2021 U.S. Classic | Senior Session 2 Podium Training Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the second session of senior podium training at the 2021 U.S. Classic, held in Indianapolis, Indiana!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

11:24 am. I need to go back and watch more of this final rotation because I missed a lot but it’s wrapping up now. I’ll be back soon with some analysis based on what we saw today to preview tomorrow’s action!

11:23 am. Kara Eaker dismounts beam with a good 2.5. 

Simone Biles back on bars, van Leeuwen, then the Fabrichnova, both good. 

11:22 am. Simone Biles gets the latter half of her bars routine this time around, toe full to piked Tkachev to Pak, and a Fabrichnova dismount. Toe full still not 100% there…I love that she can throw a Yurchenko double pike and then a toe full gets to her.

A hit double tuck off beam from Riley McCusker! And Leanne Wong gets the triple around a bit better this time, but still not QUITE there.

11:19 am. Riley McCusker lands her double tuck on her toes then bounces back to sit it, but it was clean in the air. 

Lovely double layout off bars from Zoe Miller.

Simone Biles on bars, Weiler half to Maloney to Tkachev, loses her leg form on her toe full and comes off. 

11:17 am. MyKayla Skinner’s up on floor, ankles are heavily taped. Tour jeté full at the start. Running through her tumbling. 

Leanne Wong on beam, had a fall on something but I didn’t see what. Also really short on her triple full dismount.

Haven’t seen much on bars. I keep missing Simone Biles there.

11:14 am. Aleah Finnegan, a little low on her arabian on beam, but gets the landing. 

Emily Lee just sat her DTY on vault.

Sydney Barros missed her piked Jaeger on bars, but has a lovely Pak. A little wild on her van Leeuwen.

Kara Eaker’s flight series is strong on beam. Also did a nice Y turn.

I think Kayla DiCello just did a double double on floor…yeah, looks like her. It was pretty good! Double layout after was a bit soft and low. She’s doing her full floor routine it looks like, dance and tumbling together. 

Another DTY attempt from Emily Lee, tucks her legs a bit in the second twist and has another fall.

11:12 am. Steady wolf turns from Riley McCusker on beam, nice bhs bhs layout series. Switch to switch half to Korbut. Side aerial, little bobble. Transverse split jump half. Nice work!

11:11 am. I think I’ve only seen FTYs from Morgan Hurd.

Kara Eaker had a really nice switch half on beam. She’s working her ring leaps on the side of the floor while Leanne Wong is taking her turn.

11:07 am. Simone Biles on bars, van Leeuwen, oh, that’s it.

I don’t see Sunisa Lee on vault. 

Jade Carey, switch to switch half on beam, split leap to side aerial, switch side, transverse split jump half, not bad. 

11:04 am. Moving onto the final rotation! I’m in a meeting so will probably miss a lot but will try to get what I can.

11:00 am. Jordan Chiles went for an Amanar, sat the first attempt but got the second around, just a big step off the side of the mat.

MyKayla Skinner working her turns on beam, no relevé but they’re otherwise steady.

10:56 am. Sydney Barros just went for a DTY but crashed it.

I have a meeting in four minutes that I totally forgot about and I’m angry. I’ll still try to follow what I can.

Dance thru from Morgan Hurd on floor. She is a gorgoeus queen.

Good release from Jade Carey on bars just now, then some nice Weiler work from Aleah Finnegan.

10:55 am. SIMONE BILES NEARLY STUCK THE YURCHENKO DOUBLE PIKE. I’m speechless. It is impossibly good.

10:53 am. Kayla DiCello lands her double tuck off beam with her chest at her knees, pulls back and sits it. 

Jade Carey on bars, Maloney to Bhardwaj, very nice. Stuck the full-in dismount.

Big double layout from Emily Lee on floor. 

10:51 am. Aleah Finnegan on bars, toe full to piked Deltchev, girl YES!

Tucked full-in for Morgan Hurd on floor just now, then the camera person zoomed into the back of her head for some reason, thanks! 

Kaea Eaker went for a pirouette to some sort of shaposh but was way off and landed it on her back.

Leanne Wong on bars, stalder is clean, to toe full, legs come apart, to Maloney to Pak, decent turn.

Zoe Miller just hit a nice Yurchenko 1.5, someone crashed a DTY right after her.

10:48 am. Sorry, things have been a little slow for me, I’m working at my actual job while multitasking this! Just saw a little of Jade Carey on bars, she looked clean. Simone Biles just did a layout timer on vault that went through the roof.

Riley McCusker on bars, toe full with legs glued to Maloney to Tkachev, fell on that.

10:43 am. Moving to rotation three!

10:41 am. Amari Drayton on floor, front double attitude turn before starting her run into the first pass. Nice switch ring to tour jeté half as well. Switch full as well. 

10:40 am. Sunisa Lee with a switch ring to split leap, then switch to switch half into a jump I think, side aerial loso loso, YES! Just a little off in the rotation on her double full.

Kayla DiCello on bars, piked Jaeger, Church, the rest looked good, hit the dismount.

Zoe Miller on floor, switch ring to switch half, lovely. I missed Karis German’s routine before her.

10:36 am. Sydney Barros just hit a great tour jeté full in her dance-thru. I can’t tell if this is the same music she had at TD.

MyKayla Skinner has too much power out of a Maloney into her Tkachev, goes way over on the Tkachev. Love that this is a tough series for most with the Tkachevs ending up low, but MyKayla’s the opposite, a power queen.

Ciena Alipio, a little iffy on the triple flight series, hits the switch to side somi this time, side aerial too. Double full is way off in the air, sits it.

Simone Biles dance-thru, switch full, that’s all I saw, love that she takes the “OH!” from one of her old routines into this music.

Another crashed DTY from Leanne Wong. Kara Eaker goes for the laid-out 1.5 this time, stretches It for the first full, but tucks the last half and sits it.

10:34 am. Kayla DiCello on bars, piked Jaeger, Church, clean on both.

Morgan Hurd hit her flight series, a wobble on her jump series after. I think she did the series out of a front aerial. Double pike with a step back.

Better DTY for Riley McCusker this time around, chest position was much stronger. 

Jordan Chiles working her dance-thru. 

Jade Carey I think just did the Lopez onto the 8 inch mat, probably working her way up to the Cheng.

10:33 am. Kara Eaker is working the Yurchenko 1.5, intentionally tucking it for now, but sat the attempt I just saw, and then Leanne Wong crashed a DTY right after her. Aleah Finnegan working her way up to to a laid-out Yurchenko 1.5 but is still a bit loose.

10:32 am. Emily Lee on beam now, everything looks good so far, until the layout series, legs apart and she misses the landing, fall. Gets it the second time, but still some leg separation.

Jade Carey vaults with a huge DTY to start. Wondering if she’ll bother with the Amanar here?

10:30 am. Nice flight series from Ciena Alipio on beam, then a switch to side somi, wobble and fall, but love that. 

Whenever I look at floor no one is doing anything, and then I glance over to another screen and see someone tumbling in the background. I think I’ve only seen Simone once. 

10:26 am. Good jump series from Morgan Hurd on beam. Full turn, dances out of it, switch ring, timer dismount.

Vault is still timers from what I’ve seen. 

Triple wolf turn with a wobble from Sunisa Lee on beam just now, then a clean double, hit I think a front aerial to jump to back handspring, side aerial loso.

I think Everest is on bars, I didn’t see either of them vault but may have just missed them.

DTY from Riley McCusker, leg form isn’t fully there yet, but her block looks SO much better.

10:25 am. A big WCC double layout on floor but the camera is super zoomed out so couldn’t see who it was, and I’m pretty sure they ALL do double layouts, then I think Jordan Chiles with a front double full to front full. Simone Biles with a casual Biles to stag almost instantly. Another double layout, I think that was Jordan. 

10:23 am. Morgan Hurd up on beam for her first go, works a standing back tuck at the start, then a side aerial, front aerial, another side aerial, just getting a feel for things right now. 

10:22 am. Moving on to the second rotation! 

10:20 am. I think I’ve spotted everyone except Lyden Saltness, Lauren Little, and Kaylen Morgan so far. 

Jade Carey on floor, I didn’t see any of her tumbling earlier, but she’s just dancing through now. I can barely tell her and Riley apart from this distance, they’re both so blonde. 

Big double layout off bars from Emily Lee.

10:17 am. Sunisa Lee just nailed the Nabieva to Bhardwaj, very nice. 

MyKayla Skinner warming down on vault, just did an intentionally tucked Cheng, aka Khorkina. 

Another good go for Morgan Hurd on bars, think I caught a Downie to Pak. 

Riley McCusker with “Satisfied” music from Hamilton on floor, did I see her do this at Winter Cup in training? Love the selection.

10:16 am. Emily Lee on bars, Maloney to Tkachev, Church, Pak, shaposh half, fell on that but has looked good so far.

Great double pike from Jordan Chiles off beam just now.

Think I saw Kara Eaker just do a 2.5 on floor in the background, looked clean. It was in the middle of Aleah Finnegan’s dance-thru. 

10:15 am. Leanne Wong dance-thru on floor. 

Simone Biles nails the bhs loso loso on beam this time around. Also the leaps to back pike. Transverse jumps connected. 

Stalder full to Maloney to Pak, some leg separation on the latter two. Van Leeuwen, also not the tightest. 

10:14 am. Good van Leeuwen from Sunisa Lee, piked Jaeger to Pak to Maloney to Gienger, very nice. Blind full, in vertical, double tuck dismount for now.

10:13 am. Riley McCusker just went for a full-twisting double layout on floor, a little tucked In her legs and low on the landing but it’s still early.

10:11 am. Sunisa Lee with a Nabieva to Bhardwaj, van Leeuwen, off on the piked Jaeger. Looked solid so far. 

MyKayla Skinner vaulting again, a DTY this time.

Morgan Hurd with a Maloney to stalder full to piked Tkachev, really solid on that series. 

10:09 am. Jordan Chiles on beam, side aerial loso loso, super solid. Front aerial to straddle jump to back handspring. 

MyKayla Skinner on vault, Cheng, not bad! Love that she just throws it right away.

10:08 am. My first look at Simone Biles on beam! Bhs loso loso, wobbles and falls, but she looked good. Hit her leap series to the back pike. Full-in dismount like it’s easy.

10:04 am. The action has started! I’m on the media call with Chellsie Memmel so not paying super close attention. WCC is on beam, Morgan Hurd is on bars, MyKayla Skinner is on vault, GAGE is on floor…I’ll be back in a second!

9:59 am. General stretch is just wrapping up! Now time to play the “figure out where everyone is” game again.

10 thoughts on “2021 U.S. Classic | Senior Session 2 Podium Training Live Blog

    • This. When I saw the training videos of it I was like NOOO. She literally traveled so far out and not up at all. Everyone was like OMG she is Jade now so amazing. And I was like thank god it was onto a soft mat. But cant believe its actually trying to be in comp.


    • I only saw it once, but yeah, it was rough. They’re good about scaling back on skills she can’t do, though…I feel like if she struggled with it today, they could definitely take it out of her routine tomorrow and replace it with something easier. IIRC at Winter Cup they made a few changes like this based on how podium training went.


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