2019 World Championships | Women’s Qualifications Subdivision 11 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the eleventh subdivision of women’s qualifications at the 2019 World Championships, held in Stuttgart, Germany!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

7:44 pm. Nazli Savranbasi will get in for Turkey! Ahead of the Olympians. Good for her, what a great meet.

7:38 pm. Üctas Sanli TUR FX: Double pike with a slight hop back. 1.5 to front full, a bit tucked with a step forward. Hit her leaps into the corner, then a split ring leap. Quad spin! Get it. Double tuck with a little hop. Lovely job. 13.000 (4.9, 8.100)

7:35 pm. Yilmaz TUR FX: Double tuck with a hop back. Something through to a double full, I missed the entry. Solid landing. Switch leap to switch half. Double pike with a small hop forward. Good routine! 12.333 (4.7, 7.633)

Zsofia Kovacs will qualify for Hungary and Giulia Steingruber for Switzerland, btw.

7:31 pm. Savranbasi TUR FX: Arabian double front, clean with a little bounce in place. Front layout to front full, very tidy! She wants this. Switch half. Double tuck with a little hop forward. Lots of opera screaming in that routine which I highly appreciate. She had a fantastic day today. 12.000 (4.6, 7.400)

7:29 pm. Käslin SUI UB: I missed her first release between the bars but saw she caught it. Toe-on to toe full to bail, Ray to high, high double pike close to the bar. 12.966 (4.9, 8.066)

7:27 pm. Gilberg DEN FX: Double tuck had a big bounce OOB. Hit her 1.5 well at the end.

7:26 pm. Steingruber SUI UB: Clear hip to van Leeuwen, short handstand before the toe full to huge layout Gienger, a little close and some leg separation, caught her Pak a little close and had to take an extra (short) cast out of it before the Maloney, short on a handstand before her blind change to front giant to double front, cowboyed with a little hop. Rough but she fought. 12.400 (5.1, 7.300)

Philassides CYP BB: Off on her mount. Hit a jump series. Side aerial is clean. Transverse split jump half. Transverse straight jump full. I didn’t see the rest. 10.700 (4.7, 6.000)

7:25 pm. Winther DEN FX: Double tuck, stumble, hands down. Front layout to stag at the end. 10.700 (4.1, 6.600)

Peter HUN VT: Huge and beautiful DTY! Hop on the landing. 14.466 (5.4, 9.066)

7:23 pm. Siegenthaler SUI UB: Big piked Jaeger, Pak, Ray, blind change to big straddle Jaeger. Hit the dismount. 12.633 (4.7, 7.933)

Kovacs HUN VT: Nice DTY with a hop back. 14.433 (5.4, 9.033)

7:22 pm. Schermann HUN VT: FTY with a small hop. Pretty clean. 13.366 (4.6, 8.766)

7:20 pm. Barloggio SUI UB: Caught her Jaeger, then a Ray. Hit the rest! Double pike, a little low. 12.866 (4.9, 7.966)

Kajø DEN FX: Stumble on her first pass. Double tuck, low and hands down. Hit the front full at the end. 10.200 (4.3, 6.200)

Ng HKG BB: Fell on something mid-routine. Lots of good skills from her, though. Front layout with a hop. 10.566 (4.5, 6.066)

Böczögö HUN VT: FTY, not a ton of amplitude, hop back. 13.566 (4.6, 8.966)

7:14 pm. Savranbasi TUR BB: Switch leap to split jump. Nice. Back tuck. Super solid bhs loso. Wolf turn, kinda hands down? Like they kinda touched the beam if she didn’t fully grab it but I don’t think that counts. Cool sideways roll in her choreo. Transverse split jump half is nice. Clean side aerial. Rudi dismount. REALLY nice routine! 11.733 (4.7, 7.033)

7:08 pm. Yilmaz TUR BB: Off on her layout full series. Hit her leap into a back something or other, couldn’t tell from this angle. Transverse split jump half. They’re playing “Mad World” during her routine. “I find it kinda funny, I find it kinda sad, that the dreams in which I’m dying are the best I’ve ever had.” BLESS. Off again on a leap I think. I’m mentally checked out of this routine right now. Double pike with a step back. 10.500 (5.3, 5.200)

7:00 pm. Gilberg DEN BB: Big wobble on something early on. Front aerial. Good side aerial. Hit the dismount. 10.200 (4.5, 5.700)

Böczögö HUN FX: Double layout is great. Solid on that landing. Full Y turn. Double front with a couple of steps forward. Switch ring to split ring leap. Hit her third pass into a barani to split jump, I didn’t see the beginning. Double pike, solid landing. 12.866 (4.8, 8.066)

6:57 pm. Winther DEN BB: Off on her flight series.

Schermann HUN FX: Double layout to punch front OMG it was SO good. Hit her other two passes well also. 12.600 (5.1, 7.500)

Siegenthaler SUI VT: I missed this. 12.933 (4.0, 8.933)

6:55 pm. Kovacs HUN FX: Double layout, nearly stuck. Hit the second pass. 2.5 to front tuck landed OOB for the third pass. Double back stuck for the last pass. 12.233 (5.0, 7.533, -0.3)

6:53 pm. Kajø DEN BB: Hit her jump series, a little low. Bhs los with a check, she grabs her knees and hangs on. Good side aerial. Sloooow double wolf turn. Front layout dismount. 10.366 (4.3, 6.166, -0.1)

Steingruber SUI VT: DTY with a lunge back for her second vault, OOB it seems. This girl. She disappears for a year and then comes back perfect.

6:52 pm. Steingruber SUI VT: HUUUUUUUUGE RUDI MY GOODNESS. That’s how it’s done. 15.066 (5.8, 9.266)

6:50 pm. Wu SUI VT: FTY, not a ton of amplitude, but clean. 13.433 (4.6, 8.833)

6:49 pm. Üctas Sanli TUR BB: Bhs loso, some bent knees on the loso but solid overall. Grabbed the beam on her transverse straight jump full. Good side aerial. Front layout full dismount. 11.933 (4.9, 7.033)

Makra HUN FX: Hit her first pass with a hop. Double pike, a little low with a step. Hit the third pass. Good double full. 12.133 (4.6, 7.533)

Philassides CYP UB: I missed this.

6:48 pm. Käslin SUI VT: Big clean FTY. 13.600 (4.6, 9.000)

6:45 pm. Steingruber’s D score went to 5.4 on floor, so her total score is now a 13.500.

6:41 pm. Savranbasi TUR UB: UGH, I missed most of this but think she hit! Double front dismount. 12.633 (5.1, 7.533)

6:40 pm. Kovacs HUN BB: Hit the mount. Side aerial is solid. Split jump to wolf jump. Split leap to front aerial to straddle jump, very nice. Bhs loso, big wobble, grabs the beam, then falls. Double spin is nice. Side somi, clean. Double tuck is good. God, that fall. 11.566 (5.4, 6.166)

6:38 pm. Siegenthaler SUI FX: Double tuck is clean. 1.5 to an archy front layout. Double full with a lunge back. 11.533 (4.3, 7.333, -0.1)

Gilberg DEN UB: I missed most of this but she had a front 1.5 layout dismount I think! Love. 9.100 (2.1, 7.000)

6:36 pm. Winther DEN UB: Caught the straddle Jaeger and a bail, back on the high bar for a blind full, and a layout dismount, basically stuck. 10.500 (3.8, 6.700)

6:35 pm. Steingruber SUI FX: Tour jeté full, nice. Full-twisting double layout, kind of lands it on one foot with the other leg coming up a bit. Great double layout though. Front tuck through to double tuck, hop back. Stuck the double pike cold. 13.400 (5.3, 8.100)

Schermann HUN BB: Hit her bhs loso. Then an aerial, jump series, side somi with a wobble. Transverse split jump half, a little low but good. Then a transverse tuck jump half. Front aerial, pause before the back handspring. Full turn, stuck the double full cold. WELL WELL WELL. 11.266 (4.7, 6.566)

6:34 pm. Kajø DEN UB: Blind change to straddle Jaeger, catches it but then slips and has a hard fall. Hit the transition to low, a bail prob, then Ray to high, layout dismount with a hop. 9.400 (3.3, 6.100)

6:32 pm. Makra HUN BB: She mostly did well, I was typing about other routines, but she had a nice leap to jump series at the beginning, then fell on her layout series. Stuck the dismount. 11.166 (5.0, 6.166)

Philassides CYP VT: I missed this. 12.333  (3.7, 8.633)

6:31 pm. Käslin SUI FX: Double pike, little bounce back. The second pass went OOB I think. That’s all I saw. 12.466 (4.6, 7.966, -0.1)

Yilmaz TUR UB: Maloney to Pak, toe shoot, toe half to straddle Jaeger, nice, double tuck, a little low, but gets it! Step back. 11.966 (4.5, 7.466)

6:29 pm. Chan HKG VT: Second vault is a tsuk layout, better, just a hop back.

6:28 pm. Üctas Sanli TUR UB: Hop change to front giant, clean, swings back down from that into a bail which is weird, but she’s not a bars gal, toe-on to toe shoot, stuck the double pike. Simple but good. 10.800 (2.8, 8.000)

6:27 pm. Böczögö HUN BB: Gets major applause for her signature beam mount. Good on the front aerial to bhs. Hit the side aerial. Transverse split jump half, low in the split and far back on the beam, fall. Side aerial to split jump. Dismounts with a double tuck, chest down, hops on one foot. 11.366 (4.8, 6.566)

Barloggio SUI FX: Double tuck, a little low. 1.5 to front layout is better. Double pike, a bit low but pulls up her chest quickly. 12.066 (4.4, 7.666)

Chan HKG VT: Handspring front layout half, low, takes it off the mat on her landing. Looks like they downgraded to a pike. 12.733 (4.6, 8.433, -0.3)

6:26 pm. So Ilaria Käslin’s E was like a 7.566?!?! I don’t get it man.

6:20 pm. Käslin SUI BB: Please let this be amazing. Gorgeous switch leap. Bhs bhs loso, super solid. Onodi is superb, to sheep jump. Kochetkova is PERFECT. Switch ring. SHE NEEDS TO BE IN THIS FINAL. Full Y turn, gets it, Front aerial, check at the hips. Split jump to wolf jump, clean on both. Side aerial, tiniest check that she covers up with some arm choreo. Layout full dismount. MY GOODNESS THAT WAS BEYOND GORGEOUS. 12.466?????????????????????????????????

6:18 pm. Steingruber SUI BB: Punch front, good, bhs loso, little step out of it. Another punch front, I can’t tell which one was tucked and which was piked from a front-on angle. Switch to side somi, great. Solid full turn. Switch side, solid. Jump series is good. Steingruber dismount with a tiny step. QUEEN. 12.766 (5.3, 7.466)

6:17 pm. Böczögö HUN UB: Stalder full to Maloney to Pak to stalder to toe half to toe shoot I think, that was from memory though lol, piked Jaeger, stalder half, legs come apart in the handstand after, WAY low double pike coming off, and she sits it.  11.633 (4.9, 6.733)

6:15 pm. Kajø DEN VT: Tsuk back pike, iffy on the landing. 12.233 (3.7, 8.533)

6:13 pm. Siegenthaler SUI BB: Excellent candle mount. Really held on. Hit something at the beginning, switch leap after it, nice. Omg her bhs bhs loso was fantastic. Side somi, little check. Wobble on a transverse jump and again on a side aerial. Hit the dismount. Good fight through that. 11.933 (5.0, 7.033, -0.1)

Schermann HUN UB: Inbar full to Maloney to Pak, super clean throughout! Inbar half to huge piked Jaeger. Stuck double pike WOW. That was gorgeous. 13.966 (5.5, 8.466)

Winther DEN VT: Yurchenko layout, stuck! Nice, but I think they could give it a pike. 12.200 (3.5, 8.700)

6:12 pm. Gilberg DEN VT: Handspring front tuck, decent landing, good in the air. 12.700 (4.0, 8.700)

6:11 pm. Kovacs HUN UB: Toe full to Chow half, toe half to piked Jaeger, nice. Great handstand before her Downie to Pak, just some leg separation. Van Leeuwen, this is going SO well! Super high double tuck, little bounce in place. Fab. 14.200 (5.7, 8.500)

6:10 pm. Savranbasi TUR VT: Handspring front pike half, solid! Maybe a little forward on the landing. 13.433 (4.6, 8.833)

6:09 pm. Yilmaz TUR VT: Huuuuge FTY! Lunge back out of it. 13.466 (4.6, 8.866)

6:06 pm. Barloggio SUI BB: Switch leap mount, sissone to wolf jump, little bobble. Punch front is solid. Bhs loso, little bobble. Back tuck, good. Switch leap, little check. Had some sort of layout dismount, maybe a front layout but I couldn’t see, legs were very open on the set though. 11.200 (4.2, 7.000)

Philassides CYP FX: Double spin. Double pike, a little low, but solid landing. Front full was super tucked. Hit the last pass. Her choreo was very expressive! 11.733 (4.2, 7.533)

Makra HUN UB: Clear hip to Hindorff, good! Hop change to piked Jaeger, also solid. Bail to toe full, a little shy there, toe shoot, super open double pike stuck. 13.133 (5.0, 8.133)

Üctas Sanli TUR VT: Good FTY! 13.333 (4.6, 8.733)

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