2019 World Championships | Subdivision 12 Preview

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United States

The twelfth subdivision for women’s qualifications includes the U.S. and Brazilian teams, and then individuals from New Zealand, Singapore, and Finland.


The United States has already qualified, and they’re going to make the team final by a significant amount (though not as huge a margin as they once may have been capable of thanks to China kicking ass yesterday). For them, it’s all about competing calm and solid to get into individual finals.

Brazil is…scary to me. Last year, even with Rebeca Andrade, they were kind of on the edge of things. They made the team final thanks to a solid qualifying round, but then went sub 160 in the team final counting falls, which could put them in a rough place considering Spain did so well and is at a 159.021. I’m worried about them, to be honest, but hopefully they’ll let experience carry them through to not count any falls today (although I wouldn’t exactly be mad if Spain made it…may the best ladies win).


Oh hey, have you heard of this gal named Simone Biles? Yeah, she’s in this subdivision. I GUESS she’s good. Also competing all-around for the U.S. are Sunisa Lee and Grace McCallum, but Lee has been killing it as an all-arounder this year and has major silver medal potential behind Biles, so I’d give the edge to her over McCallum for the final.

For Brazil, Flavia Saraiva, Jade Barbosa, and Thais Fidelis are competing all-around, with Saraiva most likely to make it into the final, and the other spot is kind of up in the air based on who can kill it. Actually, even Saraiva isn’t a lock, but she just tends to have a higher scoring potential so I consider her one anyway.

All individual countries have gymnasts with the potential to make it to Tokyo, with Tan Sze En of Singapore now at a much higher level training with Legacy Elite, while Courtney McGregor of New Zealand is back after an extended elite absence (though she has been fabulous at Boise State in the meantime!) and Finland has two veterans and one first-year senior vying for Olympic spots, with Maija Leinonen my favorite to get it.


Again…Biles. But also Jade Carey! They’re looking at the potential to go 1-2 here in Stuttgart because they’re awesome like that.


Lee is the big bars routine for the U.S., but Biles also scores super well here internationally when she hits. If either of these falter, however, I don’t see McCallum or Kara Eaker getting in as backup, unless McCallum really knocks it out of the park.


Eaker is a favorite for a medal here, so hopefully we’ll see her hit the way we know she’s capable of, with Biles and Lee also strong enough to get in. For Brazil, Saraiva is a beam queen, but needs to hit, and she is known for consistency struggles.


Uh…BILES. Shocker. And Carey. They’re great, if you didn’t know. But don’t count Lee out for an upset. And for Brazil, Saraiva and Fidelis are fab on this event.

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