2021 2nd German Euros Trials Results

The 2021 2nd German Euros Trials were held on April 10 in Frankfurt, Germany.

All-Around Results

Rank Athlete VT UB BB FX AA
1 Elisabeth Seitz 13.500 14.500 12.200 13.100 53.300
2 Kim Bui 13.550 14.250 12.050 13.150 53.000
3 Emma Malewski 13.450 13.100 12.250 12.200 51.000
4 Carina Kröll 12.650 12.000 11.650 11.850 48.150
5 Kim Ruoff 13.100 11.750 10.550 12.050 47.450
6 Michelle Kunz 13.200 11.400 10.650 9.350 44.600
7 Sarah Voss 12.800 —— 10.300 —— 23.100

12 thoughts on “2021 2nd German Euros Trials Results

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  2. Well I’m glad Eli is looking a little better at least with a competitive bars number and a great floor score for her. But vault and beam look very weak all of a sudden with Seitz’s DTY still MIA and Voss’ poor performance here. They really need Schafer on the Olympic team to compete those two events so that Bui can do only UB/FX. I hope she will be ready


    • Neither Scheder nor Schäfer decided to be part of the Euros selection process, though both are planning on being in the mix for the Olympics. I’m pretty sure Bui, Seitz, and Voss will be locks for Tokyo (at least if Voss gets back to 100%), and then I think Schäfer will go in the fourth spot…I think they need her vault and beam more than Scheder’s bars/beam, but we’ll see how they both end up looking when they return!


      • I think Lisa Zimmermann will take the fourth spot with her DTY,solid beam and upgraded bars.
        She´s coming back from injury, but was at camp.


        • Yeah, it will be interesting to see how she and Schäfer compare…I could see either one getting it, but could see if Schäfer’s experience ended up giving her more of a lift. Would be awesome for Lisa to make it, though, since she’s not one of the “stars” of the team and wasn’t expected to be one!


        • And don’t forget Emelie Petz who opted to skip the second trial to recover from her injuries. The same did Lara-Marie Hinsberger.


    • As far as I know, they just chose to not be part of the qualification process for Euros and instead want to focus on Tokyo…if they’re injured, it’s minor for both. I assume they just aren’t fully ready to be competitive at this point, though since they haven’t done anything since 2019 and with time running out before the Tokyo selection process starts, hopefully they’re on the path to their comebacks.


    • Technically yes, but not in a sense that would make her relevant for this year or probably even the future in terms of competing at the elite level…I think when she last gave an interview the goal was Tokyo and she was pushing to get back, but she’s just had too many injuries and isn’t in a competitive place. As of a year ago she was still training but then had to have another surgery (around May 2020 I think) but I think she has other things going on as well now (she’s pursuing a medical career) and just isn’t as focused on gymnastics knowing that 2021 is out.


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