2020 Elite Canada | Junior Finals Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the junior all-around and apparatus finals at the 2020 Elite Canada, held in Calgary, Alberta!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.


1. Maya Zonneveld 99.831
2. Cassie Lee 99.231
3. Ava Stewart 98.598
4. Alicia Wendland 97.632
5. Sydney Turner 97.281
6. Rylee Miller 97.097
7. Charlie-Ann Barbeau 96.215
8. Bailey Inglis 95.931
9. Aurélie Tran 95.564
10. Amy Jorgensen 93.848
11. Jada Yip-Janniere 93.298
12. Jenna Sartoretto 92.881
13. Jenna Lalonde 92.498
14. Marie Millette 91.848
15. Zoé Cotnoir 91.348
16. Alexa Tucker 91.048
17. Kahlyn Lawson 90.849
18. Kiora Peart-Williams 90.182
19. Jenna Timmons 90.149
20. Reese Grolla 89.915
21. Virginie Therrien 88.948
22. Jordanna Phillis 88.881
23. Jayne Carvell 88.715
24. Marisa de Groot 88.432
25. Natasha Lopez 86.214
26. Ella Mayerhofer 86.032
27. Malayna Ramos 85.281
28. Maya Peters 84.582
29. Éva-Rose Lupien 84.098
30. Evie Astle 78.164
31. Clara Raposo 65.216
32. Rébéka Groulx 59.315

1:48 pm. Zoé Cotnoir VT: Yurchenko layout, really good form, hop back.

Kiora Peart-Williams UB: Big Maloney to Pak, lovely series! Back on the high bar for a toe half into a front giant, then hit her double back dismount.

Éva-Rose Lupien BB: Big switch leap right into a full Y turn!! Off on her bhs back tuck. Hit the dismount with a hop.

1:47 pm. Marie Millette VT: Tsuk tuck full I believe…or Yurchenko tuck full, actually, I wasn’t paying attention to the entry. Hit, with a step. I think she went eight for eight! I’m sure others have too but for some reason she stood out to me because she barely had any mistakes at all. 11.550

1:45 pm. Alicia Wendland FX: Clean double tuck. Front full to front tuck. Beautiful 2.5 to finish.

Jordanna Phillis BB: Had some struggles on the wolf turn. Hit the rest from what I could see…big 2.5 dismount!

Alexa Tucker UB: Clear hip work is fine. Blind change to piked Jaeger, just a little too far and she can’t get it. Pak, and hit the dismount.

Kahlyn Lawson VT: I missed this. 12.750

1:45 pm. Maya Zonneveld will take the junior title!

1:43 pm. Virginie Therrien UB: Pak, legs apart but good shape with her body line. hit the rest, including a toe shoot, blind full, and double tuck, stuck.

Amy Jorgensen VT: FTY, a bit low with a step forward. 12.450

1:42 pm. Ella Mayerhofer BB: Candle mount, hit her flight series but off on something after that. Good leaps. Hit the dismount.

Maya Zonneveld FX: Wolf turn at the beginning is good. 2.5 to front tuck, solid. Great double pike. Switch ring to switch half. Double full, a little buckled with a hop forward. Good! What a weekend for her! I think just the one bars fall yesterday? 12.933

1:41 pm. Jenna Lalonde UB: Blind full, piked Jaeger, toe-on to toe shoot, big lovely double tuck!

1:39 pm. Cassie Lee FX: Triple wolf turn, double wolf turn, good. Solid double pike. Memmel turn. And had another pirouette before that! ALL the turns. 1.5 to front full to stag, good! Dobule tuck, small hop. Excellent job! 12.766

1:38 pm. Natasha Lopez BB: Bhs loso, a little rough there but keeps it on the beam. Hits her spin after. Had a wobble on…a side somi I think. Transverse split jump half. Hit her leap series. Side aerial. Little check. Hit the layout full dismount.

1:36 pm. Jayne Carvell UB: Nice handstand before the Maloney to bail, some leg separation there, to stalder full, also with some leg form. Toe-on to stalder to toe shoot, stalder half to front giant, tucked toe front half dismount. Great routine! 11.000

1:36 pm. Bailey Inglis VT: Stuck her FTY!!!! That was excellent. Gets to celebrate for a quick second before heading back for her second vault. 13.500

1:35 pm. Sydney Turner FX: I missed the very beginning. Double pike was phenomenal! Great on her leaps too. 2.5 with a lunge forward. Finishes with a solid 1.5 to front pike. Excellent routine. 12.200

1:34 pm. Malayna Ramos BB: Off on her tour jeté. Again on an aerial after that. Bhs loos, some bent knees. Double full dismount. 9.033

Jenna Sartortetto VT: FTY, good! Just a lunge back. 13.250

1:33 pm. Maya Peters UB: Weiler half, nice! Maloney, empty swing out of it before the Pak. Can’t kip cast out of that and has to hop off. Does something similar with a handstand after where she just arches over and can’t hold it. Stalder half to Ray when she gets back on. Hit the double tuck. 8.900

1:32 pm. Aurélie Tran FX: Yurchenko layout, clean, just a slight hop. 12.700

1:29 pm. Marisa de Groot BB: Press handstand right down into a wolf turn position. FAKE-OUT! Love that. But that mount would actually be super cool into a wolf turn. I’d stan it. Bhs loso, leg up and a wobble but she holds on. Good side somi. Hit the dismount. 12.033

Rylee Miller FX: Super clean double tuck, step back. I missed the pass after that. Tour jeté full, through to switch full. 2.5 with a step forward. 12.300

Reese Grolla UB: Stalder full, nice! Toe half to toe shoot, excellent! One of the best toe shoots I’ve seen this weekend. Blind change to front giant, slight adjustment in handstand, into a front layout 1.5 dismount. Very nice! Not the most difficulty but she has some of the better bars technique here. 11.200

1:28 pm. Charlie-Ann Barbeau VT: Tsuk full! Big hop back but nice. 13.000

1:27 pm. Jenna Timmons BB: Front aerial to jump series, very nice. Double tuck dismount with a step. I missed the beginning but everything I saw was good! 12.200

Ava Stewart FX: Nice 2.5 to front tuck. NAILED the double pike. Excellent, and stuck it cold. Switch half. Clean stuck double full. 12.900

Jada Yip-Janniere UB: Blind change to straddle Jaeger, clear hip to bail, ugh, arches it over and comes off. Hit everything when she got back on, I think she had a full-in as well. 11.333


1. Maya Zonneveld 86.898
2. Cassie Lee 86.465
3. Ava Stewart 85.698
4. Alicia Wendland 85.232
5. Sydney Turner 85.081
6. Rylee Miller 84.797
7. Charlie-Ann Barbeau 83.215
8. Aurélie Tran 82.864

1:19 pm. Kahlyn Lawson FX: Nice open double pike! Hit the second pass as well. Double tuck is a little short with a step forward.

1:14 pm. Jordanna Phillis UB: Clear hip to blind change to piked Jaeger, ugh, almost gets it but slips off. Pak, arches over the handstand after and has to come off again. Dismounts with a good double tuck.

Amy Jorgensen FX: Good double pike to start. BEAUTIFUL 2.5 to front tuck! The form on that was incredible. A little low in the tuck but still lovely. Hit the last pass. 12.133

1:12 pm. Bailey Inglis FX: Beautiful 2.5 to punch front tuck. She looks so much like Fien Enghels of Belgium. So many Belgian lookalikes in this junior field. Double tuck with a hop. Hit the last pass, I couldn’t see what it was but the landing was solid. VERY happy! 12.766

1:11 pm. Ella Mayerhofer UB: I feel like I’ve missed almost all of her routines today. Pak, clear hip half, a little late, shoot to high is a little close but she muscles out of it. Blind full, blind change to front giant, can’t get it over the bar and has to hop off. Gets it the second time, grip change back to regular, then a double tuck with a hop. 9.266

1:10 pm. Virginie Therrien VT: Yurchenko layout with a step back. 11.650

1:09 pm. Cassie Lee BB: Full wolf turn. EXCELLENT side aerial loso loso. Clean side somi. Roundoff layout, PERFECT!!! OH MY GOODNESS. Switch half to split jump to straddle jump, just a tad low in the straddle. This routine is brilliant so far. Clean double full. KILLED IT!!!!! D id a little hitch kick when she ran off!!!!!!!!! A QUEEN. 13.866!!!!!

Jenna Lalonde VT: Yurchenko layout with a big lunge back. 11.550

1:08 pm. Natasha Lopez UB: Bail is a little messy. Toe full is a little late and her legs come apart so she has to hop off. Dead hangs a bit out of the shoot. Hit her release and a double tuck dismount. 10.766

1:07 pm. Jenna Sartoretto FX: Beautiful arabian double front, just a bit low…don’t think she sat it but it was close. Double pike, good landing, chest just a little forward. Switch full. Hit her last pass. Performs super well. Beautiful routine. 12.066

Jayne Carvell VT: Step back on the landing. 11.850

1:06 pm. Malayna Ramos UB: Hit routine! Just a step on the dismount. 9.966

Maya Peters VT: Didn’t see what she did, just a step on the landing. 11.750

1:05 pm. Sydney Turner BB: I wasn’t typing at the very beginning but she hit everything I saw. Triple flight series and I think she does a gainer bhs into it?? That could be my brain playing tricks on me but that’s what it looked like. Double full dismount, good. 12.433

1:02 pm. Aurélie Tran FX: Ooh, I loved this routine yesterday. She’s having a great day today FYI. Memmel turn, nice. Double tuck with a hop back. 2.5 with a step forward. Hit her last pass. And then her awesome headstand finish. Queen! 12.466

1:01 pm. Rylee Miller BB: Switch leap, pauses, split jump to wolf jump. Solid bhs loso. BEAUTIFUL straight jump full! Huge switch half. Her leaps are something else. Lovely switch to side aerial. GORGEOUS 2.5. MY MY MYYYYY. 12.166

Marisa de Groot UB: I wasn’t typing during this but it was a hit routine, good double pike dismount. 10.500

Reese Grolla VT: Yurchenko pike with a step back. 12.000

12:59 pm. Charlie-Ann Barbeau FX: Lots of power on her double pike. Either a 1.5 or 2.5 to front layout, I missed the beginning. Lots of amplitude on her jump series. Stuck her front full cold. This kid has been one of the low-radar surprises of this meet. No super high scores but she’s crushing it. 12.033

12:58 pm. Jenna Timmons UB: Maloney to Pak, shape on the Maloney looked great, but the Pak was slightly weak and caught close, ended up causing her to hop off. Hit the rest once she got back on. 9.200

Jada Yip-Janniere VT: Oh my god, the HUUUUUUGEST FTY. Then her Yurchenko layout got about 700 feet of distance, literally almost to the end of the mat?!?!?! OKAY. Love a powerful queen. 13.500

12:56 pm. Ava Stewart BB: Candle mount. Switch leap to split jump, good. Hands down on the tuck full series but stays on the beam! Transverse split jump half, leg up. Front aerial. Ugh, stumbles back and sits the double pike. The biggest eye roll LOL. Bless Gemini. 12.033

Éva-Rose Lupien UB: I missed this but saw that she hit her dismount well. 7.900

12:55 pm. Kiora Peart-Williams VT: FTY, not bad! Does a Yurchenko layout for her second vault. 13.300

Zoé Cotnoir FX: Beautiful 2.5. Good double tuck. Gorgeous switch ring. Front tuck through to double full, little hop, right down into her final pose choreo. Good! 11.866

12:53 pm. Alicia Wendland BB: Candle mount, good side aerial. Hit her flight series and leap series, then triple and double wolf turns. Nice. Front aerial to arabesque! I can’t tell if it was planned or if she was brilliantly covering her back leg coming up. Double full, bounce in place. Lovely. 12.566

12:52 pm. Marie Millette FX: Double tuck, clean, little stumble back. Clean double full. 11.600

Alexa Tucker VT: FTY, big lunge out of it. 12.900

Evie Astle UB: Hit everything I saw! Good routine. 11.266

12:49 pm. Maya Zonneveld BB: Candle mount, super clean double wolf turn. Bhs loso, great! So solid. Front aerial, little step. Nails the jump series. Side aerial, little check. Transverse split jump half, little bobble. Solid double full. Excellent again! 12.333


1. Maya Zonneveld 74.565
2. Ava Stewart 73.665
3. Alicia Wendland 72.666
4. Rylee Miller 72.631
5. Cassie Lee 72.599
6. Sydney Turner 72.448
7. Charlie-Ann Barbeau 71.182
8. Aurélie Tran 70.398

12:44 pm. Jayne Carvell FX: Double pike with a hop back. Double tuck with a step. 2.5 to front tuck, a little off-line but really nice in the air. 11.933

12:41 pm. Bailey Inglis BB: Ugh, off on her bhs mount. Triple wolf turn, do not know HOW she didn’t fall, her back was like, all the way off the beam, but she fought to keep it! Double wolf after is better. Got the jump series. Split the beam on her bhs loso and had a kind of hard fall but she just rolls her eyes. Off again on her side aerial. Still smiling! She’s smiling during ALL of her choreo, and you love to see it. Transverse split jump half. Transverse straddle jump half. Dismounts with a clean, stuck double full. Goes over to Davydova laughing and shrugging. Same with her teammate yesterday, I’m honestly tearing up a bit because the attitudes are just phenomenal. 9.300

12:40 pm. Maya Peters FX: Double pike with a step back. Nice 1.5 to front full. Hit her last pass as well. Great routine! 11.100

12:36 pm. Natasha Lopez VT: FTY, looked like it went down to her knee. 11.950

Jenna Sartoretto BB: She’s fully in a Belgian team leo and I STAN. She actually looks VERY similar to Nina. WOAH. Hit her mount, it was either a bhs or loso, just a wobble. Side aerial loso, off on that unfortunately. Full turn in front attitude. Good leaps. Good double tuck dismount. 9.833

Reese Grolla FX: I didn’t see her first pass, but she hit the 1.5 to punch front. Hit the last pass as well. 11.100

12:35 pm. Malayna Ramos VT: Yurchenko layout but I wasn’t paying super close attention to how it looked. 12.450

Bars camera is back up but I think we missed Rylee Miller. Yeah, we did, she got a 12.666.

12:32 pm. Aurélie Tran BB: Nice switch to side aerial. Leap series is lovely. Beautiful bhs loso, and then full Y turn! She’s killing it. Front aerial, little bobble. Transverse split jump half. Hit the dismount. 12.166

Jada Yip-Janniere FX: Double tuck to start, chest just slightly down. Hit the second pass as well. Double pike, a little underrotated, steps forward out of it. 12.000

Marisa de Groot VT: I think I just saw a Yurchenko layout. 12.000

The bars stream just turned off because the camera was out of battery. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 The lord is testing my patience.

12:31 pm. Ava Stewart UB: Maloney to bail to stalder to toe shoot, very nice! Clear hip to Tkachev, YES! Blind full, blind change to front giant half, double pike with a step back. LOVE this kid. 12.166 13.250

12:30 pm. Charlie-Ann Barbeau BB: I didn’t see a lot of this but she nailed her flight series and stuck her 1.5 dismount, looks VERY happy! 12.033

12:28 pm. Kiora Peart-Williams FX: Good double pike, just a little tentative on the landing. Excellent 2.5 to front tuck. 11.233

Rébéka Groulx UB: Piked Jaeger, Pak, drags her feet a bit, clear hip to clear hip to clear hip half, arched over and comes off. toe shoot, blind full, blind change to double front, step back. 10.466

Jenna Timmons VT: FTY, pretty good, just some little form things in the air and a step back.

12:25 pm. Zoé Cotnoir BB: Had a big flight for her bhs back tuck flight series, but then fell a couple skills later. Hit a double spin and a punch front, though! Off on her side aerial. 8.633

So Rébéka Groulx didn’t vault but it looks like she’s on the floor for bars, glad she’s not super injured I guess.

12:23 pm. Alexa Tucker FX: Here’s the queen! Split jump full. Good tucked full-in, just a step back. 1.5 to front full to stag, excellent. Switch ring to switch full, perfect. Hit the last pass. Fab job again. 13.100

Alicia Wendland UB: UGH, I always miss the beginning of this routine!! Hit the double layout, and pretty sure she hit the whole thing. 11.600

Éva-Rose Lupien VT: Yurchenko tuck with a hop back. 11.500

12:21 pm. Maya Zonneveld UB: Clear hip half, straddle Jaeger, gets it! Bail, Ray to high, toe-on, blind full, excellent double pike with a hop!! YAY. 11.933

Marie Millette BB: Good switch to split jump half series. Front aerial, switch half, dismounted with a double full, clean. She doesn’t have a ton of difficult but she’s hit literally everything I’ve seen her do today and yesterday. 11.700

Evie Astle VT: I think I missed this. 11.600

12:20 pm. Virginie Therrien FX: Double pike and double tuck, a little low on both but gets them around. Hit the third pass as well. Good routine. 11.166

Kahlyn Lawson BB: I think she fell on her flight series, from what I remember, but I wasn’t typing during this. 10.200

12:19 pm. Cassie Lee UB: Blind full, blind change to straddle Jaeger, ugh, fall. Pak, I think she maybe hit her feet on the mat…I could hear it but didn’t see it, lol. Kept going though! Stuck the dismount. 10.300

12:18 pm. Jordanna Phillis VT: Ooh, I think she did a tucked Yurchenko 1.5! Cool, and she has a ton of power. That looked great. Second vault was an FTY, a little loose in the air, but good on the landing.  13.400

12:16 pm. Amy Jorgensen BB: Solid bhs loso but fell later in the routine. 11.666

Sydney Turner UB: Hit routine! Good double layout dismount. 12.066

12:15 pm. Jenna Lalonde FX: This is the ballet routine I really loved yesterday. She’s got TONS of emotion and expression. I’m barely watching her tumbling. Think she opened with a double tuck. Hit the second pass as well. But I’m just like DAT TOUR JETÉ. 2.5 with a step back. That ending pose/choreo, QUEEN. 11.733

Ella Mayerhofer VT: I missed this. 11.550


1. Clara Raposo 65.216 😦
2. Maya Zonneveld 62.632
3. Cassie Lee 62.299
4. Ava Stewart 61.499
5. Alicia Wendland 61.066
6. Sydney Turner 60.382
7. Bailey Inglis 60.365
8. Rylee Miller 59.965

12:08 pm. Marisa de Groot FX: Front tuck through to double tuck, good. 2.5, a little too far back on her heels and she sits it. Crashed the double pike as well and just like, crawls out of it into her final pose. Looks upset but not injured so that’s a plus. 10.266

12:07 pm. Reese Grolla BB: Handstand right into her flight series, she fell, but I love that. Good leap series. Front aerial. Side aerial to split jump. Ooh, this is the dismount I said I needed to pay more attention to yesterday and I almost paid enough attention today, looked like a side aerial to a gainer, 1.5 I think? Loved it, it’s so elegant. 11.266

12:06 pm. Jenna Timmons FX: Good double pike. BEAUTIFUL 2.5 to front tuck! Double tuck is clean and stuck cold. Fabulous job. 12.033

12:05 pm. Aurélie Tran UB: Blind change to front giant to another front giant, then starts going into regular swing again down into her Pak, stalder to stalder half to toe-shoot, nice swing on all of those. Clear hip, double tuck dismount. 11.066

12:04 pm. Ava Stewart VT: Solid Yurchenko tuck full. 12.600

12:03 pm. Jada Yip-Janniere BB: Switch to switch half, solid. Bhs layout, a bit more piked but also very solid. Clean full turn. Good side aerial right into her jump series. She’s moving so slow and steady, I love it. Side somi. Solid double full. EXCELLENT routine!!! 11.966

Rébéka Groulx scratched vault I’m going to scream.

12:02 pm. Charlie-Ann Barbeau UB: I missed the beginning but seems she hit everything. Bail, toe shoot, blind full, blind change to front giant to layout half, stuck. Good! 11.633

12:01 pm. Éva-Rose Lupien FX: Double tuck, small hop. Hit her second pass. 2.5 at the end was good! Just a step back. 11.600

12:00 pm. Alicia Wendland VT: Yurchenko layout, clean and solid. Does a Yurchenko tuck full for her second vault. 12.500

11:59 am. Kiora Peart-Williams BB: Off on her back handspring mount. Switch leap to switch half, little check. Off again on her flight series. A bit bobbly on some of her other skills. Dismounts with a good double full, just a step back. 9.500

11:59 am. Zoé Cotnoir UB: Awesome air on her layout Gienger. Bail to clear hip to toe-on to toe shoot, blind change to front giant to front layout, good. 11.966

11:58 am. Evie Astle FX: Stumble on her opening Yurchenko 1.5. Layout full for her second pass is lovely. Front layout full at the end. Good routine! 11.500

11:57 am. Marie Millette UB: Toe-on to toe shoot, a little low but catches it. Double tuck with a step. 11.166

Maya Zonneveld VT: Excellent FTY! 13.000

11:56 am. Alexa Tucker BB: Switch half, little bobble. Misses her foot on her side aerial and losos right off the beam. 😦 Double tuck is good! Just a slight step back. 10.466

11:53 am. Jordanna Phillis FX: Pretty sure she hit everything today!! I didn’t see everything but could kind of see landings going on and nothing looked super problematic. Good recovery from yesterday. 10.133

11:51 am. Virginie Therrien BB: Gets the wolf turn, and stumbles a bit on the bhs loso but fights like HECK to save it. GOOD GIRL! The rest was good! Double full with a step back. 10.266

Kahlyn Lawson UB: Hit everything I saw. Double tuck with a step back. 10.100

Cassie Lee VT: I think she did an FTY, landing looked good. Second vault was a Yurchenko layout with a little hop. 12.950

11:50 am. Ella Mayerhofer FX: Step back on the double full. 11.800

11:48 am. Amy Jorgensen UB: I caught it from the stalder half, did another stalder half to her Jaeger, so that was probably a little error. Hit the dismount. 11.000

Sydney Turner VT: Yurchenko tuck full, good on the landing. 12.350

Jenna Lalonde BB: I think I missed this… 10.500

11:46 am. Clara Raposo VT: DTY, a little stumble on it today, and…oh my god. She looks like she stung her knee a bit, drops to the mat. Being carried off now. I’m……..done. 13.600

11:44 am. Rylee Miller VT: Hit her Yurchenko layout. 11.900

Jayne Carvell BB: Side aerial, a tiny bit short. Off on her bhs loso. Hit the rest that I saw, including a double full dismount. 9.033

Natasha Lopez FX: I just saw the first pass, a double pike, which had a bit of a stumble. 9.733

Bailey Inglis UB: Maloney to bail to toe-on to toe shoot, nice. Big Tkachev between the bars. TOE POINT! Blind change to front giant, blind full, extra giants into her dismount, but she gets the double layout and it’s fabulous!! 12.466

So Flo still has their hold music (which they play before they turn all of the feeds on prior to a meet) on all of their streams. You can’t hear anything else, so no floor music. That’s cool.

11:43 am. Jenna Sartoretto UB: I saw the Markelov and double tuck, looked like a hit routine! 11.133

11:40 am. Maya Peters BB: Got her wolf turn. Off on…a side aerial, does it again, but doesn’t connect to the side aerial, so she walks back and does it a THIRD time, into the loso this time, but she falls. Aww. 1.5 dismount with a hop. 9.000

Malayna Ramos FX: Double pike, a little forward, but hits the landing. Hit her second pass. Front tuck through to I think a double full at the end lands a bit low. 10.466

11:36 am. Athletes are marching in now! Time for the touch warm-up.

I’m gonna try having all four feeds going today, so PRAY FOR ME. The top group starts on vault. I feel like I always end up missing vault because there’s so much else going on and vault’s so fast, but obviously want to be able to tell you what’s happening so I’ll give it my best.

11:35 am. For a brief recap of yesterday’s competition, Clara Raposo was an absolute superstar, debuting an incredible new Yurchenko double, a double pike beam dismount, and a double layout on floor. She put her hands down on the new floor pass, but overall had an incredibly solid performance, giving her a two-point lead coming into today’s finals in addition to leading the field on vault and beam.

I was also incredibly impressed with Maya Zonneveld (pictured in the cover photo), who really surprised me with how much she’s grown over the past year, and with Cassie Lee, Raposo’s club and junior worlds teammate. Both Zonneveld and Raposo, who are ranked second and third in the all-around, are brilliant on beam and floor, and Zonneveld currently sits second on vault and third on floor, while Lee is third on beam and second on floor.

Another surprise was newcomer Ava Stewart, who brought some big skills to the competition, like a tuck full series on beam. She’s currently fourth, and is definitely someone to watch for the future, as is her teammate Bailey Inglis, who had a couple of falls yesterday and is currently ninth, but she’s a huge talent and has lots of room to improve, with the potential to get a 50+ all-around with a good day today.

In fifth is Rébéka Groulx, last year’s junior national champion who was pretty clean on everything but finished her day with a fall on floor, while last year’s espoir national champion Alicia Wendland is sixth. Rylee Miller, who leads the field on bars, is seventh, Sydney Turner is eighth, and Alexa Tucker is down in 20th after a couple of falls, but she had an absolutely incredible floor performance yesterday and is currently ranked first on that event with a 13.133.

2 thoughts on “2020 Elite Canada | Junior Finals Live Blog

  1. Well said! Clara stole the show on day 1 of the junior comp. Hope she is feeling better soon. So much in store for this super talented and charismatic young woman. Congrats to all the competitors, well done.

    Liked by 1 person

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