2021 Winter Cup | Senior Men Day 1 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the first day of the senior men’s competition at the 2021 Winter Cup, held in Indianapolis, Indiana!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.


1. Cameron Bock 84.150
2. Riley Loos 83.250
3. Yul Moldauer 82.600
4. Shane Wiskus 81.250
5. Allan Bower 81.150
6. Paul Juda 79.850
7. Adrian De Los Angeles 79.600
8. Genki Suzuki 79.200

9:55 pm. Donnell Whittenburg SR: Maltese pressed up to planche my GOD have my babies. Perfection. Wobbles and shakes in his handstand a bit but gets it under control, saltos to maltese, swings through to iron cross then down to invert hang to invert pike, maltese, and a solid full-twisting double layout dismount.

9:53 pm. Who saw Cameron Bock with nearly a point lead here today?!

9:51 pm. Yul Moldauer SR: Invert hang form looked great, Maltese, opens his palms like a king, front pike up through to Maltese, through to iron cross, holds it well, just a little swing to it. Short handstand hold before his saltos through to iron cross, straddle planche, oof, the next handstand goes WILD, just looks rushed and he loses his everything. Hit the dismount.

9:50 pm. Shane Wiskus HB: Cassina, UGH, catches it with one arm, keeps swinging but UGHHHH. Caught the next skill but I was too traumatized to realize what it was, Kolman maybe, I don’t remember, one-armed pirouette, stalder, double double layout low with a step. UGHHHHH.

9:48 pm. Cameron Bock SR: Maltese, down to invert hang to invert pike, straddle planche to planche, clean handstand, shaky on the next, double tuck to double pike to straddle sit, presses to handstand, small hop and an arm wobble on his double double.

Matt Wenske PB: I wasn’t watching super close but he had a fall.

9:47 pm. Timothy Wang HB: Stoop half, slight leg separation, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, straddle to mixed grip, catches really late and close to the bar, circles around it at his hips, but doesn’t come off, continues with a Yamawaki, stalder, and full-twisting double layout, ugh, runs out of it.

9:45 pm. Isaiah Drake PH: Routine looked simple but solid and clean.

9:41 pm. Allan Bower PH: Slow and steady in his early scissor work. A little too slow maybe but keeping it clean I guess. A lot of his work is slow and steady but he picks up speed in his traveling. Tries to muscle into handstand, but can’t do it. Comes off. UGH.

Adrian De Los Angeles HB: Big layout Tkachev and straddle Tkachev, another straddle Tkachev that I think was supposed to go to mixed grip, hop back on his dismount.

Marvin Kimble SR: Iron cross, presses out to Maltese, YAAAAAAS. Hit his saltos and everything was looking good until he almost fell out of handstand, legs came fully apart and he couldn’t muscle it, also super arched on the next handstand, and then he just does a double tuck? Ughhhhhh.

9:40 pm. Paul Juda SR: Planche, lovely, a tiny bit shaky in handstand, double pike to double tuck to straddle sit, extends his legs out to planche, then through to L sit, love that. Up to handstand, swinging a little but clean, arched on the next one but pulls it back. Double double with a small hop.

9:36 pm. Taylor Burkhart SR: Double pike to double tuck to L sit, good. Solid double double.

Riley Loos FX: I missed the beginning, excellent Randi. Front double full to front full. Triple full with a little hop to the side.

Genki Suzuki PH: Looks a little stuck in his scissors at the beginning.

Kiwan Watts VT: I didn’t see what he did but he stuck it!


1. Cameron Bock 70.050
2. Riley Loos 69.000
3. Yul Moldauer 68.600
4. Allan Bower 68.500
5. Shane Wiskus 68.250
6. Adrian De Los Angeles 66.950
7. Vitaliy Guimaraes 66.600
8. Paul Juda 66.200

9:30 pm. Donnell Whittenburg PH: Hit his leg coming down from a handstand early on it looked like, and then his form isn’t ideal throughout, and eventually it takes him right off the horse unfortunately.

Shane Wiskus PB: Huge straddle salto, lovely Tippelt, the press up was gorgeous. Hit the double front.

9:27 pm. Yul Moldauer PH: Starts out slow and steady and then really finds his groove when he gets into the flairs. Just beautiful as always. Muscles into the dismount. Great routine.

9:26 pm. Timothy Wang PB: Very fluid work so far, goes easily between saltos and pirouettes. Double back dismount with a hop.

9:23 pm. Marvin Kimble PH: I wasn’t watching this super closely but he had one moment where his legs came apart significantly, and the handstand into the dismount was pretty weak I think. Decent overall.

Adrian De Los Angeles PB: Makuts with slight leg separation (I think it was a Makuts, I’m learning), UGH sat the double front dismount.

Isaiah Drake FX: Double front with a hop, arabian double front with a step. Something in between those two I think but I was watching Adrian. Clean Rudi, then a clean double full as well. Stuck the triple full, nice.

Cameron Bock PH: Opening was good, actually pretty nicely extended throughout, just maybe gets a little loose in his hips toward the end, but pretty clean overall. No struggles into his dismount.

9:21 pm. Allan Bower FX: Piked double front with a small hop. Double double, legs are a bit weird and jerky but good landing. Front double full to front tuck full. 2.5 to barani is clean. Double full is clean. Triple full almost doesn’t make it but pulls it through in the end.

I love that I just don’t even have a slight clue what is happening over on p-bars. I honestly forgot it existed.

9:19 pm. Paul Juda PH: Love his scissor elements at the beginning, he does a couple so quickly and makes them so fluid. But hits his leg it looked like on a flair and comes off. Ugh.

Alec Yoder SR: Maltese, can’t really get up to the straddle planche, kinda holds it with his legs fully angled down? Double pike to double tuck up to straddle sit, swinging a lot, presses to hanstand, arches over and shakes a little, double double with a big hop forward. Just not his day there today. He looks SO grown-up seeing him up close, I just remember him as a tiny wee guy.

9:16 pm. Taylor Burkhart PH: Super flared routine, but came off about halfway through. Came off again while in his handstand pirouettes into the dismount, just like, dropped out of handstand onto the horse and stumbled off. Rough.

Alex Diab SR: Was way short in a handstand and kinda fell back out of it, planche down to iron cross,

Vitaliy Guimaraes FX: Randi to start, good. Double double with a skid and a step. Next pass idk what he was even going for, something twisty but landed it a rotation short I think and then tried to hop it around? 2.5 to barani after was clean. He has really lovely lines. Stuck the triple full.

9:14 pm. Kiwan Watts SR: Straddle planche, right into a planche, cool! Arched over in handstand after that, but fights back, double pike to double tuck to straddle sit, a little iffy going into that position, dismounted with I think a full-in half-out with a step back. Came off the podium saying “I can’t breathe!” Don’t worry, he can though.

9:11 pm. Stephen Nedoroscik PH: Super quick work at the beginning with a scissor skill, comes down a little on a one-arm swing but gets his control back like nothing went remotely wrong. Speeds up for his travels, but…I don’t even know how to describe what happened? Randomly just flung backwards onto his back and tumbles off the horse? UGH. Gets the dismount, a little rushed.

Garrett Braunton VT: DTY with a hop back.

Matt Wenske FX: Hit the first pass, then a double double, pretty low with a hop forward. Oh, I missed the rest I guess.


1. Cameron Bock 55.750
2. Riley Loos 55.650
3. Allan Bower 54.550
4. Adrian De Los Angeles 54.400
5. Yul Moldauer 54.300
6. Shane Wiskus 54.200
7. Vitaliy Guimaraes 53.850
— Paul Juda 53.850

9:05 pm. Yul Moldauer FX: Randi to start, maybe a little short, then an arabian double front half-out with a hop. Front double full to front full went really low but he stands up out of it. Great flair work. 2.5 to barani after that, then a clean double full side pass. Triple full, chest is a little forward, small hop to the side, but overall really strong work.

9:01 pm. Cameron Bock FX: Piked double front with a hop forward, good! Front double full to front full, knees a little soft, 2.5 to front layout, clean with a hop. 1.5 to tucked front full side pass. Triple full with a tiny step but pretty clean overall. He’s killing it today.

8:56 pm. Allan Bower HB: Kovacs, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, hit the rest, clean dismount.

Marvin Kimble FX: Front layout to piked double front, hop, next pass went super low, think he just did a 1.5 or something? and he punched into a tuck out of it, which he rolled forward out of then just a layout after. Weird? Double layout was SUPER low and I basically screamed.

8:53 pm. Timothy Wang VT: Another handspring double full! This one was really nice too.

Vitaliy Guimaraes HB: Straddle Tkachev, straddle Tkachev half. I missed the rest.

Shane Wiskus VT: Kaz 1.5, low block off the table, sneaks it around but his form is a little soft and he lands low, big step out to the side as well.

Paul Juda FX: Double double with a hop forward. 2.5 to front full. Clean side pass. Triple full with a hop back.

8:50 pm. Matt Wenske HB: I just saw the DDLO dismount which was good.

Taylor Burkhart FX: I missed the first pass, a double layout and a double double after, both good. Clean double full, hops his heels together. Triple full came in pretty low at the end but holds it up.

Adrian De Los Angeles VT: Handspring front double full, super solid landing, just some leg form.

8:47 pm. Donnell Whittenburg FX: UGH I missed the beginning. Caught it from the piked double front, then a 2.5 side pass because #Donnell Double double goes a little lowat the end.

Eddie Penev VT: Kaz 1.5 was BEAUTIFUL. Best one so far.

Yoder PH: Really great routine until the very end when he just had to muscle into the dismount, I don’t think he quite got to handstand into it but otherwise good.


1. Riley Loos 41.900
— Cameron Bock 41.900
3. Allan Bower 41.450
4. Matt Wenske 40.750
5. Shane Wiskus 40.500
6. Vitaliy Guimaraes 40.450
7. Yul Moldauer 40.400
— Paul Juda 40.400

8:39 pm. Cameron Bock HB: Stoop half, Kovacs, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, very clean and floaty, hit the DDLO dismount, that was nice!

8:36 pm. Marvin Kimble HB: Layout tkachev right into a layout Tkachev to mixed grip. Nice. Went crooked on one of his pirouettes, straddle Tkachev straight to straddle Tkachev to mixed grip, full-twisting double layout is stuck.

Adrian De Los Angeles SR: Iron cross, chin pop (#CHEER). Hit the rest, including a double layout dismount.

8:32 pm. Paul Juda HB: Yamawaki, clean Kovacs, layout Tkachev, straddle Tkachev, blind change to L grip, works in L grip for most of his front giant work, but then weirdly falls over to the side while swinging back into regular grip and just falls?!?! That was SO odd. Clean full-twisting DLO with a step, looks kind of dejected at that point tbh. Such a weird fall.

8:29 pm. Taylor Burkhart HB: I didn’t see all of this but think he had a Liukin! I just saw the twist and the catch. Yamawaki half after. Hit routine overall, clean dismount.

Kanji Oyama SR: Decent from what I saw, stuck the double double with his chest down.

Isaiah Drake PB: Just an 11.7

8:26 pm. Allan Bower PB: I missed this, but he got a 13.55

Michael Moran SR: A little shaky, the boys are yelling STAY TIGHT. Double double with his chest down and a scoot back. Someone keeps lowering his mask to yell for him. Bro.

Donnell Whittenburg HB: Huge Yamawaki half, then a Yamawaki right after, stalder, double double with a good landing. I missed the beginning.

8:23 pm. Shane Wiskus SR: Inverted hang up to Maltese down to inverted hang, double tuck to double pike up to straddle planche, swinging a little bit there, sway back a little in his last handstand, just a step back to steady the double double dismount.

Yul Moldauer HB: Hit the circle elements early on then a Yamawaki, straddle Tkachev, hop full, Rybalko, ugh, then doesn’t get his stoop half to handstand, muscles it and has to start his swing again. One-armed giant, then a full-twisting double layout with a hop.

Riley Loos VT: Handspring Randi! Some leg form but damn that was solid.

Kiwan Watts FX: Piked double front, good. Hop forward. Double double, also solid. Hit a clean double full and then landed his full-in final pass completely OOB, he’s SO tall.


1. Yul Moldauer 28.600
2. Cameron Bock 28.500
3. Allan Bower 27.900
4. Isaiah Drake 27.750
5. Vitaliy Guimaraes 27.650
6. Paul Juda 27.550
7. Matt Wenske 27.450
8. Adrian De Los Angeles 27.250

8:14 pm. Paul Juda PB: Hit routine, 13.9

Marvin Kimble PB: Lots of transitions to the single rail, just a little shaky on one of them, looked like he dropped out of it, messy legs on some elements as well. Clean one-arm pirouette. Dismount is a layout with a twist, I think a full, idk, I wasn’t paying super close attention.

8:11 pm. Adrian De Los Angeles PH: I love that he’s been around for 100 years. Really quick and smooth work to start, loses his leg form a couple of times but nothing severe, cleans up nice and hits.

8:08 pm. Crew Bold PH: He came off right as I glanced over. Ugh, he was so close to the dismount, too!

Taylor Burkhart PB: Saw some of this, his saltos were HUUUUGE. Double pike with a hop. Looked good! Okay but I probably missed something earlier on because he only has a 12.55, E score under a 7.

8:07 pm. Genki Suzuki VT: Kaz full, low landing with a hop, form was a little iffy in the air.

Donnell Whittenburg PB: I missed this, naturally.

8:06 pm. Kanji Oyama PH: Legs came apart early on, but overall a good routine, no huge skills or anything but solid enough.

8:04 pm. Yul Moldauer PB: I purposely said “watch this” then I missed all of it. It’s SO FAR AWAY and one of the plexiglass screens up at the media tables blocks it/reflects rings into it. I hate it! 14.300

Yoder HB: Yamawaki, off on his Kovacs. His circle work looks nice from here, and stuck the DDLO cold.

Landen Blixt FX: Double double, good, 1.5 to front double full, baby hop to the side. I missed the rest.

Matt Wenske VT: Kaz 1.5, a little rough on the landing, big crossed step over.

8:03 pm. Khoi Young FX: Hit what I saw at the beginning, clean double full side pass, 2.5 to barani with a little hop, triple full is short and underrotated, puts his hands down.

Isaiah Drake VT: Kaz 1.5, whips it around, couldn’t see the landing but looked fine!

8:01 pm. Allan Bower VT: Kaz 1.5, leg form could be tighter but fine overall.

Shane Wiskus PH: Clean and easy swing at the beginning. Some pike in his hips and loses his leg form near the end, tucks them and they come apart but he gets under control quickly. Hit the dismount. Good fight.

7:58 pm. Vitaliy Guimaraes VT: Think he did a kaz full. Good landing!

Timothy Wang PH: Muscled the handstand into the dismount but good overall.

Garrett Braunton FX: Full-in with a hop back, then a front full to front double full with a hop. 2.5 to barani. Hit the rest. Good work!

Riley Loos SR: Planche down to iron cross, straddle sit through to planche up to L sit, then presses to handstand. Muscled a handstand, basically stuck the double double.


1. Cameron Bock 14.350
2. Yul Moldauer 14.300
3. Donnell Whittenburg 14.100
4. Adrian De Los Angeles 14.050
— Eddie Penev 14.050
6. Shane Wiskus 14.000
7. Michael Moran 13.850
8. Paul Juda 13.650
— Matt Wenske 13.650

7:50 pm. Michael Moran FX: Double front half-out, then a good double double with a tiny hop. 2.5 to front tuck full, also good. Super high arabian double front half-out! Front full front full barani, clean and simple. Weirdest hurdle into his triple full but lands it well, tiny step.

7:48 pm. Matt Wenske SR: Straddle planche is controlled nicely, double tuck up to straddle sit, adjusts into it, presses up to handstand, a little swayed, the next is a bit more arched but he’s holding onto it, double double with a little slide back.

7:45 pm. Isaiah Drake SR: He’s not Oklahoma, he’s Gym Olympica USA, but his colors are basically the same and he has his name across the back just like the OU leos. Good routine, just a little messy on the dismount.

Eddie Penev FX: My blog decided to refresh during this so I wasn’t typing but he hit all of his passes pretty well, went OOB on the third or fourth IIRC, and triple full at the end had a hop forward.

7:44 pm. Paul Juda VT: Kaz 1.5, rotation isn’t quite there, and he’s still rotating on the landing, hops it over and kind of flies forward. Just wild altogether.

7:42 pm. Shane Wiskus FX: I missed his first pass but second was a great double double, then a 2.5 to front full I think, and a front double full to barani, lovely form. Came in a little low on his triple full but gets it around, just has to take a step forward.

Donnell Whittenburg VT: I think he did a kaz 1.5, I didn’t see the entry, just the landing…looked like he had a hop or a step.

Allan Bower SR: I’m closest to rings but keep missing every routine until the dismount. Double double, maybe a little underrotated?

7:40 pm. Vitaliy Guimaraes SR: I caught his saltos, which looked pretty good, and his stuck double double dismount, which was very nice.

7:38 pm. Timothy Wang FX: Piked double front with a hop forward. Front full to front double full, sat that one. Randi was a little short, hopped it around though. 2.5 to front layout, just some leg form in the air. Clean double full. Fall on his triple at the end. Hard on his hand too but he’s fine.

Yul Moldauer VT: Kaz 1.5 with a hop forward, good! 14.300

I can’t see p-bars almost at all so they’re what I’m going to ignore for the most part when there are multiple events going on.

7:37 pm. Cameron Bock VT: Kaz 1.5 with a hop forward, looked good in the air.

7:33 pm. Adrian de los Angeles FX: Front full to double front with a step forward. Hit a piked double front and then the next pass. Flairs after were good. Clean double full. 2.5 to finish was very clean, tiny hop.

Riley Loos PH: Hit routine!

Genki Suzuki SR: Nice saltos up to straddle sit, just adjusted in the straddle. Hit the dismount well.

Marvin Kimble VT: Tsuk double pike, looked like he put his hand down but it’s really hard for me to see the landing area from here so that will be fun.

7:31 pm. Shane Wiskus and Eddie Penev will start on floor along with Adrian De Los Angeles, Timothy Wang, and Michael Moran, Riley Loos is in his own little rotation group for Stanford starting on pommels, Oklahoma is on rings, Marvin Kimble, Yul Moldauer, Donnell Whittenburg, Taylor Burkhart, Paul Juda, and Cameron Bock are on vault, Alec Yoder, Mike Fletcher, and Kiwan Watts start on p-bars, and Landen Blixt and Garrett Braunton start on high bar.

7:27 pm. The men just marched out. Mostly cardboard cutouts in the stands, and then maybe 15-20 parents spaced throughout (I think gymnasts were allowed to bring 2 parents each, but most chose not to travel for obvious reasons). People clapped as hard as possible for the guys though. ❤

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