2019 World Championships | Women’s Qualifications Subdivision 9 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the ninth subdivision of women’s qualifications at the 2019 World Championships, held in Stuttgart, Germany!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

3:11 pm. Alvarado CRC FX: Double pike, good landing! Good 1.5, dances out of it. Switch ring, she’s a great performer. Front full, tucks it, and puts her hands down, NOOOOOOOOOO. 11.100 (4.6, 6.500)

3:09 pm. Japan comes in behind BELGIUM, wow. 161.228. One hundredth back. They might be missing Mai Murakami now…

3:05 pm. Matsumura JPN BB: Hit the tuck full series! Big wobble but she got it. Good on the front aerial. Clean side aerial. Side somi is solid. Hit the dismount. 12.633 (5.4, 7.233)

Vihrova LAT UB: Watched this out of the corner of my eye, hit routine! 12.100 (4.4, 7.700)

Montoya CRC FX: Didn’t see a lot of this but it was hit. 11.266 (4.4, 6.866)

3:01 pm. Orrego PER FX: Tucked full-in to start, and then a double tuck, a little low.  Hit routine! 12.300 (4.7, 7.600)

Kajita JPN BB: Front aerial to split ring jump. Bhs loso, break at the hips, but saves it. Side aerial with another sizable break. Wow, I am like, zoning out right now, I watched this routine but don’t remember anything else that happened in it. Spencer just told me she had a big break on a Y turn. 11.900 (4.9, 7.000)

Assadourian ARM UB: Pak, toe shoot, hit the dismount. 9.766 (1.7, 8.066)

3:00 pm. Moreno MEX VT: Rudi with a hop back. 14.900 (5.8, 9.100)! She will get Mexico’s all-around spot. Tsuk double for her second vault is really strong as well.

2:58 pm. Gutierrez MEX VT: Big Yurchenko 1.5! 14.133 (5.0, 9.133)

Teramoto JPN BB: Nailed her jumps and then her Onodi. Switch leap. Didn’t type through some of this after until the dismount apparently, 2.5 with a hop. Hit routine! 12.966 (5.2, 7.766)

Collantes PER FX: Hit the first pass. The rest was great! Hit and fun routine.

Stalinkeviciute LTU UB: Off on her Tkachev. I didn’t see much of the rest, stalder front tuck dismount. 10.966 (4.5, 6.466)

2:56 pm. Vostruchovaite LTU UB: Toe-on to toe shoot, blind full, blind change to front giant to double front, stumbles it back a bit.

Garcia MEX VT: Yurchenko 1.5, good! Hop on the landing. 14.000 (5.0, 9.000)

2:54 pm. Hatakeda JPN BB: Switch leap, a little off, but corrects well. Punch front tuck to split jump, slight check at the hips. Front aerial, little check. Straddle jump to wolf jump. Side somi, clean. Switch to switch half. Solid bhs loso. Double pike, little hop back. 12.966 (5.3, 7.666)

Lago MEX VT: Clean, almost stuck FTY. 13.633 (4.6, 9.033)

Diaz PER FX: Double tuck was good. Front layout, comes up really short out of it, still goes for the front tuck, but almost sits it, super deep. Surprised she could stand up out of it tbh!

2:48 pm. Japan solidly in the mix right now at a 122.663, which is fifth-best going into the final rotation…but the Netherlands, Great Britain, and Germany all add vault scores in the final rotation, and Japan goes to beam, so…it could be interesting.

Right now, Japan needs a 40.259 on beam to break ahead of the super deep pack that starts with Canada and ends with Belgium.

2:47 pm. Montoya CRC BB: Bhs loso, flexed feet but hits. Goes for a switch leap but just kind of…skips? Hit the jumps. Transverse split jump half is super short. Front aerial, too far forward and she falls. Side aerial, side somi, both hit, just some form deductions. Full L turn. 1.5 with a step forward.

2:43 pm. Salas CRC BB: Nice press mount. Switch leap to split leap to straddle jump, wobble. Standing loso into a back layout, cool! Full turn. Back salto but I couldn’t tell what it was from this angle. Hit a transverse jump (no twist). Punch front, a little low but solid. Transverse split jump half, then a straddle jump half. Was super off in her bhs into the dismount and just did a back layout, that looked scary for a second. Good routine until that point. 10.833 (4.6, 6.233)

2:39 pm. Diaz PER BB: Had a long wait. Bhs loso, slight check. Tour jeté, little obble, and same on the side aerial. Full turn. Front aerial. Switch leap to switch side into a split jump, good! She was fourth in the beam final at Pan Am Games, clearly very strong on this event. Hit the dismount. 12.300 (5.1, 7.200)

2:37 pm. Gutierrez MEX FX: Triple full, some twisted ankles but hit it. 1.5 through to double tuck, a little low, small hop. 2.5 to front layout. Great work!

2:35 pm. Hatakeda JPN UB: Ricna to Pak, stalder to Ray, had a werid moment in the stalder where she looked a little off, hit the full-in dismount. 13.733 (5.6, 8.133)

2:33 pm. Moreno MEX FX: Busts out a double double, casual, a little messy but she gets it. Double layout, damn girl. Tour jeté half to switch side half. Front full to stag. Stumbled on the double pike at the end. 12.300 (5.0, 7.300)

Orrego PER BB: Bhs loso is solid. Full turn. Clean side somi. Slight check on the side aerial. Big check on the front aerial. Clean 1.5 dismount. 11.500 (4.8, 6.700)

Vihrova LAT VT: Solid FTY. 13.333 (4.6, 8.733)

2:32 pm. Teramoto JPN UB: Blind change to piked Jaeger, inbar full to Gienger, caught really close with tucked legs. Blind change to straddle Jaeger. Hit the dismount. 13.966 (5.6, 8.366)

Assadourian ARM VT: Didn’t see what she did but she had a solid landing. Looked like a Yurchenko layout or pike maybe. 11.966 (3.5, 8.466)

2:30 pm. Lago MEX FX: Hit her tucked full-in, just a little messy. Crashed the double pike. 😦 Front tuck through to double full. 11.800 (4.9, 6.900)

Collantes PER BB: Off on her transverse jump. UGH. 9.300 (4.1, 5.200)

Vostruchovaite LTU VT: I missed this. 13.466 (4.6, 8.866)

2:28 pm. Kajita JPN UB: Stalder half to big piked Jaeger, Nabieva! Pak is pretty clean, slight leg separation. Van Leeuwen, SUPER high tucked full-in, a little unsure of the landing but wow, she’s gotten better there. 13.533 (5.5, 8.033)

2:26 pm. Garcia MEX FX: Arabian double front at the begininng was good. Her music is awesome. Jesus Christ Superstar, like the really scary part. Stuck the double tuck at the end. 12.466 (4.6, 7.866)

Alvarado CRC BB: Wasn’t typing during this but she hit! 11.266 (4.5, 6.766)

Ribalcenko LAT VT: Sat her handspring front pike. 11.900 (4.2, 7.700)

Sugihara JPN UB: Hit routine! 13.266 (5.3, 7.966)

2:19 pm. Ribalcenko LAT FX: Double pike, comes into it a little slow, fall. Switch full. Double tuck, two steps back. Switch half. Rudi, pretty messy in the air but hit it.

2:16 pm. Assadourian ARM FX: Low double tuck, but she gets it around. Front layout for her second pass. 1.5 for her last. Good routine. 11.400 (3.9, 7.500)

Salas CRC UB: Toe full to Chow to Pak, nice! Just little leg issues. Big air on her van Leeuwen, toe half is a bit arched into the piked Jaeger, catches it though, blind change comes up a bit short, open double pike with a couple of steps back. 12.266 (5.2, 7.066)

2:14 pm. Orrego PER UB: Maloney to bail to toe shoot, blind change to straddle Jaeger, blind full to Tkachev, double layout slightly low with a hop forward.

Stalinkeviciute LTU FX: Hit what I saw, just not super high difficulty in some of her passes. 12.200 (4.5, 7.700)

2:12 pm. Collantes PER UB: Ugh, I missed this during Elsa Garcia’s beam drama. 11.166 (4.1, 7.066)

The media setup here is so that floor is central, with beam on one side and bars on the other, so if I watch one I miss the other. At U.S. meets the media is by bars on the side, but can see the entire arena at once so you miss nothing. Makes life so much easier.

2:10 pm. Garcia MEX BB: Switch leap mount, good. Was a little slow on a leap series after that. Punch front. Bhs layout, a bit piked with some leg separation. Good jump series. Side aerial, a little short. Side somi, also a little short, slight wobble. Her legs are SOOOO LONG. Switch side, too far back, falls backwards, and basically swings under the beam. UGH. Double tuck, cowboyed with a step back. 10.666 (5.0, 5.666)

2:09 pm. Vostruchovaite LTU FX: Double tuck, a little short. 2.5 was also a little low, but hit. Step back on her front full. Switch half. Barani for her last pass.

Diaz PER UB: Blind change to big straddle Jaeger. Went into a dead hang after a transition back up to the high bar, and just a layout dismount. 10.033 (3.8, 6.233)

2:06 pm. Lago MEX BB: Hit the bhs loso with a wobble. Punch front, clean, just a bobble. Switch leap. Pause before the switch half. Double tuck, a little cowboyed, hop back. 11.433 (4.8, 6.633)

Montoya CRC UB: Hit routine, had a good piked Jaeger in there.

2:05 pm. Vihrova LAT FX: Good on her double pike. Double full a little messy and short. Clean  leap series. Split jump full. Front tuck through to a back layout. Hit routine. 12.166 (4.6, 7.566)

2:04 pm. Moreno MEX BB: Full turn, punch front pike, slight bobble. Bhs loso is good. Punch front, excellent! Hit a transverse jump. Big wobble on a switch half, but not too severe. Most of her leaps have been a bit short. Double pike, solid. 11.900 (5.2, 6.800, -0.1)

Alvarado CRC UB: Toe-on to van Leeuwen, blind change to straddle Jaeger, hit the dismount. Good routine! 11.933 (4.4, 7.533)

Matsumura JPN VT: Yurchenko 1.5, pretty fantastic. 14.100 (5.0, 9.100)

2:03 pm. Teramoto JPN VT: Rudi, one of her better ones! Glad to see Japan fixing things after struggling a bit on floor. 14.633 (5.8, 8.833)

2:02 pm. Hatakeda JPN VT: Pretty good Yurchenko 1.5! 14.033 (5.0, 9.033)

2:00 pm. Dubova LAT FX: I missed the beginning, hit a front layout. Split ring leap to tour jeté half. 11.166 (3.5, 7.666)

Gutierrez MEX BB: Off on a wolf turn. Nice on her jumps. Good 2.5 dismount, step forward. 10.933 (4.8, 6.133)

Sugihara JPN VT: I think she did a Yurchenko 1.5, someone’s standing in front of me so I can’t see. 14.033 (5.0, 9.033)

1:53 pm. Assadourian ARM BB: Candle mount, fall on the flight series. She’s performing to “Wake Me Up When September Ends” thanks to the arena. Hit her leap series. Full turn, slight check. Side aerial, check. Transverse straight jump full. Gainer pike with a hop.

1:47 pm. Vostruchovaite LTU BB: Punch front mount, nice! Front aerial to front pike, DAMN, a fall, but that’s such a badass series. Switch leap to switch half, a little short, to back tuck. Good on the side somi, little check. She’s performing to an instrumental of “My Immortal,” a great beam song. Full turn, little check. Front full with a little hop. Good routine there, shame about the fall. 9.933 (3.8, 6.133)

1:43 pm. Stalinkeviciute LTU BB: Off on her split leap mount. Wobble on her punch front. Off again on her bhs loso. Transverse split jump half. Clean double wolf turn. Front aerial, nice. Sharp on that skill. Side aerial is also clean. 1.5 with a step. 9.400 (5.1, 4.300)

1:42 pm. Matsumura JPN FX: Triple full to punch front, solid enough. Full L turn. 2.5 to front full, tucks the full considerably and lands it low. Switch ring to switch half. Double tuck. 12.933 (4.9, 8.033)

1:41 pm. Ribalcenko LAT BB: Hit her flight series but came off later on. Hit the dismount. 9.600 (4.7, 5.000, -0.1)

1:40 pm. Esparza MEX UB: Toe full to Chow to Bhardwaj, NICE. Maloney to Pak to stalder, arched a bit, to Chow half, a little late but she catches it. Toe half to Jaeger, double layout with leg separation but hits the landing, a bit deep. 13.766 (5.9, 7.866)

1:39 pm. Teramoto JPN FX: Piked full-in, chest down with a hop. 1.5 through to 2.5, little bobble on the landing but she stops herself right in the corner. I think a front double full for her next pass. Low double pike, stumble back. 12.566 (5.2, 7.366)

1:38 pm. Orrego PER VT: Another big clean FTY, but this one with a big hop back. 13.433 (4.6, 8.833)

1:37 pm. Collantes PER VT: Big and clean FTY. 13.566 (4.6, 8.966)

Moreno MEX UB: Saw she hit her release, I think a Gienger but I only saw the catch. Hit her transitions, then a good double layout with a hop back. 12.666 (5.3, 7.366)

1:35 pm. Hatakeda JPN FX: Double tuck with a bounce. 2.5 to front tuck, step forward OOB. Double pike, good chest position, hop back. 12.500 (5.1, 7.700, -0.3)

Dubova LAT BB: Triple wolf spin was pretty nice. Bhs loso, a little wobbly but good. Hit the side aerial. Also hit the dismount. Good routine for her! 11.466 (4.5, 6.966)

Diaz PER VT: Solid FTY. 13.233 (4.6, 8.633)

1:34 pm. Alvarado CRC VT: FTY, nice! 13.466 (4.6, 8.666)

Lago MEX UB: Hit a Pak and van Leeuwen, a HUGE layout Gienger, blind change to front giant half, and a huge full-in dismount. LOVE ALL THESE VETERANS COMING BACK AND KILLING IT. 12.333 (4.9, 7.433)

1:31 pm. Kajita JPN FX: Hit her first two passes. Double tuck to finish was a little low but solid. 13.166 (5.2, 7.966)

Vihrova LAT BB: Front aerial with a check. I think had a fall early on. Stumbled on her side aerial and fell. Dismounted with a double full with a step. 9.600 (4.8, 4.800)

Gutierrez MEX UB: Hit routine! Double front half-out dismount. 12.666 (5.0, 7.666)

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