2020 European Championships | Senior Qualifications Subdivision 2 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for subdivision 2 of qualifications at the 2020 European Championships, held in Mersin, Turkey!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.


1. Romania 159.496
2. Ukraine 154.896
3. Hungary 154.129
4. Turkey 147.129
5. Czech Republic 142.229
6. Croatia 140.064
7. Luxembourg 139.429
8. Latvia 135.862


1. Zsofia Kovacs HUN 14.049
2. Anastasiia Motak UKR 13.933
3. Larisa Iordache ROU 13.716
4. Csenge Bacskay HUN 13.683
5. Dilara Yurtdas TUR 13.433
6. Ioana Stanciulescu ROU 13.383
7. Elina Vihrova LAT 13.383
8. Tijana Korent CRO 13.383


1. Zsofia Kovacs HUN 14.133
2. Barbora Mokosova SVK 13.566
— Larisa Iordache ROU 13.566
4. Zoja Szekely HUN 13.333
5. Anastasiia Motak UKR 12.700
6. Yelyzaveta Hubareva UKR 12.666
7. Christina Zwicker CRO 12.600
8. Elina Vihrova LAT 12.500


1. Larisa Iordache ROU 13.633
2. Silviana Sfiringu ROU 13.100
3. Anastasiia Bachynska UKR 13.000
4. Elina Vihrova LAT 12.733
5. Anastasiia Motak UKR 12.733
6. Bilge Tarhan TUR 12.366
7. Christina Zwicker CRO 12.100
8. Elisa Hämmerle AUT 12.066


1. Larisa Iordache ROU 13.433
2. Antonia Duta ROU 13.200
3. Angelina Radivilova UKR 13.066
4. Lihie Raz ISR 12.933
5. Dorina Böczögö HUN 12.633
6. Diana Varinska UKR 12.500
7. Zoja Szekely HUN 12.466
8. Göksu Üctas Sanli TUR 12.400

10:16 am. Marina Nekrasova AZE VT: Handspring front full for the first vault, pretty bent in her knees but not too bad on the landing, just a hop forward. Tsuk layout with a step back for the second.

10:14 am. Lucija Hribar SLO UB: Had a nice straddle Jaeger, bail to toe shoot, blind full, and layout dismount, stuck with a little check. Solid routine.

10:11 am. Christina Zwicker CRO BB: Side aerial, Switch leap to wolf jump, absolutely gorgeous triple flight series. She will single-handedly save this team final. Full turn. Front aerial, leg up, but otherwise this was excellent. Hit the layout full dismount.

10:08 am. Petra Furac CRO BB: Double spin, a little check but gets it. Switch to side aerial, wobble but holds on. Side somi. Transverse straight jump full. Off on a front element. Back handspring. Wolf jump to sissone. Hit the layout full dismount.

Sabina Halova CZE FX: Double tuck, step back. Hit the second pass. 

10:05 am. Aneta Holasova CZE FX: I missed her opening pass but looked hit. Think it was the double layout. Double tuck for the second, then a front tuck through to layout full. Crashed the double pike at the end.

Celeste Mordenti LUX VT: FTY, didn’t look bad in the air, but runs back out of the landing and crashes it. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

10:04 am. Ana Derek CRO BB: Solid bhs loso, just a tiny check at the end. Hit the ring leap then wobbled out of a turn. Switch half with a wobble and a fall. ANA NO. She looks homicidal tbh. Front aerial to split jump to back handspring is great. Side aerial to sissone to wolf jump, sissone is especially nice. Switch leap. Hit the dismount.

Elina Vihrova LAT UB: Stalder to Chow to Pak, Maloney to bail to toe shoot, hit a release after, then a double pike. Good routine.

10:03 am. Chiara Castellucci LUX VT: Handspring front pike half with a step back for her first vault. Looked solid but can’t really see much form at this back angle. I think she had a tsuk for her second but the feed froze.

10:01 am. Dominika Ponizilova CZE FX: Opens with a wolf turn and another pirouette, both went well, hop back on the double pike, a bit low on the landing as well. Front full to front tuck. Random straight jump full. Switch to switch side. Layout full. Good work.

10:00 am. Lola Schleich LUX VT: Yurchenko layout, two steps back.

Zane Petrova LAT UB: Clear hip to toe full, really late and bent throughout, then loses her legs completely and has to restart her swing, layout dismount.

9:58 am. Magdalena Coufalova CZE FX: Double tuck with a lunge back, nice. Front layout with a hop forward. 2.5 was nice. 

Tina Zelcic CRO BB: Hands down and a fall on her layout. The rest looked nice from what I saw. Small hop on the dismount.

Anna Locmele LAT UB: Stumbled back and sat her dismount but that’s all I saw.

9:52 am. Lucija Hribar SLO VT: FTY, a bit piked throughout, big step to the side OOB.

9:48 am. Yoana Yankova BUL BB: Hit her mount and bhs loso, little wobble, then a double wolf turn. Good jump series. The feed froze after that. 10.833

Samira Gahramanova AZE FX: Stumble forward on her double pike. Much better on the double tuck. More Christmas music! 11.700

Zala Bedenik SLO VT: Handspring front tuck, a little deep, but stuck! Not bad considering she just sat it in the touch. Just took a step back on the second vault. 12.466 and 12.066, averaged a 12.266.

9:45 am. Anna Locmele LAT VT: Tsuk pike with a step back, not bad!

9:42 am. Elina Vihrova LAT VT: Hit a solid FTY for her first vault, then a handspring front pike half. 

Aneta Holasova CZE BB: The feed cut off her mount but she hit her triple flight series and front aerial after. Super solid, nice to see after her bars meltdown. Switch leap, missed connection to split leap but connected that to a straddle jump. Full Y turn. Just a layout dismount with a hop back. 11.766

9:39 am. Zane Petrova LAT VT: Hit but I missed what it was.

Dominika Ponizilova CZE BB: Hit her mount, then clean on her side aerial. Off on her double wolf turn. UGHHHHH. Bhs back pike, little bounce. Clean jump series. 11.133

Chiara Castellucci LUX FX: Awesome double front. Ugh, double tuck goes a bit too aggressive and she skids the landing, has to put her hand down. Good front layout. Double full at the end also clean. 10.900

9:37 am. Natalie Brabcova CZE BB: Hit her mount and leap series, tick tock into her flight series, looked like she had it but then fell, off on her side aerial as well, hit the dismount. 9.733

Celeste Mordenti LUX FX: Nice pirouettes at the beginning, lunge back on her double tuck, steps forward OOB on her 2.5 after that. Hit the next pass. Wild legs on the last pass landing, and OOB again I think. 11.366

Petra Furac CRO UB: Really close on the straddle Jaeger, bail with some leg separation, layout dismount. 10.533

9:36 am. Christina Zwicker CRO UB: Toe full, toe-on to Ray, blind change to straddle Jaeger, back tuck from handstand for her dismount, actually not bad! 12.600

9:34 am. Lola Schleich LUX FX: Double tuck with a wild bounce back. Hit the second pass. Switch to L hop full turn. 11.366

Tina Zelcic CRO UB: I missed most of this but it looked super basic. 9.233

Sabina Halova CZE BB: Switch to split jump, off on her bhs loso, hit the side somi, wobble on her side aerial. 11.100

Arina Olenova LAT VT: I missed her first vault, second was a tsuk layout.

9:27 am. Lucija Hribar SLO FX: Nice extension on the switch full. Double pike, a little buckled. Double full, clean landing. Her music is so chaotic. Front full with a step. Popa to straddle jump. 12.200

Marina Nekrasova AZE BB: Hit the mount. Off on the bhs loso. Punch front. Switch to wolf jump full, little wobble. Off on her second punch front. Front full dismount, hop. 10.466

9:23 am. Yoana Yankova BUL UB: Came off trying to get a front giant up to handstand. Hit a piked Jaeger. Toe-on to bail to toe shoot, high double tuck with a step back. 11.400

Samira Gahramanova AZE BB: Hit jump series, off on her roundoff back tuck. She’s legit Azeri homegrown which we love to see after so many Russians owning the program. Side aerial, a little messy. Actually has some lovely choreo in here. Gets through a double wolf turn. 10.633

Zala Bedenik SLO FX: Double tuck, clean in the air, step to the side. Front layout. Back 1.5. 11.900

9:18 am. Sabina Halova CZE UB: Blind change to front giant to straddle Jaeger, a little bit of sway in the bail, to hecht back up to high bar, just a layout dismount. 11.500

Zane Petrova LAT FX: Front tuck through to a straddle jump, that was cute. 11.366

9:14 am. Celeste Mordenti LUX BB: Switch leap to sissone, lovely extension. Step back out of her bhs loso but gorgeous in the air. Transverse split jump half. Side aerial. Hit the dismount. 11.833

Aneta Holasova CZE UB: Maloney to Hindorff, good. Bail to toe shoot, got the handstand after before the clear hip half, some ankle separation, blind full arched over and she had to come off. Came off two more times doing essentially the same thing and then hit a double layout. That was rough to watch but this girl had COVID like, 3 weeks ago and was training in the woods before that so the fact that she’s here is incredible (and unnecessary). 8.166

Elina Vihrova LAT FX: I missed the beginning. Hit a double full. 10.966

I missed the rest of Croatia on vault but Tijana Korent got a 13.383 average.

9:11 am. Lola Schleich LUX BB: Switch to sissone, clean. Side aerial to layout stepout, solid. Front aerial, clean. Luxembourg is killing it and I’m obsessed. Side somi. Gainer full dismount! YAS! 12.066

Anna Locmele LAT FX: Switch leap to switch full. Front layout. Next pass had messy legs but hit. 10.033

Petra Furac CRO VT: Handspring front tuck, cowboyed and low with a hop. I didn’t see her second vault but she rolled out of the landing.

Dominika Ponizilova CZE UB: Maloney to Pak, some leg separation, way arched over a handstand on a low bar but great fight to bring it back, that took some CORE. Van Leeuwen, huge straddle Jaeger, blind full, and a tucked toe front half with a big step back. 11.666

9:08 am. Chiara Castellucci LUX BB: Switch leap to wolf jump, bhs loso, bent knees but super solid. Transverse split jump half. Nailed the punch front pike, then a little low on a punch front tuck after. Hit the dismount. 11.666

Arina Olenova LAT FX: Good double tuck, just a bit buckled. Short on the next pass. 11.666

Natalie Brabcova CZE UB: Straddle back to toe shoot, caught a bit close. Muscled through a toe-on, got it halfway but I think it was supposed to be a full. Got it the second time. Then stuck the double tuck dismount. 9.933

Christina Zwicker CRO VT: I missed it but she hit.

9:02 am. Lucija Hribar SLO BB: Floaty back handspring mount but she missed the beam almost completely. UGH. Random back handspring. Split ring jump, back leg isn’t quite there. Switch leap to split leap. Full turn. Front aerial. Side aerial, side somi with a wobble. Layout dismount. 10.300

8:59 am. Zala Bedenik SLO BB: Front walkover mount, hit the jump series, then a back handspring. Full turn. Side aerial, a little wonky. Front toss is a little low. Switch half. Front layout, a little arched. 11.300

Yoana Yankova BUL VT: FTY, a bit weak in terms of form, large step to the side. Tsuk for her second vault. 12.933 and 12.200 for a 12.566 average.

8:56 am. Anna Locmele LAT BB: Wolf 1.5 to start and finished with a back tuck dismount. I think she had like two skills in between those because I turned away for a second and that was it. Hit routine though. 11.233

Magdalena Coufalova CZE VT: Lovely handspring front pike with a hop forward.

8:52 am. Dominika Ponizilova CZE VT: Step back on the tsuk full. Then a handspring front layout half, not bad, some pike in it. 13.433 and 13.100 scores, average of 13.266.

Elina Vihrova LAT BB: Punch front pike mount, solid. Also great on the bhs loso. Switch leap to switch half. Front aerial to split jump to wolf jump. Side aerial, check, transverse split jump half. Deep landing on the dismount, but overall a strong routine. 12.733

Christina Zwicker CRO FX: Switch half into the corner before her double pike, lunge back. Kinda fell out of her turn. Switch ring. 12.000

8:49 am. Arina Olenova LAT BB: The feed is back!!! Back tuck with a little bobble. Off on her punch front tuck. Switch leap to split jump to wolf jump, low back leg on the first two. Wobble on a leap. 9.366

Ana Derek CRO FX: Her opening leap series is fabulous, I think she does a ring full to switch full or something, it’s so good. Front tuck through to double tuck with a hop. Tour jeté full. UGH, hand down behind her on her 2.5. 11.433

Chiara Castellucci LUX UB: Pak, nice! Clear hip to toe-on to toe shoot, a little close, but not too bad. Blind change to front giant, blind full, toe front tuck dismount with a hop forward, landed out of frame. 9.833

8:47 am. Aneta Holasova CZE VT: Solid FTY, bounce back. Then a tsuk layout with a hop. 13.400 and 12.900 for a 13.150 average.

Lola Schleich LUX UB: Front giant to straddle Jaeger, good. Bail, leg separation, a little late out of handstand. I think she had an arabian dismount but I missed the entry. 10.900

8:45 am. Celeste Mordenti LUX UB: Blind change to front giant to big straddle Jaeger, nice! Pak with split legs, nice handstand out of it, her handstands are all on point actually. Toe shoot caught a little close. Double tuck, great landing. Fantastic start! 12.133

Petra Furac CRO FX: Double tuck out of a roundoff, not bad, a little low. Switch leap to tour jeté half. Hit the second pass. Random half-hearted switch side at the end. 11.233

Sabina Halova CZE VT: I missed what she did but she hit.

Zane Petrova LAT BB: I missed this. 10.000

8:43 am. The Czech Republic will start on vault, Luxembourg on bars, Latvia on beam, and Croatia on floor in the second subdivision. The beam feed still isn’t working, so we’ll see if it goes back up at all…but don’t get your hopes up! Individuals in this subdivision include Yoana Yankova for Bulgaria, Zala Bedenik and Lucija Hribar for Slovenia, and Samira Gahramanova and Marina Nekrasova for Azerbaijan.


30 thoughts on “2020 European Championships | Senior Qualifications Subdivision 2 Live Blog

  1. So Kovacs is looking much stronger than we expected and had she stayed on beam, they would have actually qualified ahead of Ukraine! Suprise silver medal from Hungary incoming?

    As for event finals the qualifiers are also very surprising when we look at it this way:

    4 finals: Iordache
    3 finals: Motak, Vihrova
    2 finals: Kovacs, Szekely, Zwicker
    1 final: Stanciulescu, Sfiringu, Duta, Varinska, Bachynska, Radivilova, Mokosova
    0 finals: Derek, Nekrasova

    The most shocking are Sfiringu and Varinska missing bars, Motak and Stancielecsu missing floor, and Derek and Nekrasova missing entirely. And who would have thought Duta would make a final or that Vihrova would make three! Will be a very interesting competition for sure


    • Sfiringu struggles a lot with her new double front dismount in training and she still needs to improve her consistency. Duta’s floor has been so much cleaner than her fellow Romanians, I just didn’t expect that she was able to overcome that huge difficulty gap. Vihrova should have made all finals, if you look at her floor at 2019 Euros, it was so good!


      • I think Vihrova missed one of her first two passes on floor, I only caught from close to the end but she def would have made the floor final if she hit everything. I was expecting her for beam and floor, and figured her for an outlier on vault and bars depending on how well the top gymnasts hit on both, but she had an awesome day floor aside!


        • Yes. Vihrova put her hands on her tucked full in mount. Awesome job nevertheless
          Zwicker has to be one of the most improoved gymnast this year.


    • Given the field there really aren’t too many surprises. There are so few gymnasts that finals were wide open to pretty much everyone, especially since 2 per is a thing and all the front runners are concentrated primarily in Romania and Ukraine.


    • Add Luxembourg to this most shoking list .. but the other way ! SOOO close to TF ! Had the last gymnast hit her FTY it was their ..; (or had LUX sent 4 gymnasts …)
      Holesova would certainly had much bigger hopes but with what she had to struggle with … NO shame on her !


      • I just hope that Croatia actually competes 3 on each apparatus in TF and don’t decide to a pull a Ukraine MAG 2016 and not put up 3 on each event. Croatia is pretty much automatically 6th in TF, so if they want to save themselves for EF I hope they pull a Belgium WAG 2018 and withdraw.


      • Yeah, I almost died when Mordenti missed her FTY…SO CLOSE!!! If they just had an extra gymnast they would have made it for sure. UGH!

        And yeah, Holasova spent like 10 days in an actual gym over the past few months, I don’t think she’s been able to train on bars really at all outside of those 10 days. I don’t know why they pushed her to be ready for this meet but alas. She still did a great beam routine and was looking solid on floor despite the downgrades and the missed final pass.


    • Sfiringu missed the land on uneven bars, of course that apparatus is still Romania’s weak point. I was surprised to not see Varinska and Radivilova in more finals, however Duta was unexpectedly good at floor, she deserved that final. Iordache in 4 finals is certainly not a surprise, even though it’s hard to think she can win vault and uneven bars, I don’t know if it would be exactly a surprise if she wins everything. She’s still not at her best, otherwise, it would certainly not be a surprise. Expected more from Stanciulescu, she’s so talented, she needs more consistency. She was not bad, but I’ve expected more from her.


  2. Curious where Larisa would have landed if the field had all the who’s who competing… Would she have made all the finals? etc Rooting for her.


    • If you check the last two years, it gives you an idea. For example, there was no TF last year, but Romania’s 159.496 would have qualified them into the 2018 team final in third, just ahead of Belgium (159.331). So they probably wouldn’t have made as many finals at a fully attended Euros, but they wouldn’t have been irrelevant.


    • Hard to compare years but her AA score would have put her in 3rd in the AA qualifications at the 2019 Europeans.
      The AA score compared to AA finals would have put her in 4th.

      However, Iordache was the obvious class of this field qualifying to all 4 events easily. In 1st on BB and FX, 2ndT on UB and 3rd on VT. I wonder if she would have gotten similar scores with some of the other big names present, several of which would have performed better than Iordache. She wouldn;t have made all four event finals, likely no VT and no UB.
      If you take these results and plug them into 2019, she is at 11th aka R3 on VT, she would have been tied for 17th on UB. Her BB and FX scores would have placed her 3rd on both those events.


    • For sure… at least at floor, she would have certainly went for medals. Hard to say at beam, there are always surprises happening. She’s not at her best and still her scores are pretty close to the top, normally if her perparations are going well, she’s the 2nd world gymnast after Biles.


  3. I have to say, while I can also see the flip side, there’s something kind of heartwarming to me about the fact that everybody gets to go to the team final. Qualifications still matter because individual finals, but no one loses their shot at a team medal because of issues in qualifications.

    Also, if I were Romania, I would be absolutely putting up Duta on floor and seriously considering Trica on beam for the team final. They’ve shown they’re capable of being top three on those events (especially Duta, wow) — AND it could be good for the team’s long-term prospects by showing Duta and Trica that the team values them and they should stick around, because all four of these first-year seniors seem like they could go places in the next “quad”, IF the team does the right things to keep them around, and with nearly all of last year’s top seniors retiring (and who knows if Holbura and Iordache will stick around after Tokyo), Romania needs that.


    • Totally agree. I suggest Romania in TF to put Trica on BB and rest Stanciulescu, and put Duta on FX and rest Larisa. In this way all 5 got to compete and with minimal sacrifice to total score potential, and giving Larisa a break who obviously have all finals to prepare for.


      • I don’t know that I’d pull Larisa on floor given that she had the high score (and Romania likely won’t for that reason). More likely they’d pull Stanciulescu off both as she had the lowest scores on both.


      • No, you can’t sacrifice Stanciulescu at beam, she’s good there. One score shouldn’t change all the potential they have. With Duta on floor though… yes, they can do that, but it’s hard to choose who to sacrifice, Sfiringu or Stanciulescu. To put Larisa out would be just an arrogance if the score is too large, you can’t risk after the years of dissapointments to not go with your best for an European title. I would also change Stanciulescu with Duta at the uneven bars, I think it was an accident to see Stanciulescu not missing that apparatus, while Duta looked pretty decent there.


        • TF Start list is out! Romania is giving everybody’s a chance rather than having 3 AA’s doing everything! Fantastic!

          Trica will do beam instead of Stanciulescu
          Duta will do floor instead of Sfiringu
          Larisa will still need to carry the team on every event😅


  4. Fun fact! Romania’s senior team is the exact team that placed 4th at Junior Euros two years ago with Iordache replacing Puiu.
    Their qualification total here would have placed them 12th at Worlds last year and they would have qualified a full team over Spain for Tokyo.

    Liked by 1 person

    • And from what I remember, the scores for the Worlds were pretty high, I mean the referees I think gave pretty high scores from purpose, so that top 12 place might have been even bigger, considering that the scores some teams got at the Euros 2 years ago were not that high as they scored at the Worlds and even at all-aparatus some gymnasts scored more than their usual level. No, this Romanian team is good, I think it’s way more than a top 12 at the Worlds, maybe not for top, but for a top 6 at least. If we compare their total with 2018’s Euros, they would have qualified 4th, with Hungary and Ukraine scoring pretty the same as this year, if we want to compare it right. And of course, with Italy being much stronger from 2019, Romania and Italy being the teams that are totally transformed right now compared to 2018. But the comparisons between competitions are totally abstract, its a big difference when you are in the same competition, but they can give an idea about a correct potential of the teams.


    • Correct, they’re not giving Tokyo spots here, likely because there are so few countries participating/they didn’t want to put pressure on people to come if they felt it was unsafe. Next year’s Euros, which will likely be better attended, will be the qualifier for Tokyo.


      • I think that’s fair. Every other continentals was cancelled as jus it wouldn’t have been an even playing field even if everybody attended, because everybody other than European countries would be able to use 2005 seniors.


        • On another note, now the 2019 qualifiers for 2020 Olympics are not as accurate and maybe some teams deserve more to be there in 2021 than some that are already qualified. I think that now with some changes in the qualifiers, an add of 4 teams might be an idea. For real, Romania right now is stronger than some teams that qualified in 2019. Certainly stronger than Spain, I think stronger than Germany, considerable stronger than UK, Belgium, Japan or Canada… Right now if we truly want to see the best in Olympics, just cancelling this Euros as a qualifier event is not enough. Of course, other abnormally is to see Holbura there over Iordache, Stanciulescu or Sfiringu.


        • I think it’s probably partly that, partly that they didn’t want to create a situation where people or countries would be put in a position of “I don’t think this is safe, but it’s my/our only shot at the Olympics”. Hopefully by April things will be more under control and that won’t be an issue.

          And responding to Andrey (out of nesting), while I agree that things have changed, I really don’t think it’s fair to say that qualified teams don’t “deserve” their spots. The fact of the matter is that qualifications may in fact not reflect exactly how strong the teams will be when the Games roll around; COVID has potentially magnified this, but even on the original timeline, there would have been ~10 months between qualifications and the Olympics, that’s still a decent amount of time for things to shift, not to mention that qualifications are not a perfect objective measure of how strong a team a country can produce, since a fluke bad day or injury can knock an objectively “stronger” country’s team out of contention (ahem BRAZIL). Ultimately, qualification is about hitting when it counts, and the countries that were able to do that *absolutely* deserve their spots, even if other teams have gained strength since then.


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