2020 Melbourne World Cup | Event Finals Day 2 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the second day of event finals at the 2020 Melbourne World Cup, held in Melbourne, Australia!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.


1. Jade Carey, United States, 14.366
2. Vanessa Ferrari, Italy, 13.700
3. Lara Mori, Italy, 12.900
4. Ondine Achampong, Great Britain, 12.700
5. Isabela Onyshko, Canada, 12.533
6. Breanna Scott, Australia, 12.400
7. Georgia Godwin, Australia, 12.333
8. Emma Spence, Canada, 12.100


1. Epke Zonderland, Netherlands, 14.900
2. Milad Karimi, Kazakhstan, 14.500
3. Mitchell Morgans, Australia, 14.233
4. Umit Samiloglu, Turkey, 13.533
5. Hidetaka Miyachi, Japan, 13.400
6. Alexander Myakinin, Israel, 12.966
7. Tyson Bull, Australia, 12.100
8. Mikhail Koudinov, New Zealand, 10.666

1:25 am. Jade Carey, United States, FX: Full-twisting double layout, excellent. Gets the double L turn around well. Double layout with a lunge back. Excellent double double, the landing was superb. Hit a split full after that. Front tuck through to double tuck, so open, baby bounce back. OKAY CHAMP. 14.366

1:23 am. Mikhail Koudinov, New Zealand, HB: Goes for his crazy front tuck full thing that I never really understand because literally WHAT is he doing (it’s named for him as of 2017, right?) but he unfortunately can’t catch it. It’s basically a Gaylord tuck full right? I literally have no clue. Front pike over the high bar and then a Gaylord, Yamawaki, Tkachev, stalder to hop full to blind change, Endo, then dismounts with a full-twisting double layout which he ALMOST gets, but he’s like, on his toes and just like gracefully falls forward to his hands lol UGH. 10.666

1:20 am. Isabela Onyshko, Canada, FX: Switch ring full. Double tuck, into a controlled lunge. Front full to stag. Performing well, too. Memmel to illusion is good. Switch ring to switch full, just some feet on the second of those, but the ring shape actually looked pretty great. Double pike, controlled lunge back. Very nice work. 12.533

1:18 am. Mitchell Morgans, Australia, HB: Cassina, nice. Layout Kovacs, some form in the air. Kolman, solid. Kovacs, also very good. Blind change to Endo, stoop, and dismounts with a double double layout, a tiny bit low with a step but overall very strong routine. 14.233

1:16 am. Emma Spence, Canada, FX: Split jump full. Front through to 2.5 with just slightly soft knees and a step, solid. 1.5 through to double tuck, hop back. Tour jeté full. Switch ring, nice, to split ring leap half. Double pike, a little labored on that one and she takes a step back out of bounds, but overall this is a great routine. 12.100

1:14 am. Umit Samiloglu, Turkey, HB: Cassina, nice. Kolman, also very good. Tkachev to Tkachev in mixed grip, stoop full is super late, stoop through to front giants again, like three of them, back in regular grip, tucked double double with a hop. He kinda slowed down throughout the end of that but the releases were great. 13.533

1:12 am. Vanessa Ferrari, Italy, FX: Double double, nearly stuck it! Looked like it was gonna go 20,000 miles outside of the mat she got SO much air. KILLED it on the double layout. OKAY DAMN. She looks fantastic. Lots of amplitude on her leaps and jumps as well. I feel like she could do a switch double full. Damn, she really packs in the D with her dance elements. Front full into some choreography into her ending pose. Fantastic honestly. 13.700!!

1:10 am. Milad Karimi, Kazakhstan, HB: My son’s back for more! Look at Milad making ALL THE FINALS. Okay, four out of six. Amaizing. Yamawaki, Cassina, Kovacs to Kolman, excellent! Just lost leg form for a second. Hop full, Rybalko, Endo full, quite late but it’s high bar, what isn’t quite late? Double double dismount stuck. !!!!!!!!!!!! MILAD!!!!!!!!!!! 14.500!!!!!

1:09 am. I don’t think we got the score for Achampong…

1:07 am. Georgia Godwin, Australia, FX: First pass is the front layout to double front, goes TOO hard today after coming up short in qualifications, and she’s more upright in her chest/legs, but too far back on her heels, sits it unfortunately. Double layout is good. Memmel to full pirouette. Solid in her leaps. Front full. 12.333

1:05 am. Hidetaka Miyachi, Japan, HB: Oh god I’m going to screw this one up, aren’t I? Pray for me. Miyachi, COOL. Bretschneider, COOL. Cassina, COOL. OMGGGGG the Kolman goes SO close, he can’t really swing out of it and has to jump off. THAT’S a bummer. Back on for a stoop full, Yamawaki to Endo, stoop half, and a full-in double layout, stuck with his chest low. Welp.

1:02 am. Ondine Achampong, Great Britain, FX: SO excited to see this from a stream and not a faraway video. Popa to start. Double pike, clean with a hop back. Gorgeous switch ring to switch full. Goodness she’s so lovely. Memmel turn, great extension. Front double full with a little hop to the side. Actually may have just been a front full now that my brain’s replaying it. Idk. I hate second-guessing myself. Switch ring half. Double full. Then a Swan Lake pose at the end. Absolutely beautiful. 12.900

12:58 am. Alexander Myakinin, Israel, HB: Starts with some front giants, blind full, Cassina is great. Kovacs also very good. But then off on his Kolman. He looks a bit stunned. Sir, you’re in a high bar final. This is what happens. This is the ONLY thing that happens. Just looked like he was still a little above the bar when trying to catch so not enough distance over. Gets it no problem the second time, still a bit close. Gaylord II into his front giant swings, including a stoop and Endo, full-twisting double layout with a hop forward.

12:54 am. Breanna Scott, Australia, FX: Popa to start. Tucked full-in, some leg form, but a pretty good landing! She’s a good performer too. Front tuck through to double tuck, nearly stuck, little shuffle back with one baby step. Double L turn to pirouette. Really cool transition into her wolf turn. High double pike, but still comes up a tad short on the landing, step forward. Hit her leap series into the corner before her last pass, a double full with a step to the side. So, uh, we sending her to NCAA anytime soon, Australia? 12.400

12:52 am. Tyson Bull, Australia, HB: Tried to connect a Kovacs to Kolman, but missed his hands on the second element, looks like he just came in a little low…could kinda catch with one arm but the other was just too far gone unfortunately. Cassina, loses his leg form but thankfully after he catches so it doesn’t mess him up too much. All of his pirouette elements go well, lovely full-twisting double layout with a step back. 12.100

12:50 am. Lara Mori, Italy, FX: I LOVE this new music for her. Whip to full-in lands out-of-bounds. 2.5 to punch front. Good on her leaps. Triple full, leg form isn’t quite there, and she hops forward on one leg. Memmel to illusion right into a forward roll is a really cool series, I thought she was gonna keep doing illusion connections. Double pike is great. 12.900

12:47 am. Epke Zonderland, Netherlands, HB: Starts in mixed grip into his Endo full, Cassina to Kovacs, Kolman to Gaylord II, does some pirouettes, then a double double layout with a baby step back. BRILLIANT! 14.900

12:44 am. Athletes are marching out for the final two finals!

12:38 am. Medal ceremony is happening now! Back in five-ish minutes.


1. Vladislav Poliashov, Russia, 15.200
2. Yusuke Tanaka, Japan, 15.166
3. Dinh Phuong Thanh, Vietnam, 14.933
4. Shoichi Yamamoto, Japan, 14.900
5. Mitchell Morgans, Australia, 13.866
6. Frank Rijken, Netherlands, 13.733
7. Milad Karimi, Kazakhstan, 13.633
8. Sercan Demir, Turkey, 11.200

12:31 am. Frank Rijken, Netherlands, PB: The same salto to handstand everyone did. Good. Arched over a cast to handstand after that. Looked like he hit his leg on the bar on one element. He’s just a little bit rushed on everything. Tippelt was pretty smooth. One-arm pirouette also really nice. Really slowly-rotating double front, low with a hop back. 13.733

12:28 am. Yusuke Tanaka, Japan, PB: So far the podium is really tight…and he can make it even tighter. Salto to handstand, holds it for 45 hours. Arched slightly on a transition/pirouette. Transition to single rail and back is flawless. Nice handstand after that as well. Arched a pirouette but then a 1.5 pirouette is fab. Single rail inbar press to handstand, so straight. Double pike with a small hop back. Mostly fabulous. 15.166

12:25 am. Shoichi Yamamoto, Japan, PB: Double salto to his arms, Bhavsar with a ton of distance, Tippelt, keeps moving his hands a bunch like shuffling them back and forth to get that handstand. Single rail handstand, presses through inbar to handstand, lovely. Clean handstand after that, then a double pike dismount with a hop. 14.900

12:21 am. Vladislav Poliashov, Russia, PB: Everything at the beginning was great. Tippelt, with a half pirouette out of it, lovely. Everything is really fluid and solid, omg HIS SALTO CONNECTED INTO THE DISMOUUUUUUUUNT that was FANTASTIC okay I’m not super into the p-bars field in terms of the overall world cup series rankings since most of the big p-bars guys have already qualified to the Olympics as individuals or helped qualify their teams or whatever, so I was like can we just get rid of p-bars and give the spot to high bar so both Zonderland and Miyachi can get in, but okay, I’ll let Vladislav back into the mix if he’s gonna do stuff like this. 15.200!

12:17 am. Sercan Demir, Turkey, PB: Super straight handstand at the start. Legs come apart on the single rail and he can’t pull himself back to handstand, has to drop off. Back on and he has to press to handstand almost right away, just bent in his elbows, also has to press hard into the Tippelt. Bhavsar into a pike sit hold thingy. Double front dismount, comes into it SUPER slow and rotates slowly, sits it. 11.200

12:15 am. Mitchell Morgans, Australia, PB: Front salto to handstand, maybe a TINY arched over. Comes in low onto his transition to the single rail. One-arm pirouette, a tiny bit short, and then he’s arched again on the single rail after that. Just a hair off on everything. Until now, REALLY arches over on a pirouette, uses all of his strength to bring it back to handstand. Good fight! Double pike is good. 13.866

12:11 am. Dinh Phuong Thanh, Vietnam, PB: Salto to handstand, nice pirouette to single rail back to both, short on a handstand after that. Had another big salto skill, then a Bhavsar I think. Tippelt after that, lovely press. Double front half-out with a small hop back. 14.933!!

12:09 am. Milad Karimi, Kazakhstan, PB: Had some salto work at the beginning, omg his pike position before another salto, his knees literally touched his eyeballs. Tippelt. Lost his legs on a pirouette but he got it back. Stuck the double front half-out. GOD he’s amazing. 13.633

12:05 am. Okay, gymnasts are marching out for the next event!! I’M GETTING SLEEPY, I woke up at 7 for some reason?? Rude. I think we’re just getting p-bars this rotation. I learned a bunch of p-bars skills at the end of last year but think I’ve forgotten them all.

11:54 pm. Okay, yeah, the medal ceremony is happening now and Medvedev just came out for bronze, Vega Lopez for silver, and Shin for gold. HOORAY FOR YALL.

11:50 pm. So I think it’s Ashikawa, Achampong, and Bachynska on beam, and then Shin, Vega Lopez, and Medvedev on vault, but still waiting for a confirmation, for vault anyway. I think beam is official.

11:47 pm. Yahor Sharamkou, Belarus, VT: Kaz 1.5 with a stumble back, pretty low there.

Dragulescu for the second vault, fine on the landing, nothing majorly wrong, I’ve fully tuned out of this final.

11:44 pm. Jorge Vega Lopez, Guatemala, VT: Handspring randi, really good! Super solid on the landing.

I didn’t see the entry for the second but believe he did a kaz 1.5? I wish they’d show replays!!! I always miss something whilst typing and then I glance down at my phone screen and it’s already over.


11:40 pm. Shin Jea-hwan, South Korea, VT: Kaz 2.5, did I see that right? It was good!

Handspring randi for vault two, I feel like I missed the landing for this because we got Ashikawa’s beam score just one half a second before and I was like wait what’s the order? Anyway IIRC he had like, a not perfect landing but nothing super wrong with it? I didn’t see his score.

11:38 pm. Urara Ashikawa, Japan, BB: GOD PLEASE BE BRILLIANT! Bhs loso, tiny hip check. Lovely jump series. Split ring jump, maybe just some foot form? Chest down on her side somi, but corrects, and hits the transverse jump. Switch leap to sheep jump, little bobble, but good form on the leap, the jump form was kinda hard to see from this angle. Side aerial is perfect. BIG wobble on a double spin but she stayed on! WEIRDLY SO. Like, her back/hips were completely leaning off the side of the beam and she was like “haha I glued my feet tho.” Hit the dismount with a step. 13.300

11:35 pm. Andrey Medvedev, Israel, VT: Kaz double pike, NICE. We had a bad angle for the pike shape/knee form, but from the back-on view it looked really solid, and his landing was pretty great, just a step.

Piked handspring double front, just a step forward. Honestly excellent, and with such insane difficulty. I’ll let him beat Milad.

Averages a 14.550, just SLIGHTLY ahead of Karimi, and then Bacueti is behind them.

11:33 pm. Ayaka Sakaguchi, Japan, BB: Side aerial + loso, excellent. Full turn. Switch ring, low back leg and a fall unfortunately. Front aerial, solid. A little low in her transverse split jump half. Side somi is pretty solid. Dances out of it. 2.5 with a small step forward. 12.400

11:28 pm. Achampong is in the lead with Bachynska right behind her at this point!

Georgia Godwin, Australia, BB: I wasn’t typing at the beginning but she did a leap for her mount right into a leap + acro series, and it was great. Also solid on her wolf turn. HUUUUGE side somi, DAMN, that AIR. Bhs layout, a bit piked and she takes a couple of steps back out of it. Switch leap, wobbled, missed connection to the front aerial to split jump, tiny shuffle on that landing. Hit a leap series. A little wobbly at the end of another wolf turn. Hit the dismount with her chest slightly forward, solid in her feet though. 12.766

11:26 pm. Milad Karimi, Kazakhstan, VT: EXCELLENT handspring double front!!! DAMN SON. I mean, cowboyed but the chest height!!! And stuck!!!! We stan.

Second vault is a Kaz 1.5 with a baby step back, SO CLEAN IN THE AIR. VAULT CHAMP PLEASE. GOD his form is *chef’s kiss*

Averages a 14.533 to take the lead!

11:24 pm. Anastasiia Bachynska, Ukraine, BB: Front handspring front tuck, gets it, but with a slight wobble. Switch leap, NICE back leg! To switch half, weaker in her split, to split jump. Front aerial with a check. Doesn’t connect to the split ring jump, bobble on that too. Switch to side aerial, also a little bobble. Good fight throughout! Switch ring, back foot a little flexed. Check on her turn. She’s gonna get more off in balance checks than Nedov got for the fall tbh. Double tuck is pretty solid though. 12.933

11:21 pm. Joshua Valle, Mexico, VT: Kaz double, some leg form, and a step back/OOB, but overall pretty solid.

Dragulescu to his hands. LOVE A WORLD CUP MEN’S VAULT FINAL.

11:19 pm. Emma Nedov, Australia, BB: NOOOOOOOO SHE’S OFF ON HER LAYOUT SERIES!!!!! The layout was HELLA laid-out throughout, btw. That was a bummer. So clean and just couldn’t hold onto that landing. Aerial into her jumps, nice. Transverse split jump half with a slight check. Switch leap. Switch ring also solid. Super solid punch front. Double pike, very clean, hop forward. Really just that fall, this otherwise was fantastic. UGH. 12.533

11:17 pm. Audrys Nin Reyes, Dominican Republic, VT: Goes for the tsuk tucked full-in and crashes it to his face, I literally screamed “what the F— ” because I honestly couldn’t tell what he was going for and it took me a minute to gauge that he did a double salto hahahaha. Lord beer me strength.

Does the Dragulescu for his second vault, and he’s a bit low with a big hop but he at least doesn’t die.

Averages a 13.603.

11:15 pm. Diana Varinska, Ukraine, BB: Bhs bhs layout, VERY solid, just some leg separation going into the layout. Switch ring with a little bobble. Jump series is fine, front aerial to split ring jump, not bad on the ring! Side somi. Slight check at the end of the split leap to side aerial. Double full, stuck it cold, just some ankle form in the air. 12.800

11:13 pm. James Bacueti, Australia, VT: Kaz double, nice! Kept rotating into the landing, though, and had to take a huge lunge back to control it.

I’ll try to get scores if I can, by the way. There’s no live scoring and it doesn’t look like they’re announcing all of the scores. Results can be a surprise!

Second vault is a handspring front double full, not as tight in the form as his first vault was and he doesn’t have the landing as solidly as he probably hoped.

11:10 pm. Emma Spence, Canada, BB: Candle mount, holds it well! Double full is great. Split ring jump, back knee is slightly low, but gets it. Bhs back layout, maybe piked? Switch half is excellent. Front aerial, wobbled with her leg up but fought through with a smile. Clean side somi. Dismounts with a double full, weirdly a little low, couldn’t see if her hands touched. I honestly don’t know what happened really, she got a pretty good set into it. 11.600

11:07 pm. Ondine Achampong, Great Britain, BB: Lovely front walkover mount. Front aerial to split jump to straddle jump, excellent extension. BEAUTIFUL bhs loso loso. GOODNESS. Clean side aerial, and a good switch ring, I kinda missed her ring shape but she hit the skill well. Wobbled on her turn. 2.5 with a hop forward. Absolutely brilliant. 13.166

13 thoughts on “2020 Melbourne World Cup | Event Finals Day 2 Live Blog

  1. OMG the dutch official news website writes that Miyachi gives up and will not go to Doha and Bakoe, so Epke will get the ticket to the Olympics. Is there any other confirmation about this? And can someone else still go over Epke his score? Here the news in Dutch from NOS.nl with my translation.

    ‘Ticket voor Epke’ (ticket to Epke)

    “Ik had hier hoger moeten scoren, dat is me niet gelukt. De route via de wereldbekers is voor mij nu einde verhaal”, aldus Miyachi. “Dus het ticket is voor Epke. Ik ga niet naar Doha en Bakoe.”
    (I should have scored higher at this competition, but I did not. The Worldcup route ended here. The ticket goes to Epke, I will not go to Doha and Bakoe, quote from Miyachi)


    • that’s so sad to hear…;( they were head to head with each other but i guess now he’s just too far behind in point now.

      i guess with jade getting the win also in fx, if she wins again in both in baku, that would pretty much make it mathematically impossible for anyone to challenge her then? i mean as of now she is virtually guarantee a spot anyway even if she doesn’t go to anymore cups…


    • They both have 90 points, it is already going to come down to tie breaks. Strange he’d give up.

      And no one that has got 30 points on vault or floor already can beat jade in a tiebreaker, she has 90 points in both. So it is guaranteed.


      • i looked at past scores from yu and ferrari . youre right that that this point none of them will likely be able to produce a score that will boost their average above jade.


    • so will she even attend the Trial for practice or would just show up for the flower bouquet ceremony?

      In the latest NBC interview recently she said that she chose this route because she feels it’s right for her knowing she won’t be on the team. along with what tom already said, this means there’s no more hypothetical giving up the individual spot scenario now…


      • I love that she went this route and it proves that jade can deliver all quad on two different events which is pretty hard. I’d love to see her really focus on the all around until the olympics and maybe be a surprise finish in qualifications, wouldn’t that be something? Didn’t Spenser say jade could be sipping mai Thais while everyone else is battling at Olympic trials ? Lol


      • With their focus on AA rankings for team spots, it was the safest choice.

        Especially with so many AA’rs training harder vaults that haven’t made it to competitions yet.

        She has high difficulty on BB it’s just her execution. I think she can pull off a 57, which is podium level AA.


        • I absolutely think they’ll just take the top 5 AA, put whichever has the least to give a 3 up in team final in the other non-nominative spot.

          It would be dumb, but that seems to be the easiest thing to do with so much depth. The least controversial, even if that comes at the expense of specialists with the best chances of medals.


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