2020 Italian Championships Results

The 2020 Italian Championships were held from November 6 through November 8 in Naples, Italy.

All-Around Results

Rank Athlete Club VT UB BB FX AA
1 Asia D’Amato Fiamme Oro 14.500 13.800 13.150 13.650 55.100
Giorgia Villa Fiamme Oro 13.350 14.500 13.250 14.000 55.100
3 Martina Maggio Fiamme Oro 14.200 14.300 13.200 13.350 55.050
4 Irene Lanza Torino 13.500 14.100 12.500 13.350 53.450
5 Alice D’Amato Fiamme Oro 14.750 14.600 10.850 13.200 53.400
6 Angela Andreoli Brixia 13.900 12.500 13.050 13.550 53.000
7 Veronica Mandriota Brixia 13.400 12.850 12.250 13.650 52.150
8 Sara Ricciardi Corpo Libero 14.400 12.800 12.450 12.200 51.850
9 Manila Esposito Civitavecchia 13.650 13.500 11.500 13.100 51.750
10 Carolina James Biancoverde 14.050 12.400 11.600 12.750 50.800
11 Francesca Linari Brixia 13.000 12.700 12.500 12.100 50.300
12 Chiara Vincenzi Inside Wellness 13.350 11.400 12.000 13.100 49.850
13 Maria Vittoria Cocciolo World Sporting Academy 13.800 13.350 10.950 11.600 49.700
14 Caterina Cereghetti Ginnastica Riccione 13.450 12.300 12.650 11.150 49.550
15 Caterina Vitale Ionica Gym 13.750 11.600 11.600 12.200 49.150
16 Alessia Federici Propatria 1883 Milano 12.300 13.200 11.100 12.100 48.700
17 Diana Barbanotti Juventus Nova Melzo 12.750 12.100 9.800 9.600 44.250
18 Giorgia Leone Brixia —— 13.150 10.700 —— 23.850
19 Alessia Canali Juventus Nova Melzo —— 11.200 11.850 —— 23.050

Vault Final Results

Rank Athlete Club D E ND Total Average
1 Asia D’Amato Fiamme Oro 5.4 9.100 14.500 14.400
5.2 9.100 14.300
2 Manila Esposito Civitavecchia 4.6 9.100 13.700 13.750
4.6 9.200 13.800
3 Angela Andreoli Brixia 4.6 9.200 13.800 13.700
4.8 8.800 13.600
4 Irene Lanza Torino 4.8 8.800 13.600 13.250
4.0 8.900 12.900

Bars Final Results

Rank Athlete Club D E ND Total
1 Giorgia Villa Fiamme Oro 5.7 8.850 14.550
2 Martina Maggio Fiamme Oro 5.9 8.200 14.100
3 Asia D’Amato Fiamme Oro 5.7 8.300 14.000
4 Alice D’Amato Fiamme Oro 5.6 7.850 13.450
5 Irene Lanza Torino 5.7 7.600 13.300
6 Maria Vittoria Cocciolo World Sporting Academy 5.2 7.800 13.000
7 Manila Esposito Civitavecchia 5.4 6.150 11.550
8 Alessia Federici Propatria 1883 Milano 4.8 6.650 11.450

Beam Final Results

Rank Athlete Club D E ND Total
1 Martina Maggio Fiamme Oro 5.4 8.700 14.100
2 Giorgia Villa Fiamme Oro 5.9 8.100 14.000
3 Asia D’Amato Fiamme Oro 5.2 8.400 13.600
4 Angela Andreoli Brixia 5.7 7.500 13.200
5 Caterina Cereghetti Ginnastica Riccione 5.2 7.950 13.150
6 Francesca Linari Brixia 4.6 8.100 12.700
7 Sara Ricciardi Corpo Libero 4.2 8.250 12.450
8 Irene Lanza Torino 5.1 6.700 -0.1 11.700

Floor Final Results

Rank Athlete Club D E ND Total
1 Giorgia Villa Fiamme Oro 5.3 8.550 13.850
2 Asia D’Amato Fiamme Oro 5.2 8.400 13.600
3 Angela Andreoli Brixia 5.4 8.150 13.550
4 Veronica Mandriota Brixia 5.2 8.250 13.450
5 Irene Lanza Torino 4.9 8.350 13.250
6 Martina Maggio Fiamme Oro 4.7 8.500 13.200
7 Chiara Vincenzi Inside Wellness 5.0 7.650 -0.1 12.550
8 Alice D’Amato Fiamme Oro 5.2 7.400 -0.1 12.500

16 thoughts on “2020 Italian Championships Results

    • No, Brixia made a special Olympic training group called Fiamme Oro (GOLD FLAMES lmao) because of COURSE they did. It looks like it’s the Four plus Martina Maggio.


        • Awesome – thanks! Italy has weird things with their higher-level athletes getting salaries when they’re tied into the army or police or whatever so it’s probably related to that? I remember Vanessa and Carlotta would have to go to random army trainings once a year or something, so the girls are probably getting a weird police salary for being part of this special training squad or something along those lines. That’s awesome that Desy is also in it!


      • Fiamme oro is not a special olympic group made by Brixia! Fiamme Oro belongs to the police. In Italy, the major athlets in “amateur” sports are given the chance to support theirself joining the army, every army has his own “gruppo sportivo”. just the best athlets can join these groups for sporting merits. basically in italy, beside football player and tennisers, all top athlets are in these groups. the Brixia girls still practise in Brescia in their gym, as Desire’ Carofiglio still practise in Milano, but when they compete they rappresent the army where they belong to


        • This is the first time I’ve seen the Brixia Four girls doing it and when I asked someone in Italy, they said it was their special group for Brixia, but then I later saw an article that it was actually the police/army group (it’s linked to below in the comments here). I remember Vanessa and Carlotta and others being part of it before but completely forgot about it.


        • @Lauren, it’s the first time you’ve seen that because they joined Fiamme Oro recently, don’t know if before or after the last Serie A competiotion, but it doesn’t matter, because Serie A is a team competition and Fiamme Oro doesn’t have a real team to compete, so it “lends” the Athlets to the originary gym where they come from.
          The last event, the “Assoluti”, on the contrary, is an individual competition so the Girls represent fiamme oro…I understand it’s a wierd thing for who didn’t grow up in italy, hope it’s been useful


        • Thanks! Yes, very useful…and yes, at the last Serie A meet they were still competing with Brixia, so when I saw they were with the Fiamme Oro team here I was like, wait, what? Hahaha. I asked my friend what was going on and that’s when she said she thought it was a special Brixia group. I think because it was only the Brixia girls at the Assoluti event (since Desy wasn’t there) she just assumed it was Brixia girls only, but yes this all makes sense now!


    • Now that Martina is healthy and Elisa has a serious injury, yeah, Martina is in a better place than Elisa in terms of making the team, but I think it’ll put Alice more at risk than anything else. Elisa is more of a ‘favorite’ in Casella’s eyes, and if anyone is on the bubble for him, it’s Alice. He’s pushed her aside a lot, especially in favor of Elisa. I think Martina showed that she can be taken more seriously on bars here, so if he has Giorgia, Elisa, Martina, and Alice to choose between as bars gymnasts, I’m afraid Alice might be the odd woman out.


      • In my opinion Casella doesn’t have a favourite. Few years ago, Alice was behind because of the big injure she had, but now that she is healthy, i don’t think Casella is gonna renounce to her contribution.
        nobody right now has a better dty of hers, not even her sister, her bars are stunning and she added a half turn to her dismount.
        Since they are senior I don’t think Elisa never had a better bars score then Alice in international events and Elisa floor routine lacks of power and consistency, while Alice has added a lot of new difficulities.
        Beam is for sure Alice’s weakest point, but Elisa hasn’t got always consistency and Martina, as we know, is a really good beam worker (no bad her floor routine as well!!!) so she looks perfect to complete this group.


        • Yeah, all true, I just worry about Alice sometimes, especially with how much they tend to overscore Elisa at home (and then her scores at worlds last year were nowhere near her home scores). I think Alice has continued to prove herself internationally over and over again as the stronger of the two, but then Elisa has continued to be more in favor which to me doesn’t make sense at all. I think Alice’s success at Euros was a turning point for her and hope it stays that way but I still worry about her not being taken as seriously as the others for whatever reason.


  1. agree with you about the overscoring, I’d add Elisa looks really insecure in international event and since she grew up she lost her beautiful lightness without gaining strength.
    Alice litterally bloomed specially after her eurpean medal (I was so happy for her!) and I think she has still room to emprove! I’m sure Casella will bring her..(finger crossed)


    • Yeah, I love Alice and was crying for joy when she won her Euros medal! She’s very talented and I really want her on the team, but she’s just the one I have always been afraid for the most. I do personally agree and think that Elisa is the biggest risk, but I am always afraid that Casella just loves her so much, so I’m still nervous about it. Really really hoping for Alice, though!


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