Around the Gymternet: 99 bottles of beer

143e60e2-ba2b-4349-9eb3-a0f34049c7b9-AFP_AFP_1LD7N8“why we gotta ruin a perfectly good leo w a collar.” -YAS. Stop Choking Our Gymnasts 2020

Worlds news

Simone won. Team USA once again decidedly won the women’s team final at the 2019 World Championships. It was somewhat of a splatfest, but the U.S. did the damn thing with a score of 172.330 in these leos that yes, look like rocket pops. Russia came in second with a 166.529, Italy surprised to take the rose gold bronze, and China came in fourth (live blog).

Simone Biles took the all-around title by 2.1 points in a white leo (curse OVER), ending her floor routine in possibly her final world all-around competition with a mic drop. Liu Tingting withdrew from the final and compatriot Tang Xijing took silver, China’s best-ever AA finish. Melnikova had an excellent day for third.

Like in team finals, everyone fell, including Sunisa Lee, who finished eighth. Ellie Black did her Rudi and came in fourth, but ended up withdrawing from EFs due to a high ankle sprain. Elisa Iorio also got injured and withdrew after crashing her vault (live blog).

Simone won the beam (with this priceless reaction), vault, and floor finals with incredible performances as per usual, also coming in fifth on bars. On vault, Jade Carey and Ellie Downie had a great day for silver and bronze, respectively. Nina Derwael successfully defended her bars title in a mostly splat-free final, followed by Becky Downie and Sunisa Lee (live blog). Liu Tingting and Li Shijia went two-three on beam, and Kara Eaker hit but came in fourth. Suni completed her medal collection with a silver on floor, followed by Melnikova, who also got her third medal (live blog).

Simone finished the competition with five gold medals, and her 25 medals makes her the most decorated word medalist of all time. But it’s worth noting that she still feels like she’s gonna throw up. 

Russia’s men did great. They won their first gold (with these reactions), followed by China and Team Japan, which had this reaction. Team USA had a great day for fourth. 

In the all-around, Nikita Nagornyy and Artur Dalaloyan went one-two, followed by a stripping session and Oleg Verniaiev. Sam Mikulak was doing great until he wasn’t, coming in seventh after a pommels fall. He did get the Longines Prize for Elegance along with with Mélanie de Jesus dos Santos, though (live blog).

In event finals, Carlos Yulo won the Philippines’ first world gold medal, on floor. Max Whitlock took the pommels title and Ibrahim Colak won the rings final, where everyone on the podium qualified to the Olympics (live blog). Nikita and Artur went one-two on vault as well, Joe Fraser won the parallel bars gold and was so adorably excited, and Artur Mariano finished worlds with an extra special high bar gold and happy tears. Meanwhile, we’re not sure if Sam knew when he was competing in that final, an actual living nightmare (live blog).

Other shit. In other Team USA news, they won an award for difficulty and Simone made this face, Suni’s going viral, and Simone beat Svetlana Khorkina’s medal record. Sveta’s taking it SUPER well, saying she would have been competitive against the GOAT 15 years ago and generally posting weird shit.

Meanwhile, I don’t know what “set new signs” means, the medals glow, the Italian twins met the Dutch twins, and speaking of the Dutch, everyone’s hopping on the intro train. Chow made us cry, Daria Spiridoniva and Nikita are adorable, and a few athletes shipped off to the Eiffel Tower for a fancy photo shoot soon after, which is how I end all my competitions.

Next up: Tokyo. Here are your Olympics qualifiers thus far (women, men), and here’s to hoping nobody gets loopholed out of their nominative spot. Also, here are your upcoming world cups.

Wut else happened

USAG transferred millions just before Nassar scandal. Federal investigators are looking into USA Gymnastics’ transfer of nearly $10 million to the National Gymnastics Foundation in the years leading up to the Larry Nassar scandal, including one $5 million payment in 2014, according to the Wall Street Journal. By comparison, the Journal reports that USAG generally sent the foundation only $100,000 per year.

The foundation’s money is not being considered in the bankruptcy proceedings. Rachael Denhollander reacted on Twitter, saying USAG has argued the Foundation’s money isn’t accessible as payments to survivors.

  • Elsa García said in a video that she experienced verbal, mental, and physical abuse from coaches during the worlds selection process, and that she was left out of the all-around at worlds so she couldn’t qualify to the Olympics.
  • Mihai Brestyan is finishing up his time at Gymnastics Australia after two and a half years. He’ll leave the program in November.

Required reading

  • #JustSimoneThings:
    • Simone Biles keeps finding new worlds to conquer (Me, I wrote this. For Deadspin)
    • Simone Biles surprised by her greatness: I really don’t know how I do it sometimes (USA Today)
    • Why Simone Biles is even better than her scores tell (The Guardian)
    • How does Simone Biles do what seems impossible? (ESPN)
  • Her heart at home, Sunisa Lee nevertheless is focused on conquering the gymnastics world (USA Gymnastics)
  • We had nothing to lose in the team final, qualifying for the Olympics was our main priority (Becky Downie for The Telegraph)
  • USA Gymnastics making progress on reform, but status remains uncertain with Tokyo looming (USA Today)
  • If only we’d listened to our young athletes (CNN)
  • Everyone made money off my NCAA career, except me (Katelyn Ohashi for The New York Times)

Star status

Upgrades. Morgan Hurd is training a Downie!

Injuries. Turns out Jade Barbosa tore her ACL in qualifications. Get well soon, Jade.

Staying social

Broken elbows. Leslie Jones watched worlds and had some feelings; like us, she’s annoyed that Simone was lowballed on her double double.

Important topic>>Heath Thorpe talked about mental health for World Mental Health Day. Thank you, Heath 😁

I spot a trend. Simone is a cat, Morgan got a cat. And Simone’s reunited with Lilo!!!

Too many Bileses. All of Simone’s named skills getting confusing for one gym writer I know.

Last words

I leave you with:

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6 thoughts on “Around the Gymternet: 99 bottles of beer

  1. Can someone clear up what the National Gymnastics Foundation actually is and does? I’ve seen this news on Tumblr and it seems clear from the $5 million thing that it’s being used as a slush fund, but does it serve any other purpose?


    • Multiple times. He said it multiple times. There should be a separate trial and conviction for every time his dumb ass said, “Nabeeva.”


  2. “Everyone made money off my career except me”

    I have to say, when I read this I felt judgment against Ohashi. But I watched her video piece and found that this isn’t about her, it’s an intelligent piece where she uses her voice and platform to advocate for the ability to pursue financial opportunities for student athletes like her.

    Constructive criticism: to me, different wording would have more accurately portrayed the story in the link without making her look whiney and entitled (in my eyes, anyways).


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