2020 Melbourne World Cup | Event Finals Day 1 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the first day of event finals at the 2020 Melbourne World Cup, held in Melbourne, Australia!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.


1. Diana Varinska, Ukraine, 13.733
2. Georgia Godwin, Australia, 13.633
3. Daria Spiridonova, Russia, 13.533
4. Georgia-Rose Brown, Australia, 13.466
5. Aoka Mori, Japan, 13.366
6. Anastasia Iliankova, Russia, 13.100
7. Anastasiia Bachynska, Ukraine, 11.566
8. Kokoro Fukasawa, Japan, 10.500


1. Eleftherios Petrounias, Greece, 15.066
2. Mahdi Ahmad Kohani, Iran, 14.500
3. Ali Zahran, Egypt, 14.200
4. Ng Kiu Chung, Hong Kong, 14.066
5. Courtney Tulloch, Great Britain, 13.766
6. Rick Jacobs, Netherlands, 13.266
7. Devy Dyson, New Zealand, 13.166
8. Hamza Yilmaz, Turkey, 12.700

12:14 pm. Aoka Mori, Japan, UB: Inbar full, a little late, to Chow to Pak, very straight body line there. Van Leeuwen, some ankle separation. Inbar to inbar half to piked Jaeger, good. Super clean double pike dismount with a step back. Good, but won’t be enough to challenge here with her little issues throughout. 13.366 (5.7, 7.666)

12:13 pm. Mahdi Ahmad Kohani, Iran, SR: Love two Iranian gymnasts in the final after Australia tried to bully them into staying home. Maltese through to another maltese, double tuck up to planche, raises his legs a bit, iron cross, to inverted hang to iron cross. He’s moving super fluidly. Double pike up to handstand, slight adjustment in his shoulders. Piked double front, WOW, amazing shape and body position on the landing, just slides his foot forward. 14.500 (6.2, 8.300), that’ll get him the silver! TWO SILVERS FOR IRAN!

12:10 pm. Anastasiia Bachynska, Ukraine, UB: Stalder full, arches over and her legs completely come apart, hops off. Back on for a Maloney to Pak, clean, and she has some toe point! Van Leeuwen, hip angle is a little wonky in the turn, full pirouette to Tkachev, blind change with ankle separation, catches the piked Jaeger super close. Arabian double front dismount, runs out of it. 11.566 (5.5, 6.066)

12:09 pm. Courtney Tulloch, Great Britain, SR: Good maltese at the start. Double pike through to iron cross that he presses right up to the planche, GOD. Double tuck saltos up to a planche. Slightly arched in a handstand, but then UGH, puts his hands down on the dismount. LORD. That should’ve been an easy silver, even if it wouldn’t touch Eleftherios for gold. 13.766 (6.2, 7.566)

12:06 pm. Diana Varinska, Ukraine, UB: Chow to Pak to Maloney to full pirouette, big Tkachev to mixed grip right into her Jaeger, full-in with a tiny bounce back. She has a lot of body positions that I can only describe as “floppy” basically when she lets everything go a tiny bit loose, arms, hips, knees, feet, everything…and that’s where 99% of her deductions come in, I think. If she could master her body line this would improve by 0.5 easily. Probably more. 13.733 (5.9, 7.833)

12:05 pm. Rick Jacobs, Netherlands, SR: Iron cross, swings through to another iron cross, arms are weirdly bent. Straddle planche, arches up to handstand and he doesn’t have a firm grasp on his position there. Double pike up to pike sit, presses up to handstand with awkward shoulder angles. Double double with a big hop back. Some nice fights in there. 13.266 (5.0, 8.266)

12:02 pm. Kokoro Fukasawa, Japan, UB: Lovely handstand before her Ricna, weird leg/foot form in that release though. Pak is nice. Maloney to Bhardwaj, YAS! A little messy there but LOVE IT. Van Leeuwen, good, just a little off in her angle on the catch. Stalder half to piked Jaeger, can’t seem to get her toe full around, loses it halfway and has to regroup. Tries the toe full again and basically collapses onto the bar. JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL. She’s grinning though. Honestly no one cares less about making mistakes in competition than the Japanese women. Back on for the full-in dismount with a hop. 10.500 (5.2, 5.300)

12:00 pm. Eleftherious Petrounias, Greece, SR: I’m going to have one heart attack from now until Doha re: his Olympic qualification. Maltese down through to another maltese, perfect handstand after that. Planche is also basically perfect, through to iron cross with his hands open. Another open-handed iron cross. He’s like almost fully back to normal. Tiniest little hop on his double double dismount, which was super open. Lovely routine, just the few tiniest little things that are super picky and that the judges should just shush about. 15.066 (6.3, 8.766)

11:58 am. Daria Spiridonova, Russia, UB: Lovely handstand before the inbar full to Maloney (slight leg separation) to Pak to van Leeuwen, good work. Another great handstand before the inbar…only gets it halfway around, can’t make it to handstand. Takes a second to regroup and get back, gets the Jaeger, toe full is late, into a messy full-in, chest down but feet don’t really move. The first half of that was GORGEOUS, and then when she got to the missed inbar pirouette, she completely lost her mind. 13.533 (5.9, 7.633)

11:56 am. Devy Dyson, New Zealand, SR: Loving this NZ representation today! Maltese, slight leg form weirdly. Clenched his butt so tight on his inverted hang LOL. Iron cross, through to another iron cross. Saltos up to a straddle sit, maybe went a little high out of the salto into the straddle? Swinging a bit on his handstand, but the next one is better. Piked double front, a tiny bit low with a hop back. 13.166 (5.3, 7.866)

11:55 am. Georgia Godwin, Australia, UB: Weiler to Weiler half to Maloney to Pak to van Leeuwen, damn girl! Fab. Blind change to piked Jaeger, solid. Arched over her handstand after that, but great control to pull it back, blind full is better, clean stuck double pike. 13.633 (5.6, 8.033)

11:53 am. Ali Zahran, Egypt, SR: Maltese through to the inverted Maltese and I have no idea what that’s called but it was FABULOUS. Swallow I wanna say? It’s like hanging in a hollow body position face-up. The rest is good, just little adjustments and a big step on the dismount. 14.200 (6.2, 8.000)

11:50 am. Anastasia Iliankova, Russia, UB: Nice handstand before the Shang, catches it. Tweddle to Ezhova, way off on the second element, completely loses her leg form, and is angled in a way that she won’t have a prayer of catching. A bummer, and this will completely take her out of the Olympic process because she needed to win today. Gets back on for her Pak, then a van Leeuwen. Toe full is late, to full-in with a step back. 13.100 (5.9, 7.200)

11:48 am. Hamza Yilmaz, Turkey, SR: Rolls through to a maltese then down into an inverted hang and back up to a maltese, drops through to iron cross. Good fluid connections for the most part. Saltos up to a straddle planche, little check once he gets it up. Arched over a bit in handstand. Again on the next one. Good fight. Full-twisting double layout dismount ends up quite low, hands on the mat. 12.700 (5.5, 7.200)

11:47 am. Georgia-Rose Brown, Australia, UB: Wow, she’s 25 already!!! Toe full to Chow to Pak to stalder full to Maloney to Gienger, amazing connections! Just lots of little adjustments throughout. Toe half to Jaeger, and a double front, cowboyed with a step forward. Not bad! Again, just lots of little things that add up, but overall it’s a great set. 13.466 (5.8, 7.666)

11:45 am. Ng Kiu Chung, Hong Kong, SR: Planche through to maltese, I love that, just a tiny adjustment. Saltos through to an iron cross, nice. Maltese, legs are maybe a fraction low, into an iron cross. Inverted hang through to handstand, arches over a bit. Full-twisting double layout with a big stumble forward at the end. 14.066 (6.0, 8.066)

11:43 am. Just fast-forwarding to rings and uneven bars now!

11:40 am. Saeedreza Keikha will get to 70 points here, which is fantastic for him…will move him into second place. Weng Hao will stay in the lead, obviously, with his 90 points…but there still could be the opportunity that we see a tie-break between the Chinese gymnasts should multiple Chinese men lead events in the overall rankings. Part of me is like PLEASE LET CHINA TAKE RINGS because I’d LOVE to see Keikha go to the Olympics, but then the other part of me is like PLEASE LET CHINA TAKE POMMELS so Eleftherios Petrounias can get in on rings. I HATE THIS.


1. Stephen Nedoroscik, United States, 15.400
2. Saeedreza Keikha, Iran, 15.033
3. Kohei Kameyama, Japan, 14.833
4. Thierry Pellerin, Canada, 14.566
5. Tan Fu Jie, Malaysia, 13.400
6. Vladislav Poliashov, Russia, 12.333
7. Joshua Nathan, Great Britain, 12.333
8. Robert Seligman, Croatia, 7.200

11:33 am. Joshua Nathan, Great Britain, PH: A little arched in his handstand out of a scissor element. Good one-arm swing. Some hip weakness throughout. Slow and steady on his pirouette. Hip angle closes quite a bit before his flairs. Extension could be cleaner…and then on his travel, kind of drops against the horse, really just a loss of rhythm there. Back on and gets the travels this time, legs apart though. Double pirouette into the dismount. He needs to clean up a lot but that’s a super difficult routine and he mostly had control over what he was doing! 12.333 (6.8, 5.533)

11:30 am. Vladislav Poliashov, Russia, PH: Really nice split on his scissors. Extension on his flairs is also fabulous. Just maybe gets a little ahead of himself, then brings his foot down and whacks it against the horse when he was close to the end. Gets back up and then like, buckles his legs for some reason? I couldn’t really see what happened, even…maybe fell back a little on his arms and just kind of collapsed in on himself? Weird. Just the dismount left. 12.333 (5.8, 6.833, -0.3)

11:28 am. Thierry Pellerin, Canada, PH: Hip angle is pretty closed from the beginning but he opens up on some elements. He’s also a bit up-and-down in terms of his height above the horse. Legs are pretty glued throughout, I don’t think I’ve seen them come apart once. Easy dismount, doesn’t go up to handstand. A fine routine overall. 14.566 (6.2, 8.366)

11:26 am. Saeedreza Keikha, Iran, PH: Fantastic flair work throughout. Showed incredible control on everything. One of his best routines honestly. 15.033 (6.5, 8.533)

11:23 am. Kohei Kameyama, Japan, PH: Weird jerky movement from his handstand down to the scissor. Flairs are very nice for the most part. He’s just not super…sharp I guess? Yeah especially toward the end. Gets a bit loose with his form and then arches over his handstand on the dismount and has a weird landing. 14.833 (6.8, 8.033)

11:20 am. Stephen Nedoroscik, United States, PH: HUUUGE swing on his opening handstand work. Pretty tight form throughout. Legs and hips aren’t breaking. Just slightly muscles into the full pirouette handstand, but solid on the landing. Lovely routine. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! 15.400 (6.7, 8.700)!!!!!!!!!! Awwwww he’s SO happy. That’s amazing.

11:18 am. Tan Fu Jie, Malaysia, PH: His single pommel swing is GORGEOUS. Nice high lift over the handle and he’s just very slow and steady. Flairs are also nice. A little rushed near the end. Starts losing hip form near the end, and he arches through his dismount, doesn’t get it to handstand and stumbles the landing. 13.400 (5.9, 7.500)

11:13 am. Robert Seligman, Croatia, PH: So I already know he’s gonna dislocate his finger and I’m just not gonna watch. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Okay I’m gonna listen though. He’s starting now. Wow he’s doing such a good job!!!! I’m sure of it. Everything sounds perfect. And then halfway through…DRAMA. Okay I’m not looking really but he goes running off the podium and the medics are like popping it back in, and he’s like cool, this is really fun for me, I’m having such a great time here in Australia. Once it’s all popped back in he’s just sitting there like 🙂 hahahahaha GOD BLESS. Lord. I hate and love this. 7.200 (2.7, 8.500, -4.0)

11:11 am. The Olympic Channel app is being annoying but I’m trying to jump ahead to the next event so I don’t have to sit through the medal ceremonies! Okay, looks like I’m gonna make it work. It’s weird, I keep trying to skip ahead to a certain time stamp but it hops me back 5 minutes. FUN.

11:09 am. Today’s results bring Jade to a perfect 90 in the series rankings, which should be pretty untouchable because even if Yu Linmin or Rebeca Andrade wins the next two, Jade will easily win the tie-break.

Though it wasn’t the best day for Rayderley Zapata, he’ll still hold on to first place in the floor series rankings. Kirill Prokopev jumped up to fifth place, but he’s still only at 39 points.


1. Jade Carey, United States, 14.866
2. Coline Devillard, France, 14.249
3. Shoko Miyata, Japan, 14.149
4. Angelina Radivilova, Ukraine, 13.983
5. Tjasa Kysselef, Slovenia, 13.716
6. Ahtziri Sandoval, Mexico, 13.650
7. Teja Belak, Slovenia, 13.466
8. Maria Paseka, Russia, 13.233


1. Ryu Sung-hyun, South Korea, 14.933
2. Kirill Prokopev, Russia, 14.600
3. Milad Karimi, Kazakhstan, 14.200
4. Yahor Sharamkou, Belarus, 14.033
5. Rayderley Zapata, Spain, 14.033
6. Ethan Dick, New Zealand, 13.766
7. Jorge Vega Lopez, Guatemala, 13.700
8. Bram Verhofstad, Netherlands, 13.100

11:03 am. Tjasa Kysselef, Slovenia, VT: Yurchenko 1.5, knee form in the air, just slightly soft, and she kind of is shocked by the landing which causes her to take a big step forward. Is anyone else watching Dare Me? Because Tjasa looks JUST like the girl playing Beth. 13.666 (5.0, 8.666)

Handspring front tuck full is super solid! Just slight leg separation as she goes into her tuck, but she pulls it back into control and the rest of her form is fantastic. Solid landing, too. 13.766 (4.8, 8.966)

Averages a 13.716.

11:00 am. Ahtziri Sandoval, Mexico, VT: Tsuk double full, not too bad in the air, but goes way off center and lands a bit short, takes a big step to control it. 14.100 (5.6, 8.600, -0.1)

Does a handspring front tuck instead of the layout she’s typically capable of. Looked planned, though, as her tuck form is super tight. Just nowhere near the difficulty she wanted at this competition. 13.200 (4.4, 8.800)

Averages a 13.650.

10:58 am. Jade Carey, United States, VT: Starts with the Cheng, not her best, kind of rushed into her block and flew sideways, my heart dropped for a second but she just lost a little of her form in the air. Did a great job to control the landing…could’ve been a lot worse, but she just has to take a step OOB to control it. 14.966 (6.0, 9.066, -0.1)

The DTY is solid, just a hop back. Not as tight as qualifications, but still very strong and with tons of power. She even has time to flare it out a little on the landing. 14.766 (5.4, 9.366)

Averages a 14.866…down a couple tenths from day one but still untouchable in this field.

10:56 am. Ethan Dick, New Zealand, FX: Piked double front, good, small hop. Front full to front double full with a step forward. Arabian double front, pretty low, but controls it with a hop back. 2.5 to front layout. Clean double full. INCREDIBLY clean triple full, just a tad low but his form was gorgeous. Tiny hop back. 13.766 (5.6, 8.166)

10:53 am. Coline Devillard, France, VT: Rudi to start, and it’s pretty great! Her form in the air is some of the best on this event in this set. The landing comes up a bit quick for her, so she has her chest slightly forward and takes a step back but that was very very good. 14.766 (5.8, 8.966)

Second vault is the DTY, leg form in the second twist gets a bit lost and she is low with a big stumble back, OOB. 13.733 (5.4, 8.433, -0.1)

Averages a 14.249, which puts her into first ahead of Shoko Miyata at the moment.

10:50 am. Jorge Vega Lopez, Guatemala, FX: Piked double front, a bit rushed and takes a big step out. 2.5 to front full to barani is fine. Full-twisting double layout, also a hop back OOB. A random Rudi after that. 2.5 to barani. Double full…everything just looks so rushed to me right now? Including the double full. Triple full with a step back. 13.700 (5.8, 8.100, -0.2)

10:48 am. Milad Karimi, Kazakhstan, FX: Son! He’s so grown up now. Double front half-out with a little hop back. 3.5 to Rudi, YAS. Front full to randi, flies out-of-bounds. Double double, stuck. 2.5 to barani is very clean, stuck that, too. Triple full is a little short, takes a step back. Not a bad routine, and he was VERY clean throughout…just not his absolute best! 14.200 (6.1, 8.400, -0.3)

10:45 am. Angelina Radivilova, Ukraine, VT: DTY, a bit sloppy in the air on the second twist, and she veers off to her right, going out-of-bounds. Not bad but not the cleanest. 14.000 (5.4, 8.600)

Goes for the Lopez next, layout shape is actually pretty good until the end, just pikes down for the landing and takes a big hop back. Some leg form. But overall solid. 13.966 (5.2, 8.766)

Averages a 13.983.

10:42 am. Yahor Sharamkou, Belarus, FX: Front double full to double front, a bit cowboyed with a hop but yas. Front full to double front half-out, CASUAL. Double double with a small hop. Double layout, maybe slightly short? Double full with a little scoot back. Finishes with a triple full, leg form is iffy, and he takes a step back to control it. 14.033 (5.9, 8.133)

10:39 am. Teja Belak, Slovenia, VT: Ugh, sits the handspring front layout full. A bit piked and tucked in the air as well. 13.000 (5.4, 7.600)

Excellent landing on the Yurchenko 1.5, just a slightly soft body line and she goes a bit off-center in the air, but the landing was fabulous. 13.933 (5.0, 8.933)

Averages a 13.466.

10:38 am. Kirill Prokopev, Russia, FX: Front full to randi, good. 3.5 to tucked barani, goes a bit low and long but gets it. 2.5 to front double full, short with a hop back. Double double and a clean double full after that. His air flairs are awesome. Triple full, chest down, and a hop. 14.600 (6.4, 8.200)

10:35 am. Shoko Miyata, Japan, VT: DTY, some leg form and a little bounce back, but it’s fine! Japan just cranking out DTYs from literally everyone, they have probably 10 girls who can knock them out in a final like this which is awesome. 14.233 (5.4, 8.833)

Does the tsuk 1.5 for her second vault, really solid in the air, just a hop. 14.066 (5.2, 8.866)

Averages a 14.149.

10:33 am. Bram Verhofstad, Netherlands, FX: 3.5 to front full, good! Arabian double front half-out with a step back. Front tuck full to randi is a little short in rotation. 2.5 to barani, tucked it seemed. Sticks the double full. Triple full, ankles crossed and a big hop into a lunge forward. 13.100 (5.6, 7.500)

10:29 am. Maria Paseka, Russia, VT: Oh god I already know what happens but here we go. Amanar, leg form is a bit of a mess in the air, more so than usual because she’s actually gotten relatively clean here. And then she doesn’t have the landing at all, flies forward with her hands down. 13.133 (5.8, 7.633, -0.3)

Second vault is the “Lopez” but it’s honest to god one of the worst I’ve ever seen and I don’t say this to be mean to her, I say it because it’s accurate and she needs to stop with front layout vaults. It’s somehow everything but a layout position in the air. Gonna get downgraded to a Pod just like in qualifications. 13.333 (4.8, 8.533)

Averages a 13.233.

10:25 am. Rayderley Zapata, Spain, FX: Full-in half-out double front, that skill always blows and boggles my mind. 1.5 to front double pike. Front double pike half-out and then a front double tuck half-out, both fine, landings could be a little cleaner. Double full side pass. 2.5 to front full is good, but then his double layout lands a bit short AND out-of-bounds, so that’s a bummer. 14.033 (6.5, 7.833, -0.3)

10:21 am. Ryu Sung-hyun, South Korea, FX: Piked double front half-out, great. Front full to front double full, excellent. 2.5 to front double full I think? Casual. 2.5 to Randi. Double full for his side pass I’m 99.9999% sure but that last tiny percentage makes me think it may have been a triple. It was so fast. And finishes with a 3.5! Damn. 14.933 (6.5, 8.433)

10:20 am. So I’m obviously doing a NOT live blog because as hard as I tried to wake up at 2 am, it just wasn’t happening for this old gal.

Men’s floor and women’s vault will kick off the competition any second now.

27 thoughts on “2020 Melbourne World Cup | Event Finals Day 1 Live Blog

  1. Re- Ri Sung Hyun’s FX, he actually did a front full to front triple full, and your .0001% was right! He did a triple full, not a double full! 😀


  2. Re Ryu Sung Hyun’s FX: He actually did a front full into a triple-full! And your .0001% was right! He did a triple-full for the short pass! 😀


  3. So Jade is pretty much going to the Olympics at this point?

    And I notice the form every time Varinska does a routine. When she does her connected release move, her body basically looks like a ring/sheep jump position. I’m surprised she’s able to catch her release move


    • Yes, Jade is almost guaranteed that spot! There is a possibility for Linmin or Rebeca to get it, but it’s like, almost certainly not going to happen, especially since Jade is going to Baku to continue to defend that spot.

      And yeah, I always think there’s something just…weird about Varinska’s swing. I can never really pinpoint how to talk about it but “floppy” is the only thing that comes to mind, or like her body is made of rubber or something, hahaha. She should be at a 14.5 for this routine but her damn body is just all over the place.


  4. Ok so can you clarify the tie breakers for me… if Jade doesn’t compete in the next two, and Yu Linmin (or, miraculously, Rebeca Andrade) does and wins both…. then both of then would have 90pts. How would Jade win that tie break?


    • They would break it down to individual scores. Jade’s are 14.866, 14.883, 14.766, and 14.516. Linmin’s are too low to really factor in (her highest is like a 14.6), so if she does win the next one somehow, Jade will win the tie-break pretty easily. Rebeca had a 14.728 at Cottbus, which is pretty close to the majority of Jade’s scores, and higher than Jade’s Cottbus score where she just did the DTY and Lopez combo, but that was basically as good as it was gonna get for Rebeca…she had really high E scores there for her own DTY and Lopez, but now that Jade has stuck with the Cheng, her overall scores are consistently higher, and I don’t see Rebeca outscoring her to win the tie-break. A 14.728 is HUGE for a DTY and Lopez combo, whereas Jade’s vaults on a good day can break a 15 average.


  5. So I’m guessing no Tokyo for either Iliankova or Daria??? And don’t get me started on Paseka…

    I love Russian gymnasts but they are disappointing sometimes.


  6. Also, which gymnasts do you think are going to make the Russian Olympic team? I’m thinking Melnikova is the only lock. Urazova is promising, idk who else.


    • I think Melnikova and Urazova for sure, and then probably Akhaimova, since she’s vaulting better than Paseka and can also do floor, unlike Paseka. The fourth spot is up in the air for me but I’d take Gerasimova for beam, or Anastasia Agafonova for bars, to balance out Akhaimova. I’d prefer having Gerasimova’s beam over Agafonova’s, but I’d be worried about Gerasimova on bars…but then vice versa for Agafonova. Too bad we can’t combine them, but I think overall Agafonova has proven herself more as having a slightly better bars/beam combo than Gerasimova has.


  7. Gerasimova scored high 14s and high 13s on beam and floor respectively at a recent regional competition. Likely crack scores considering it was a local competition, but still significant considering how early it is in the season. I would think barring injury Urazova is a lock, at her regionals she went 14 on vault (likely did a 1.5 or sloppy DTY) above 15 on bars, close to 15 on beam and 14.6 on floor, so if she holds up, I see her being the second best AA in the world, easily. If you assume Gerasimova, Melnikova and Urazova are locks then all they would need is a VT/UB gymnast to balance Gerasimova. Mustafina would fit that role perfectly in theory but unfortunately it looks like she’s not going to make it. So then you need the best vaulter that sucks the least on bars or vice versa. Gerasimova isn’t great on bars, but it isn’t the end of the world if her scores have to count so I would think they’d prioritize having a vaulter, so probably Akhaimova.


    • I would prefer Agafanova than Gerasimova in the team: currently, Agafanova has the best Russian UB routine with the highest D-score (only her can reach 6.4), and she is beautiful on beam (5.5 and possible 5.7 with connections). Considering Akhaimova will do vault and floor, she is the UB/beam the team needs.
      Gerasimova is fantastic on beam (5.9 possible, but more often 5.7), but average on UB (around 5.7) and not better than Akhaimova on floor.
      Agafanova is a better choice for the team and Gerasimova can get the spot through European Championships.


  8. Russia can still get a spot by having a gymnast finish top 2 at Europeans. I assume they’re banking on the 04 babies pulling through since a gymnast who contributed to their Olympic qualification cannot earn this spot. If they achieve that, the spot is nominative so they can choose to give it to whoever they want. I’d think Spiridonova or Agafanova looks the most likely to get that since Iliankova is really inconsistent and injury prone and Paseka is falling apart.


  9. If Jade def going to Baku and win there as well, which i think will happen given her current momentum, then i guess we can definitely say she clinches it then? but even now it pretty improbable that anyone else would catch her.

    I guess she is now locked into the individual spot? I just don’t see anymore debate about her giving up the individual slot to be on the team no matter how hypothetical anymore.


    • It would be stupid to put Jade on the team because then they’re sending 5 gymnasts to the Games when they very easily would’ve sent 6. It’s not happening. Even if Jade was like “guys I don’t want to be an individual, I want to be on the main team”, they wouldn’t allow her. The only way it would make any sense to put Jade on the team at this point is if all but a couple of the entire National Team got season ending injuries between now and August.


  10. On Twitter – you said ‘On bars, Iliankova is officially out of the race, but if points are redistributed, Daria Spiridonova is now in, and she is the only one who can upset Fan Yilin given that Lyu Jiaqi isn’t registered for Baku.However, if they DON’T redistribute points, not much changes. After Melbourne I’ll put together a comparison between the two ranking systems so you can see. ‘ So are point redistributed? Daria would have to win the next two cups?


  11. Just wanna leave a brief thank you for describing Paseka’s second vault accurately and not sugar coating it. It was objectively not good, and that doesn’t mean she is a bad person or that returning after back surgery isn’t impressive, it just means that it was not good and it should not have made it into the finals over less difficult, better performed vaults. The end.


    • Yes. People are like “why is it okay to make fun of Paseka’s vault and not anyone else?!” and I’m like no one’s making fun of it, it’s just straight-up not good. I feel like I always point out the flaws in everyone’s vaults without being “mean,” just accurate and showing why deductions happen. Her Lopez and Cheng are two of the worst-performed vaults on the senior elite scene right now…obviously there’s a lot to point out because basically EVERYTHING is wrong with it!!! I think I’m more than fair especially because I do recognize how great her Amanar/DTY can be when she’s on…but the Lopez/Cheng is just…no.


      • Totally!! Accurate commentary is one million times more valuable to your readership, especially for people popping in during an Olympic year, so thanks for holding fast, doing the lord’s work ❤


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