2021 U.S. Classic | Senior Session 2 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the second senior session of competition at the 2021 U.S. Classic, held in Indianapolis, Indiana!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

8:59 pm. Final Standings

1. Simone Biles 58.400
2. Jordan Chiles 57.100
3. Kayla DiCello 56.100
4. Grace McCallum 55.100
5. Aleah Finnegan 54.150
6. Leanne Wong 54.100
7. Skye Blakely 54.000
8. Emily Lee 53.900
9. Kara Eaker 53.250
10. MyKayla Skinner 53.050

8:56 pm. Should be Simone, Jordan, and Kayla on the podium!

8:54 pm. Anya Pilgrim FX 12.300 (4.7, 7.600)

8:52 pm. Simone Biles UB: Hop change to Weiler half to Maloney (leg separation) to Tkachev, toe full, nope. Bends her knees halfway through and kinda collapses on the bar. As I said yesterday, this girl can do a Yurchenko double pike no problem, but the toe full is where she has to battle. Does it again, a little late this time, into the piked Tkachev to Pak, van Leeuwen, Fabrichnova with a hop. 13.200 (5.9, 7.300)

Kaylen Morgan FX 12.700 (4.7, 8.000)

Aleah Finnegan BB 13.400 (5.4, 8.000)

Sydney Barros UB 12.350 (5.4, 6.950)

8:48 pm. Leanne Wong BB: Switch to straddle, nice side aerial to loso, full L turn, to full pirouette, controlled there. Switch ring, back foot not there, front aerial, solid. Doesn’t connect to the jump though, think it was supposed to be a split ring jump. Wolf jump full after. Split leap to side somi to transverse straddle jump half, that was a fab series. Triple full is buckled on the landing, and maybe a little shy of rotation, but not a quarter shy so she’ll get it I think. 14.450 (6.3, 8.150)

Amari Drayton UB 13.450 (5.4, 8.050)

8:45 pm. MyKayla Skinner FX: Tour jeté full. Moors, the usual tuck in her legs in the second flip, but not enough to downgrade, OOB. Solid on the tucked double double after. Double wolf turn, a tiny bit wild. Nails the tucked full-in. Hop full L turn, switch half, and then a front tuck through to 2.5, rough landing there, just doesn’t QUITE get it around so she lands a little deep but that was a good save. She’s still working on endurance, but I think she’ll get there. 12.900 (5.9, 7.300, -0.3)

Zoe Miller UB 14.100 (5.8, 8.200)

8:43 pm. Jade Carey BB: Full turn, little check. Front aerial to split jump to straddle jump, wobbles through the bhs loso loso, but good fight. Switch to switch half, little check. Just a little nervous right now it seems. Split leap to side aerial. Double tuck, leg separation but it’s not too severe, step back on the landing. 12.750 (5.4, 7.350)

Karis German UB 13.250 (5.6, 7.650)

8:41 pm. Kayla DiCello FX: Double double and double layout are both solid, I didn’t see the landings super closely. Wolf turns, 1.5 (pretty sure, I missed the entry) to front full, and then her double tuck at the end is a little low in her chest position but a solid set overall! 13.850 (5.7, 8.150)

8:38 pm. Kara Eaker BB: Switch leap mount to switch side, that was very nice. Full Y turn, front aerial to split ring jump, little bobble. I can’t see ring form at all so I won’t bother commenting on that. Side aerial loso, almost solid, little break at the hip. Some sort of leap (I missed what) to split leap to side somi is great. Switch to switch half. Switch ring, back leg definitely not there. 2.5, clean, hop. 14.100 (5.9, 8.200)

Emily Lee VT 14.250 (5.4, 8.850)

Alonna Kratzer FX 11.400 (4.9, 6.500)

8:36 pm. Jordan Chiles UB: Great handstand before the blind change to piked Jaeger, toe full is quite late, doesn’t connect out of it, big Tkachev after, then piked Tkachev to Pak, very clean there, Maloney to Gienger, very nice, and a full-in with a little hop. Aside from the toe full that was fabulous. 14.150 (5.8, 8.350)

8:28 pm. Rotation 3 Standings

1. Simone Biles 45.200
2. Jordan Chiles 42.950
3. Kayla DiCello 42.250
4. Grace McCallum 41.150
5. Aleah Finnegan 40.750
6. MyKayla Skinner 40.150
7. Skye Blakely 39.950
8. Leanne Wong 39.650
— Emily Lee 39.650

8:26 pm. Emily Lee FX 13.800 (5.4, 8.400)

Anya Pilgrim BB 11.200 (4.8, 6.400)

8:24 pm. MyKayla Skinner BB: Candle mount, ugh, off on the bhs tuck full. Side aerial, slight hip adjustment, into her jumps, a little short. Switch to switch half not at split to back tuck, transverse straddle jump half right into a straight jump full, again the split wasn’t fully there but better than it’s been. Full L turn, little wobble, full turn, high clean double tuck with a great landing.

8:21 pm. Leanne Wong UB: Stalder to toe full to Maloney to Pak to toe-on to Chow half, nice! Just slight leg separation on the Pak. Stalder half to straddle Jaeger, UGHHHH, misses it. Double layout is clean, small hop.

Ciena Alipio FX 12.150 (4.8, 7.350)

8:20 pm. Kayla DiCello BB: Had to grab the beam at the end of the triple wolf turn, but gets the double. Side aerial into a split leap into a split jump. Front aerial, a little slow into the straddle, some form on that one. Bhs loso loso, pretty solid, maybe a tiny adjustment. Switch half isn’t quite there. Transverse straddle jump half isn’t either. Double tuck, chest down, little hop. Iffy at parts, but overall a solid set, especially based on how today has looked for everyone. 13.300 (5.8, 7.500)

8:19 pm. Alonna Kratzer BB 11.800 (5.2, 6.600)

8:17 pm. Jade Carey UB: Church, blind change to Ezhova, Maloney to Bhardwaj, really clean there, also super clean on the van Leeuwen, clear hip, blind full, a little late from this angle, into the full-in dismount, good landing. Yay! 13.800 (5.4, 8.400)

Amari Drayton VT 14.100 (5.4, 8.700)

Sydney Barros 14.050 (5.4, 8.650)

8:13 pm. Kara Eaker UB: Church, Pak, nice on that, Khorkina, clear hip to clear hip full, almost at vertical, toe half to piked Jaeger, and a double layout with a hop. Aww, yay, she should hopefully be happy with that. 13.750 (5.3, 8.450)

Aleah Finnegan UB 13.200 (5.4, 7.800)

Karis German 13.650 (4.6, 9.050)

Zoe Miller VT 13.500 (4.6, 8.900)

Kaylen Morgan BB 12.050 (5.6, 6.450)

8:11 pm. Morgan Hurd FX: Double layout, good, little hop back. Tucked full-in, almost sticks it. Memmel turn. Switch half. Hops out of the front layout to front full. Switch ring to tour jeté full. Split jump full. Comes into the double pike a little low, buckles the landing, but gets out of it easily, good routine overall considering her injury! 12.900 (5.1, 7.800)

8:10 pm. Jordan Chiles VT: Plays it safe with the DTY after looking a little iffy with her Amanars yesterday, happy about it because that was excellent! 14.950 (5.4, 9.550)

8:09 pm. Simone Biles VT: Yurchenko double pike, TOO MUCH POWER, huge leap back. I’m dying. 16.100 (6.6, 9.500)

8:05 pm. Jordan Chiles hyping Simone Biles up before her vault, I’m loving it.

8:01 pm. Rotation 2 Standings

1. Simone Biles 29.100
2. Kayla DiCello 28.950
3. MyKayla Skinner 28.100
4. Jordan Chiles 28.000
5. Grace McCallum 27.950
6. Leanne Wong 27.750
7. Aleah Finnegan 27.550
8. Emma Malabuyo 27.050

7:59 pm. Lauren Little UB 11.050 (4.9, 6.150)

Karis German FX 12.450 (5.8, 6.650)

Zoe Miller FX 12.000 (5.0, 7.300)

Amari Drayton FX 11.750 (5.4, 6.350)

7:57 pm. MyKayla Skinner UB: Had a literally 50 hour wait before she could go. Hop change to Weiler half to Maloney with some leg separation to Tkachev, hit her heel on the bar when catching, Ray to Pak, some leg separation, nice handstand before the van Leeuwen, some leg separation there, clear hip full, really late so she doesn’t bother connecting it to the dismount, just a little step on the Fabrichnova. Aside from the heel issue and the clear hip, this was a pretty strong routine for her in how the skills that WERE hit looked today, just a lot of little things 13.400 (5.9, 7.500)

7:53 pm. Kayla DiCello UB: They’re going back to show her routine! Pirouette to Chow to Tkachev, very nice. Lovely handstand before the big piked Jaeger, Church, a little bit of a jerky giant before the Pak to van Leeuwen, and a full-out with a little hop, wonderful job. 14.600 (6.0, 8.600)

Ciena Alipio BB 11.300 (5.1, 6.00)

7:52 pm. Kayla DiCello UB 14.600 (6.0, 8.600) – Yay!

7:47 pm. Jordan Chiles FX: Gets the wolf turns at the beginning, a little wobbly in both. Full-twisting double layout, solid. Little hop. Double layout, basically stuck, maybe a little slide. Switch to tour jeté full. Front double full to front full, also really solid. Switch full. Double pike with a hop back. Fabulous! 13.950 (5.8, 8.150)

Sydney Barros FX 11.900 (4.5, 7.500, -0.1)

Leanne Wong VT 14.200 (5.4, 8.800)

Kaylen Morgan UB 13.000 (5.1, 7.900)

Alonna Kratzer UB 11.150 (5.0, 6.450, -0.3)

7:44 pm. Sunisa Lee BB: Off on her triple wolf turn. Kill me! Front aerial to split jump to back handspring, then a switch ring, slow to the split leap. She was so perfect in the warmup earlier today, that fall is killing me. Switch to switch half to split ring jump. Gets the aerial loso loso no problem. Double full with a hop back. 13.350 (6.1, 7.250)

7:42 pm. Simone Biles FX: Triple double, YAS. Step back OOB. Biles to stag for the second pass, excellent. Switch full, one of her feet was maybe floppy. I love how picky I have to get with Simone because she’s so good. Front full through to full-in, solid. Switch to tour jeté full, again with the front foot. Wraps it up with a double double, HANDS DOWN! Wow, that was alarming. Almost had it, just looks like she ran out of gas. She says “I felt fine!” at the end, I don’t even know who she said it to. 14.250 (6.7, 7.550)

7:41 pm. Kara Eaker VT 12.850 (4.2, 8.650) – pretty sure she got credited with the tucked Yurchenko 1.5 based on what she was doing in training

7:39 pm. Morgan Hurd BB: Standing full, littlest adjustments, but really solid. Side aerial loso, wobble with her leg up but brings it back in quickly. Front aerial, slow into the split jump to…split ring jump maybe, this angle was bad for that jump. Switch to straddle jump, full turn, switch ring, a little wobbly, leg up, and a good double pike with a hop back, really great leg form in the pike! 13.200 (5.6, 7.600)

7:38 pm. Anya Pilgrim UB 13.450 (5.2, 8.250)

Emily Lee BB 13.700 (6.3, 7.400)

7:37 pm. Aleah Finnegan VT: Beautiful Yurchenko 1.5, hop forward. 14.250 (5.0, 9.250)

7:35 pm. Riley McCusker VT: DTY, one of her best in terms of distance, rotation, and form all together, has a little hop out of it, almost looked like she stung her foot or something…oh, and she looks like she’s in tears. They’re taking her out of the arena. On the slo-mo, it looks like her foot was pointed inwards instead of forward when she landed. 14.400 (5.4, 9.000)

7:31 pm. Rotation 1 Standings

1. Simone Biles 14.850
2. MyKayla Skinner 14.700
3. Kayla DiCello 14.350
4. Jordan Chiles 14.050
5. Alonna Kratzer 13.750
6. Lexi Zeiss 13.600
7. Leanne Wong 13.550
— Ava Siegfeldt 13.550
— Grace McCallum 13.550

This includes the subdivision 1 scores!

7:29 pm. Zoe Miller BB 11.750 (5.5, 6.250)

7:28 pm. Sunisa Lee’s bars score just changed from a 13.9 (6.4 D) to a 13.5 (6.0 D)…interesting. Did she inquiry, I wonder?

7:25 pm. Karis German BB 12.450 (5.2, 7.250)

7:24 pm. Good interview with Simone just now with Hoda Kotb about having an impact on the sport in a way that’s not just about her gymnastics. ❤

7:22 pm. We’re at a commercial break but still a couple more beam routines happening before the rotation is actually over.

7:21 pm. Kara Eaker FX 12.550 (5.2, 7.650, -0.3)

7:19 pm. Jordan Chiles BB: Side aerial loso loso, solid series, just maybe some soft legs, front aerial to straddle jump to back handspring, really good. Full turn. A little shaky on the side somi. Switch leap to switch half, the first was floaty but the second was a little jerky. Transverse straddle jump half, really nice there. Sissone to wolf jump. Full-in dismount, chest is a little low, but so impressive, she’s getting SO consistent. 14.050 (6.0, 8.050)

Sydney Barros BB 12.250 (5.7, 6.550)

Aleah Finnegan FX 13.300 (5.2, 8.100)

7:17 pm. Glad we’re getting a solid 5 minutes of Laurent taping Simone’s ankles. I’m not even being sarcastic.

Alonna Kratzer VT 13.750 (5.0, 8.750)

Kayla DiCello VT 14.350 (5.4, 8.950)

Emily Lee UB 12.150 (5.5, 6.650)

7:14 pm. Simone Biles BB: Triple wolf turn, front aerial to split jump to straddle jump, jumps were maybe a little weak? Nails the bhs loso loso, no problems there. Switch leap to switch half to back pike, also solid. Side aerial, transverse straddle jump half to split jump half, the split jump isn’t there at all, but her connections were quick! Full-in dismount with a big step back. 14.850 (6.5, 8.350)

7:11 pm. Sunisa Lee UB: Nabieva with split legs to Bhardwaj, OOF, NOOOO, into the Maloney, but flips out of the backswing!!! A fall. WHY. Back on for the Maloney to Gienger, a little close, blind change to piked Jaeger to Pak to van Leeuwen, blind full, and a full-in with a hop. 13.900 (6.4, 7.800, -0.3)

Kaylen Morgan VT 13.450 (4.6, 8.850)

7:10 pm. Could low key just see someone in the background on bars but Flo is zoomed out for the NBC commercial break.

7:09 pm. Anya Pilgrim VT 13.350 (4.6, 8.750)

Ciena Alipio UB 13.100 (4.9, 8.200)

Amari Drayton BB 11.800 (5.1, 6.700)

7:07 pm. Leanne Wong FX: Double double, a bit low and hops OOB. Whip to triple full, not bad actually! I didn’t see her twisting super closely but it looked good overall. Hop full L turn to switch ring. 2.5 to front full, pretty solid there. Double pike, deep and buckled with a hop back. Not an A+ routine but better than I expected! 13.550 (5.8, 8.050, -0.3)

7:04 pm. MyKayla Skinner VT: Cheng with a hop back, REALLY strong. Hands are better on the table, just some soft knees in the air, but this was pretty solid. 14.700 (6.0, 8.700)

Second vault is…ooh, she went for the Amanar!!!!! Got some excellent distance and just took a big step, she’s fist-pumping her way off, YESSSSS!!!! 14.650 (5.8, 8.850)

The Flo feed isn’t working, by the way. 🙂 They’re zoomed out and showing the whole arena instead of the athletes competing. That’s fun for them!

7:03 pm. Should be starting now!

7:02 pm. The updated start lists showed Suni Lee pulling out of the all-around as of 6 pm ET, which I think she was planning on going into the warm-ups tonight. She was limping a little after beam, where she was doing a double full dismount instead of the layout she’s been doing all season.

7:01 pm. Skinner and DiCello start on vault, Sunisa Lee on bars, Biles and Chiles on beam, and Arizona Sunrays and GAGE are both on floor, but only the GAGE girls are going up there I think.

7:00 pm. I have both the Flo International and NBCSN streams going…Flo was a bit faster than Peacock for the first session (wow so proud of you!!) so I think I’ll use that as my main feed. They’re showing the same exact people, though. I’ll post scores for routines we don’t see.

6:58 pm. Athletes have just finished marching out and are getting ready for the touch warm-up!

13 thoughts on “2021 U.S. Classic | Senior Session 2 Live Blog

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  2. Omg. The precision that Laurent put that tape on Simones ankles! It was stunning! Who wants to see gymnastics, lets just watch him tape her ankles. lol. And Leanne leo looked so stunning on my tv from far away. It was sparkling, looks so pretty, not so much close up when she walked off but was so pretty and sparkly when she was doing her routine.


  3. Riley McCusker can’t buy a break. I feel so bad for that young woman. Neither she nor suni lee with that shaky ankle of hers (with accompanying inconsistency) are a lock for Tokyo. Everyone says sink is but I don’t buy it at all. Grace McCallum and Morgan Hurd are in far better position.


    • Yes exactly, I don’t think Suni is a lock anymore sadly, because of her ankle. If it weren’t for that she’d be second in the world, but considering the situation I really don’t know


      • I could tell suni was having problems at American classic. Don’t know why her coach was allowing her to tumble there. Sweet kid. Super talented but that means nothing. Life is unfair.


      • right but if she isn’t on the team, this thing is blown open because she should definitely get the nominative spot for her bars over say Eaker’s beam… I do think if Jordan Chiles is on the team, which is likely, that takes the pressure off Suni getting floor back?


  4. Real risky of Skinner to be throwing both the DD layout and DD tuck given that her DDL is never properly laid out. She’s always squeaked out credit thus far, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if one day she got Eaker-at-worlds’ed and completely lost her D score.


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