2019 World Championships | Women’s Qualifications Subdivision 8 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the eighth subdivision of women’s qualifications at the 2019 World Championships, held in Stuttgart, Germany!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.


1. China 169.161
2. France 166.713
3. Canada 162.922
4. Netherlands 162.663
5. Great Britain 161.963
6. Italy 161.931
7. Germany 161.897
8. Belgium 161.238

12:27 pm. Villegas COL FX: Hit a double tuck to start and a double full to end. Good routine!

12:26 pm. Farah Ann Abdul Hadi with a 49.898 with a fall!! I THINK SHE’S GOING TO TOKYO Y’ALL.

12:25 pm. L. Wevers NED UB: Church to Pak, Maloney to bail to toe full to toe shoot, blind change, hit the double front, excellent routine! 13.900 (5.4, 8.500)

12:21 pm. Mesa COL FX: Hit her first pass. And her second. Lots of good dance moments in there. Front tuck through to layout full to stag jump, nice. Lovely routine! 11.333 (3.9, 7.433)

Abdul Hadi MAS BB: Candle mount, rolled out of it super fast. Switch leap. Hit her flight series. Good side somi. UGHHHHH off on her full Y turn. She was so close to the end. Double full to finish. She smiles and shrugs. 11.066 (4.8, 6.266)

12:20 pm. Visser NED UB: Full pirouette to Chow to Pak, super clean, to van Leeuwen, just some leg separation, toe-on to blind change to huge straddle Jaeger, so nice. Muscled a handstand after that and had to take an extra cast. Toe half, late toe full, full-out with a hop.

12:19 pm. Ang MAS BB: I was watching this but not typing, had a fall, but the rest was fine from what I saw. She’s still happy. 10.000 (4.4, 5.600)

Ana Derek’s AA score is 49.466!!! Should get her to Tokyo, I think.

12:18 pm. Spain about 2 points back from Belgium as a team, but they’re likely to qualify both Rodriguez and Popa to the Olympics, I’m SO HAPPY, this was such an incredible day aside from that beam fall. They really put pressure on Belgium tbh. I hope they can keep it going into next quad.

12:16 pm. S. Wevers NED UB: Clear hip to shaposh to clear hip full to bail to toe shoot, very clean on everything. Blind full to blind change to sky high straddle Jaeger, and she dismounts with a double layout, stuck. BEAUTIFUL routine. 13.633 (5.1, 8.533)

12:13 pm. Spain did their FTYs really fast one right after another, I CAN’T KEEP UP. All were great, tbh. I only saw Popa’s score, 13.766 (4.6, 9.166)! She has a 51.457 and that’s with a 9 on beam which is INSANE.

12:11 pm. Rajcic SRB FX: Low double tuck, hands down. Front full was good. Hit the rest.

Derek CRO BB: Bhs loso, little bobble. Switch ring, tiny bobble. Switch half. Hit the rest, I stopped typing for a sec. Good switch leap. Hit her dismount, a gainer tuck I think. 12.400 (5.1, 7.300)

Thorsdottir NED UB: Shaposh to Pak, clean. I missed something but then on the low bar she arched over on a handstand and had to figure out her positioning on the low bar before going back up to high. Caught her release and did the full-out to her knees. 😦 11.466 (4.5, 6.966)

12:10 pm. Rodriguez ESP VT: Clean FTY! 13.533 (4.6, 8.933)

12:07 pm. Oh my god so Popa got a 13.8 for that floor routine and it put her second into the floor final and she’s ALMOST CERTAINLY GOING TO QUALIFY FOR THE OLYMPIC GAMES AND I CAN’T EVEN BREATHE.

12:01 pm. Popa ESP FX: Double layout, stuck it. Fab. Whip whip to tucked full-in, excellent!!! Got HUGE applause. switch ring to tour jeté full, little bobble on that landing. Mustafina turn that she rolls down to a little spin on the floor I’M SCREAMING THAT WAS BADASS. Also had a…front full I believe, I didn’t see the entry, and then a double pike to finish. FANTASTIC. 13.800 (5.4 D)!!!!!!!!

12:00 pm. Marina Gonzalez’s D score went from 4.9 to 5.1, so her total score is now a 12.733!

11:59 am. Villegas COL BB: I missed the beginning of this. Split leap to front aerial, a little short, and she falls. Switch leap. Side aerial, off to the side, and she falls again. 9.008 (4.3, 4.708)

11:58 am. Rodriguez ESP FX: Double pike is a little low. Rudi is better. Switch ring to switch side from the toe point queen. Clean double full with a hop back. Switch half. Beautiful routine! 12.800 (4.6, 8.200)

11:57 am. Abdul Hadi MAS UB: Weiler half, muscles it, to Maloney to Pak, some leg separation. Van Leeuwen. Toe full, nice Tkachev, double layout!!!!!! FARAH!!!!! 12.833 (5.1, 7.733)

11:55 am. Zivadinovic SRB BB: Split leap to switch half, little stumble, and then another check. Front aerial, bobble. Split jump to wolf jump, a little short on the first. Transverse straight jump full, solid. Fall on her side aerial. 10.433 (4.7, 5.833, -0.1)

11:53 am. Perez ESP FX: Double double, a little low with a step. Gets the whip whip to double tuck super well. Also hit the third pass, something into a front tuck, prob a 1.5 or 2.5, I didn’t see the entry. Double pike into a lunge. Great routine. 13.200 (5.6, 7.600)

Tan MAS UB: Good routine so far, hit the piked Jaeger, high double pike with a solid landing. 12.633 (4.9, 7.733)

Rajcic SRB BB: I didn’t see this. 9.733 (3.6, 6.133)

11:52 am. L. Wevers NED VT: A super clean FTY! 13.733 (4.6, 9.133)

11:51 am. Thorsdottir NED VT: DTY, really nice! 14.400 (5.4, 9.000)

Derek CRO UB: Blind change to front giant half, arched over a handstand after that before her Pak, hit the rest. 10.600 (3.3, 7.300)

11:49 am. Volleman NED VT: DTY, pretty solid, just a step back. 14.400 (5.4, 9.000)

11:47 am. Gonzalez ESP FX: Tucked full-in, small hop to the side. 2.5 with a bounce forward. Front full is good. Solid double tuck. Fist pumps. LOVE! 12.533 (4.9, 7.733, -0.1)

Mesa COL BB: Back tuck, solid. Hit a turn after that, and a side somi, little bobble. Good jump series. Side aerial to back tuck dismount.

Visser NED VT: Good Yurchenko 1.5, small step. 13.933 (5.0, 8.933)

Ang MAS UB: Hit everything I saw, clean double pike to finish.

11:40 am. Rodriguez COL UB: Toe full, a little late, blind change, ankle separation, to piked Jaeger, good. Short handstand before her bail to toe shoot, blind full, late, tucked toe front dismount with a hop back. 11.366 (4.3, 7.066)

She had a 10 minute wait for Zivadinovic’s score.

11:36 am. Thorsdottir NED FX: 2.5 with a lunge forward. Double tuck with a step back. Double L turn to double spin to Memmel turn to illusion turn, YES. Lovely leaps. Double full to front tuck, super solid, just a small hop.

Tisha Volleman had her D score increased by 0.2 so she should be at a 13.533 now!

11:33 am. Popa ESP BB: Front aerial. Bhs layout, fall. 😦 Switch leap into a jump series. Off again on her side aerial. Full Y turn, wobble. Side somi, wobble. Transverse split jump half. Tour jeté. Double full with a lunge back. 9.900 (5.0, 4.900)

11:30 am. Perez ESP BB: Switch leap to switch half. Full L turn. Great bhs loso. Then fell on something I couldn’t see. UGHHHH. Hit her transverse jump and a side aerial. Good double tuck. 11.500 (5.1, 6.400)

L. Wevers NED FX: Her opening spins were a bit rough. Double tuck is good. Tour jeté half into some spinnies. 2.5 with a step. Hit the last pass. Lovely ending choreo. Beautiful routine. 13.033 (4.8, 8.233)

Zivadinovic SRB UB: Arched over on a handstand right away and came off. 6.641 (1.2, 5.741, -0.3)

11:28 am. Rajcic SRB UB: Her lines are GORGEOUS. Hit routine, a few iffy handstands and form issues, but had a nice Jaeger and a clean double pike dismount. 11.900 (4.4, 7.500)

11:26 am. Mesa COL UB: Blind full, Tkachev, nice. Pak, some leg form, toe-on to Maloney, a little low, to bail, a little weak, toe shoot, hit the dismount. 11.733 (4.4, 7.333)

Rodriguez ESP BB: Hit her mount. Bhs loso, solid! Front aerial. Switch ring, I think a bobble there. Clean double full dismount. FAB. 12.600 (4.7, 7.900)

Derek CRO VT: BEAUTIFUL handspring front tuck half! So much amplitude. Damn. 2.5 to front layout, and lovely in her leaps. 13.433 (4.4, 9.033)

Visser NED FX: Memmel to illusion, gorgeous. Whip to triple full to punch front, short on the triple but corrects in the punch out to the tuck. Good. Her triple looked fab in the air. Stumbled out of a turn after that. Double tuck, a little short with a hop forward. 13.366 (5.6, 7.766)

Abdul Hadi MAS VT: FTY with a step forward. 13.433 (4.6, 8.833)

11:25 am. Ang MAS VT: Tsuk tuck full, good landing.

11:23 am. Volleman NED FX: Quadruple spin to double spin, excellent. tucked full-in with a step back. Double tuck to punch front, solid. Good 1.5 to front full. Switch leap to front attitude turn, triple spin at the end. VERY good routine for Tisha. 13.333 (5.1, 8.233)

Petisco ESP BB: Wobble on her loso. Full turn. Good jump series. Little wobble on her bhs bhs loso. Clean side aerial. Hit the double tuck dismount. 12.366 (5.1, 7.266)

Villegas COL UB: Piked Jaeger, hit the rest, good routine!

Tan MAS VT: Little hop on her FTY.

11:22 am. Happy for the Netherlands to get things back under control after a weak first two routines but bummed we won’t see them in the beam final.

11:14 am. S. Wevers NED BB: Back handspring mount with a little bobble into the wolf jump full, bobble at the end as well. Triple L turn, bends her knee in the last rotation and wobbles. Side aerial to side aerial, solid and lovely. Switch leap, little bobble. Kochetkova to split jump, perfect. Full L turn to full pirouette to triple pirouette, perfect. Split leap to wolf jump. Once she calmed down this turned into ART. Steingruber dismount. After the first three skills, this gets an NCAA 10. 13.200 (5.5, 7.700)

11:12 am. Derek CRO FX: Gets her two big leaps out of the way before her front tuck through to double tuck, super high and clean. She’s SO good. It’s hard to explain the differences between watching video of someone and seeing them perform live and Derek live is just…beyond. Everything is perfect. 2.5 is lovely. Clean double full. Beautiful routine. One of those “should be in every final but won’t because of difficulty” routines. 13.033 (5.0, 8.033)

11:10 am. Thorsdottir NED BB: Switch leap mount, bhs loso is solid. Onodi with a little wobble but nothing severe. Her little fluttery hand movements are basically reiki, and she’s curing me spiritually. Side aerial, little bobble. Full Y turn. Split leap to front aerial to split jump, excellent. 2.5 with a little hop. YAS. 13.333 (5.3, 8.033)

11:09 am. Ang MAS FX: Wasn’t typing but great routine for Tracie! 12.633 (4.6, 8.033)

11:07 am. Popa ESP UB: Blind change to piekd Jaeger, excellent. Ray to Pak, so good. Toe full to Maloney to Gienger, excellent!!!!!!!! OH GOODNESS. Full-twisting double layout with a step. I’M CRYING. 13.991 (5.6, 8.391)

11:06 am. I’m missing every single vault FYI. SHRUG. WHY ARE YOU SO FAR AWAY.

11:04 am. L. Wevers NED BB: Hit the mount, wobbled on a jump after, but then hit her jump series. Side aerial, misses her feet completely, does the loso basically onto her head. OOF. Hit the side somi. Nice gainer layout. 10.366 (4.0, 6.366)

Abdul Hadi MAS FX: Hit the 2.5 to punch front, nice! Black Eyed Peas music lol. Hit a double tuck and double pike as well. Fantastic! 12.566 (4.7, 7.866)

Perez ESP UB: Clear hip to Maloney to Gienger, good, little hand adjustment on the catch, blind full, full-twisting double layout with a small hop. 13.833 (5.5, 8.333)

11:02 am. Rodriguez ESP UB: I had to get up for a minute so I wasn’t typing but I watched this routine and it was gorgeous! 13.866 (5.6, 8.266)!!!!!!!

11:00 am. Visser NED BB: Back handspring mount is slightly crooked but not bad at all. Way crooked on her flight series and she grabs the beam. Double full dismount. 12.466 (5.1, 7.366)

Tan MAS FX: Omg I love this routine already. “Feel It Still.” Selling it. Hit her first pass, sat her 1.5 to front tuck. Hit the rest. 11.000 (4.3, 6.700)

Petisco ESP UB: Hit everything I saw. 12.833 (4.7, 8.133)

10:59 am. The Dutch were SO extra in their walk-in. Obsessed. Just finishing up the touch warm-up and we’ll be good to go!

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  1. looks like brixia four got some work cut out for them if they are gonna have any chance of being in top 5 or trying for upset podium.


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