2019 World Championships | Subdivision 11 Preview

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The eleventh subdivision for women’s qualifications includes the Hungarian and Swiss teams, and then individuals from Turkey, Denmark, Cyprus, and Hong Kong.


I think Hungary could be a legitimate bubble team on paper, but I also think that going into a lot of meets, and their potential is never quite met. On paper, the team has really strong vaults and some solid bars sets, with passable beam and floor, but they’re missing some key scores from Nora Feher on bars and beam, and even then, they’d be at a disadvantage.

Switzerland is missing several key gymnasts this year, including Anina Wildi and Leonie Meier, both of whom are injured. Of course, having Giulia Steingruber back helps, but even with an absolute top team, the top 12 would be a struggle, so I don’t consider them likely to take over any of the teams currently in the mix.


Steingruber along with Hungary’s Zsofia Kovacs are pretty much my guarantees for Tokyo individual qualification, with Steingruber also likely to make the all-around final, which Kovacs would also be in the mix for if she has a really good day.

We actually don’t really have a ton of individual all-arounders in this session…even for Tokyo qualification, I think it’ll just come down to one of the Turkish gymnasts getting in. They have Olympians Tutya Yilmaz (2016) and Göksu Üctas Sanli (2012), as well as first-year senior Nazli Savranbasi. All three are capable, so it’ll be about who has the better day, but I don’t think any will contend for the all-around final.


We can cross our fingers and hope that Steingruber is back to full difficulty after coming back from her knee injury last month…or we can hope that she’ll get in with the difficulty she has. I think when we last checked in with her, she was doing a Rudi and FTY, but at full difficulty, she could get to a Rudi and DTY…it’ll just come down to how she’s feeling.


I’m hoping for good things from Kovacs and Noemi Makra, and of course, Steingruber can always pull out a fab set when needed, but I don’t expect any finalists from this group.


Steingruber again is always here for putting up a solid routine, but I don’t think it’ll be finals worthy. Her teammate Ilaria Käslin should be in every beam final, but while Euros and world cups are achievable for her, I think the difficulty level at worlds will keep her outside even with a great routine.


If Steingruber is looking good, she’ll get close to the final even if she doesn’t make it. And the same thing I said about Käslin above basically applies here as well. I also love pretty much all of the Turkish gymnasts on this event, with Üctas Sanli’s routine a standout.

4 thoughts on “2019 World Championships | Subdivision 11 Preview

  1. Lauren, I absolutely Love that you called out Switzerland for individually wrapping books in plastic. Just for your information: In Switzerland, in most big grocery stores, they also individually wrap “bio” cucumber and other fruits and veggies in plastic. Green country, SURE.


    • HAHA. Yeah, the U.S. gets so much hate for using plastic bags at grocery stores, which at this point isn’t even true, many bigger chains now make you pay for them like in Europe, and many people especially in more environmentally-conscious cities like NYC carry cloth bags. And yet in Switzerland they individually wrap BOOKS in plastic?!?!?! WHY?!?! LITERALLY WHY. And fruit. Germany too. Not to mention that Germany’s city streets are littered with garbage and about 100 cigarette butts per square foot. But they get to be called “green” countries and the U.S. is full of trash people apparently.


      • Those countries call themselves green,, but if you look closer they are certainly not. i live in Switzerland and grew up in Germany. The smoking in Switzerland is out of control and they just now banned smoking in a select few trainstations. Sure they are probably greener than Israel for example, but nothing to warrant their patting their own backs.

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        • Yeah…there were people in Zürich smoking inside the HBF, it was disgusting, and technically illegal but no one enforces it. Stuttgart was one of the most disgusting cities I’ve ever been to, which was super unexpected. I’ll blame Oktoberfest?


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