2019 World Championships | Subdivision 8 Preview

Screen Shot 2019-10-05 at 10.52.44 AM

The Netherlands

The eighth subdivision for women’s qualifications includes the Dutch and Spanish teams, and then individuals from Colombia, Serbia, Malaysia, and Croatia.


The Netherlands was a top 12 team last year, and I think with a stronger performance, they also have the potential to make the team final, but they’re going to really have to be at their best in what is turning out to be a super close field. I still think they’re an easy in for the Olympic Games as a full team, so the next goal for them is the final and that’ll be tough for sure.

Spain looks fantastic right now, with a super strong team here in Stuttgart, but I don’t think they’ll end up breaking into the top 12 mostly because they lack the difficulty that many of the top teams have overall. That said, I think they’ll get close, and they have some lovely gymnastics to show off.


Eythora Thorsdottir, Lieke Wevers, and Naomi Visser are all doing all four events today, and honestly, any of them can make it through; it’ll all come down to who has the stronger day, but I’d put them all at about the same level right now based on recent competitions.

For Spain, they’ll have Ana Perez as the top potential scorer, but Roxana Popa has been building up to this, and both she and Cintia Rodriguez have potential to get close to Perez, but they’ll need mistakes from Perez, who definitely has the difficulty edge and will be the leading contender for the Olympic spot.

From the individual field, I’m REALLY hoping Farah Ann Abdul Hadi of Malaysia can pull it off. I don’t think any of the Colombians will get in this year, and Serbia also doesn’t score quite high enough. Ana Derek is obviously fantastic on beam and floor, but she’s only done the all-around once since qualifying for Rio 3.5 years ago, so it could be iffy for her.


This is not a vault-heavy subdivision, though I think Tisha Volleman of the Netherlands is likely to do two. She’s done well enough in the past, but the field is much tougher this time around, so I’m not sure if her DTY + Lopez combo will cut it.


Again, no one is really a finals threat, though we’re likely to see some nice routines from both the Netherlands and Spain, and Abdul Hadi also has a really nice set, so hopefully we’ll see her hit.


With the Netherlands in this rotation, it’s basically ALL ABOUT BEAM. Thorsdottir and Sanne Wevers are both pushing for the final, and I also wouldn’t count out Visser for a sleeper hit routine.


Again, the Dutch will be stunners here, with Lieke Wevers and Thorsdottir the standouts, but the Malaysians also do really nice work here, as does Derek. Malaysia and Croatia share a rotation group, so that’s likely to be a beautiful rotation to watch, and Spain has several with big skills — like Perez’s double double and Popa’s everything! — as well as just straight-up beautiful performances, so they’ll also be one to watch.

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