2021 Winter Cup | Senior Women Podium Training Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the senior women’s podium training at the 2021 Winter Cup, held in Indianapolis, Indiana!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

12:31 pm. I think that’s it! I’m gonna head out but will be live in the arena tonight for the senior men’s competition!

12:30 pm. Switch to switch half and side aerial both go well for Laurie.

Just eMjae working bars now, details on her toe full.

12:27 pm. Suni Lee did another bars set that looked good to me. I had to pause for a second so I probably missed a few things but things are basically wrapping up now. Just a few stragglers on bars and beam. Laurie’s running through a few skills again.

12:22 pm. Konnor McClain with a pretty effortless DTY. I realized I didn’t see if Blakely ended up doing the DTY after training fulls earlier on.

Laurie back on beam, punch front pike is solid, front aerial to split jump, switch to switch half, little wobble there, good work again.

12:21 pm. Suni Lee gets the piked Jaeger to Pak, van Leeuwen, blind full, and full-in dismount this time after also hitting the opening. Fully hit set! YAY.

12:16 pm. Zoe Miller just hit a good flight series on beam. Looked like she sat her double pike though.

Suni Lee on bars now, Nabieva to Bhardwaj to Maloney to Gienger, fell on something after that but I looked away and didn’t see what. But the opening was great. Really good full-in beam dismount from Chiles!

12:12 pm. Back to back solid double doubles from Emily Lee. Another clean full from Malabuyo. Riley dancing through now. Switch ring to switch full, good. Someone’s standing in the way of Suni’s bars, looked like she caught a release but came off on the low bar.

Frazier does a Nabieva, Church to Pak, shaposh to Tkachev, DAMN. Muscles up the front toe-on but can’t get to handstand and jumps off. Those are some SERIOUS releases.

12:11 pm. FTY from Blakely looked clean, not sure if that’s what she’s doing or if she’s still warming up for the double. Katelyn Rosen with a 1.5, sat it on this attempt but she was SUPER close. Didn’t see what release Saltness did but it was of the Tkachev to mixed grip variety into a Ezhova.

12:07 pm. Nice 2.5 + front layout from Emily Lee. Emma Malabuyo vaulting now, FTY at the moment, rolled out of it (purposely). I feel like I haven’t seen Ciena Alipio prety much at all, I’m gonna try to see if I can spot her on bars in this rotation. Frazier with a Nabieva!!!

12:04 pm. Laurie on beam…punch front pike, little wobble. Bhs loso, slight check. Full turn is clean. Transverse split jump half good as well. Front aerial to split jump to straddle jump, tiny check, also hit an aerial, timer dismount for now. So far so good!

Jade busts out a big double double, step back. Just saw a Pak to van Leeuwen from Suni.

SHILESE DID THE JONES!!!! aka a full-in half-out double tuck. It’s “the Jones” in JO, not elite FYI.

12:01 pm. Final rotation is beginning! Jade opening her floor warm-up with a double tuck, then Riley does a layout timer. High double tuck from Emily Lee. Shilese with a spotted double layout.

11:58 am. Laurie’s back for beam! Still two minutes to go until we can start this rotation.

11:49 am. Barros just threw a Dos Santos but sat it. The pike looked really clean! Good double full after. Had a switch ring to tour jete full in her dance run through which is awesome.

Zoe Miller on bars now, inbar full to Komova II to Pak to Chow half, YESSSS. She’s so good here. Inbar half to huge straddle Jaeger, stalder, then a double layout, beautiful work. She has some of the better U.S. inbars.

11:44 am. Huge bhs loso loso from Jade, then a really solid DTY from Frazier. Blakely’s doing her dance through. Chiles just caught her…Maloney to Gienger I think it was, then hit her full-in. Good work. Emily Lee struggling a little bit with her layout series on beam. Olivia Greaves with a lovely Chow half, piked Jaeger, Downie to Pak, and full-in.

11:41 am. Jade just stuck a double pike off beam, so the double tuck was a warm-up. Love that. Double pike from Emily Lee as well. Then a double pike from Shilese. BLESS. Riley with a double tuck.

Watching a lot of the bars work from WCC out of the corner of my eye and so many good moments, especially on releases. Laurie isn’t doing bars, also not something I really expected this early so not hugely surprised.

11:39 am. Another big double layout for Blakely, and then a huge double double from Torrez. Love this floor group. I think Addison Fatta may have done a DTY? Really early in the vault rotation too. Riley on beam now, solid bhs loso, side aerial to split jump to back tuck, transverse split jump half, beautiful work.

11:35 am. Yes, two of the floor corners are now completely cut off, rude. And KZB is like “should I stand directly in front of the camera?” Jade with a front aerial to clean jump series, then busts out a double tuck no problem. And Skye just SAILED into a double layout on floor. So like, Skye is gonna win this thing is what you’re telling me?

11:31 am. Getting into rotation 3! Someone just did something out of frame on floor that looked big, there’s one corner that’s like, fully cut off.

Also if you notice that I’m missing the letter E on any of the words I type it’s because I’m on my work laptop and that key is broken πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Slash the keyboard sucks in general. I’ll have my regular laptop for live blogging the meets!

11:28 am. I missed the start of Jade’s next bars turn but she caught one release into a Gienger, so that was good. Her bars are STACKED. Basically everyone is done except bars so that’s why I’m hyperfocused over there right now. Shilese’s double front is gorgeous, pointed toes until the landing.

11:25 am. Jade gets the Church, blind change to Ezhova, Maloney to Bhardwaj, all looked very good. Emily Lee now with a toe full to Maloney to Tkachev, nice. Pak feet need some work but her handstands look great. Sydney Barros working the connection from her leap series into the bhs, it’s getting tighter. Front aerial to split jump is a little shaky now.

Yes that was Shilese Jones with the Downie I saw earlier, does it now into a Pak, then van Leeuwen, she flies!

11:24 am. Riley is laughing and smiling a lot, and I hope she is having so much fun with this experience now. It’s what she deserves.

11:21 am. Here’s Riley again, Maloney to Tkachev, she just floats, Downie, gets it no problem. Then a Ricna to Pak to stalder, beautiful. Now Jade, off on her Church. Malabuyo with a double pike beam dismount! then Katelyn Rosen with a solid bhs loso loso.

11:19 am. Frazier’s face looks so weirdly similar to Gabby Perea’s at times, it’s throwing me off. She’s doing a dance through on floor, some very clean leaps throughout. I’ve missed nearly all of Konnor’s beam turns, why am I tuning her out today?! She just hit a double pike, yas yas yas.

11:17 am. Gonna try to catch a full UB set from Riley…toe full to Maloney to Tkachev, nice. Holds the handstand nicely before her Downie, but just goes a little too far and misses her hands. Still, she looks gorgeous.

11:15 am. Torrez missed her side aerial loso but has been solid otherwise. Malabuyo just nailed her triple flight series.

No vaults from Laurie, btw. Not really expected, though? Blakely clean on her punch front on beam, then switch to switch half to back tuck, excellent. She looks really good.

11:12 am. Jade got the Fabrichnova no problem this time! Very clean and solid on the landing. So exciting.

Dance throughs on floor now, trying to pa more attention to beam. Sydney Barros up now, side aerial loso with her legs a little wonky. Just looks a little off today in general. Switch to switch half looks good, to bhs, connection just a tad slow.

Zoe Miller’s the one with the full on vault, btw. Excellent DTY from Chiles on the regular mat.

11:09 am. Someone just went for a huge Downie on bars! Jones, maybe? I couldn’t see her face. Fell but the air was A+++. Riley’s up now, her dismount looks excellent. One of the WCC girls with a full on VT but I’ve seen a few doubles in there. Chiles up now, double with a little hop back, on the 8 inch mat so not as stable.

11:07 am. Good tucked full-in from Saltness on floor. Emma Malabuyo on beam with a front aerial to split ring jump, a little slow in the connection. Jade caught her Bhardwaj, yas! Went for a Fabrichnova dismount!!! Looked like she was nervous, just a little too quick and lacking control in the twists and sat it, but love seeing her go for it.

11:04 am. Second rotation just started. I love that the WCC vault rotation is just going to be like DTY. DTY. DTY. DTY. DTY. Jade on bars, just did a full-in to get started. Emily Lee with a toe full to Maloney to Tkachev, nice! Then a little weak on her Pak but love her swing today.

10:58 am. Nice Ricna from Skye, hops off after, just testing the waters with that one. Katelyn Rosen with a Weiler but doesn’t get it to handstand, hops off. Barros trying the Ricna on its own and is getting height on it now. Just problematic when it’s part of the wider context of the routine.

10:56 am. Barros with a kind of low Ricna, falls on that one. Tries it again, she’s barely clearing the bar, another fall there.

Oh, here’s Konnor, I’ve just been missing all of her turns. Weiler half to stalder full to Maloney to stalder…with a pirouette but broke on that and jumped off.

10:53 am. Malabuyo with a hop change to piked Jaeger, Pak, just going one skill at a time for now but she looks good. Skye with an extra swing out of her Ricna I think, that attempt wasn’t as solid as th last one was.

10:51 am. I haven’t seen Konnor on bars so not sure if I just keep missing her or what. Good double layout from Sydney Barros just now. Back to back triple and double wolf turns from Saltness on beam, but off on the double. Greaves just did a dance through and now German’s going, no one’s tumbling though. Chiles did hers before Laurie.

10:48 am. eMjae Frazier has looked pretty good on beam from what I’ve seen. Saltness trying a double back and it’s a little low but she’s hitting it. Laurie’s dancing through her floor now! Switch ring to tour jete half for one of her leap passes. Room Where It Happens music from Hamilton, loooove it so much. Tour jete full, yessss! That’s gonna be so fun.

Skye is looking super clean on bars, she did basically a full routine while Laurie was running through floor.

10:45 am. Blakely hit her van Leeuwen nicely. Dance throughs on floor right now.

Suni with a switch ring, looked nice. Hit something after but a coach was standing in front of her so I couldn’t see. Everyone was like “Good, Suni!”

Vault is already done, I only saw timers but I possibly missed things with every event going at once.

10:42 am. Laurie just stood up the full-in, and then one of the WCC girls did a full-twisting double layout, but it was in the far corner and I couldn’t see who. It looked good! Faith with a van Leeuwen, piked Jaeger, and hit dismount.

10:39 am. A couple double layouts on floor. One went to hands and knees but it was in the far corner and I couldn’t see who. Laurie just attempted a tucked full-in, hands down, but it was early. Katelyn Rosen is the “blonde?” girl I couldn’t identify earlier on bars. We’re getting there.

10:38 am. Riley is warming up vault. Faith Torrez is in the UB group. Suni just hit a good flight series but had a little wolf turn struggle, no biggie. Love that the first half hour of this is just gonna be me figuring out who is where.

10:36 am. Emma Malabuyo is on bars, and I think Skye Blakely is as well but no big skills over there yet, just lots of giants.

10:34 am. Mostly basics for now. I think I see WCC on floor…yes, Jordan Chiles just busted out a front double full to front full out of nowhere. Love that. She just did it again pretty solidly.

10:31 am. First rotation is starting. I see Midwest on beam, Jade and Riley on vault, Laurie on floor…it’ll get easier as we get into the rotation and I can isolate specific people, right now everyone is still kind of in big groups and no one’s close enough to see for sure who’s who. We’ll get there. Bars is hardest to see, right now it’s kind of like “girl with blonde?? kind of?? hair” and I thought it was Grace who isn’t even here so. That’s how bars is going.

10:30 am. We don’t have start lists yet that I’ve seen so I might have a few moments of like, who is this? But I’m trying!

24 thoughts on “2021 Winter Cup | Senior Women Podium Training Live Blog

    • I didn’t see her…I missed a couple of people, including Kayla, Ciena Alipio, and a couple others who were supposed to be in this session, so it’s possible I just didn’t see them (like with Konnor, who I only saw 3 times out of the whole two hours as opposed to Jade and Riley, who I somehow caught over and over again in comparison). I tried looking at her social media to see if she had any photos showing she was here but don’t see anything so I don’t know for sure!


  1. So how is Jade looking in generally in AA context? I ask because I keep seeing people in comments on youtube training videos over these weeks, everytime Carey is featured and doing isolated bar skills, or beams skills decent enough, and people saying ” I have a feeling Carey will be coming from that second AA spot, top two etc” lol Of course I find it unrealistic as heck, but curious your thoughts sister Lauren of the Gymternet πŸ™‚


    • Jade isn’t eligible for the team, no matter how she places at Trials. She gave up the chance to be named to the team when she started pursuing the individual route.


      • Of course she is eligible for the team. Just because she qualified as an individual doesn’t mean she won’t be on it, especially since Tom said the top 2 AA at trials will be on the team. Also, on or off the team doesn’t affect her ability to compete AA. There’s a reason she has been upgrading her bars.


        • No, Tom specifically said she won’t be eligible for the team if she attends the world cups and earns a spot that way, because if she forfeits her world cup spot, it means the U.S. loses a spot and would only have five athletes attending instead of six. He said once she earns/accepts the spot, she will no longer be eligible to make the team at trials. She upgraded her bars and beam so she can challenge for an AA finals spot once in Tokyo, because she can compete all four events there despite qualifying as a specialist.

          Liked by 1 person

        • Technically MC is correct that Jade is eligible for the 4 person team.
          The criteria states that the top 2 AA are guaranteed a spot on the Olympic Team. If Jade finishes 2nd at Olympic Trials she is on the Olympic 4 person team as she would easily win a lawsuit if USAG stated she is not since the criteria is published.

          USAG is stupid for never putting it in writing that if you opt to go for the individual World Cup route that you are automatically ineligible for the 4 person Olympic team. Especially since USAG funded it. Originally, USAG said no to individual route but legally they couldn’t prevent an athlete from doing so. The ironic thing is that they put out specific criteria of who was eligible for the individual route which IIRC narrowed it down to only Carey, Hurd, Hernandez who wasn’t competing, and Biles (at the time) so they could have easily put in a caveat there that should someone earn an individual slot they were ineligible for the 4 person team or the +1 non-nominative. But they were stupid and didn’t think of it.

          Carey is highly unlikely to place in the top 5 AA, let alone top 2 but you never really know these days.

          If USAG is smart they will ensure that Carey is not top 8 at Nationals- which is highly likely to happen when everyone is at peak form. But they could make sure that her execution score is correct. her 8s in execution on UB and BB is laughable. If she isn’t top 8 at Nationals then USAG is good to go as only the top 8 are guaranteed to Trials. They could then offer Carey a spot at Trials as exhibition to test out her routines again before the Olympics but specifically state she is not eligible for the 4 person team. But if somehow Jade places top 8 at Nationals she will go to Trials and is eligible for the Olympic team.

          Essentially, it doesn’t matter that Tom stated she is ineligible. He doesn’t have that authority to do so as legally Carey IS eligible for the 4 person team still.


      • That wasnt my question. I undestand Jade isnt eligible for the team. Im talking about Jade as an AA, where people think somehow she will nab the second spot when she competes AA in Tokyo as an individual… Or just becoming a top two AA gymnast behind Simone. lol Im asking how Lauren feels she really stacks up AA and if she could pull a surprise 2nd place to qualify AA in Tokyo. πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

        • OHHHHH. That question makes considerably more sense! I’m not Lauren, but having been watching this sport for awhile – Jade is a solid AAer and I wouldn’t at all be surprised if she mathematically qualifies for the all-around in Tokyo – in fact I’d be very surprised if she *didn’t* – but I’m 99% sure that she’ll be 2-per’d out by the likes of Riley, Suni, Biles, etc. unless most of the rest of Team USA has a VERY bad day in quals. She’s got huge difficulty, but her execution just isn’t where it should be to beat a Suni or a Riley.


    • Sorry, I didn’t see this initially! I think Jade looks awesome. Whether she can be second best in the U.S. will depend on if she can put it all together and hit…her bars look great and I think she could put an entire routine together pretty well, but will it happen every time she competes? I think she’ll end up being super close to a lot of the other top AAers in Tokyo and it’ll be one of those things like, on this day, Jade is the best, on the next day Suni is, etc. I can see it being really close in Tokyo and at other meets, but I think it’ll just come down to who has the best day when it counts. But Jade could very well be right there, and I think even if her bars and/or beam ARE slightly off, she benefits from having that huge vault score, which could put her ahead of someone like Suni. Jade looked very clean and solid in training today, and I hope that carries over to the competition. I think she has a big chance to win the Winter Cup if everything goes well!


      • If Jade continues to do well AA wise and the hypothetical happens where Jade is 2nd AA at the Olympics, think about how ridiculous these FiG rules would turn out to be. It would be like Simone winning team gold, but Aly only getting AA silver and being left off of the team. It’s like what Nastia said during the men’s Winter Cup competition, “They’re from the same country, why wouldn’t they get a team medal for representing their country?”. But rules are rules smh.


        • I completely agree! If you qualified as an individual apparatus specialist, you should only be allowed to compete on that specific event. Doesn’t make sense for them to be able to do AA as I had understood that the purpose for the individual world cup route was for athletes that could be an Oympic event finalist, but would not be included on their team because of the 4-4-3 rule and needing your team to be AAers.


      • Ah I see. Thanks. Yeah my comment I replied with was for Rosie, who gave me the Jade already qualified to the Olympics answer, which of course I knew. πŸ™‚ I just meant Jade in general as an AA and rumblings that she is gonna snatch the 2nd aa title lol… I hear where your coming from I just dont see it happening personally. But things can surprise me πŸ™‚ I just cant wait to see what everyone brings in the actual competitions ahead. Gonna be exciting.


      • The ironic thing is that it will be easier for Jade to be 2nd AA for the US at the Olympics than it would be for her at Nationals or even Trials. She only has 4 others to beat out rather than 10-12 at Nationals/Trials.


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