2021 Hopes Championships Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the 2021 Hopes Championships, held in Indianapolis, Indiana!

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3:43 pm. HOPES 13-14 RANKINGS

1. Kieryn Finnell 51.200
2. Audrey Snyder 50.650
3. Myli Lew 50.150
4. Brynn Torry 49.650
5. Carsyn Coleman 49.400
— Kaitlynd Kastl 49.400
7. Carly Weinberg 49.250
8. Dulcy Caylor 48.850


1. Claire Pease 50.050
2. Tyler Turner 48.050
3. Addy Fulcher 47.600
4. Ally Damelio 47.300
5. Charleigh Bullock 47.250
6. Quinn Harris 46.150
7. Sadie Goldberg 45.850
8. Mia Puig 45.050

3:34 pm. Kaitlynd Kastl BB: Hit her jumps at the beginning, front aerial, penche into a forward roll, love that, bhs loso, tiny adjustment, double full with a hop,

Anna Tava FX: Double pike, step back, full L turn, front layout to front pike, switch ring to tour jeté half, UGH, crashed double tuck at the end. She had a lot of great moments in her day today, bummer about the ending.

Tyler Turner FX: I just saw her double tuck at the start, had a little bounce.

3:30 pm. Claire Pease BB: Candle mount, Onodi, NOOOOO, just overdoes it from the looks of it, flies right off. I mean she had like a three-point lead coming into this so she can afford it. Hit the triple flight series. Front aerial, perfect, transverse split jump half. Double tuck dismount, nice!

Hailey Avellar FX: First pass with a stumble back. Nice 1.5 to front pike. Double full, step back.

Quinn Harris UB: Pak, hit the dismount. Did literally every single routine have a Pak?

3:29 pm Myli Lew UB: I didn’t see most of this but it looked like she got stuck for a second on the low bar. Had the straightest double layout dismount ever!

3:27 pm. Jayla Hang FX: Double pike, good, just a step back. Double tuck, step back there as well but good height. OOF, 1.5, lands it low and punches out of it to her back when going for a front tuck.

Charleigh Bullock BB: Solid flight series. Standing back tuck. Break on a transverse jump. Noooo, did her full turn, hit it, then randomly stumbled walking forward, hahaha. Just gymnast things. 1.5 dismount is good.

3:26 pm. Brynn Torry UB: Maloney to Pak I think at the beginning, hit a double tuck dismount with a hop back.

3:25 pm. Payton Chandler BB: Front aerial, solid. Good jumps to back tuck, stumble and a leg up there but saves it. Side aerial, leg up, another correction, smaller this time. Stuck the double full!

Carly Weinberg FX: Gabby Douglas music! 2016. Double pike, little steps back. Double tuck, bounce back. Front layout to front full, form isn’t quite there on either. 1.5, skids the landing and takes a big step to the side to control it.

Emerson Fisk VT: FTY with a hop back.

3:24 pm. Ally Damelio UB: Lovely Pak, clear hip to toe-on to toe shoot, caught really close, goes into a dead hang and has to kip cast back to handstand before her blind full, double pike dismount with a step to the side.

3:23 pm. Sydney Snyder VT: Yurchenko layout, lunge back.

3:19 pm. Nicole Desmond VT: FTY, a little whippy, step back, but strong block.

Mia Puig UB: Pak, dismounted with a double layout, came off a little low but got it around.

Anabelle Dewey BB: Front aerial, switch leap, low back leg, feet are a little flexed on her jumps. Standing back tuck or pike, I couldn’t see her legs, 1.5 dismount with a big hop.

Addy Fulcher FX: Good double tuck. Switch to switch half. Goes low and long on what I think was a front full. Hit the last pass.

Carsyn Coleman VT: Biggest FTY I’ve seen so far! Little hop back on the landing.

3:17 pm. Audrey Snyder VT: Really good FTY! Not a ton of power but the form and landing were mostly there.

Sadie Goldberg FX: Double pike to start was good, fell on one of her later passes though. I think she had a 2.5 to finish.

Kieryn Finnell BB: I saw her hit her flight series and a side aerial, then a transverse split jump half, chest is just down a bit there. Double full to finish. Excellent day for her today!

Jolyn Sicat Valeros UB: Had a pirouette to stalder to a Maloney and then a Pak I think, I wasn’t typing but pretty sure that’s everything! I missed the rest.

Dulcy Caylor VT: FTY, step back.

3:11 pm. 13-14 STANDINGS

1. Kieryn Fennell 38.950
2. Kaitlynd Kastl 37.900
3. Carly Weinberg 37.700
4. Anabelle Dewey 37.500
5. Brynn Torry 37.450
6. Audrey Snyder 37.400
7. Myli Lew 37.250
8. Jayla Hang 37.200


1. Claire Pease 38.050
2. Tyler Turner 35.550
3. Charleigh Bullock 35.500
4. Ally Damelio 35.400
5. Addy Fulcher 35.300
6. Sadie Goldberg 35.000
7. Quinn Harris 34.250
8. Mia Puig 33.650

3:08 pm. Anna Tava BB: I missed the beginning of this, standing loso to loso, very nice! Switch leap to back tuck, tiniest adjustment. Front aerial to split jump to straddle jump, UGH, off on a side aerial, of all things. Double full, doesn’t get a big set into it, so the form, position, and landing aren’t the best, but she stands it up.

Sydney Snyder FX: 2.5 to front tuck. Double tuck, chest a little low, step back. I think just a layout full for the next pass.

3:04 pm. Carsyn Coleman FX: Tucked full-in, step back. Great landing on the arabian double front. Full Y turn. Switch ring I think, to tour jeté half. Double pike with a big step back. Double tuck is pretty low and she runs forward out of it.

Hailey Avellar BB: Candle mount, a little wobbly in a wolf turn. Front aerial, some bent knees, great flight series, switch to split jump, back leg isn’t quite there on either, ugh, hands down on the double full.

3:01 pm. Nicole Desmond FX: Double layout, legs apart, and lands it a little low, step forward, but straight body in the air from this angle. Tucked full-in, lands it really forward, and falls backwards when she pulls up. Switch ring to tour jeté half, good split there. Popa. Switch half. Double tuck to finish.

Claire Pease UB: Valeri is coaching her, I saw Anna coaching beam with the juniors yesterday. Blind change to front giant to big piked Jaeger, toe-on to lovely Pak, maybe caught a little high, jumps back to the high bar. Super high double tuck, looked stuck but Valeri was blocking her. Excellent routine and I love that they’re not pushing her (or any of the juniors) to do big difficulty beyond what they need. They have a truly great group at WOGA right now and none of them are doing THE MOST the way they used to. Really glad that they seem to have learned from past mistakes.

Jayla Hang BB: Break on her bhs loso but stays on.

2:59 pm. Charleigh Bullock UB: My wee fave! Pak, some flexed feet, stalder to toe shoot, caught a little close, muscles out of it, legs apart on her blind change to front giant half, and a double tuck to finish.

Carly Weinberg BB: L turn! Nice. Onodi! Also exciting. Switch to split jump to back tuck, wow. This is excellent so far. Good on the bhs loso. Double full, also very nice. Great routine!

2:57 pm. Dulcy Caylor FX: Double pike, low in her set, hop forward. 2.5 with a big step forward. Double tuck, a little short with a step.

Myli Lew VT: UGHHHHH, FTY, looks like it’ll be short, and then drops her hands to the mat, she was my pick for the win in the 13-14 category today.

2:56 pm. Addy Fulcher BB: Really good on her leaps, a little wobbly in one of her wolf turns, but the 1.5 was nice. Shows off her back flexibility in there a bit. Front aerial with a little step forward. Ugh, off on her flight series. Double full.

Brynn Torry VT: FTY, not bad!

Payton Chandler UB: Toe-on to Pak, catches it a bit off and has to take a little jerky swing out of it, stalder up to the high bar, hop on the double pike dismount.

2:53 pm. Sadie Goldberg BB: Hit her frlight series and front aerial. Switch to split jump, both a little shy, to back tuck. Good 2.5 dismount.

Mia Puig VT: Big hop back out of her Yurchenko pike.

Audrey Snyder FX: 2.5 to front tuck, very nice! Double pike looked a little low going into it but the landing is good. Switch ring. Good double tuck.

Anabelle Dewey UB: Pak, a little low and the shape isn’t there. Toe shoot, double pike, big lunge back out of it.

Ally Damelio VT: Yurchenko tuck full, great landing!

2:52 pm. Kieryn Finnell UB: Maloney to Pak, blind change to front giant half, super high double tuck, stuck! I like this kid a lot.

Jolyn Sicat Valeros VT: FTY, hit, but lacking a bit in her form.

2:49 pm. Quinn Harris VT: Yurchenko pike, ugh, stumbles it back and sits.

Kaitlynd Kastl UB: Nice Pak. I missed the rest unfortunately, this looked good!

Tyler Turner BB: Nice front aerial. Had a few little bobbles but good work.

Emerson Fisk FX: Front double full! I think that was her second pass, too. Tour jeté half. Double tuck had a bounce.

2:42 pm. 13-14 STANDINGS

1. Anabelle Dewey 26.550
2. Kieryn Finnell 26.150
3. Kaitlynd Kastl 25.300
— Myli Lew 25.300
5. Audrey Snyder 25.200
6. Jayla Hang 25.150
— Carly Weinberg 25.150
8. Hailey Avellar 25.000


1. Claire Pease 25.800
2. Addy Fulcher 24.200
3. Charleigh Bullock 23.950
4. Tyler Turner 23.550
5. Quinn Harris 23.400
6. Sadie Goldberg 23.050
7. Ally Damelio 22.750
8. Mia Puig 21.750

2:40 pm. Carsyn Coleman BB: Punch front mount, ugh, fall. Bhs loso, clean, solid. Full turn, switch leap is pretty short, front aerial to split jump, the split isn’t really quite there either. Double tuck! If she fixes her splits she’ll be a great beam kid.

Brynn Torry FX: Popa, low double pike but stays up, double tuck with a big bounce back, much better set into it. 1.5 to front pike, slightly soft knees in the 1.5.

No 13s this rotation outside of vault, where Anabelle Dewey got a 14.0 on her 1.5!

2:39 pm. Hailey Avellar UB: Toe-on to Maloney to Pak, flexed feet but her lines are otherwise nice. One of the taller ones here. Wobble as she jumps to the high bar, front giant half, double tuck with a baby step.

2:37 pm. Nicole Desmond BB: Side aerial, split jump to wolf jump, bhs bhs layout, ugh, close and pretty clean, but pops off the side. Front aerial, split jump, switch side, double full with a step.

Ally Damelio FX: Good double pike. 1.5 to front layout, hop, kinda stumbles out of the Memmel turn after. Double tuck, chest comes up a little low but she pulls it back, takes a step. Double wolf turn.

2:36 pm. Jayla Hang UB: Stalder, Maloney, back swing is a little messy, toe half to straddleback, nice, hit an open double pike dismount.

2:32 pm. Carly Weinberg UB: Clear hip to blind full to Pak, some leg separation, double layout nearly stuck, great work!

Dulcy Caylor BB: Good bhs loso, just slides her foot back, showed off some flexibility in her dance, aerial is clean. Front aerial, break at the hips, a little short in her jumps. 2.5 with a big step forward.

Mia Puig FX: I didn’t see what her first pass was, but it looked like there was a little stumble. Nice switch ring. A lot of her choreo is basically just standing still or walking haha, bless. She’s adorable though. Ugh, double tuck at the end comes up pretty short and she lands on her hands/knees/face.

2:29 pm. Payton Chandler VT: Yurchenko layout with a small step.

Audrey Snyder BB: Full turn, very nice bhs loso, side aerial, switch to split leap to straddle jump. Front aerial, nice. Good double full, little bounce.

Jolyn Sicat Valeros FX: Strong double tuck. Switch half. Hit the last pass.

Charleigh Bullock VT: Yurchenko pike with a step back.

Addy Fulcher UB: Really straight Pak, stalder to toe-on to toe shoot, lovely, blind change to front giant half, tiniest ankle separations, and a great double tuck. Her lines and form were so on point!

2:26 pm. Kieryn Finnell VT: FTY, I need to see her block again, it looked like she barely touched the table! Good landing.

Emerson Fisk BB: Bhs loso is solid, just slightly soft knees. Front aerial, little check. Double full with a small hop.

Quinn Harris FX: Hit her first pass. 1.5 to front pike. Great leaps. Front full was a little wonky.

Anabelle Dewey VT: Yurchenko 1.5, a tiny bit weak in the knees but good rotation and landing, small hop.

Sadie Goldberg UB: Clear hip, toe shoot, muscles the handstands up a bit, double pike, really open, nearly stuck.

2:25 pm. Kaitlynd Kastl VT: Some pike down in her FTY, step back.

Tyler Turner UB: Stalder to toe-on, jumps to high bar from there, toe-on to toe half to front giant half, double tuck with a little bounce back.

2:23 pm. Anna Tava UB: Pak, tiniest leg separation, stalder to toe-on to toe shoot, very nice extension there, high stuck double tuck. Excellent!

Sydney Snyder BB: Hit her bhs loso. Switch leap to split jump to straddle jump, just some flexed feet. Back tuck. Side aerial, full turn, tiny hop on the double full.

Myli Lew FX: Good double pike to start. 1.5 to front layout. Switch ring to tour jeté half, good! Super clean double full. Fantastic!

Claire Pease VT: Hit her FTY well, just not super powerful.

2:17 pm. 13-14 STANDINGS

1. Kieryn Finnell 13.100
2. Jayla Hang 12.950
— Carly Weinberg 12.950
— Hailey Avellar 12.950
5. Anabelle Dewey 12.550
6. Audrey Snyder 12.350
— Myli Lew 12.350
8. Sydney Snyder 12.250


1. Sadie Goldberg 12.950
2. Claire Pease 12.500
3. Tyler Turner 12.100
4. Charleigh Bullock 11.950
5. Addy Fulcher 11.800
6. Quinn Harris 11.550
7. Mia Puig 11.150
8. Ally Damelio 10.550

2:13 pm. Ally Damelio BB: I literally googled to see if she was Charli D’Amelio’s sister or something the other day when I saw her name on the roster. Ouch, front aerial, misses the beam and scrapes her leg against it coming down. Switch to split jump. Bhs loso, leg comes up, back tuck, straddle jump is really nice. Hit the dismount.

Payton Chandler FX: She has the “Greek music,” You know what I mean. The music they play at Euros whenever a Greek person exists. Double pike. 1.5 to front tuck, a little deep, hop forward. Good double full at the end, just some ankle form.

2:12 pm. Anabelle Dewey FX: I missed the beginning, saw a strong double pike near the end…finishes with a 1.5 to front tuck, baby hop.

2:10 pm. Mia Puig BB: Press mount and a clean front aerial. Hit her flight series, leaps after are maybe a little short. Hit the dismount, front full.

Nicole Desmond UB: Stalder to toe-on to toe shoot, double tuck dismount.

2:07 pm. Kieryn Finnell FX: “My Favorite Things” music so she is obviously a queen. Her choreo at the beginning is very nice. Piked full-in, step back. Memmel turn, nice split. She has lots of ballet influence in her arm movements and just her overall vibe. 1.5 to front layout. Double tuck, some flexed feet. This was lovely overall. 13.100! Highest score of the competition so far.

Dulcy Caylor UB: I saw her Pak and double tuck, hit routine!

2:06 pm. Jolyn Sicat Valeros BB: Off on her bhs loso. Switch leap, ugh, lands it on her knees! Split jump to straddle jump after that. Transverse split jump half. Full wolf turn. Side aerial. 1.5 dismount, big leap forward out of it.

2:03 pm. Jayla Hang VT: Clean Yurchenko layout with a hop.

Kaitlynd Kastl FX: Piked full-in, little stumble there and maybe a little low on the landing. Front layout to front full. Switch to switch side. Double full to finish, good work!

Audrey Snyder UB: Toe-on, Maloney to Pak, really arched but form was mostly nice, stalder, and a full-in dismount with a step.

2:01 pm. Emerson Fisk UB: Maloney was clean but the Pak is a bit messy, ends up coming off there. Hit the rest and the dismount.

Quinn Harris BB: Nice bhs loso. The rest was pretty clean and solid. Legs apart in the double full.

Carly Weinberg VT: I keep missing the vault but seeing the landing. I think she did a Yurchenko half. Looked solid enough.

2:00 pm. Claire Pease FX: Full-in to start, then a 1.5 to front full, looked like it maybe went a little crooked at the end. 2.5 with a step forward. Double tuck to finish. Really strong work.

Addy Fulcher VT: Hit with a step.

1:57 pm. Tyler Turner VT: Yurchenko layout with a hop back.

Sydney Snyder UB: Clean Pak. Stalder to toe-on to toe shoot, caught a little close. Hit the dismount.

Myli Lew BB: Triple wolf turn, goes a little ownky at the end. Overrotates her double INTO a triple so that was unfortunate. But she held on. Switch to switch half, a bit short. Back tuck. Lovely work on her flight series, leg up at the end but she was very clean. Double full, a couple of little steps to control it.

Sadie Goldberg VT: FTY with a tiny hop.

One of the kids competing right now once came up to me at a competition and was like do you know where my pants are and I was like um what??

1:56 pm. Anna Tava VT: Yurchenko layout, tiny step back.

1:54 pm. Jayla Hang VT: FTY, a little piked, but gets the landing.

Carsyn Coleman UB: Pak, some knee bend, Blind change to front giant half, and hit the dismount.

Brynn Torry BB: Hit routine! Everything I saw looked solid. Double full dismount.

Charleigh Bullock FX: I loooove this kid and her opening Is so adorable. Double tuck to start. Front layout to front full. Adorable.

1:51 pm. Touch warm-up is wrapping up!

1:48 pm. Hopes gymnasts marched in on a stage and got to do their intros that way instead of on the floor, which was really nice! Worlds vibes for these wee ones.

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