2019 World Championships | Women’s Team Final Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the women’s team final at the 2019 World Championships, held in Stuttgart, Germany!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.


1. United States 172.330
2. Russia 166.529
3. Italy 164.796
4. China 164.230
5. France 163.628
6. Great Britain 161.495
7. Canada 160.563
8. Netherlands 159.427

11:00 am. B. Downie GBR BB: 13.566 (5.5, 8.066)! Great score for her! What a day she had.

10:58 am. Poor Becky Downie having to go on beam with this DRAMAAAAAAA happening around her. But DAMN I’m FREAKING OUT.

10:57 am. They’re showing a replay of Elisa Iorio’s beam. She had a fall early on, but the rest was absolutely great.

10:56 am. An 11.933 for Elisa Iorio and ITALY WILL GET THE BRONZE MEDAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE TO THROW UP AND I’M SHAKING.

10:54 am. My heart is racing waiting for Elisa Iorio’s beam. She needs an 11.367 for Italy to medal. I’M HAVING A HEART ATTACK.

10:52 am. Biles USA FX: THE BILES II! WITH A SMILE ON HER FACE. Biles after that, doesn’t connect it to the stag, she had some slightly soft knees in the last half twist so probably just not feeling 100% with that one, smart choice. Front full to full-in, excellent. Double double with a hop back. Killed it.

10:51 am. Kinsella GBR BB: YESSSS, seemed like a GREAT one! Sad to have missed it. 13.700 (5.5, 8.200)

China with a 164.230 to finish behind Russia. France with a 163.628, and then Canada with a 160.563 and Netherlands with a 159.427.

10:50 am. Black CAN UB: Hit the first release, I missed the entry, then the Shang, blind change to piked Jaeger to Pak, leg form but hit. Van Leeuwen, blind full, actually looked like a hop full, tucked toe front half dismount, good landing!

10:48 am. Liu CHN FX: Nailed the triple full with a little hop. Solid double tuck. Hit the rest. Excellent routine. Happy for her after her bars and beam issues. 13.433 (5.0, 8.433)

10:47 am. L. Wevers NED UB: 12.466 (5.4, 7.066)

10:46 am. Asia D’Amato ITA BB: Hit the mount, then solid on the bhs loso series. Swith leap to sissone. Side aerial with a little bobble. Switch half. I’m freaking out. Front aerial to split jump. Look at these ladies DOING IT. Double pike with a small hop. ITALYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! 13.266 (5.1, 8.166)

10:45 am. Russia finishes with a 166.529.

For some reason we’re watching Jade Carey’s floor routine again in full? Okay.

10:43 am. Akhaimova RUS VT: Great handspring Rudi with a step back. 14.733 (5.8, 8.933)

Woo CAN UB: Hit routine! Good for her. 13.333 (5.1, 8.233)

Fenton GBR BB: Just got her score in. 12.233 (4.9, 7.333)

10:41 am. Carey USA FX: Moors, bounces it back OOB but better in the air than in qualifications. Nails the double double. Oh, I think I missed the full-twisting double layout…I must have looked down for a second. Apparently she went OOB. Hit the front tuck through to full-in. 14.333 (6.3, 8.233, -0.3)

Pontlevoy FRA VT: DTY, maybe a little rough but we didn’t see. 13.966 (5.4, 8.666, -0.1)

S. Wevers NED UB: Didn’t see this. 12.566 (4.6, 7.966)

10:39 am. Melnikova RUS VT: Another solid DTY for Russia, just leg form in the second twist. 14.533 (5.4, 9.133)

10:38 am. Qi CHN FX: Tucked full-in, super clean, step back. Clean double tuck with a step back. A little rushed in a pirouette, switch ring to split ring leap half. Super clean double full, tiny step. Split jump full. 2.5 to front pike, gorgeous! Step back. Just those steps on landings, really. 13.433 (5.2, 8.233)

Friess FRA VT: Nailed the Rudi! 14.900 (5.8, 9.100)!

Moors CAN UB: Didn’t see this. 12.533 (5.1, 7.433)

10:37 am. Just heard the arena announcer say “Georgia Mae Fenton on beam” and then a thud and then the crowd going “ohhhhh.” Not the best sign for how THAT’S going.

10:36 am. Shchekoldina RUS VT: Really solid DTY! 14.633 (5.4, 9.233)

Visser NED UB: Hit routine! 14.066 (5.7, 8.366)

10:35 am. Villa ITA BB: Hit the tuck full series!!! Hit routine, capped off with a stuck double full!!!! AMAZING. 13.600 (5.3, 8.300)

10:33 am. Lee USA FX: Double double is great. Double layout, stuck. Good on the wolf turns. 1.5 to front full, beautiful switch ring to switch full. Clean double tuck with a little bounce back. 14.233 (5.7, 8.533)

We’re missing Italy on beam and tbh I honestly wouldn’t be able to watch so like, thank you NBC.

10:32 am. De Jesus Dos Santos FRA VT: DTY, huge and GORGEOUS. Just the tiniest hop. 14.733 (5.4, 9.333)

10:31 am. Just a reminder that while Russia and France look quite low in the standings, they’re going on vault now, where they’re about to gain a ton with DTYs and Rudis for both.

10:30 am. Tang CHN FX: Triple full to punch front, nice, little step back. 2.5 to front pike, legs are a bit messy in the 2.5. Good double tuck, and she hit the final pass. 13.500 (5.1, 8.400)! GREAT score for her.


1. United States 128.431
2. Italy 125.997
3. China 123.864
4. Russia 122.630
5. Great Britain 121.996
6. Canada 120.664
7. Netherlands 120.329
8. France 120.029

10:21 am. Li CHN BB: Hit her opening leap series with a pause into the back handspring. Good side aerial. Hit her front handspring front tuck series with a wobble, and a couple of things after that, then a leap series into her Korbut. Great double pike. FINALLY. 14.266 (6.1, 8.266, -0.1)

10:19 am. De Jesus Dos Santos FRA FX: Full-twisting double layout, low but stuck, just with her chest at horizontal. Tucked full-in with a couple of steps back. Switch ring to switch full, great. Front layout through to double tuck, stuck. Hit the final pass with a bounce back. Great. 14.166 (5.7, 8.466)

10:16 am. Biles USA BB: Triple wolf turn, looked almost scary for a split sec as she was a little backwards at the end, but absolutely no problems. Aerial into her jump series, then a super solid side aerial loso loso. Switch to switch half, little stumble into the back pike. Good side aerial. Transverse split jump half, wobble at the end of her jump series. “Just” the full-in dismount today. 14.433 (6.2, 8.233)

Melnikova RUS FX: Hit routine! 13.900 (5.8, 8.100)

10:14 am. We’re getting a replay of Ellie Black’s handspring front layout full, she was a bit piked, had a ton of power and kind of flew out of the landing with a big lunge. Honestly it was almost a full pike in the first part of the twist coming off the table…but she does a good job straightening out as she goes through it.

10:12 am. Liu CHN BB: Front handspring front tuck, and she’s off. I’ve literally HAD IT with this day. Switch leap to split leap to back handspring, little check. Switch ring. Front aerial, misses connection to split ring jump to Korbut. Split leap to side aerial, check, split jump to wolf jump. Over time. Double full with a hop. 12.333 (5.4, 7.033, -0.1)

Iorio ITA UB: Another hit routine for Italy! 13.900 (5.8, 8.100)

Friess FRA FX: Hit routine! 13.300 (5.0, 8.300)

10:07 am. Lee USA BB: Perfect triple wolf turn. Literally. Split jump to sissone to front aerial, little check that weirdly turns into a big wobble?! Fixes herself. Off on her layout series. I’m going to cry for one full year. Swtich to swtich half to back tuck, little check. Side aerial to layout stepout, lovely switch ring, split ring jump with a wobble. Good double tuck dismount, small hop. LE SIGH. 12.533 (5.8, 6.733)

10:06 am. B. Downie GBR UB: Stalder full to Chow to Hindorff, nice. Just tiny things throughout. Downie, solid, Tweddle to Ezhova to Maloney to Pak, YAAAAAS. SO GOOD. Van Leeuwen, just short on the last handstand, stuck the full-in. FANTASTIC. 14.900 (6.5, 8.400)

10:05 am. Alice D’Amato ITA UB: Hit bars for her! 14.133 (6.0, 8.133)

Thorsdottir NED VT: Hit her DTY! 14.466 (5.4, 9.066)

Super long ass wait for Sunisa Lee on beam as we wait for the last score to come in.

10:01 am. Akhaimova RUS FX: Full-twisting double layout and double layout, both good. First was a bit short but the second was very nice, and stuck cold. Falls out of the double L turn. Arabian double front, step forward. Tucked full-in is messy in the air, stumble back. Good on the leap series. 13.600 (5.8, 7.800)

Olsen CAN VT: Cheng, oh we’re getting a replay…let’s see! She’s a little tucked throughout and a little low on the landing, but solid overall. 14.700 (6.0, 8.700)

Victoria Woo saying “HOW DID YOU DO THAT?!” LOL

Fenton GBR UB: Didn’t see this but looked problematic. 😦 13.166 (5.7, 7.466)

10:00 am. Boyer FRA FX: Hit routine! 13.266 (5.1, 8.166)

9:59 am. Chen CHN BB: Roundoff layout, perfect. Switch leap, wobbled into a scale LOL. Just China things. Missed the connection, does a ring leap to back handspring. Hit a ring leap to jump series into a Korbut, little check on the full turn. Front aerial to split jump to stag ring jump. Triple full dismount with a hop. BAM. 14.000 (6.0, 8.000)

Volleman NED VT: DTY 14.200 (5.4, 8.800)

9:58 am. Shchekoldina RUS FX: 13.000 (5.4, 7.800, -0.2)

Black CAN VT: Handspring front layout full, good! 14.200 (5.4, 8.800)

9:57 am. Villa ITA UB: Chow to Tkachev, nice. Ricna to Pak to Maloney to Bhardwaj, awesome, just slight leg separation on the Bhardwaj. Clean van Leeuwen, blind change, arches through the front giant full, UGH, goes ALL the way to the end of the bar, but fights through it and hits the dismount with a good landing. Her tucked full-in is SO clean compared to many. 14.266 (6.2, 8.066)

9:56 am. Visser NED VT: Super clean Yurchenko 1.5 with a great landing. Bounce in place. 14.066 (5.0, 9.066)

9:55 am. Moors CAN VT: Handspring front layout full, one of her better ones!! 14.133 (5.4, 8.733)

E. Downie GBR UB: SHE HIT! And it was GOOD! 14.033 (5.9, 8.133)

9:53 am. Eaker USA BB: Hit her mount series into a leap, tiny wobble. Full Y turn, little check, front aerial to split ring jump, wobble. Side aerial loso loso is solid. Switch to side somi, wobble, chest down. Korbut. Switch leap to switch side, good. Is it just me or are most of her rings gone? 2.5 with a hop back. 14.000 (6.0, 8.000)


1. United States 87.465
2. Italy 83.698
3. China 83.265
4. Russia 82.130
5. Great Britain 79.897
6. France 79.297
7. Canada 77.631
8. Netherlands 77.597

9:46 am. Still waiting for Agafonova’s score…k, here we go. 12.166.

9:44 am. Agafonova RUS BB: Candle mount, into her choreo. Switch ring, great landing there. Wobbled on choreo lmaoooo NO SWEETIE. Major first world championships energy. Bhs loso, a little crooked, break at the hips but she saved it. Punch front tuck, and she’s off. UGH. Switch leap into a sissone. Front aerial to split ring jump, another big wobble. Double tuck dismount is good. 12.166 (5.6, 6.566)

9:43 am. Boyer FRA BB: Happy to report that Marine SLAYED! 13.833 (5.9, 7.933)

9:40 am. Lee USA UB: Great handstand before the Nabieva to Pak to Maloney to Bhardwaj, YAS. A little crooked on the Bhardwaj but totally fine. Van Leeuwen, 1.5 pirouette a little late into the Jaeger, full-in with a little bounce back. Some slightly rushed moments in there but absolutely a solid routine. 14.733 (6.4, 8.333)

9:38 am. Black CAN FX: Front full through to triple full, awesome, some leg form in the triple especially, but solid on the landing and rotation. 2.5 through to double pike, a little short, hop forward. Front double full to finish was great. This was fabulous. 13.433 (5.2, 8.233)

9:37 am. Thorsdottir NED FX: Hit routine! 13.333 (4.9, 8.433)

9:34 am. Liu CHN UB: Chow to Pak, just slight leg separation. Maloney to Gienger, leg separation there as well. Blind change to front giant to Ling to Healy, loses her leg form there, tries to swing back out of it, but has to jump off. Back on, muscles another front handstand, tries the combo again and she just FLIES OFF I’M GOING TO SCREAM. Back on just for the dismount. I’m honestly going to leave this world. 11.900 (5.7, 6.200)

9:32 am. Melnikova RUS BB: Switch leap mount, good. Bhs loso, super solid. Front aerial to split jump to straddle jump, excellent. Kochetkova, a little crooked, just adjusts her hips. Double wolf turn, great. Tim tried to jinx her by being like “SHE HAD A NUMBER OF MISTAKES ON THIS TURN HERE, I WAS FLABBERGASTED TO SEE HER FALL SO MANY TIMES IN TRAINING” but Melnikova was like “eff off.” Hit her transverse split jump half. Double pike, clean with a hop back. 13.766 (5.4, 8.366)!!!

Moors CAN FX: Looked like a hit routine. 13.200 (5.1, 8.100)

9:30 am. Biles USA UB: Weiler half to Maloney to Tkachev, great. Toe full, good, to piked Tkachev to Pak, fabulous. Arched over on the handstand before the van Leeuwen, Fabrichnova, stuck. That was PERFECTION. 14.600 (6.2, 8.400)

9:29 am. Tang CHN UB: We haven’t seen any of China’s bars yet. RUDE. 14.566 (6.0, 8.566)

L. Wevers NED FX: Hit routine. 12.966 (4.8, 8.266, -0.1)

9:27 am. De Jesus Dos Santos FRA BB: Hit the mount and then a stumble on her punch front pike, knee form and a fall. Solid on the bhs layout. Hit the rest, and a great double tuck dismount. Ugh, she’s crying. 12.233 (5.2, 7.033)

Kinsella GBR VT: DTY, some leg form and a hop back. 14.266 (5.4, 8.866)

9:26 am. E. Downie GBR VT: Huge DTY, hop back. 14.566 (5.4, 9.166)

9:25 am. Alice D’Amato ITA VT: Hit her DTY! 14.533 (5.4, 9.133)

Olsen CAN FX: Didn’t see this but looks like it went well. 13.033 (5.1, 7.933)

Akhaimova RUS BB: Off on her layout mount. 12.533 (5.5, 7.033)

9:24 am. McCallum USA UB: Weiler half to Maloney to Tkachev, gets it. Downie to Pak, just some leg separation on the Pak but over all great. Van Leeuwen is a little late but also fine, muscles on a pirouette and has to start her swing over again. Low full-in with a hop back. 12.966 (5.3, 7.666)

9:23 am. Chen CHN UB: Didn’t see this. 13.733 (5.9, 7.833)

9:22 am. Villa ITA VT: Huge DTY, hips could be a bit more stretched, but overall fabulous. Two little steps back. 14.666 (5.4, 9.266)

9:21 am. Charpy FRA BB: Had some struggles throughout but no falls. 12.666 (5.3, 7.366)

9:20 am. James GBR VT: Yurchenko 1.5, slightly soft in the air, hop back/to the side. 13.800 (5.0, 8.800)

9:18 am. Volleman NED FX: Quad spin, a little iffy, into a double spin. Tucked full-in, some leg form and a little bobble on the landing. Double tuck to punch front, love it. Again just some leg form in the tuck position. Double turn in front attitude to illusion turn. 1.5 to front full, pretty good. Switch leap to full turn in front attitude. Casual triple spin at the end. 13.566 (5.4, 8.166)

Asia D’Amato ITA VT: DTY. 14.533 (5.4, 9.133)

9:17 am. Just finishing up warm-ups now!


1. United States 45.166
2. Russia 43.665
3. China 43.066
4. France 40.565
5. Italy 39.966
6. Canada 37.965
7. Netherlands 37.432
8. Great Britain 37.265

9:09 am. Carofiglio ITA FX: This was one of my favorite routines in prelims. She absolutely nailed it. Really wish we got that in the final. Front layout to beautiful double front, small hop. Dowell with a hop forward. Love this choreo section with the breathing and then the rebirth. Switch ring to tour jeté half. 1.5 to front pike, clean, but then misses her footing, hops forward OOB. 13.333 (5.0, 8.433, -0.1)

Fenton GBR FX: Didn’t see. 11.933 (4.9, 7.033)

9:05 am. S. Wevers NED BB: Back handspring mount into a wolf jump full, GORGEOUS. Bobble on the triple wolf turn. Side aerial to side aerial, connection is a bit slow but she showed movement throughout so I think she’ll get it. Switch leap with a big stumble. Kochetkova to split jump, good. Full L turn to full pirouette, pause, misses the next turn. Double spin with a wobble. SANNE PLEASE. Split leap to wolf jump. Steingruber dismount. 12.866 (5.4, 7.466)

Asia D’Amato ITA FX: Much better than prelims! Hit the full-twisting double layout and arabian double front with a hop. 13.333 (5.1, 8.233)

9:04 am. Pontlevoy FRA UB: Fell twice, on her piked Jaeger and dismount. UGHHHH. 12.166 (6.1, 6.066)

9:01 am. Padurariu CAN BB: Nice candle mount. Off on her wolf turn, a triple I’m pretty sure. UGH. Switch ring, solid. Hit her side aerial loso series. Switch half with a big wobble. Front aerial to split jump to back handspring is solid. Hit the jumps. Clean stuck double full. 12.133 (5.5, 6.633)

8:59 am. James GBR FX: 13.266 (5.6, 7.666)

Thorsdottir NED BB: Ugh, looks like something went wrong here. Apparently had two falls. 11.400 (5.1, 6.300)

8:58 am. Qi CHN VT: DTY, BEAUTIFUL! Tiniest hop. Again, amplitude will factor into her score but that was fantastic. Perfect in the air. 14.600 (5.4, 9.200)

8:57 am. Spiridonova RUS UB: Inbar full, a little rushed, to Komova II, some leg form, to Pak to van Leeuwen, lovely on those last two. Inbar half, clean into a piked Jaeger, gorgeous. Blind change comes up short, toe full almost right in handstand but not all the way, and a solid full-in to finish. Not quite as clean as what I remember from prelims but still great. 14.766 (6.3, 8.466)

8:56 am. Black CAN BB: Didn’t see. 13.366 (5.4, 7.966)

8:55 am. Biles USA VT: Cheng, absolutely huge, absolutely gorgeous, barely moves on the landing!! That was phenomenal. I think the only things the judges can take is just the tiniest pike down as she comes in for the landing, and then some slightly crossed feet. 15.400 (6.0, 9.400)

8:53 am. De Jesus Dos Santos FRA UB: Lovely first handstand before her Ray to Pak, very clean. Lovely handstand before her Maloney to Pak, gorgeous. Perfect on the van Leeuwen. Her swing is insanely gorgeous. Inbar half to front giant full, blind change, full-twisting double layout with a hop back. *chef’s kiss* 14.366 (6.1, 8.266)

8:52 am. Agafonova RUS UB: Didn’t see this. 14.566 (6.4, 8.166)

8:51 am. Li CHN VT: Clean DTY in the air, but her chest is pretty far down on the landing, she’s a bit bent in half. Step out to the side, OOB. 14.166 (5.4, 8.866, -0.1)

Visser NED BB: 13.166 (5.0, 8.166)

8:49 am. Carey USA VT: Cheng, messy legs and soft hips in the pre- and post-flight, chest a bit forward, but murdered the landing. 15.166 (6.0, 9.166)

Charpy FRA UB: 14.033 (5.7, 8.333)

8:48 am. Villa ITA FX: So glad they’re showing her! Double L turn to full spin. The crowd already clapping along to her “Figaro” music. Tucked full-in with a great landing. Hit the second pass, looked really good in the air. Front double full I think, I missed the entry. Wobbled a bit through that wolf turn. Switch to switch half. Triple wolf spin better than the double. Double tuck, beautiful! Small hop back. Crushed it. 13.300 (5.1, 8.200)

8:47 am. Kinsella GBR FX: Didn’t see. Opening pass went OOB apparently. I did hear the crowd gasp at that. 12.066 (4.9, 7.466, -0.3)

8:46 am. Tang CHN VT: DTY, beautiful in the air, barely a movement on the landing, just a small step. Not as much amplitude as McCallum so that’s where her lower score will come in. 14.300 (5.4, 8.900)

8:45 am. Melnikova RUS UB: Inbar full, a little late but lovely. Komova II to Pak, caught a little high but doesn’t bother her. Van Leeuwen, nice handstand, inbar half, crooked, muscles through into the piked Jaeger. Toe full, a tad crooked, to full-in with a slight hop. Some little things in there but I really admire her “not today Satan” attitude. 14.333 (6.0, 8.333)

Moors CAN BB: Off on her mount. 😦 Based on the score, the rest was FABULOUS?! 12.466 (5.3, 7.166)

8:44 am. McCallum USA VT: Beautiful DTY with a hop back. 14.600 (5.4, 9.200)

8:42 am. Another commercial break. LET’S GET THE SHOW ON THE ROAAAAAAD.

8:41 am. Biles just murdered a Cheng in the touch. HERE FOR IT.

8:39 am. Some warm-up vaults. I will say my seat in my office in front of a screen is a much better view than my seat in the arena. Carey looks a bit messier when she’s not across the arena, and Biles basically looks just as perfect.

McCallum, Carey, and Biles are vaulting, FYI.

8:38 am. The U.S. is being introduced now. Of course NBC skipped all of the other announcements because this is the American World Championships.

8:37 am. Intros are happening now. In NBC streamland we have commercials.

8:35 am. So the U.S. and China will start on vault, Russia and France on bars, the Netherlands and Canada on beam, and then Italy and Great Britain on floor.

8:34 am. I never watch streams anymore so I’m really excited for this fluff. Not as good as the old days (you know, the Shannon Miller is OLD AND ANGRY fluff when she was 18) but still into it.

8:31 am. I’m watching the stream, just FYI, but I have little elves in the arena giving me info, so I’ll drop some knowledge about routines that aren’t streamed as well.

8:28 am. Good morning! Excited for today’s team final. I wrote a full preview last night, but as a brief recap, I’m really hoping for performances from China and Russia that were as incredible as we saw in qualifications…and at the same time I’m also hoping a team like France can come up and jump into the podium mix.

71 thoughts on “2019 World Championships | Women’s Team Final Live Blog

      • You poor thing! Thanks for bringing us this content anyways!
        p.s. Oh the good old days when Shannon Miller was a grandma and washed up before fully finishing puberty. Little girls dancing for gold.

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        • “Little girls! Dancing!” as ‘Tis the Gift to be Simple plays wistfully over the soft-focus Dominique Moceanu. NBC coverage was NUTS in the ’90s! *(Although I guess that’s better than the Barcelona montage as Clapton is singing Wonderful Tonight. *shudder*)

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  1. You poor thing! Thanks for bringing us this content anyways!
    p.s. Oh the good old days when Shannon Miller was a grandma and washed up before fully finishing puberty. Little girls dancing for gold.


      • Qualification start-events are from a random draw, so any team can end up starting on any event. AA and Team Finals start-event are based on your rank in qualifying. In Team Finals and AA finals, the top qualifiers always start on vault.


  2. It really cannot be understated what this Italian team has done. They have been talked about for a LONG time as being THE team that would rise and finally they’ve fulfilled it. They should be INCREDIBLY proud.


    • I think part of that is the fact that this team wasn’t chosen anywhere close to as strategically as previous years. I’m sad that Russia or China weren’t fall-free just so that we could have seen a country right at the US’s heels, but it’s impressive that we still won by a huge margin

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    • yep, in the end it was the bars and beam weak point that finally got to the US. I think they know what they will need to concentrate on for next year…

      It was nice to see kara at least back with most of her routine but I think the warning is now in writing.


    • Every streak will be broken sometime. The USA had 5 fall-free Worlds which is amazing. But it’s not like Martha didn’t have teams with falls. Anyone remember 2007 team finals on beam? And right off-hand there were falls in team finals in 2006 and 2010. Then there were all the falls in 2015 team prelims. Martha’s gymnasts fell.


  3. While I’m sad for China (esp Tingting, poor thing) I am so thrilled for the Italian team I almost can’t stand it. Their bronze medal makes up for literally every other bizarro thing that has happened at this Worlds. I couldn’t even stand to watch that beam rotation live; I would have been Nory-ing if I weren’t literally at work rn.

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  4. CONGRATS ITALY!!! ^_^ I was SO hoping that a team outside of the big three would sneak in! (Secretly I was hoping for France, but like ITALY IS ABSOLUTELY AWESOME TOO)


  5. Lieke is actually doing bars without the bar things for the hands – i don’t know what they are called in english. I couldn’t believe this when I was watching the qualifications. And they didn’t even clean the bars before she went.

    I am so said for tingting – hopefully this isn’t the end of her gymnastics.

    Looking forward to the next – hope it stays as exciting as today.


  6. How is it possible that both D’Amato got the same exactly score on VT in qualifications and in the team final too?? Is being twins so magical? 😉


  7. Can’t wait for Simone to retire and Listunova, Urazova and Gerasimova to come into the scene to start hearing that beautiful Soviet anthem on TF again.


  8. I hope they didn’t borrow the same accounting/score keeper person from us trial meet to use at worlds

    Re: 14.333 (6.3, 8.233, -0.3) for carey fx score.


  9. on the nbc broadcast tim kept saying that a DTY had a 5.8 difficulty (and no one corrected him lol) and i wanted to cry it’s the thiRD YEAR in this code tim


    • Sore that she beat Khorkinas 20 medals and is the best ever.?..her records will never be broken…i get that you love only Russia but they arent #1 anymore…USA baby…keep on rolling.

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      • No one cares about these records. She is literally vulturing the weakest era of all time. She will never be a legend in the eyes of the Universe.


        • Really? I think Khorkina cares that her record has been broken. I can imagine her fury and rage…she is such a narcissist anyway. And if anything..gymnastics is more competitive than ever. It used to be dominated by only Russia and Romania, but look at Italy, Canada, China, France…to name a few..way more competitive. Get your facts straight


        • Don’t forget that there are world’s everyone year (excluding Olympic year) so more opportunities to win medals than there used to be


  10. it’s so nice that the alternate also get to match in and get intro with the team. they should also be acknowleged in TF at the olympics also. they train as hard as the main team.

    looks like vrod banned paseka from marching in…

    i hope suni will kill it in AA….. also i wonder if we will see any change to kara routine…


  11. I think eaker and her coach needs to start a post beam routine notebook writing exercise like sanne weaver. that might helps with knowing when to inquire 🙂


  12. So wait, what was the FX score for Simone Biles? (searches internet several times, finally finds it) Ah, 15.333 (6.6, 8.733), wow!


    • well, not much to say. We all know about the ring warnings as well as the connection heavy routine. even from fans like me. I still think she could potentially medal but I think she needs some restructuring or making some changes to the routine if any change is possible to minimize these risks. I hate to have it completely changed but the problem Is the warning is now on the wall….


  13. Yes, new Russian queen, dethrone her at the biggest stage! Enough of defeatist Russians.

    Russia’s Vladislava Urazova won’t be old enough to compete at October’s World Artistic Gymnastics Championships but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have big goals.

    “I dream of Tokyo 2020,” she told Olympic Channel, “it’s my biggest dream, I want to perform there, to medal.”

    “To win over one American girl. Simone Biles,” she added.


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