2020 European Championships | Senior Qualifications Subdivision 1 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for subdivision 1 of qualifications at the 2020 European Championships, held in Mersin, Turkey!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.


1. Romania 159.496
2. Ukraine 154.896
3. Hungary 154.129
4. Turkey 147.129


1. Zsofia Kovacs HUN 14.049
2. Anastasiia Motak UKR 13.933
3. Larisa Iordache ROU 13.716
4. Csenge Bacskay HUN 13.683
5. Dilara Yurtdas TUR 13.433
6. Ioana Stanciulescu ROU 13.383
7. Bilge Tarhan TUR 13.300
8. Lihie Raz ISR 13.216


1. Zsofia Kovacs HUN 14.133
2. Barbora Mokosova SVK 13.566
— Larisa Iordache ROU 13.566
4. Zoja Szekely HUN 13.333
5. Anastasiia Motak UKR 12.700
6. Yelyzaveta Hubareva UKR 12.666
7. Ioana Stanciulescu ROU 12.500
8. Elisa Hämmerle AUT 12.333


1. Larisa Iordache ROU 13.633
2. Silviana Sfiringu ROU 13.100
3. Anastasiia Bachynska UKR 13.000
4. Anastasiia Motak UKR 12.733
5. Bilge Tarhan TUR 12.366
6. Elisa Hämmerle AUT 12.066
7. Mirtill Makovits HUN 12.000
8. Zsofia Kovacs HUN 11.766


1. Larisa Iordache ROU 13.433
2. Antonia Duta ROU 13.200
3. Angelina Radivilova UKR 13.066
4. Lihie Raz ISR 12.933
5. Dorina Böczögö HUN 12.633
6. Diana Varinska UKR 12.500
7. Zoja Szekely HUN 12.466
8. Göksu Üctas Sanli TUR 12.400

8:08 am. Dilara Yurtdas TUR BB: Feed just came back! Kind of. It’s in and out. Jk, we missed this entire routine. We tried.

Anastasiia Bachynska UKR FX: Arabian double front, really high, over-rotates a bit with a step forward. Clean double pike. Memmel turn. Switch ring into the corner before her I think double full, stumble with her leg up. switch half. Double tuck to finish, bounce back.

8:05 am. Angelina Radivilova UKR FX: Huge triple full, then an excellent arabian double front. Fabulous.

Daniela Trica ROU VT: I didn’t see what she did but she landed it. Looks like an FTY. Just realized I missed Silviana Sfiringu’s vault!

Csenge Bacskay HUN UB: Hindorff, I missed most of the rest, just caught the double layout dismount, a bit low, and she took about 50 giant swings into it.

8:01 am. Zoja Szekely HUN UB: Caught a Tkachev then a second Tkachev to Pak (I missed the entry on the first Tkachev), Maloney to Gienger, Jaeger, and a full-in. Good work!

Anastasiia Motak UKR FX: Came in really low on her first pass. I missed what it was. Hit the double tuck. 2.5 to front tuck for the last pass.

Larisa Iordache ROU VT: First vault is a DTY, a little buckled with a couple of steps back. Just a 13.933. Second vault is a tsuk full, maybe a little piked, but better landing.

Zsofia Kovacs HUN UB: Chow half, toe half to piked Jaeger, I missed a couple of skills after, but saw a van Leeuwen and good double tuck dismount.

The beam feed is down FYI. And Göksu Üctas Sanli is about to go. 😦

7:58 am. Diana Varinska UKR FX: I missed her first pass but her 2.5 to front tuck was pretty good. Double full, messy ankles.

Mirtill Makovits HUN UB: Piked Jaeger was a bit close to the bar, but hit routine, also hit a double front dismount.

Ioana Stanciulescu ROU VT: Did the DTY! But it’s not great. Then a handspring front pike.

7:49 am. Agata Vostruchovaite LTU BB: Off on her punch front mount. Front aerial, also a wobble there. Split jump to wolf jump. Switch half to back tuck, but a pause between them. Off on something else. Front full dismount. 8.433

Barbora Mokosova SVK FX: Double tuck, good landing. Popa. Christmas music, BLESS her soul. Switch ring half. Dobule L turn to double pirouette. I think I missed her passes but caught most of her dance elements hahaha. I vaguely recall something twisty in there for one of them. 12.300

Lihie Raz ISR UB: Maloney to Pak, toe shoot, blind full, blind change to piked Jaeger, sat the double front. Good work until the dismount!

7:47 am. Anastasiia Bachynska UKR BB: Hit the front handspring front tuck with a wobble, but saved it. Switch leap was lovely, didn’t connect to the switch half. Jump series right after was clena. Front aerial to split ring jump to back handspring, just her foot in the split ring was iffy. Split leap to side aerial, good, Switch ring, not bad, full turn, chest low on the double tuck, baby hop. Good routine overall. 13.000

7:45 am. Antonia Duta ROU FX: Her switch at the beginning looked a little wonky. Arabian double front was good. A little short in the triple full. Clean double full. Good routine. 13.200

7:41 am. Csenge Bacskay HUN VT: Yurchenko 1.5, soft knees and a hop forward, but she was also doing FTYs a month ago, get it. Hungary’s like we MUST medal. 13.766 for the first, and also got a 13.600 for a second vault.

Larisa Iordache ROU FX: Piked full-in, tiny bit short, step forward. Tucked full-in with a hop back. Good triple spin. Switch to switch full. 2.5 to front tuck, right into the corner. Tour jeté full. I missed the last pass?! 13.433

Diana Varinska HUN BB: Off on her flight series, I think she was going for a layout but came in REALLY low and it was 100% a pike. Hit the side somi and side aerial, then a double full dismount. 11.966

Dilara Yurtdas TUR UB: Had a solid Maloney to Pak, and the rest was good, hit a high double tuck dismount. 12.233

Dorina Böczögö HUN VT: FTY, clean.

7:39 am. Zsofia Kovacs HUN VT: Excellent DTY! Then a tsuk full. She was doing FTYs a month ago so this is excellent! 14.533 and 13.566 scores, average is a 14.049.

Bilge Tarhan TUR UB: Low piked Jaeger. Fell near the end of the routine. Double layout dismount. 11.066

7:36 am. Ioana Stanciulescu ROU FX: Hit the opening pass, then a tucked full-in with a step back. 2.5 to front tuck is OOB. L hop turn to a leap looked a little off. Double tuck was good. 13.066

Cemre Kendirci TUR UB: Jaeger, the rest was good! Hit routine. 11.833

Angelina Radivilova UKR BB: Switch ring, back leg isn’t there. Connected it to a jump after. Leap into a side somi I think. Front aerial, comes a little late out of it. Good double pike, chest down but solid landing. 12.133

7:33 am. Silviana Sfiringu ROU FX: Maybe a little short on the triple. Step on the piked full-in. Short on the Randi. Not bad. Landings could be better but a good start for Romania. 13.133

Anastasiia Motak UKR BB: I wasn’t typing during this but she hit her front front series, and a front pike…and everything else I saw? No major mistakes at least. I think she also stuck the triple! A little under-rotated but with a good landing otherwise. 12.733

Ece Yagmur Yavuz TUR UB: Maloney to bail was good but she came off on something after. Just a front layout dismount. 10.666

7:25 am. Elisa Hämmerle AUT FX: Excited for this queen to pop off. Seven Nation Army music. Switch full. Small step on her double tuck. Full L hop turn, then a 1.5 to front full, two little steps forward, OOB. Switch through to switch half. Ends a little abruptly but I like it! 12.266

Barbora Mokosova SVK BB: Off on her mount. 😦 Check on the flight series. Random sheep jump. Side aerial. Think she did a gainer pike dismount. 10.900

Lihie Raz ISR VT: Hit both but I only saw the landings, not what she did.

7:24 am. Bilge Tarhan TUR VT: Handspring front pike half with a hop back, this was her second vault. I didn’t see the first, but this wasn’t bad. She got a 13.1 and 13.3 for her vaults.

7:21 am. Silviana Sfiringu ROU BB: Side aerial to layout stepout, solid. Front aerial, big pause before the illusion turn but it looked like she wanted to connect them. Switch to sissone. A big off on a transverse jump but fights through. Stuck the double full dismount. Did Romania just hit four beam routines in a row?! YAS. 13.100

7:17 am. Dorina Böczögö HUN FX: Double front, good! Clean double tuck. Layout full to split jump. Double pike a little low. 12.633

Larisa Iordache ROU BB: Side aerial, nice on the tuck full series, front aerial, tiny check, double spin, she’s doing great sweetie, and I think she went for the triple full dismount! A little under-rotated and low but a hit routine! 13.633

Anastasiia Bachynska UKR UB: Stalder full to Maloney to Pak, ugh, arched over in a pirouette and basically landed with her feet on the bar, had to hop off. Back on for the Tkachev, short handstand before the blind change to Jaeger, way short on the toe half, then a huge stuck double tuck. 11.366

7:13 am. Yelyzaveta Hubareva UKR UB: Inbar full to stalder to Komova II to Pak, some flexed feet in the Pak but nice! Maloney to Gienger, a little low. Hit the dismount. Another necessary routine for them. If they can get two routines like these in the final plus what Varinska can offer they’ll win I think. 12.666

Ioana Stanciulescu ROU BB: Front aerial, almost connect to the illusion, switch to split jump, wobble into the Korbut, switch half is a little short. I think she hit everything else. 12.500

Zoja Szekely HUN FX: Double pike, double tuck, both good. 12.466

Dilara Yurtdas TUR VT: FTY, not bad. 13.466

Diana Varinska UKR UB: I didn’t start typing quickly enough but she hit everything in this routine, including the Maloney to clear hip full and the big Tkachev to mixed grip to Jaeger…and then crashed the dismount. She is PISSED. 12.500

7:12 am. Daniela Trica ROU BB: Front handspring front tuck is great. Pause in her leap series but not bad on the split ring leap. Also a good series into the Korbut. Double full dismount. That’s why she’s here! 12.866

Anastasiia Motak UB: Komova II to Pak, inbar to inbar half to piked Jaeger, nice, toe full, a little low on the double layout with a step. Success! 12.700

Mirtill Makovits FX: Bounce back on the double tuck. Front full. Hit the last pass. 11.733

7:06 am. Gonna go back and put some apparatus scores in.

7:02 am. Agata Vostruchovaite LTU VT: Hit her first vault and then did a tsuk full for the second, also hit. 13.133 and 13.200 are the scores.

Barbora Mokosova SVK UB: I wasn’t typing during this but what I saw was lovely! 13.566!

Elisa Hämmerle AUT BB: Wolf jump full, side somi, nice, transverse straight jump full, side aerial, Korbut, double spin, check on the switch leap, front layout full dismount. Excellent! 12.066

Lihie Raz ISR FX: Tucked full-in, front tuck through to double back, double pike, this was great! 12.933

6:58 am. Dorina Böczögö HUN BB: Press mount, random back handspring, side somi, split ring jump, switch to split ring leap, hit her jump series, just a layout dismount. 11.600

Göksu Üctas Sanli TUR FX: Switch ring half, nice, hop back OOB on her double pike, little hop forward on the next pass, switch half, stuck the double tuck. 12.400

6:54 am. Larisa Iordache ROU UB: I wasn’t typing her skills but this was excellent, my GOODNESS. She’s literally going to be the bars champion and I love it. 13.566

Anastasiia Motak UKR VT: My vault feed is frozen again. 14.266 for her DTY.

Mirtill Makovits HUN BB: Hit everything I saw, nice flight series. 12.000

Dilara Yurtdas TUR FX: Had a nice piked full-in to start but crashed her second pass. 10.400

Antonia Duta ROU UB: Stalder half to Jaeger, short handstand before the Pak, legs apart on the stalder full, short handstand before the Maloney to Gienger, stalder, stuck the double back. 11.966

6:49 am. Anastasiia Bachynska just vaulted and the feed kicked back in for me just as she landed and walked away but I couldn’t see what she did, looked fine though. Here we go. We’re ready now.

Zsofia Kovacs HUN BB: Hit a leap to Korbut, then a good jump series. Switch to front aerial, little check. Off on her bhs loso. Side somi. Hit the dismount. 11.766

Silviana Sfiringu ROU UB: Full pirouette to Maloney, toe full to Pak, van Leeuwen,also hit two releases, both Jaegers from my memory, I wasn’t typing, but then sat the double front, UGHHHHHHH. It was SUCH a good routine until that point. 12.266

Cemre Kendirci TUR FX: Hit her opening pass and then a double tuck and double pike. Good work on both. 12.033

Angelina Radivilova UKR VT: I couldn’t see her first vault, the vault angle sucks, it’s front-on, but it looked like she landed really low and kind of rough. Second vault landing was better. 13.233 for the first vault, 13.200 for the second.

6:47 am. Damn, when they said 6:45 am they MEANT like be ready to go, or else. I missed the first few routines and the vault feed is being wonky but getting into it now.

6:45 am. Subdivision 1 is about to start any minute now, and you can watch live here!

3 thoughts on “2020 European Championships | Senior Qualifications Subdivision 1 Live Blog

  1. So so happy for Larisa to make it back to international competition!

    I always hoped, but after her 3rd surgery I really thought she was done. Happy to see her doing so well!


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