Nemour Tops Coupe d’Hiver Podium

Kaylia Nemour

France finished the season with a fun team-based competition this weekend called the Coupe d’Hiver, or Winter Cup, where gymnasts were assigned to squads named for each of the three colors in The Tricolore. Teams counted three scores for each event total, and they were allowed to sub in a superstar special guest – Coline Devillard for Team Blue, Mélanie De Jesus Dos Santos for Team White, and Marine Boyer for Team Red – for one event each to get some extra help.

The Blue Team, led by 13-year-old Kaylia Nemour and first-year senior Alizée Letrange-Mouakit, ended up getting the win with a 165.300, almost nine points ahead of the other two, which were in a close battle for silver, which Team White ended up winning with a 156.700, while Team Red won the bronze with a 156.150.

Nemour also landed on top of the all-around podium with a 55.500 total, putting up the meet’s best scores on bars, where she had a 13.9, and on beam, where she had a 14.3. It was an excellent competition for Nemour, who also posted the second-best floor score with a 13.7, showing a great mix of high difficulty and solid routines throughout the day.

The same can be said about Letrange-Mouakit, whose upgrades on vault and floor this off-season have quietly made her one to watch next season. Letrange-Mouakit had the second-best vault score with a 14.75, the second-best beam score with a 13.9, and the third-best bars and floor scores, where she earned a 13.2 and 13.35, respectively, but her floor is going to be especially important for her next season. She opened here with a big double layout, and also hit a tucked full-in, front layout through to double tuck, and a double pike, looking very promising with every skill.

In third was the always reliable Lorette Charpy, who had the second-best bars score of 13.45 and shared the third-best floor score of 13.35 on her way to a 54.650 total. She also hit vault for a 14.35 and beam for a 13.5, and her scores were the driving force behind Team White getting the edge for second place.

The top all-arounders for Team Red were Djenna Laroui in fourth with a 51.550 and Taïs Boura in fifth with a 51.250, while Sheyen Petit of Team Blue was sixth with a 51.050, Carolann Heduit of Team White was seventh with a 50.950, and Clarisse Passeron was eighth with a 50.550.

Heduit started out with a great competition, putting up the second-best scores on two events, including a 14.5 for her Yurchenko double and then a 13.2 on bars, but she struggled to maintain her high scores on beam and floor.

Morgane Osyssek, competing for Team Red, had the top floor score of 13.75, while Sophie Barbelet of Team Blue had the third-best beam score of 13.6.

As for the guest competitors, Team Blue opted to use Devillard on vault, where she put up the top score of the meet with a 15.15, while De Jesus Dos Santos earned a 12.45 on bars for Team White, and Boyer earned a 12.45 on beam for Team Red.

Full results from the competition are available here.

Article by Lauren Hopkins

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