2020 Szombathely Challenge Cup | Finals Day 2 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the second day of event finals at the 2020 Szombathely Challenge Cup, held in Szombathely, Hungary!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

11:57 am. HIGH BAR

1. Tin Srbic CRO 14.650
2. Milad Karimi KAZ 14.150
3. David Vecsernyes HUN 14.000
4. Vladyslav Hryko UKR 13.450
5. Petro Pakhniuk UKR 13.300
6. Alexander Benda AUT 13.300
7. Ivan Dejanovic SRB 11.700
8. Botond Kardos HUN 11.650

11:52 am. Milad Karimi KAZ HB: Huuuge Yamawaki, Cassina, Kovacs directly to Kolman, AMAZING!!! SHOWSTOPPING!!! Hop full, Rybalko, hops to L grip, Endo full in L grip, double double layout with a step back. Fantastic job. 14.150! Second place!

11:49 am. Tin Srbic CRO HB: Stalder 1.5, stalder Tkachev right to a Tkachev, layout Tkachev to straddle Tkachev to mixed grip, stoop full, stoop half, stalder, full-twisting double layout stuck. Perfection. Chef’s kiss. Beautiful. 14.650 (6.1, 8.550)

11:46 am. Vladyslav Hryko UKR HB: Yamawaki, layout Tkachev, layout Tkachev to mixed grip, straddle Tkachev to mixed grip, I strongly dislike that construction going to mixed grip, then just swinging back to regular, then releasing back to mixed, front one-arm pirouette, Endo full, Endo, double double layout with a small hop. 13.450 (5.4, 8.050)

11:43 am. Petro Pakhniuk UKR HB: German giants at the start, right into a stalder, straddle Tkachev, straddle Tkachev to mixed grip stoop full, Endo, stoop half, a little short, hop full, full-twisting double layout comes off the bar a bit weirdly and he ends up crazy low, takes a long lunge forward to keep it up. 13.300 (5.3, 8.000)

11:40 am. Ivan Dejanovic SRB HB: I couldn’t type through this, but saw he had a really high Yamawaki and a layout Tkachev to mixed grip. Fell after that but I didn’t see on what. Some L grip front giants, and a double layout full-out dismount with a solid landing. 11.700

11:35 am. Botond Kardos HUN HB: Messy on a stoop element, I think a full, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, a little too far from the bar, fall. Back on for some front giant work, including a late Endo full, full-twisting double layout is stuck. 11.650

11:34 am. Okay, I missed David Vecsernyes’ routine, he got a 14.000! In first place after two routines.

11:32 am. Sorry, my WiFi is now totally down. Gonna try to connect via my hotspot on my phone! Looks like this is working…jumping back in for the end of a routine it looks like.

11:27 am. Alexander Benda AUT HB: Great height on the Yamawaki, Kolman is also excellent, Kovacs, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, Rybalko, Endo full, a little under the bar on that one, Endo half, I lost my stream just before the dismount but overall from what I saw that was really great.

Hopefully I can catch the dismount in the replay…nope, I think my WiFi is out.

11:22 am. The touch warm-up for high bar is now underway!

11:06 am. WOMEN’S FLOOR

1. Angelina Radivilova UKR 13.200
2. Marta Pihan-Kulesza POL 12.900
3. Lisa Zimmermann GER 12.800
4 .Diana Varinska UKR 12.400
5. Noemi Makra HUN 12.200
6. Elina Vihrova LAT 11.550
7. Zoja Szekely HUN 11.500
8. Christina Zwicker CRO 10.700


1. Petro Pakhniuk UKR 14.950
2. Milad Karimi KAZ 14.300
3. Yevgen Yudenkov UKR 14.100
4. Botond Kardos HUN 13.900
5. Vlada Rakovic SRB 13.800
6. Matvei Petrov ALB 13.600
7. Filip Sasnal POL 13.100
8. Sebastian Gawronski POL 11.700

11:01 am. Vlada Rakovic SRB PB: Pike up to handstand, front straddle salto, great air, and handstand after that is excellent, Tippelt has a lot of control, holds the handstand after for one full hour, but then gets a bit rushed in his work near the end, nothing too bad, little shuffle on the double tuck. Good work! 13.800

10:57 am. Angelina Radivilova UKR FX: Memmel to illusion, a little iffy on that. 1.t through to triple full, wild in the air and a big bounce sideways on the landing. Arabian double front to stag, pretty solid. Split jump full. Tour jete half. Double pike, small hop back. Split ring leap. Great routine, just the first pass is a little eh, but she’s a lovely floor worker. 13.200 (5.4, 7.800)

10:55 am. Petro Pakhniuk UKR PB: One-arm to single rail is SO precise, as are all of his handstands so far. Comes out a little early from one, but nothing too bad, front straddle salto, a little rushed on a transition between the rails, and maybe on the one-arm pirouette after, double front half-out looks like it’s moving SO slowly in the air but he easily gets the landing. 14.950 (6.4, 8.550)

10:51 am. Marta Pihan-Kulesza POL FX: LET’S GOOOOOOOO. WORK COVERGIRL. 2.5 to front pike, a little wild with a step out of bounds. Tour jete full. Her choreo is epic. Arabian double front to stag is great. Quad turn to ILLUSION I’M SCREAMING. Front double full at the end and I’m barely paying attention to the form or anything really because her turn combo saved 2020. What a routine. I hope the judges ignore every fault and judge with their feels. 12.900 (5.2, 8,000, -0.3), moves her into first with just one to go!

Edit: It was actually a QUINTUPLE turn!!!!!!!!

10:48 am. Matvei Petrov ALB PB: Arched his first handstand a bit, walks it around halfway, front pike salto up to handstand, nice there, one-arm transition to the single rail was short, full one-arm pirouette was very good, though. Giant hop to handstand, basically right to the double front dismount, a little low with a big hop. 13.600 (5.3, 8.300)

10:45 am. Zoja Szekely HUN FX: Full Y turn to full pirouette, shimmy before her first pass, a double pike, bounces back into a couple of steps. Very clean double tuck, just a small hop forward. Switch ring, back leg isn’t quite there, to a switch half. Split jump full. As part of her choreo she did a little backwards roll with her legs in a split ring position. Love it. Split ring leap before her last pass, a front layout full, just bends her legs a bit. 11.500 (4.1, 7.400)

10:43 am. Filip Sasnal POL PB: L sit pressed to handstand, lovely. Also had a nice transition after that into a great handstand. Double front dismount with a hop. Was that the whole routine? Not much but it was very nice! 13.100 (4.2, 8.900)

10:39 am. Diana Varinska UKR FX: She was struggling with her double backs in the touch. PRAYERS UP. 1.5 through to double full with a big bounce on the landing. Triple L turn, a little wonky, but almost there. 2.5 to front tuck, comes out of the 2.5 maybe a tad low but still no issues. Just some leg form on both (crossed ankles on the 2.5, leg separation on the tuck). Tour jete half. Nice switch ring to ring leap! Really appreciating the section of choreo she has after that as well. Falls out of her Memmel turn, just not super precise there. Double tuck, cowboys it with a step back but she got it around! 12.400 (4.8, 7.600)

10:36 am. Yevgen Yudenkov UKR PB: Front pike up to handstand, just a little adjustment, arched in a transition to the single rail and back, one-arm pirouette to handstand also arched a bit, all of his handstands are a little arched, actually, another handstand muscled, one at the end is really far over with the arch, oy vey. Hit the dismount with a little hop. 14.100 (6.3, 7.800)

10:34 am. Lisa Zimmermann GER FX: 2.5 to front tuck, small hop forward. Triple full is pretty good but I couldn’t see her heels. Double pike, chest a bit forward and a little hop. Switch full to split jump. 1.5 to front full, really nice! Both in the air and on the landing. Double front attitude turn. Switch to tour jete half. Clean stuck double full at the end. Fantastic! 12.800 (4.8, 8.000)

10:31 am. Milad Karimi KAZ PB: Front pike salto up to handstand, nice. Good transition between bars, front straddle salto to his arms, nice on that too. Tippelt is a little short at first but he pulls it in. Some one-arm work, then a really good double front half dismount, just slides his feet. 14.300 (5.8, 8.500)

10:28 am. Christina Zwicker CRO FX: Switch half into the corner before her first pass, a front tuck through to double full, big bounce back OOB. Ugh, hands down on her double pike after that. Had a full Y turn, wolf turn, and Popa for dance, then a swtich to switch ring I think for her series. Back 1.5 at the end. 10.700 (4.5, 6.500, -0.3)

10:27 am. Botond Kardos HUN PB: I had to get up for a second so I missed this but am back for some replay…had a nice press handstand out of his Tippelt, and a small hop on his double front dismount. 13.900

10:23 am. Noemi Makra HUN FX: Quad pirouette, GORGEOUS! Wow. Effortless. 2.5 with a step forward OOB. Double pike, two steps back. Tour jete half to switch half. Double turn in front attitude to double pirouette, then a switch leap into her choreo. Front handspring front full. Beautiful routine. 12.200 (4.5, 7.800, -0.1)

10:20 am. Sebastian Gawronski POL PB: Salto up to handstand, really clean hold there. Rough transition to the single rail, though. Good fight but it was a bit messy and muscled. Tippelt is really muscled to handstand. One-arm pirouette is again muscled in the press up to handstand. Piked double back with a slight stumble.

10:17 am. Elina Vihrova LAT FX: Tucked full-in, two little baby steps back. Front tuck through to double tuck, really low there, looked like her hands touched the floor as she stood up out of her buckled landing. Double wolf turn, better here than in prelims, Memmel to pirouette is a bit shaky. Double pike is very good, solid landing. Switch ring to tour jete half. Wraps up with a mostly clean double full, just slightly crossed ankles and a small step back. 11.550 (5.0, 6.550)

10:14 am. Touch warm-ups! I’m so happy Elina Vihrova medaled on beam. She has been killing it this whole competition. NOW GET HER TO TOKYO.

10:09 am. Medal ceremony just wrapped up so the athletes should be marching out for p-bars and WAG floor shortly!

10:01 am. BALANCE BEAM

1. Christina Zwicker CRO 12.800
2. Elina Vihrova LAT 12.250
3. Aneta Holasova CZE 12.100
4. Csenge Bacskay HUN 12.000
5. Diana Varinska UKR 11.950
6. Noemi Makra HUN 11.900
7. Tina Zelcic CRO 11.800
8. Marta Pihan-Kulesza POL 10.350


1. Igor Radivilov UKR 14.150
2. Ondrej Kalny CZE 14.150
3. Sebastian Gawronski POL 14.025
4. Marian Dragulescu ROU 13.925
5. Justin Pesesse BEL 13.725
6. Milad Karimi KAZ 13.600
7. Filip Sasnal POL 13.300
8. Dusan Dordevic SRB 13.025

9:53 am. Dusan Dordevic SRB VT: Starts with a Kaz 1.5, which he stumbles and sits. Looked a bit rushed from the block, knees were soft in the air, and he was a tiny bit shy of rotation as well.

Handspring 1.5 with a big stumble back, and lunge OOB and off the mat. His body is both tucked and piked at times, I don’t think he hit a true layout position for even a second.

13.025 average.

9:51 am. Csenge Bacskay HUN BB: Layout stepout mount, bent knees and a wobble. Bhs loso, also some knee form and a step back but better than quals I think. Switch to wolf jump, tiny bobble. Side somi, little check. Low on a transverse jump. Side aerial, full turn, both good. Double full with a hop. Not bad! 12.000 (4.7, 7.300)

9:48 am. Marian Dragulescu ROU VT: Crashed the Yurchenko half-on front 2.5 off. IT’S BEEN A LONG WEEK.

Does the Dragulescu next, looked like he got a nice block, but still comes in a bit low and wild on the landing, big lunge back/to the side. Well, Igor will be happy.

13.925 average (13.950, 13.900). He’s in fourth.

9:45 am. Noemi Makra HUN BB: Front walkover mount is nice. Switch to split leap to straddle jump, just floppy feet on the latter. Roundoff layout, chest is a little low, with a step forward. Full L turn. She’s moving slow and steady. Side aerial is clean, late into the straight jump full, wobbles. Front aerial to split jump to back handspring, low on the split jump. Side somi is clean. I missed something after that, good landing on the double full dismount. 11.900 (5.0, 6.900)

9:42 am. Milad Karimi KAZ VT: Roche, sits it. UGHHHHHHHH. Not a good finals for him either after he had such a great quals. He’s like a little bit under rotated when he comes into the landing, too far back on his heels to make up for it and falls backwards.

Does a Kaz 1.5 for the second, lovely in the air, maybe slightly soft knees, a little shy on the landing, hops it back.

13.600 average (12.800, 14.400).

9:39 am. Elina Vihrova LAT BB: Punch front mount, punch front, solid on both. Super solid bhs loso. Switch leap, slow to the switch half, a little low on that one too. Front aerial, slight bobble. Split jump to wolf jump, very nice there. I’m here for a Zwicker + Vihrova + Holasova podium tbh. Side aerial, transverse split jump half with a tiny wobble. Goes a little low and long on her double full dismount and looks a bit disappointed but that was one of the better sets here, so… 12.250 (4.9, 7.350), puts her in second!

9:36 am. Igor Radivilov UKR VT: Piked handspring double front half, tucks his legs in the second flip but not bad enough to downgrade anything, buckled on the landing with a lunge back.

Tsuk double pike, crashes it. LORD WHY. Why does he come into competitions as the CLEAR threat for gold and then crash and burn ALWAYS in the final???

14.150 average (15.000, 13.300). WELL he’s in first haha.

9:33 am. Christina Zwicker CRO BB: Switch leap mount. Split leap to side aerial, nice. Switch leap to wolf jump. Her bhs bhs loso series was very nice, just a slight check, and hit a transverse jump right after, I think a straddle, but I missed the beginning. Also had a front aerial to back tuck but I glanced down for a sec and couldn’t see if she connected them. Layout full dismount. Overall a REALLY lovely routine. 12.800 (4.8, 8.000)

9:31 am. Justin Pesesse BEL VT: Kaz 1.5, nice! Leg separation on pre-flight but SUPER clean in the air, and a really excellent landing, tiny hop forward.

Roche, pretty cowboyed in the air, over rotates and forward rolls out of it. Bummer.

13.725 average (14.300, 13.150).

9:27 am. Diana Varinska UKR BB: Bhs bhs layout, really piked on the lay, and has a big wobble. I think a switch ring after that, then switch leap to split leap. Front aerial slow into the split ring jump but she made it fluid so I think she’ll get it. Hard to see the ring position from this angle, though. Side somi. Split leap to side aerial, big break at the hips and she can’t hold on, fall. Double full, baby step. 11.950 (5.1, 6.850)

9:25 am. Filip Sasnal POL VT: Roche, really cowboyed in the air, really low on the landing, super squatty with a large lunge back.

Kaz for his second vault. Not bad, just a simple vault for MAG. Gorgeous in the air.

13.300 average (13.700, 12.900).

9:21 am. Marta Pihan-Kulesza POL BB: Front aerial, big break at the hips, misses the connection to the side somi. 1.5 pirouette with another large break at the hips. Side aerial, another break. WHYYYY. Tour jete, then a tour jete half, it would be amazing if she could connect those some day. Both are fine on their own though. Switch half, big stumble and her biggest break at the hips yet. Another jump after that, doesn’t connect it to the wolf jump, almost misses a foot on that one. LORD BEER ME STRENGTH. Another huge wobble on a cartwheel. She’s like I’m really going for it. Pike jump randomly on its own. Gainer full with a step. She’s shaking her head like she can’t believe it. The judges are going to have a field day with figuring out the D score for this. 10.350 (4.7, 5.750, -0.1)

9:19 am. Sebastian Gawronski POL VT: Roche, not bad in the air, medium step on the landing, but it’s to the side and he goes OOB.

Next is a kaz full, a little off to the side, just some leg separation on the pre-flight, but mostly strong in the air, small hop over.

14.025 average (14.200, 13.850).

9:16 am. Tina Zelcic CRO BB: Switch leap to wolf jump, tiny bobble at the end. Switch half, nice amplitude. Solid bhs loso, just a little adjustment at the end. Front aerial, wobbles through it but good fight. Full turn, significantly larger wobble and break at the hips. Transverse straddle jump, a little low. Split leap to side aerial, slight check. Front layout full dismount. 11.800 (4.7, 7.100)

9:13 am. Ondrej Kalny CZE VT: It looks like the vault number is still stuck on yesterday’s HAHA. Lord. Anyway, he does a kaz 1.5, really nice air! Lots of distance. Step forward. That was great!

Second vault is a DTY, pretty solid.

14.150 average (14.300, 14.000).

9:11 am. Aneta Holasova CZE BB: Layout stepout mount, little step out of it. Bhs loso loso, check at the hips but she holds it! Front aerial, little bobble. Switch to split leap to straddle jump, maybe a little short on the last one there. Full Y turn, adjustment, and a double pike, small step!! REALLY solid effort, so happy to see her put her full difficulty together with a hit! 12.100 (5.0, 7.100)

9:10 am. And now I think we’re starting to wrap up. Any minute now!

9:05 am. The touch warm-up is underway!

9:03 am. So, this is going to be the Marta Pihan-Kulesza and Diana Varinska show on the WAG side of things, assuming everything goes well for them both. I feel like we’ll see the orders reversed compared to finals, with Diana taking the beam title and Marta taking floor, but Marta also has a pretty impressive start value on beam here, so she could get that one.

9:02 am. Athletes are marching out for beam and vault now!

9:00 am. Good morning, and hooray for the final day of competition at Szombathely! Today everything’s working stream-wise (SO FAR!) so hopefully things will go a bit more smoothly than they did yesterday.

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