2021 U.S. Classic | Senior Session 1 Podium Training Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the first session of senior podium training at the 2021 U.S. Classic, held in Indianapolis, Indiana!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

9:43 am. This session is now over! I’ll have a blog for the second session up soon, the media call is happening now.

9:38 am. Laurie Hernandez dance-thru on floor, god I love her.

My first glance at Temple Landry on beam, hit her bhs loso, side aerial

9:34 am. Grace McCallum on beam with a transverse jump, a bit wobbly on her flight series, good double pike.

Chellsie Memmel back up and everything looks a little tighter this time around.

Good double layout from eMjae Frazier.

9:32 am. Really nice double full from Lexi Zeiss on floor! Very clean.

Shilese Jones goes for a big arabian but has a fall. Beautiful transverse straddle jump half.

Konnor McClain on vault, very clean DTY! A little buckled on the landing with a step back but she floated in the air.

9:29 am. Ava Siegfeldt working a Yurchenko 1.5 on vault, Katelyn Rosen with a Ray to Pak on bars, Elle Mueller with absolutely gorgeous extension on her jumps on beam. Beautiful switch half too.

9:27 am. Chellsie Memmel nails her bhs loso loso, a big wobble on a jump after. Hit a punch front, then a wobbly illusion, stumble on the arabian but good fights from her.

Skye Blakely on bars, working front giants at the mooment.

Laurie Hernandez hit her arabian double front on floor!

9:26 am. Grace McCallum on beam, split leap to side aerial, fall, she looks a bit slow moving right now on everything I’ve seen here. Front aerial, better, sissone to full turn.

Addison Fatta just went for a 2.5 to double tuck on floor, went to her knees but she twists SO well in that 2.5.

9:23 am. Chellsie Memmel goes for an arabian right off the bat, falls, but god I love her. Hits her bhs loso.

Dance-thru from Emma Malabuyo on floor, I love the beginning of her music but then I think it turns into typical Texas Dreams.

9:22 am. Moving on to the final rotation! The first media call starts at 9:30 am so I might be a little iffy in this rotation once that starts…I think they’re starting with MyKayla Skinner, who got added to the call last-minute.

9:20 am. Shilese Jones with a Downie, takes some swings before the Pak, but she’s very clean on both.

Good leap series on beam from Lexi Zeiss just now.

9:18 am. Finally getting a glimpse at Shilese Jones on bars, big double front dismount, featuring toe point.

Every time I look at bars I miss Grace McCallum, but I’ve seen Elle Mueller about a hundred times. Had a pirouette into an Ezhova I think, gets the Ricna this time, legs just a bit messy on her full-in.

Laurie Hernandez nails her punch front and bhs loso on beam, super clean and solid. Transverse split jump half, front aerial, switch to switch half, looks happy with that.

9:17 am. Here’s Skye Blakely on vault…oh, just a timer, so nevermind hahaha.

9:16 am. eMjae Frazier gets the landing on the DTY this time, just a step back.

Laurie Hernandez went for the double pike on beam, just stumbled it back a bit and sat it.

9:14 am. Sophia Butler goes for an awesome side aerial to Onodi, SO close but falls. LOVE that series so much! Gets the layout series this time, albeit a bit piked. Transverse straddle jump half with a wobble. Then a split jump half, not quite there.

I didn’t see Skye Blakely vault yet aside from timers. Another 1.5 from Katelyn Rosen, still tucking her knees a little bit.

9:13 am. DTY attempt from eMjae Frazier, but she’s a little low on the landing and sits it. Good 1.5 from Hailey Klein.

Chellsie Memmel with a Tkachev between the bars, blind change to front giant to double front, just a step back.

9:10 am. Sophia Butler definitely got a lot taller since I last saw her and I think that’s responsible for some of her struggles today. The same skills that used to look easy for her, like her layout on beam, look like they’re just a lot harder to get around.

Good bhs loso from Laurie Hernandez, and she just had a crazy save on a skill, leg went up into a Y turn basically. Addison Fatta struggling a bit on her triple wolf turn this whole session, but her doubles look good.

Yurchenko 1.5 from Katelyn Rosen, just tucks her legs at the end.

9:08 am. Grace McCallum back on the bars, Maloney to Pak to Chow half, she looks clean.

Vault is up to FTYs. Skye Blakely about to go, a huge full from her.

Elle Mueller on bars, Chow to Ricna, a bit low and misses the catch. Now Temple Landry is up, misses her toe-on and has to start over. Maloney I think, to bail, legs apart and hops off.

9:05 am. Grace McCallum on bars, toe half to piked Jaeger. Looked like a piked Tkachev after but I didn’t see the entry. Full-in with a good landing.

Chellsie Memmel working front layouts off bars now. Addison Fatta with a clean double full off beam. I haven’t seen much tumbling on floor, it looks like only Mya Witte and the World Class girls have been going, I didn’t see anything from Konnor McClain…or haven’t yet anyway. Oh, here she is, 1.5 through to double pike, nice!

Clean front aerial from Laurie Hernandez on beam right off the bat.

9:04 am. Emma Malabuyo back on beam, front aerial, slow into a jump. Switch ring.

Vault is still timers.

9:03 am. Ava Siegfeldt just did a big front tuck through to double tuck on floor, a double tuck from Mya Witte.

Chellsie Memmel is warming up bars, but I don’t think she’s going to compete them. Just giants right now.

9:01 am. Emma Malabuyo starts her beam warmup with an easy wolf turn full. Her leo is like, a metallic that looks like it changes colors while she moves, it’s kind of cool. She’s mid back handspring flashing from like, silver to blue kinda.

9:00 am. Moving on to rotation three! I still haven’t seen Faith Torrez, who I’m pretty sure is supposed to be in this group.

8:59 am. Just caught a Pak from Laurie Hernandez. Don’t think she’s done any full routines, and just a minute remaining in this rotation. I believe the seniors will get one more (closed) training session, so she could be saving it.

8:58 am. Jamison Sears with a great layout series and switch leap to punch front, amazing.

Sophia Butler seems to be a little frustrated on bars at the moment. Just needs to slow down a bit, everything’s rushed and it’s causing mistakes.

8:56 am. Leap series to back tuck from Konnor McClain on beam, lovely. Very clean double pike dismount.

Laurie Hernandez adds the Chow after her stalder full this time, doesn’t connect to the Tkachev though.

8:53 am. Laurie Hernandez is working bars in pieces right now, just went for a stalder full.

Floor has been mostly dance-thrus for the past few minutes, nothing super exciting going on there.

Addison Fatta with a toe full to Pak, double layout was a tiny bit piked this time around but no problems on the landing.

Another huge FTY from Chellsie Memmel, and another gorgeous layout series on beam from Mya Witte, also hits a split jump full and a solid double pike.

8:52 am. Grace McCallum is still doing FTYs, Chellsie Memmel also did an FTY just now, looked a little loose but no problem getting it around. Intentional hop out of it.

8:50 am. Sophia Butler’s bars could be a little tighter, really solid piked Jaeger though.

Laurie Hernandez up on bars now, Chow to Tkachev, Ricna, good!

8:49 am. Easy looking DTY from Shilese Jones.

Emma Malabuyo has been struggling with her bars dismount, I think I’ve seen her come off twice.

Lexi Zeiss hit bars just now, Maloney, Ezhova, van Leeuwen, and a double tuck, all good.

8:48 am. Yes, that’s Hailey Klein on floor. Just did a double layout.

Addison Fatta with a pirouette into her Pak on bars, then a Maloney to Gienger, a little low but no problems catching. Toe-on, and a double layout dismount, I know she isn’t a frontrunner here but I absolutely love her, she is SO GOOD and so underrated.

8:46 am. Konnor McClain with a little stumble on her standing full on beam, gorgeous layout as always, just popped off the end. Onodi to straddle jump to tuck jump half, LOVE.

I think Jamison Sears with a double layout on floor.

8:44 am. I think the only ones I haven’t yet spotted are Hailey Klein and Faith Torrez. I THINK Klein may be in the group currently on floor.

Mya Witte with a layout series on beam, very nice. Grace McCallum just warmed up an FTY but she’s still working her way up I think.

8:41 am. Moving on to the second event! Mya Witte is in the beam group, she didn’t do bars. I think Sophia Butler is in the bars group, I don’t think I saw her vault, but I missed a lot of that rotation since it was mostly timers. Emma Malabuyo also in the group that’s now on bars.

8:39 am. I think I spot Konnor McClain on bars now, I’ve only seen the World Class gymnasts about a hundred times so far. If that was Konnor she was struggling a bit with a pirouette sequence, Weiler half at the beginning.

8:37 am. Grace McCallum dance-thru, I don’t know anyone’s music ever so literally no idea if this is new or old. I have the worst ear for recognizing things.

Shilese up now, her opening choreo is GORGEOUS, she does it so well.

8:35 am. Ava Siegfeldt with a Ray to Pak on bars, then Maloney.

Elle Mueller dance-thru on floor, again no tumbling. I think I see Shilese Jones in the background.

Skye Blakely just had a fall on her standing full but tries again and nails it, good chest position.

8:33 am. Jamison Sears with a nice Maloney to Gienger on bars.

Temple Landry dance-thru on floor, tour jeté half at the beginning is nice.

eMjae Frazier on beam, nails the punch front this time. Good dismount too.

8:31 am. Skye Blakely hit her flight series and front aerial to jump series on beam. Just a bit cowboyed on her double tuck.

Chellsie Memmel dance thru on floor, opens with a Memmel turn because queen. Love her illusion that she somersaults out of at the end.She’s in a bodysuit! Or leggings with a tank leo but either way, love it.

8:29 am. Looks like Chellsie Memmel is in the group starting on floor, she’s just casually warming up on the side right now. I think Lexi Zeiss is warming up Yurchenko 1.5s on vault, landings aren’t there today but she can stick these.

8:27 am. Laurie Hernandez just went for an FTY, stumbled back out of it, but looks good in the air! Someone after her with a pretty solid DTY but I couldn’t see who, she’s in red. Addison Fatta probably?

Double double for Grace McCallum on floor.

8:25 am. Grace McCallum threw a tucked full-in on floor. Vault is still mostly timers but someone just did a full so we’re getting there. I think the World Class gymnasts are in the bars group right now, I haven’t seen anyone else take a turn yet.

8:24 am. Skye doing some beautiful work on beam to start things out, just a couple of acro skills at this point but she looked great.

8:23 am. eMjae Frazier on beam busts out a front tuck right at the start. Fall, but the power!

8:21 am. Laurie is in the vault group, I think I saw Skye on beam, it’s so disorienting to not have start lists for PT. Yesterday it took me the entire junior session to figure out where everyone was. I think Grace is on floor.

8:18 am. General stretch is just wrapping up and it looks like athletes are moving to their first events! No start lists and it usually takes me a few minutes to figure out where everyone is, but notably in this session we have Skye Blakely, Laurie Hernandez, Shilese Jones, Emma Malabuyo, Grace McCallum, Konnor McClain, and Chellsie Memmel.

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  2. (em)aerial cartwheel + onodi!!!?(/em) That connection never even occurred to me in like the 25 years both those skills have been around. Whoa. Sophia Butler, guuurl (em)You Better Werk!(/em)


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