Champions, 60.000
2. Riley McCusker, MG Elite, 57.900
3. Grace McCallum, Twin City Twisters, 57.700
4. Kara Eaker, GAGE, 56.800
5. Leanne Wong, GAGE, 56.650
6. Morgan Hurd, First State, 56.500
7. Aleah Finnegan, GAGE, 55.500
8. Faith Torrez, Legacy Elite, 55.250
9. Shilese Jones, Future, 55.050
10. Jade Carey, Arizona Sunrays, 54.950
11. Jordan Chiles, World Champions, 54.650
12. Emily Lee, West Valley, 54.400
13. Gabby Perea, Legacy Elite, 52.050
14. Alexis Jeffrey, GAGE, 51.150
15. Olivia Hollingsworth, World Champions, 50.700
16. MyKayla Skinner, Desert Lights, 41.550
17. Sloane Blakely, WOGA, 39.900
18. Jaylene Gilstrap, Metroplex, 39.250
19. Abigael Vides, World Champions, 37.700
20. Sunisa Lee, Midwest, 28.550
21. Trinity Thomas, Florida, 28.200

8:47 pm. Jade Carey 13.050 UB, 54.950 AA

8:46 pm. Morgan Hurd BB: Nice standing full and side aerial. Just a slight break at the hips on her bhs loso. Front aerial into a jump, switch to straddle to split jump, nice! Switch ring, wobble out of it but good fight. Great double pike with a small hop back.

Shilese Jones 13.450 BB, 55.050 AA

Aleah Finnegan 13.800 FX, 55.500 AA, wow!

8:43 pm. Jade Carey UB: Ray, blind change to Ezhova, Maloney to Bhardwaj, a little messy but not bad actually! Toe shoot back up, blind full, a little short, and stuck the dismount. Not a bad routine really! Lots of form things but she works her way through it very well.

8:42 pm. Shilese Jones BB: Full turn, arabian looks really high at first but then she overrotates it a bit and grabs the beam. 😦 Hit her jumps after. Bhs bhs layout, big wobble but another good fight. Side aerial, steps back out of it. Hit the rest, including a nice double pike dismount.

Leanne Wong 13.900 FX, 56.650 AA

Sloane Blakely 13.450 BB

Faith Torrez 13.150 UB, 55.250!!!

8:40 pm. Leanne Wong FX: Dos Santos, almost tries to overrotate it to avoid sitting, hop into the jump out of it. 3.5, a bit low, drags her foot behind her. Hit her third pass into a front layout. Hit the last pass, sorry I wasn’t paying 100% attention but saw that she hit!

Riley McCusker 14.550 UB, 57.900 AA!!! Second highest non-Simone score of the quad.

Abigael Vides 13.750 VT

8:39 pm. Emily Lee 14.250 VT, she hit the DTY!!! 54.400 AA!!!

8:38 pm. Riley McCusker UB: Stalder full to Maloney to Tkachev, nice. Ricna to Pak to stalder to van Leeuwen, quick thinking there, she caught the Pak super close and didn’t go into the van Leeuwen straight out of it, how much confidence (and smart training!) does it take to make a change that fast?! A LOT. Great job. Hit the half-in double back dismount very well.

MyKayla Skinner 12.900 FX

8:37 pm. Gabby Perea 14.050 UB, 52.050 AA

Jaylene Gilstrap 12.950 BB

Kara Eaker 14.050 FX, 56.800 AA!!!!!!! DAMN KARA

8:35 pm. MyKayla Skinner FX: Moors, the first flip isn’t bad but the second is quite tucked, step back OOB. Front tuck through to tucked full-in, great. Hop L turn to switch full. Double double, a little low, but can you imagine training elite for two months and doing a double double third pass? Kind of rolls out of the wolf turn. 1.5 through to just a back tuck, she kind of balked, she came out of the 1.5 a little wonky and couldn’t really get the power she needed so that was really smart to end up balking. Overall I’d say this day was a success for her.

Olivia Hollingsworth 13.250 VT

8:34 pm. Jordan Chiles 14.700 VT (DTY), AA 54.650, not bad!

Grace McCallum 14.550 UB, 57.700 AA!!!!

8:33 pm. Simone Biles 15.650 VT, finishes with a 60.000 even. NOICE.

8:32 pm. Grace McCallum UB: Weiler half to toe full to Maloney to Tkachev, a little low there, Downie to Pak, some form issues in both. Van Leeuwen was her cleanest, didn’t connect it out of the Pak. Full-in with a step back. She can be better there.

8:30 pm. Simone Biles VT: Just doing one vault today, the Cheng, literally perfect, just give her a 10. I don’t care what flaws it had. Literally just a baby bounce. If she sticks this, she’ll get a 10.

8:27 pm. When was the last time someone was a point away from Simone going into the last rotation?! I mean, yeah, Simone’s going to vault where she can get a 25 basically but Riley’s going to bars where she can get a realistic 15 (well, a realistic U.S. home scoring 15)…she’s straight up gonna come within under two points I think.


1. Simone Biles 44.350
2. Riley McCusker 43.350
3. Grace McCallum 43.150
4. Kara Eaker 42.750
— Leanne Wong 42.750
6. Morgan Hurd 42.600
7. Faith Torrez 42.100
8. Jade Carey 41.900

8:21 pm. MyKayla Skinner BB: Candle mount, didn’t really hold it, bhs tuck full, PERFECT!!! OMG?! Side aerial to split jump to straddle jump, excellent. Switch leap to switch half, a little short on the latter, into a back tuck. Transverse split jump half. Full L turn with a wobble. That was what I saw in the aerial view before but I guess the rest was apparently great! Double tuck, almost stuck. That’s literally her best elite beam routine ever.

Emily Lee 13.550 FX!!! Amazing. Aleah Finnegan 13.850 BB.

8:20 pm. Emily Lee FX: Beautiful and huge double layout! s2.5 to front full, tiny skid but overall very nice. I feel like if she wasn’t injured for like three years straight she’d be right up there with the top group in her difficulty levels across everything. Good double tuck. Super clean double pike to finish. Fabulous!

8:17 pm. Aleah Finnegan BB: Standing arabian, low but solid. Bhs loso loso, good! Switch leap to split ring jump, back leg isn’t there. Punch front with a wobble but a good save. Full turn. Nice leaps into her Korbut. Hit her NCAA-style dismount series, good work!

Olivia Hollingsworth 13.200 FX

8:15 pm. Olivia Hollingsworth FX: I thought they were cutting to commercial so I didn’t start typing in time but I think she opened with a tucked full-in and then had maybe a 1.5 to double tuck? Front tuck through to double full is where I really caught up. Full wolf turn. Stuck a double pike cold! Amazing, I think this is the best she has looked that I’ve seen!

Leanne Wong 14.300 BB

8:13 pm. Leanne Wong BB: Switch leap to straddle jump, insanely good bhs loso loso!! Full L turn to pirouette, beautiful, front aerial to split ring jump, side aerial with a teeny tiny bobble, side somi to transverse split jump half, I told y’all. Bad dress rehearsal, good opening night. She played us all yesterday. Triple full, small hop back. Queen.

MyKayla Skinner got a 13.750 on beam which is about TWO POINTS HIGHER THAN I EXPECTED TBH OMG. 5.6 D.

Simone Biles 15.000 FX (6.8 D)!!!!, Jordan Chiles 12.550 FX

8:11 pm. Jordan Chiles FX: Double layout, came into it with a low set, but was better on the landing than I thought she’d be. OOB. 1.5 through to double tuck, bounce back. Switch ring to tour jeté full. Front handspring to front double full. Little skid on the double pike, leg comes up.

8:10 pm. We’re missing MyKayla Skinner on beam…she’s had a few bobbles from what I could see in the aerial view but came off fist pumping and cheering so YAY for her.

8:09 pm. Riley McCusker 14.350 VT, Faith Torrez 14.450 VT, Kara Eaker 15.400 BB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8:06 pm. Simone Biles FX: Full-twisting double layout to split jump, CASUAL. Biles to front layout, landed completely OOB but still amazing. Switch full. Front full through to tucked full-in, landed right on her toes. One of her better non-bouncy landings, tbh. Switch to tour jeté full, great. Finishes with a double double, just a bounce back. Fantastic. I really love this music and routine for her.

8:05 pm. Grace McCallum 14.800 VT!!!, Gabby Perea 13.150 VT, Morgan Hurd 14.700 UB, Trinity Thomas 14.000 BB omg we missed it?!, Abigael Vides 11.600 FX

8:04 pm. Kara Eaker BB: Hit her mount sequence, and then a full Y turn. Front aerial to split ring jump to back handspring, dances out of it. Side aerial loso loso, excellent. Split leap to side somi, also gorgeous. She is dancing through this routine like a queen. Switch ring to back handspring to Korbut, fantastic. Some Swan Lake low beam choreo, LOVE. Omg her choreo is BEYOND. It’s next level. Switch to switch side. 2.5 with a hop forward. Excellent work.

8:03 pm. Morgan Hurd UB: Komva II to stalder full to Tkachev, very nice, another Tkachev release (I missed the entry) to Pak, arched over on a handstand on the low bar before her Ray to high, blind change to front giant half, then a toe full to full-in, stuck. Really good core work to bring those handstands back when she had to fight a couple of times.

8:02 pm. Shilese Jones 13.500 UB

Tim’s talking about Morgan like “she’s a TEEN who can READ?!?!?!”

8:00 pm. Jade Carey VT: Cheng, almost stuck!! Tiny baby step. Just little things in the air. Really really solid though. 14.900!

She’s just doing the DTY for the second vault, which is good…the Amanar wasn’t quite ready yesterday. The DTY looks powerful, just slides back into a lunge.

7:53 pm. Rotation 2 Standings

1. Simone Biles 29.350
2. Riley McCusker 29.000
3. Sunisa Lee 28.550
4. Leanne Wong 28.450
5. Grace McCallum 28.350
6. Shilese Jones 28.100
7. Morgan Hurd 27.900
8. Aleah Finnegan 27.850

7:52 pm. Grace McCallum FX: Going back for a replay of this THANK GOD. Double double, really low and crunched with a big step forward. Front layout to front double full to front tuck with a hop forward. Her E already seems a bit high tbh, especially considering the other scores on this event so far. Switch ring to switch half. Tucked full-in, stuck with her chest down. Double tuck, beautiful.

Riley McCusker 13.900 FX, DAMN!!! Girl is coming for the medals.

7:51 pm. Jordan Chiles 13.650 BB

7:48 pm. Riley McCusker FX: Tucked full-in with a hop back, no double layout today but that’s okay. Front double full to a beautiful front tuck to stag jump. Super open double pike, nice. Beautiful leap series. Finishes with a double tuck, little bounce back. She looks SO GOOD right now.

Gabby Perea 12.650 FX, Sunisa Lee 13.900 BB

7:46 pm. Jordan Chiles BB: Full turn, bhs loso loso, excellent! Superb transverse split jump half. Front aerial to straddle jump to wolf jump, my goodness her confidence has skyrocketed. Side aerial, tidy. Switch leap, side somi, wow, she’s killing it. Double pike, stuck!!!!!!! Chest a bit down but OH GOODNESS Jordan.

7:45 pm. Simone Biles 14.900 BB, more generous than Riley’s I think but worth it for the dismount alone.

7:44 pm. Aleah Finnegan 13.400 UB, Grace McCallum 14.250 FX!!!!! Omggggg that’s amazing.

7:42 pm. Simone Biles BB: The way Tim Daggett says “wolf turns” is like a toddler saying “brussel sprouts.” Same. Triple wolf turn, a little bobbly. Good jump series. Bhs loso loso, not as solid as usual. Switch to switch half, tiny bobble, to back pike. Side aerial. Good on a transverse jump and a front aerial into a split jump and straddle jump. Tucked full-in practically stuck. Lord that dismount was amazing.

7:41 pm. They were just showing an aerial shot of Grace McCallum on floor during the commercial break but then switched to Jade Carey screaming instead. Rude.

Leanne Wong 13.750 UB

7:39 pm. Jade Carey 14.250 FX

7:38 pm. Leanne Wong UB: Inbar to Komova II to Pak to Chow half, beautiful! Toe half to straddle Jaeger, toe full, a little late, double layout, deep with a step forward. Al’s like “meh” lol. Love. But that was great overall, mistakes aside.

Abigael Vides 12.350 BB

7:37 pm. Jade Carey FX: Moors, casual, like it was easy. Slight hop back. Double L turn. Full-twisting double layout, solid landing. I think her form almost looks better in the double! Hop L turn to switch full, and then a double double like it was no big deal. When she went down to the floor for choreo it looked like she was going to do flairs. I’d be into it. Front tuck through to double tuck, a little low there, hop back, but overall excellent.

Faith Torrez FX 13.600, Kara Eaker 13.650 UB

7:36 pm. Shilese Jones 14.650 VT

7:35 pm. Shilese Jones FX: Incredible DTY. Bounce back but damn, that was GORGEOUS and HUGE.

Trinity Thomas 14.200 UB!

7:34 pm. Emily Lee 13.550 BB, Sloane Blakely 13.900 VT

7:32 pm. Trinity Thomas UB: Weiler half to toe full to Maloney to clear hip to Tkachev to Pak, literally ZERO problems today!!!!!!! Just some leg separation on the Pak. Van Leeuwen, and a gorgeous double layout. She looks like a different person compared to her struggles yesterday.

Jaylene Gilstrap 13.200 VT, Alexis Jeffrey 13.100 UB

7:31 pm. Morgan Hurd VT 14.500

7:30 pm. Morgan Hurd VT: DTY, solid landing, pretty big in the air, just a little buckled on the landing and a hop to the side, but not bad at all.


1. Riley McCusker 15.100
2. MyKayla Skinner 14.900
3. Leanne Wong 14.700
4. Sunisa Lee 14.650
5. Aleah Finnegan 14.450
— Simone Biles 14.450
7. Grace McCallum 14.100
8. Faith Torrez 14.050

7:22 pm. Gabby Perea BB: Triple wolf turn, just a little bobbly, double wolf turn is better. Standing full, YAS, amazing! Split jump to straddle jump. Bhs loso, crooked, and she pops off. 😦 Switch leap to switch half to back tuck, solid. Front aerial to split jump to back handspring, very nice. Split leap to side somi is great. Transverse split jump half, back leg is a little low. Double full, tiny bounce. That was stunning aside from the fall.

7:21 pm. Grace McCallum 14.100 BB

7:19 pm. Grace McCallum BB: Triple wolf turn is pretty much perfect. Double, her hands are a little bobbly but that’s literally it. Transverse straddle jump half, a tiny bit short. Side aerial loso loso, a little short on the first, but brings it back. Front aerial, little bobble, to split jump, not quite 180, to back handspring. Switch leap into a full turn is excellent. Full L turn to switch leap, there’s a split! Big clean double tuck, step.

Jordan Chiles 13.750 UB, Sloane Blakely 12.550 FX

7:18 pm. Jade Carey 12.750 BB

7:17 pm. Sloane Blakely FX: Tucked full-in, bounce back. Nice switch full. Arabian double front, over-rotated a bit, big step forward. Double pike, step back. Double tuck, hella buckled, steps forward out of it.

Jordan Chiles on bars in the background seems to be doing well, just caught her release and her bail to toe shoot, everything before that was hit as well from what I could see.

Simone Biles 14.450 UB, which is fair, I think.

7:16 pm. Jaylene Gilstrap 13.100 FX

7:15 pm. Simone Biles UB: Weiler half to Maloney to Tkachev, nice, short handstand before her blind full, a little wonky, into the Church to the Pak, good cover, solid van Leeuwen, Fabrichnova with a tiny bounce in place, fabulous.

7:13 pm. We missed MyKayla Skinner’s Amanar and Leanne Wong’s DTY…both seem to have gone MUCH better than podium training! 14.900 for Skinner and 14.700 for Wong, amazing for both.

14.650 for Sunisa Lee’s bars!!! I’m just going to scream for this entire meet. Everyone is making me so happy.

13.400 for Morgan Hurd on floor.

7:12 pm. Riley got a 15.100 on beam, 6.4 D, yes it’s home scoring a little but also I don’t care, I DON’T CAAAARE.

Faith Torrez with a 14.050 on beam, 6.1 D!!!

7:11 pm. Sunisa Lee UB: Nabieva to Pak to Maloney to Bhardwaj, YAAAAAAS SUNI. Beautiful van Leeuwen, giant 1.5 to piked Jaeger, screaming, YAS, I’m crying, full-in with a tiny bounce back. WOWWWWWWW.

7:09 pm. Morgan Hurd FX: Great double layout, solid landing in the corner. Front layout to front double full, yaaaas. Switch ring through to a tour jeté full, yas queen! Double tuck, stuck, chest just a little forward but not severe at all. Landing made up for it. Double pike, a tad short with a hop forward. Overall solid, just those landings on the last two passes.

Shilese Jones 13.450 FX, Alexis Jeffrey 13.150 VT, Emily Lee 13.050 UB, Kara Eaker 13.700 VT

7:08 pm. I can’t get over Riley’s beam. MY GOD.

7:07 pm. Olivia Hollingsworth 12.700 UB

7:05 pm. Riley McCusker BB: Triple wolf turn, gets a little wonky halfway through, but she corrects well, and then the double is great. Split leap to front aerial to straddle jump, perfect. Here comes the layout…a little tentative on the landing, feet apart, but she gets it! Switch leap to switch half to Korbut, excellent, her switch half is goals. Side aerial to split jump to back tuck, she is CRUSHING ITTTTT. Double tuck, clean, lunge back. MY GODDDDD.

Aleah Finnegan 14.450 VT (DTY)

7:04 pm. This MG Elite leo is gooooorgeous. That color!! It’s like an ocean blue, superb, I love it. I couldn’t really see it super close on the junior stream but this is amazing.

7:03 pm. So the Pan Am Games gymnasts will ALSO be expected to compete at nationals which feels INSANE. That’s according to Tim and I trust him so yikes.

7:02 pm. Tanith White is on the NBC/Olympic Channel team along with Tim Daggett and Nastia Liukin, which I kind of like. The guys who replaced Al Trautwig are fine, but why have a dude?

7:01 pm. On TV, it’s still on fencing, but I also have the app open, and they were just showing some fluff and now they’re showing the magical bridges of Louisville so I’d guess it’ll come to TV soon if you’re watching the actual channel.

6:58 pm. Just waiting for fencing to finish up and then it’ll be time for the seniooooooors!!! I’ll be back and will post the link on twitter as soon as it actually starts.

42 thoughts on “2019 U.S. Classic Live Blog | The Seniors

    • My best guess would be pacing and prioritizing both PanAms and U.S. Championships coming up – and then Worlds. Demonstrating clean routines here and then shining at the next two competitions (demonstrating that she’s still trending upwards for the season) would be a better sell for a place on the Stuttgart team than going all out here and being worn down before the end of the season. She and her coaches have done extremely well with pacing through her past two seasons as a senior, so I’m willing to assume that’s the case here as well until there’s evidence otherwise.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah that makes sense. Glad to see that she’s preserving herself. It’s definitely an interesting considering Riley and Grace are really pushing their difficulty.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Agree completely with this. Morgan is a very mature and savvy competitor and her coaches are equally smart about pacing her. The upgrades will come when they’re needed. That said, I think it’s noteworthy that she won UB here, in a field that also includes Riley McCusker and Sunisa Lee, neither of whom underperformed. Once again, she shows that she has the ability to go head to head with the heavyweights on individual pieces as well as in the AA, even with the new seniors. I’m looking forward to her upgrades.

        Liked by 2 people

  1. Should Sunisa get -.5 for composition requirements? She doesn’t have a full pirouette now that she does the 1.5.

    Or does this code not have that requirement?

    Liked by 1 person

      • I didn’t watch all the beam routines, but from what i saw very few are even coming close to 180 on leaps/jumps. Simone, Riley and Sunisa looked the best from what i saw.

        Forester better put out a memo to work on that.

        Liked by 1 person

        • I didn’t see Sunisa’s yet but yeah, some of the leaps were rouuuugh. Riley’s were almost textbook…people are like “how did she get an 8.7 E!? IMPOSSIBLE” and I’m like look at any of her technical basics compared to literally anyone else’s, lol. THAT’S WHY. It might be a few tenths higher than judges at worlds would give, but like…Riley got a 7.6 E score on beam last year WITH A FALL. An 8.7 clearly isn’t impossible for her! But yeah, overall it’s pretty rough and these transverse jumps are worse than wolf turns in my book at this point. I saw many at about 90-120 degrees today. It’s painful, lol.

          Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m curious to see the D score for Simone’s floor. Because she landed the front layout fully oob, it cannot be credited, which means -0,5 for missing front tumbling and -0,2 from missing connection.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Also, even if she didn’t get the front requirement out of that tumbling pass, she does get it in the next pass, the front full step out to full twisting double back. She’s probably keeping that third pass in just in case she doesn’t land well on the Biles and can’t manage the front flip out of it.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Yeah, I’d imagine she won’t want to make a punch front out of a difficult pass her sole front pass…just knowing how often Aly had to balk on her punch front in her opening pass, it would not have gone well in the current code without a backup!

          Liked by 1 person

    • Probably, this was her first elite meet back and since she wasn’t one of the contenders for Pan Ams she doesn’t need to it yet. Makes more sense to start piecing everything together by nationals and then worlds trials/ selection camp if she makes it.

      Liked by 1 person

    • She has posted training vids of a second vault – but judging by the vids the second vault is not quite there yet (landing issues) so probably decided not to take the risk so early in her comeback


    • Yup. Either they can do certain events only (if they qualified with 39.750 for 3 events or 27.000 for 2 events), or some who didn’t do AA here already qualified AA at the American Classic, a National Team camp, or an International Assignment.

      – Mykayla Skinner more than achieved her VT/BB/FX 3-event score.
      – Sloane Blakley and Sunisa Lee are qualified since they made the score in their international assignments.
      – Trinity Thomas has the UB/BB 2 event score (not sure if she’s done more at camp?)
      – Jaylene does not appear to have qualified (though Chalk Warrior has her on their Qualified list?)
      – Abigail Vides missed her score.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I believe both MyKayla and Trinity are fully qualified as AAers to nationals through verification at camp! That’s why they just stuck to three and two events here. I don’t know if MyKayla will have the endurance for her full bars set by then but Trinity was training floor so we’re likely to see that and at least an FTY if not a 1.5 by nationals!

        Liked by 1 person

        • Thanks, Lauren! I figured Trinity was probably camp-qualified but couldn’t remember if MyKayla decided to come back for AA or not.

          Liked by 1 person

      • Huh what? Riley’s taller now and is more developed. For female gymnasts that entails a big adjustment, Strength to weight ratio and all that. Riley is handling it extremely well. Physically she looks much stronger. She used to be so fragile looking that I thought her ankles would snap.

        Liked by 2 people

        • Riley looks a lot stronger this year and it seems to be reflected in her improved performance. In previous years she has looked rather frail and rarely seemed to have the endurance to get through without a major error.


  3. Mccallums ariel loso loso on beam form , is almost as bad as Kerri Strugs was, not a good look on the broadcast tv version, was real bad. Compared to Eaker who does the same so cleanly!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. I feel Leanne Wong was a little bit lowballed in comparison to everyone else. A lot of the scores were so inflated and Leanne’s seemed like within two tenths or right on what she could expect to get at worlds. Also I’m sure Al and Armine are partying hard over the Pan Ams selection.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Some people are complaining about how Forster picked the top 5 from the Pan Am Games roster and called it a day, but I actually think it works really well. I feel like Lee needed to be notably better than the rest of the pack on bars and beam to get the spot and while she performed well, she was within the mix not undeniably better. While Aleah is the only questionable choice, I really like the fact that she’s getting the opportunity to compete at major international competitions, especially considering the fact that she’s only been an elite for a year. She’s a reasonable pick if you want to argue for gaining experience. Eaker performed extremely well on beam as well as floor, McCusker was phenomenal and Hurd and Wong did what they needed to do.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I don’t get the backlash about Pan Ams team at all.

    Lee is rehabbing an injurey, why would you take her? Makes no sense, let her rest for nationals.
    Blakely wasn’t grea today so she’s out.
    That leaves you the people selected.

    The only thing questionable is Finnegan and Jones (I would have definitely swapped these two).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, I would have swapped Finnegan and Jones for sure…but at the end of the day, Finnegan had a great day and Jones struggled a bit, so while I think Jones is the stronger athlete overall, if they went with the best on this one day plus the other selection meet (I think Aleah’s was at camp, which we didn’t see), then this makes sense.


  7. Can someone sit me down, and please explain to me Grace Mccallums floor score? She was second highest score, with that deep low landing, and large step on her first pass? 14.250? Silver? How sway?


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