2019 World Championships | Women’s Qualifications Subdivision 12 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the twelfth subdivision of women’s qualifications at the 2019 World Championships, held in Stuttgart, Germany!

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9:59 pm. I have all of the qualifiers for team, all-around, and event finals on Twitter!

9:40 pm. SO, they asked for an inquiry for Kara Eaker’s beam…and the FIG lowered it by 0.4 to take her out of the final. !!!!!!!!!!! Only Simone Biles will make it on beam from the U.S.

9:26 pm. Biles USA BB: Great on the wolf turn and her jump series. Bhs loso loso, tiniest check. Hit the back pike series. Side aerial, little check. Big pause before the dismount. Basically stuck the BILES dismount. THE BILES!!!!!!!! 14.800 (6.5, 8.300)

9:23 pm. Costa BRA FX: Dos Santos!!! WHY was she the alternate, again?! Tucked full-in with a hop back. Good double pike. Little hop back on the double tuck. Great routine.

9:20 pm. Eaker USA BB: Hit her split mount into a leap. Nice. Full Y turn, wobble. Front aerial to split ring jump to back handspring, skips out of it like a queen. Side aerial loso loso is perfect. Huge applause for that. Side somi is clean. She’s like I’m here to SAVE THIS TEAM. Switch ring is good. A baby is crying and I’m dead. Switch to switch side, little check. BRING IT HOME. 2.5 with a little hop. Perfection. 13.866 (5.8, 8.066)

9:17 pm. Saraiva BRA FX: Whip to double layout, YES GIRL. Switch full. Tucked full-in, great landing there. Switch leap to tour jeté full. 1.5 to barani. Beautiful switch ring. Double pike, excellent. She’s a superstar. 13.833 (5.5, 8.333)

No individuals from this rotation will qualify to Tokyo. 😦

9:15 pm. Lee USA BB: Hit her opening wolf turn and leap series, front aerial is clean. People are clapping along to…nothing. Off on her layout series!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOO MY HEART. Switch ring with a little bobble. Double tuck to finish. UGHHHH. I’m bummed. 13.400 (6.2, 7.200)

Ojala FIN UB: Grazed her knees on the mat on the low bar and then had a fall.

Fishwick NZL VT: I think she had an FTY but I didn’t see the landing. 13.600 (4.6, 9.000)

9:14 pm. McGregor NZL VT: Really great Yurchenko 1.5! 13.933 (5.0, 8.933)

9:12 pm. Fidelis BRA FX: Sat her arabian double front. THAIS NOOOOOOO. Tucked full-in a bit low. Hit the third pass well. Double pike with a hop back to finish.

Leinonen FIN UB: Caught her release. Hit the dismount. hit routine!

9:11 pm. Tan SGP VT: FTY, clean and solid! She had a really good day. 13.433 (4.6, 8.833)

Nieminen FIN UB: I missed this. 11.700 (4.6, 7.100)

9:10 pm. McCallum, USA, BB: hit her mount sequence, lovely as always. Triple wolf turn and a double wolf turn. Both basically perfect. Off on her side aerial loso loso. NOOOOOOOO. Front aerial is clean. Hit a leap into a full turn. Hit the dismount with a step back. 12.933 (5.5, 7.433)

9:09 pm. Flavia’s D has been increased to 5.8 bringing her score to a 13.7!!!!!!! That’s more like it JERKS

9:08 pm. Going into the final rotation, the U.S. has about a 2.5 lead over China, Biles is leading the all-around with a 44.632, Sunisa Lee is less than a tenth back at a 43.766, and then Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos is about six tenths back from Sunisa at 43.166.

9:07 pm. Flavia Saraiva had a beam inquiry but I didn’t ever hear if they actually changed her D.

9:01 pm. Lee USA UB: Nabieva to Pak to Maloney to Bhardwaj, YAS. So good. Van Leeuwen, Great handstand before the 1.5 almost RIGHT on the bar to piked Jaeger, OMGGGGG I’m going to CRY. Stuck the full-in. I’M SOBBING. I’M DEAD. 15.000 (6.4, 8.600)

9:00 pm. Flavia’s beam score is RUDE.

8:59 pm. Biles USA UB: Weiler half to Maloney to Tkachev, toe full is good, to piked Tkachev to Pak, GREAT. The best she’s looked so far I think this entire year, especially on that toe full. Gets the van Leeuwen. ALMSOT STICKS THE FABRICHNOVA. Amazing. 14.733 (6.2, 8.533)

Costa BRA BB: Nice little scale before her side somi. Standing arabian, NICE. Wobbled on something after that but I didn’t see the skill. Switch leap to split jump. Hit her triple flight series with a bobble, and then nailed the double pike. AND SHE WAS THE ALTERNATE. This was fab.

8:58 pm. McGregor NZL FX: Memmel turn, very nice. Tucked full-in with a step. Switch to tour jeté half. 1.5 to front full with a little skid forward, I think OOB. Solid double pike. 11.700 (4.4, 7.400, -0.1)


8:54 pm. McCallum USA UB: Maloney to Tkachev (or some variation thereof, I didn’t see the entry), Downie to Pak, leg separation but caught it, YAS. Van Leeuwen is good. Toe full to full-in stuck. WELL THEN. 14.641 (6.1, 8.541)

Saraiva BRA BB: Hit the layout series and the triple series, both fabulously! Amazing switch ring. Front aerial with a slight check. Split ring jump, gorgeous. Side somi. Double pike with a step back. Brilliant. 13.400 (5.5, 7.900)


8:53 pm. Tan SGP FX: Double tuck, hop back. Clean tour jeté half. 1.5 to front pike, some leg form in the 1.5. Double full, again with the leg form, step back OOB. 11.266 (4.2, 7.166, -0.1)

Lorrane Oliveira is a DNS on beam (did not start). I guess they’re fine just putting up three?

8:52 pm. Leinonen FIN VT: Handspring front pike, super low landing, but her butt doesn’t touch the mat. 12.566 (4.2, 8.366)

8:50 pm. Eaker USA UB: Nice handstand before the Church to Pak, very clean work. Arches over the handstand a bit before the van Leeuwen, but gets it, good handstand before the clearhip full, a little swayed, blind change to piked Jaeger, very nice. She’s really going for EVERY handstand. That’s where the swaying back is coming from occasionally, she’s just trying SO hard to get them perfectly straight. Double layout, excellent. KARAAAAA YOU QUEEN. 14.000 (5.5, 8.500)

Nieminen FIN VT: FTY, runs back out of it. 13.066 (4.6, 8.466)

8:49 pm. Fishwick NZL FX: I just realized Isabella Brett of New Zealand isn’t competing. 😦 I hope she’s okay. Maia starts with a double tuck with a lunge back. Hit the next pass. Double full, pretty good! Nice set. 11.766 (4.4, 7.366)

Fidelis BRA BB: Bhs loso loso, super solid. Switch to switch half, little bobble. Front aerial to split jump to back handspring, great. Side aerial, misses her footing but corrects well. Punch front. Double pike with a little hop.

8:47 pm. Ojala FIN VT: Handspring front pike, stumbled it back and sat it. 😦 11.333 (4.2, 7.733, -0.6)

8:41 pm. Oliveira BRA UB: Hit the beginning but I wasn’t typing. Front giant full to straddle Jaeger was super nice. Double front, a little cowboyed with a hop.

8:40 pm. Biles USA VT: Amanar for the second vault, huge and beautiful again, but with a big lunge forward. 15.333. Averages a 15.199 to finish behind Jade!!!

8:38 pm. Biles USA VT: Huuuuge and gorgeous Cheng with a bounce back. 15.066 (6.0, 9.366, -0.3)…I didn’t realize she went OOB!

Saraiva BRA UB: Pak, clean. Arched a handstand before the toe on to Maloney to Tkachev, really low, but gets it. Toe ful, blind change to front giant to double front, clean with a step back. YAAAAY. 12.833 (5.2, 7.633)

8:36 pm. Nieminen FIN FX: Hit the beginning passes but I wasn’t typing. The first one was stumbled OOB. Last pass was a double tuck I think, stumbled onto her butt OOB. 10.300 (4.4, 6.500, -0.6)

Tan SGP BB: Side aerial, bhs loso, both good! Hit routine. 11.633 (5.0, 6.633)

8:34 pm. Carey USA VT: Cheng, twists looked SO quick. Great vault. Hop back. 15.300 (6.0, 9.300)!!! Amanar for the second vault and it’s huge and excellent. She’s at her best on vault right now! 15.100 for this, and a 15.200 average to take the lead.

Fishwick NZL BB: Double spin, big check there. Steingruber dismount with a hop back. Stayed on I think! 11.166 (4.9, 6.266)

8:33 pm. Ojala FIN FX: Double L turn to double spin, kinda iffy coming out of it. Double pike with a step back. Clean layout full. Front layout. 11.433 (3.8, 7.633)

Fidelis BRA UB: UB: Maloney to Pak, van Leeuwen, clean. HUGE Tkachev. Blind full, a little late. Double pike with a hop to the side. Good work.  12.733 (5.1, 7.633)

8:32 pm. McCallum USA VT: Another big DTY, some ankle separation in the second twist, and a hop back. Overall great. 14.566 (5.4, 9.166)

8:27 pm. Leinonen FIN FX: Double tuck, a little low, hop back. Double full, a little low. Really low on her third pass but stands up out of it. 11.266 (4.3, 6.966)

McGregor NZL BB: Punch front tuck is great. Bhs layout, wobbles but gets it under control. Side aerial, slight check at the hips. Full Y turn, little bobble. 1.5 with a great landing and a college salute! 11.466 (4.7, 6.766)

Lee USA VT: DTY, excellent. She’s HERE TO PLAY. 14.566 (5.4, 9.166)

8:21 pm. Biles USA FX: Triple double, AMAZING. Hop back. Biles to stag, also fab, looked like she had a step OOB. Front full through to tucked full-in with a step back. Double double like it’s easy. Great landing there. FANTASTIC. 14.833 (6.6, 8.433, -0.2)


8:16 pm. Carey USA FX: Moors, pretty nicely open, hop back OOB. Full-twisting double layout, solid on that landing. Double double, step back. Looked OOB but I didn’t see the flag go up. Front tuck through to double tuck with a step back. Great routine! 14.200 (6.3, 8.100, -0.2)

Tan SGP UB: Maloney to Pak, van Leeuwen, super high double tuck, little bounce in place. Anna Li is clapping at her. 11.766 (4.2, 7.566)

8:14 pm. Ojala FIN BB: Was a bit wild on her bhs loso landing, and then fell on her side somi. Hit her leap series. Hit the dismount. 10.400 (4.0, 6.400)

Fishwick NZL UB: Blind full, bind change (leg separation) to piked Jaeger, misses the catch. Pak was nice. Maloney to bail to toe-on to toe shoot, a bit close. Hit the dismount. 11.333 (4.8, 6.533)

8:12 pm. Lee USA FX: Fab double double! Double layout is also EXCELLENT. Triple wolf turn is smooth as hell. 1.5 to front full, perfect. Tour jeté half. High double tuck with a hop back. Truly excellent. 14.200 (5.7, 8.500)!!!

8:10 pm. Saraiva BRA VT: SOLID DTY! 14.566 (5.4, 9.166)

Leinonen FIN BB: Full Y turn and side somi were nice. Off on a side aerial. 11.100 (4.7, 6.400)

McGregor NZL UB: Toe full, Maloney to bail to toe shoot, good. Toe half to piked Jaeger, ugh, hit her feet on the bar. Starts her swing again, casts to handstand, toe half, a little late, double tuck with a step forward. 10.700 (4.3, 6.400)

Costa BRA VT: FTY, not bad. Just a little iffy in the leg form, not a ton of amplitude, hop back. 13.633 (4.6, 9.033)

8:07 pm. McCallum USA FX: Double double, chest a bit low but super solid. Front layout to front double full, step forward, but don’t think she went OOB. Switch leap to switch half. Tucked full-in, super solid landing. Finishes with an open double tuck. One of her better sets in terms of landings!! 13.766 (5.6, 8.166)

Fidelis VT: FTY, good! 13.633 (4.6, 9.033)

Nieminen FIN BB: Bhs loso, a little crooked but stays on. I think she hit the rest but I missed a few moments. 11.633 (4.8, 6.833)

Barbosa BRA VT: Couldn’t see her landing but she did a DTY. I didn’t see the score!

102 thoughts on “2019 World Championships | Women’s Qualifications Subdivision 12 Live Blog

  1. Ahhhh i have to go to work RIGHT now which is the worst possible timing, I should just call in sick hahaha. Thanks for posting this Lauren!


      • I just thought Jade shouldn’t have gone because of the World Cup thing; it would be unwise to have World Cup as a backup because it’ll just end up leaving someone who should be at the olympics home. Especially now that Jade is the only one that meets the criteria to go the World Cup route. Better to just have given her spot to someone who actually could use the experience for the Olympics.

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        • Should have used Skinner on this team hoping for another individual entry opportunity. Had she medaled now she could qualify for World Cup. Now there’s no option. The outcome of this meet was never in question.


        • Zyxcba: Nothing about Jade competing in Stuttgart affects World Cup stuff. She doesn’t lose that spot by competing here. If they take her out of that spot for a team spot, that’s a different problem, but nothing about any of this implies that.

          Jess: Sending Mykayla for a nominative spot only makes sense as “insurance” so the #2 is an American should Jade be injured. They’re not going to put Jade on the team and then send Mykayla as a specialist for events she’ll probably be 2-per’d out of. And beyond that, the US just doesn’t want nominative spots on their plate. Either they find a way for her to forfeit that spot before it’s booked so they can get the non-nominative ones if she chooses, or she gets that spot and can’t go for the team (or they decide to let her go for the team anyway and lost the spot, but that would be insane.)


        • I do wish people would remember that Jade gave up a spot on the 2018 world team in order to do World Cups. She already sacrificed a whole chance at Worlds. I don’t even like Jade’s floor very much because of the zero choreography, but that’s not the point. Jade already gave up a Worlds. She deserves her spot here. She deserves a chance to get a team gold medal (something she doesn’t have) and she deserves a chance to get more World medals because she is one of the very best in the world on vault, and one of the world’s best tumblers. If it were my personal preference I’d rather Skinner was competing, but again, that’s beside the point. Jade earned this, and Jade already gave up something in order to do the World Cup thing. Jade is not responsible for USAG’s ridiculously restrictive rules about who can compete for World Cup nominative spots. She’s not responsible for the FIG’s Olympic qualification procedures that use World Cups in the first place, and if she gets the World Cup spot, she’s giving up a chance to be part of a potentially gold-medal winning Olympic team. Jade deserves to be here and she should be here based on how she competed this year in all the qualifying meets.


    • Which is why jade would be crazy to give up her World Cup spot to try and make the team. She could find herself out of the olympics if she goes that route like people are saying.

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    • I think that Simone did the « minimum » in Simone’s world to be qualified but she’s going to pull out her guns and make sure she gets gold. Probably thinking « I’ll relax a bit about these landings in QX but that will be différent in all the finals « 


      • In fact, Lauren reports re. Simone’s BB: “The best she’s looked so far I think this entire year, especially on that toe full.” 😀 I love that she channels minor errors into improvements on the next routine. Her mental game is amazing.


  2. Pardon my ignorance, but does “off on X” mean “fell off” or “off” in the normal sense of the word (off-center, off-balance, just plain “off”)? From the scores, I presume it means “fell off.”

    Sorry I’m an idiot.


      • I guess they gave Eaker zero of her ring positions, which also screws up her connection values by a lot since most of her connections have the ring split in the middle.

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        • LMAO until my death with this. Good riddance. Her jumps on BB are atrocious and she got rightly punished.


        • They weren’t perfect but I thought her rings looked better in this meet than previous ones. Particularly the first.


        • She did not get “ripped apart” on her E score by any stretch of the imagination. Her E score was 8.066. The only people from any subdivision who got higher E scores on beam were Simone Biles, Li Shijia, and Liu Tingting. If anything, her E score was generous compared to what many other athletes received, particularly athletes in other subdivisions.


      • Looks like she didn’t agree with her 5.8 D score which would have been enough to make the beam final, and submitted an inquiry. However the opposite happened and instead of going up, her score was taken down to 5.4. So no final. To be honest it wasn’t her greatest routine. Her amplitude on her leaps was poor and she had a few wobbles/uncertainties early on in the routine

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      • Nononono Kara can’t be out of the final! I was rooting for her so hard. What stupid procedure is keeping her out? Why’d they have to LOWER the score?


        • well that is the risk. If you ask the judges to review the routine you better be prepared that they don’t find more mistake. Her routine is beautiful but the construction is SO risky.

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    • I used to think she was scored surprisingly high in the U.S., but I guess not. International judges score her the same. But if you really look at the routine and try to deduct, it’s not easy to find deductions. She has a very Ragan-Smith routine. Very short and packed in. Watch her routine again. Aside from the flight series and step on the dismount, she’s basically perfect. Perfect, tight, controlled wolf turns. Beautiful side-half jump. Lovely lines, legs, toes. There really is very little to deduct from Grace on beam. I now realize why she scores so high when she hits.


      • Adela could have been qualified in better circumstances: she was put last on floor and 1st on vault, which is not fair and the judges I was sitting next to told me they didn’t understand this order because coaches usually give more time to gymnasts to breathe between rotations. So she was rushed to vault (which she had not trained for years) and her vault was pretty nice.
        BUT she needed medical attention between floor and vault and her “medical team” didn’t have the time to prepare her ankle that she had recently injured. So she started with a 3 second delay and it’s a 0.6 deduction. Had she had the time to prepare properly, she could have started on time and her total score (minus the 0,6 deduction) would have given her a spot for Tokyo. This is a really stupid move from the coaches.
        And in bars, she’s also not trained in years and was working on a release but had to decide not to do it at the last minute due to shoulder injury.
        The delegation’s objective was maybe to favor Teja but her vault scores didn’t compensate her UB results (3 falls).
        It’s absurd to lose a spot in these conditions. Because going AA in just a few months when you’ve suffered long time injuries is really a challenge. And she clearly is the best Beam and Floor worker in the team.

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    • For the 10th time Barbosa f**** up the team, and this time was the worst. No test event this time so they are out. At least Flavia can go on her own I guess. She is the only one with an inkling chance of a medal since Rebeca is always too busy getting injured.


    • After Jade’s injury it was expected. I can only hope that Andrade can clinch the AA at Pan Ams or pursue the world cups so that she can join Flavia in Tokyo.


      • As a Brazilian taxpayer I am actually glad this happened. They have been taking full teams with absolutely no chances of a medal. Better that just Flavia and maybe Rebeca go because they are the only ones with an actual (albeit small) chance of a medal. The others are just traveling around with mediocre routines.


  3. That was so horrible what happened to kara ;(. i mean they didn’t even have to inquire as she was already into the beam final. who cares if she wasn’t leading in Q:(…

    This is the first Worlds i’ve seen with scoring can actually decrease after inquiry. is this a new thing they’re doing? ;(. i guess taking your money is not enough so they adding extra penalty,,,

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      • Catalina’s an amazing gymnast but she wobbled all the through that 2012 routine. I was surprised it tied for 3rd in the first place, honestly. Aly was so solid on her very difficult routine. Don’t have to agree with me, but I felt Aly should have had the bronze without having to inquire. (Catalina is a gorgeous beam gymnast, don’t get me wrong. If she had hit, no question is she the better beamer, but she really had a lot of mistakes in that final). In any case, the USA is hardly the only country to inquiry. Other countries do it all the time also.


    • I think it’s happened before, just not by inquiry. I guess the name of the game is to not inquire, unless of course you’re in fourth during ind.finals.


      • Yeah, I think judges were just getting fed up with the mounting number of inquiries. They did what my high school teachers did “I’ll take a look at your exam but if I missed anything that was wrong I’ll deduct for that too”


        • Also, inquires aren’t really fair to the countries who can’t afford them and there had been some controversy about that recently. I wonder if this is just supposed to reduce inquiries overall with respect to other countries


  4. So these worlds have been absolutely trash and while I am upset Eaker got kicked out by inquiring, at least it put Padurariu into Beam finals, which is a necessary (but still uneven) trade off if you’re putting Derwael in Floor over Brooklyn


  5. So pleased for Suni! 2nd even with a fall and 2 event finals! I’m laughing about how everyone was whining about how terrible the US would be on bars and then they all end up kicking ass. And everyone saying that Grace should’ve been the alternate when judging from the qualifications she adds more to the team everywhere but beam.

    I’m gutted for Brazil and Jade Barbosa, but it’s also really cool that Spain got a team into the Olympics completely under the radar.

    I’m also soooooo relieved Chuso earned her spot to Tokyo.


    • suni with a fall still in 2nd. so she seems to have a 1 fall margin error over 3rd place AA. too bad grace has to fall also otherwise US would’ve got top 3 AA scores.


  6. well, at least now chuso is safe to another olympics. but i still can’t get over what happened to eaker ;(

    anyone else knows if this is a new thing they re doing? i’ve never seen inquiry lowering score at an FIG or any meet til now.

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      • i think this is the first competition where they really take this inquiry process into the other way. I really don’t remember any other competition of inquiry lowering scores before. It has all been like: “Reject. bye. you just lose a few hundred bucks”. but now…….

        and we have seen this now multiple times in this meet.. I think this is something they have now enforce to decrease a lot of the inquiries.


        • Eakers inquiry was a stupid move to begin with. Brooklyn at least made sense; she was going day 1 with USA and Russia along with gymnasts like Flavia, Eyhtora, and Giulia still to go (I don’t think anyone anticipated Roxana) and at that her original score would’ve left her 7th or 8th and almost out. With Eaker, she was safely in with only Biles left to go; why waste hundreds of dollars for a couple of tenths when there were no benefits? So Eaker would qualify with a 14 instead of a 13.8? Just ridiculous. And now we see that it backfired.

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  7. I love Kara and I really wanted her to get redemption this year.
    Another aspect to this though:
    Without the fall Suni would have qualified on beam!
    It’s genuinely a double beam heartbreak for USA in my head.
    Plus Brooklyn Moors on floor


  8. I like how nobody wants too give jade do credit for two nearly flawless vaults. She deserved that score. Give credit she was the best on vault. Those complaining about karas inquiry and trying to say she’s been overscored all year are just hating. She had every right too. She was completely low balled compared to what scores others received. That was the worse score of the day. Lastly my favorite of the day lees ub routine was a thing of beauty and elegance with artistry.


    • another point. simone is definitely not having the margins that she used to have anymore. but then again. if you add up all her major deductions today, that was pretty much one fall.


    • No she wasn’t. The judges finally refused to credit her atrocious ring positions which has been a long time coming. Her not receiving those rings affects her connection value too because instead of being E or D skills they become C or B’s.


      • So she’s scoring in the upper 14’s and low 15’s let’s keep it real both internationally and domestic. I’m not sure we’re your getting your scoring expertise from. She’s been one of the most elegant and efficient scores on bb this season. Most believe she was low balled today . Her score should have been a lot higher: ESPECIALLY considering how the judges were scoring others today


        • This person’s “scoring expertise” likely comes from the code of points. There are very specific requirements for the minimum position that an athlete needs to hit in order to get credit for a ring element. Those requirements are clearly explained in the code of points. Kara didn’t meet those requirements on two of her three ring elements in this routine. Because of the way her routine is composed, this caused her to lose multiple tenths in skill values, connection bonuses, and one composition requirement. That’s the risk of competing a routine like the one she does. Other athletes also lost credit for ring skills in qualification, but their scores didn’t take as big of a hit as Kara’s because no other athlete relies as heavily on ring elements for their D score as Kara does.


        • I was watching Jades split leg on her cheng energy, she relaxed feet, her slight loose knees. It was GOOD. The word described FLAWLESS it was not!


  9. I just cannot accept that Nina edge out Brooklyn Moors to qualify for the Floor final. She’s the absolute UB queen, a fabulous (but mediocre difficulty) beamer, and a good dancer with very very very simple tumbling. Neither her form nor artistry is that much better than Moors, Visser, or Tisha, and those people at least had some interesting tumbling in their routines.


  10. Has anyone gone through and added up Eaker’s D score to see if the judges got it right? Internationally she was scoring in the 15s, so this is a shocker. But I’ve heard for months that she shouldn’t have been getting credit for her rings. Did it take her score down THAT much? She had been regularly credited with 6.4 to 6.6 difficulty.


  11. I feel the judges were so unfair towards Kara and taking out their frustrations on team USA. Partly because Simone did the new dismount they credited 2 tenths lower than it deserves. They making gymnastics boring for a person to watch. 🙄🙄🙄🙄


    • If they were taking out frustration on the US, they would have creamed Grace’s execution further regardless of her fall and would have creamed Simone. I think after seeing China and Brazil on beam, they couldn’t give her full difficulty.


  12. Well as gutted as i am for kara, i want to now bring up another question: what will team usa do for TF beam routine now? I am guess they will still use kara routine since it seems to still have a lot more potential d score than grace routine?

    I guess usa didnt watch day 1 qual and what happened to brooklyn moor …. Because that was like the first time i ve heard of an inquiry that wasnt just rejected but also got downgraded…

    It reminded me back to the day of college tests: you get penalized for wrong guess on the SAT but you dont get penalized on the ACT… Lol… But seriously whoever put in that inquiry made huge error… But then again i think everyone now knows the new FiG inquiry rule….


      • i actually heard about brooklyn moors and I was actually somewhat concerned last nite because I’ve never seen a score actually got downgraded. I can’t claim to have followed EVERY single meets but i really never heard of the downgrade score until this Worlds. It has always been inquiry rejected and you lose your money or inquiry accepted. So my question is to everyone else: have you actually know of another specific meet before this one where there was an actual downgrade of score due to inquiry?

        I almost feel like maybe this is something new that maybe the coaches/gymnasts have been told that they are going to do now that an inquiry could result in downgrade also of scores? maybe we just now know about it? If the coaches knew about it, then whoever put in that inquiry literally did deserved to be hanged because you know that kara’s routine is risky (just like guessing on SAT when you can’t even eliminate one choice).

        I mean strategically it doesn’t make sense because she made the final already anyway. But if it wasn’t made clear the new rule about the inquiry (if that’s what it is), then obviously you can’t completely fault the coaches for doing it. I know about people saying it was arrogant for US to try to get a few more tenth when it didnt matter to team Q score but if it was just between inquiry reject and inquiry accepted, then it wouldn’t be completely out of line to do it

        Just like if you were taking the ACT, you know that you better have all the spaces filled in before you turn in your test. But if you are taking the SAT, if you can’t eliminate for sure at least 2 choices, better to leave answer blank. But in this case, I know full well the rules of the two tests coming in.

        We need to know more about this inquiry process…


        • Dear, stop the drama. Everyone knows that inquiries can lead to worse scores, it’s literally in the rules and has happened in the past.


        • please provide a concrete example of this happening before this meet. also provide the citation of where in the rulebook it even remotely says anything close to an inquiry can lead to downgrade.

          My main concern much more than kara ring is actually the inquiry process itself.


  13. In this story, what is wrong isn’t that Kara’s score was finally downgraded but that it was fist overscored by 0.4 tenth. McCallum E.score seems also so inflated (just the best of the whole competition if adding the point her fall took off, better than the like perfect beam of Liu !), and she was well inspired not to make inquiry.
    Kara’scase shows to what extend scores make no sense and are unfair during competitions, even from professional international judges.


  14. Where the f*** is the MAG coverage? Oh I see, in MAG Russia completely destroys the US so you don’t bother. Learn this: overall — MAG + WAG — Russia is the best.


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