Around the Gymternet: Isn’t she lovely

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“Usually [it goes] straight through the leotard or meet underwear. Or, if you’re me, you use @poise impressa level 2s religiously” -I was today years old when I found out gymnasts can’t hold in their pee while tumbling.

Wut happened

Any news? That’s what we’re here for. The U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee boards will be at least 33% athletes starting in January. Other reforms, approved on Thursday, include greater oversight over the national governing bodies.

Devastating news. Southern Connecticut State University junior Melanie Coleman passed away on Sunday after suffering a spinal cord injury on bars Friday. Our hearts go out to the Coleman family during this difficult time. You can help the family via their GoFundMe and Meal Train pages.

Required reading

  • Episode four of All Around is out (plus some bonus footage), starring Chen Yile’s sister Fei Fei and Morgan Hurd’s new kitteh. Oh there’s some gymnastics thrown in there too (Olympic Channel).
  • Check out this new video series by The Athletic, called Silent No More.

Star status

Who’s trying for Tokyo? Jessica Lopez might take the Pan Ams route. Things are looking less promising for Vanessa Ferrari, though. She isn’t going to Cottbus, according to Spenser, who notices such things.

Who’s got some new tricks? Well. Simone Biles did a double layout dismount off a beam and into a pit, in accordance with prophesy. Speaking of Biles, Ellie Downie is working on one. 

Lexy Ramler also did a full-twisting Maloney on bars. Meanwhile, on the manland, Heath Thorpe did a dizzying double Arabian full out, and Sam Mikulak is learning a cool but painful trick on parallel bars.

Who doesn’t love a comeback? Shilese Jones is back on the beam after withdrawing from worlds trials in September. Olivia Dunne is back too, after a July injury, and is working on a double layout dismount.

Who’s changing their mind? Emma Kelley is going to Arkansas instead of LSU, as is her right.

Blooper reel. Sunisa Lee fell beautifully, and Laurie Hernandez had a painful-looking blooper on bars. We have fun here.

Staying social

Shawn definitely had a baby! It’s a girl named Drew Hazel East. Nastia is its godmother (regular, not fairy). Congratulations, Easts!

Simone has a new look. She got a nose piercing and braids and both look amazing. Can she do anything wrong?

Aly’s in a movie. Aly Raisman will make an appearance in the new Charlie’s Angels flick, set to premier on a sleazy bootleg website near you November 15th. 

More sad news. Russian 1996 Olympic team member Dmitry Vasilenko passed away this week. Vasilenko was diagnosed with ALS (the reason you poured ice water over your head in 2014) in 2008. Learn more about ALS (and consider donating) here.

Last words

Did I miss something or make any mistakes in this newsletter which I write for free on top of my billion other responsibilities? Please tell me! But do it nicely. Not bitter at all, nope.

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8 thoughts on “Around the Gymternet: Isn’t she lovely

  1. Did you miss something? Yes!! Today , it was released that European Championships 2022 will be a qualification stage for worlds 2022. Only 13 teams will be allowed to go. The best 8 teams of worlds 2022 will qualify for the Olympics.

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  2. Now that the heavy lifting (aka worlds) is over, how about posting a rundown on how and when we fans can watch videos of such events as worlds. Plus costs. Reruns will do.


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