2021 U.S. Classic | Senior Session 1 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the first senior session of competition at the 2021 U.S. Classic, held in Indianapolis, Indiana!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

2:39 pm. Subdivision 1 Standings

1. Grace McCallum 55.100
2. Skye Blakely 54.000
3. Ava Siegfeldt 52.700
4. eMjae Frazier 51.800
5. Elle Mueller 50.900
6. Lexi Zeiss 50.800
7. Skylar Draser 50.050
8. Hailey Klein 50.000

2:38 pm. Shilese Jones BB: Sissone to full turn, standing arabian, looks like she had nice height, but rotates out of it and has to grab the beam. Side aerial to layout stepout with a step. Punch front tuck. Bhs bhs layout, big wobble there, leg up, good save. Transverse split jump half, she looks like she’s low key given up…stumble there. Nice transverse straddle though. Double tuck with a step back. 12.100 (5.0, 7.100)

2:37 pm. Hailey Klein UB 11.350 (4.7, 6.650)

2:34 pm. Temple Landry BB: Candle mount, some leg separation. Front aerial, a little short, little stumble. Switch to split ring jump, back leg and foot aren’t there. Bhs loso with a big stumble back out of it. Side aerial, and a 1.5 dismount, form there is a little loose, step/hop forward. 12.400 (5.0, 7.400)

2:33 pm. Elle Mueller BB 12.050 (5.3, 6.750)

2:32 pm. Lexi Zeiss FX 12.550 (4.6, 7.950)

2:30 pm. eMjae Frazier UB: Huge church to Pak, Pak is messy and looked like she dragged her legs on the mat, but the Church was very nice. Shaposh to Tkachev, Goes for a front toe-on but can’t get to handstand, does it again with a half, double layout with a step. 13.050 (5.4, 7.650) – the judges must have missed the legs hitting the mat because this seems high otherwise

Katelyn Rosen UB 10.400 (4.5, 5.900) – ugh, what a bummer end to an otherwise amazing day!

2:29 pm. Grace McCallum gets a 55.1 AA with a couple of high E scores and a mistake on bars. Room for improvement! Good competition for her today, better than I expected given how she was talking about her injuries yesterday.

2:26 pm. Chellsie Memmel BB: Switch mount, split won’t get remotely credited, jump series after, good job. Solid on the bhs loso loso! Just soft legs. Front aerial also really good. Straddle jump full, side aerial, both strong. Punch front tuck. She looks miles better than she did in podium training. Full turn, almost into the illusion, wobbles through that. Standing arabian, ugh, not quite there, low landing and a fall. Double pike dismount is solid with her chest position, just some leg separation and a step back. 11.800 (5.6, 6.200)

Sophia Butler FX 12.050 (4.8, 7.250)

2:25 pm. Ava Siegfeldt VT 14.050 (5.0, 9.050)

Skylar Draser 13.100 (5.1, 8.000)

2:23 pm. Konnor McClain VT: Nice huge DTY! A little soft in her body line but lots of power, just a big step back. 14.400 (5.4, 9.000)

2:21 pm. Grace McCallum BB: Candle mount, holds it really well, not rushed unlike so many others who roll out of it instantly. Wolf turns are both smooth and steady, little break at the hips on her transverse half jump, split leap into her side aerial loso, bobble but that is a great series. Front aerial, little bobble, switch leap to full turn, nice. Double pike, chest a little low, step back, but wow…I think that’s my favorite beam routine that I’ve seen her do. Little things here and there but I normally don’t love her stylistically on this event and it looks like she’s improved in that sense. 13.950 (5.7, 8.250) – again a little high in the E but not bad

Mya Witte VT 13.100 (4.6, 8.500)

Jamison Sears VT 12.750 (5.4, 7.650, -0.3)

2:20 pm. Skye Blakely UB: Toe half to piked Jaeger, Downie, slight leg separation, Ricna to Pak with some leg separation, short handstand before the van Leeuwen, stalder full, muscles through it, but good fight, and a super clean double tuck with a hop back. 14.050 (5.6, 8.450) – not a realistic E score but close

2:18 pm. Wrapping up the touch warm-up for the final rotation!

2:15 pm. Rotation 3 Standings

1. Grace McCallum 41.150
2. Skye Blakely 39.950
3. Katelyn Rosen 39.550
4. Elle Mueller 38.850
5. eMjae Frazier 38.750
6. Hailey Klein 38.650
— Ava Siegfeldt 38.650
8. Lexi Zeiss 38.250

2:12 pm. Emma Malabuyo BB: Gets the triple wolf turn but is a bit shaky on the double. Really nice height on the standing arabian! Almost gets it into her jumps. Super solid bhs loso loso. Punch front tuck, doesn’t connect to the straddle jump to Korbut. But on their own, everything is pretty good. Front aerial to stag ring jump, a little shaky and couldn’t see the ring angle from here. Switch ring, a little bounce in place on the landing. Double pike, legs are together, just lands a tiny bit short with her chest low. But she has far exceeded my expectations here! 13.300 (5.9, 7.400)

2:11 pm. Temple Landry UB 12.000 (4.8, 7.200)

Jamison Sears FX 12.100 (5.1, 7.000)

2:08 pm. Addison Fatta BB: Gets the double wolf turn at the beginning but it’s a little rushed. Solid on the bhs loso. Front aerial, little check, split jump to straddle jump, side aerial with a little bobble, switch slow into the switch half, sticks the double full with her feet slightly apart. 12.750 (5.0, 7.750)

2:06 pm. Elle Mueller UB 13.200 (5.6, 7.600)

Mya Witte FX 11.950 (4.9, 7.050)

2:04 pm. Laurie Hernandez BB: Punch front pike, misses a foot and falls, noooooo. Beam is out to get everyone today. Bhs loso, good, a little wiggle on her full turn, transverse split jump half is fine, front aerial to split jump to straddle jump, maybe a little short on the straddle, switch to switch half, side aerial, little correction. Just an open tuck timer dismount.

Sophia Butler BB 11.700 (5.2, 6.500)

2:02 pm. eMjae Frazier VT: DTY, gets a pretty sweet push off the table, nice and high, leg form could be a lot tighter and the landing wasn’t fully controlled, but overall a solid vault. 13.950 (5.4, 8.550)

Ava Siegfeldt FX 12.200 (4.6, 7.700, -0.1)

2:01 pm. Katelyn Rosen VT: Yurchenko 1.5, pretty big! A little forward on the landing and hops It forward. Also loses her leg form fully in the second half of her air time. 13.650 (5.0, 8.650)

Lexi Zeiss BB 11.650 (4.6, 7.050)

1:59 pm. Grace McCallum UB: Stalder full, a little late, to Maloney to Pak, some leg separation, to Chow half, toe half to piked Jaeger, pretty short handstand out of it before the Downie, catches it close and tucks her legs, has to start her swing over, gets the full-in with a good landing. 13.200 (5.9, 7.300)

Skylar Draser VT 13.400 (4.6, 8.800)

1:58 pm. Skye Blakely VT: DTY, good! Not the most powerful, looked a little low and long, leg separation in the pre-flight is considerable, but she’s pretty glued in the air, a little short on the landing with a hop. 14.000 (5.4, 8.600)

1:57 pm. Shilese Jones UB: Stalder full a little late to Maloney to Tkachev, very nice. Misses the Downie completely, unfortunately, so I’m just gonna cry for about 50 years. Pak caught high, van Leeuwen, a little slow in the twist, toe half to front giant to cowboyed double front, little hop. 12.950 (5.3, 7.650)

Hailey Klein 13.800 (5.0, 8.800)

1:56 pm. About to kick things off in the third rotation with Shilese Jones on bars!

1:50 pm. Rotation 2 Standings

1. Grace McCallum 27.950
2. Lexi Zeiss 26.600
3. Ava Siegfeldt 26.450
4. Skye Blakely 25.950
5. Katelyn Rosen 25.900
6. Elle Mueller 25.650
7. Sophia Butler 25.450
— Temple Landry 25.450

1:47 pm. Katelyn Rosen FX: Double layout, legs apart and a little low, but gets the landing no problem. Arabian double front is good, just a little correction on the landing. Tour jeté half through to switch full. Little hop back on the double full. Popa into her low choreo. Lunge back out of the double tuck. Switch ring. Good!

1:44 pm. Skylar Draser FX: Low set into her double layout and doesn’t get it around, lands on her knees. Piked full-in, chest down and some small steps back. Switch ring to tour jeté half. Front tuck through to double tuck, chest also low there, step back. Another low pass with her double pike. 11.450 (5.1, 6.350)

Addison Fatta UB 13.800 (5.3, 8.500) – sad we missed this! I love her.

1:42 pm. Jamison Sears BB: Bhs layout, does the bhs with her legs together to two feet, love that. Unfortunately off on her front walkover to front tuck series. Transverse split jump half. Split jump to straddle jump to back tuck, maybe a little short on the straddle. Switch half, bobble, but good correction. Little wobble on the full turn and on the front aerial, and then finishes with a clean double tuck, just a big lunge on the landing. 11.050 (5.1, 5.950)

1:39 pm. Skye Blakely FX: Double layout, comes down a little low, but no severe issues, small hop back. Switch ring to tour jeté half. Tucked full-in, chest a bit down, hop back. Squats out of her double wolf turn. Front double full, pretty clean there, shuffle forward. Switch full. Double pike, two steps back. 13.300 (5.2, 8.100)

Hailey Klein FX 12.100 (5.0, 7.100)

Sophia Butler UB 12.400 (5.4, 7.000)

1:37 pm. Mya Witte BB: Bhs bhs layout series, very nice. Split jump full, a little short in the turn, adjusts on the landing. Switch leap, misses connection but does the switch half on its own. Front aerial, little bobble, side aerial to split jump to sissone. Onodi, full turn, almost sticks the double pike, just a little bounce. 13.100 (5.5, 7.600)

Lexi Zeiss UB 13.000 (5.3, 7.700)

Elle Mueller VT 13.300 (5.0, 8.300)

1:35 pm. Chellsie Memmel VT: FTY, a little bit loose in her hip and leg form, hop back, but good for her. Lots of distance on that too, it’s pretty huge. Literally every coach from every gym is there to congratulate her. 13.750 (4.6, 9.150)

eMjae Frazier FX 12.850 (5.0, 7.850)

Ava Siegfeldt BB 12.900 (5.2, 7.700)

1:33 pm. Grace McCallum VT: DTY, better than I expected…tight in the first twist, loses her leg form in the second, lands it a bit low, but the rotation was pretty much around. 14.400 (5.4, 9.000)

Shilese Jones VT 14.850 (5.4, 9.450) – bummed we didn’t see this! I don’t think she did floor.

1:32 pm. Emma Malabuyo UB: Chow to Tkachev, blind change to piked Jaeger to Pak, straddles the Pak but good work so far! Ray back up to the high bar, and a full-twisting double layout with a hop. Love that for her! 13.750 (5.5, 8.250)

Temple Landry VT: 13.000 (4.6, 8.400)

1:30 pm. Konnor McClain BB: Standing full, wobbles through it but her feet hold tight. Jumps look nice from this angle. Off on her layout series. Okay, cool, this competition is over! Byeeee! Full turn. Onodi with a wobble, leg up. Lovely switch, but pauses into the switch half, another large wobble with her leg up. Front aerial, pause into the split jump, pause into what I think was a split ring jump, hard to see from this angle. She’s working nervously. Just a layout dismount. 11.800 (5.2, 6.600)

1:29 pm. Just wrapping up the touch warm-up before rotation 2!

1:24 pm. Rotation 1 Standings

1. Lexi Zeiss 13.600
2. Ava Siegfeldt 13.550
— Grace McCallum 13.550
4. Sophia Butler 13.350
5. Laurie Hernandez 13.250
6. Katelyn Rosen 12.900
7. Hailey Klein 12.750
8. Skye Blakely 12.650

1:21 pm. Skylar Draser BB: Double wolf turn, side aerial, bhs loso with a break at the hips, front aerial to straddle to split jump, good. Transverse split jump half. Switch to switch half, a little short on the latter, maybe also on the first as well. Good double tuck with a step back. Good work!

1:16 pm. Skye Blakely BB: Gets the triple wolf turn around, very smooth! Standing full, rotation is a little off and she can’t correct, falls. Front aerial to front tuck, little wobble out of it. Switch to switch half to back tuck. Side aerial. Had a wobble on front aerial, pause into her jump series. Double tuck, some cowboy, step back. 12.650 (5.9, 6.750)

1:13 pm. Grace McCallum FX: Double double, chest a little low, but feet almost don’t move. Full-in with a slight hop back. Switch ring, back leg isn’t there, to tour jeté half. Gets her wolf turns, a triple and then a double. Front layout to front double full, can’t quite get the two twists around and has a rough/squatted landing with a big step to control it. Double tuck is also deep. The first half was great! Just needs more endurance. 13.550 (5.5, 8.050)

…I’m sorry but that E score? I’m so confused.

1:11 pm. Hailey Klein BB: Clean full turn, solid bhs loso loso, and nails the front tuck. Good for her! Transverse straight jump full, switch leap to straddle jump, she’s so calm. Transverse straddle half. Double pike, tiniest bounce. Fantastic! 12.750 (5.1, 7.650)

Temple Landry FX 12.450 (4.7, 7.750)

Ava Siegfeldt UB 13.550 (5.2, 8.350)

1:10 pm. Laurie Hernandez VT: Big Yurchenko full!! Big step back out of it, and then a second step to join her feet together, but that was very nice overall. Keeps a pretty decent shape throughout her time in the air and lands dead center. 13.250 (4.6, 8.650)

1:08 pm. Konnor McClain UB: Weiler half to stalder full, a little late, to Chow to blind full, bends her knees, goes for a Church but misses it. Ughhhh. Back on for a Pak to Maloney to stalder to blind half, front giant, to a front layout with a step. Bummer. 11.100 (4.7, 6.400)

Elle Mueller FX 12.450 (4.8, 7.650)

1:07 pm. Posting scores for routines we can’t see!

Lexi Zeiss VT 13.600 (5.0, 8.600)

Sophia Butler VT 13.350 (4.6, 8.750)

Jamison Sears UB 11.200 (5.0, 6.200)

1:04 pm. Katelyn Rosen BB: Hit her triple flight series, and a switch to switch half to Korbut, VERY nice! Front aerial, little wobble on the tour jeté half, Onodi with a wobble as well, and a double pike, some straddle in the second flip, but great job. Love her coming back to this very competition hall after her scary fall in warm-ups at the Winter Cup and CRUSHING it! 12.900 (5.4, 7.500)

1:02 pm. The Peacock broadcast has started! I also have the Flo broadcast open for international viewers but it doesn’t look like they’re allowing a view of all four events the way they did with Hopes and juniors.

20 thoughts on “2021 U.S. Classic | Senior Session 1 Live Blog

  1. As soon as Tim Dagget started raving about Shilese, I knew she was going to fall. Dagget needs to stop jinxing routines.


  2. Pingback: 2021 U.S. Classic | Senior Session 1 Live Blog – SportUpdates

  3. I will never understand Grace’s scores. She gets so many gifts. 9.0 execution for that vault? And even her bars score with the fall is a racket compared to everyone else’s

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, none of them make sense, at all. It looks like they’re trying to boost her for whatever reason, but then she makes the Olympic team and gets 7.5s and the U.S. national program is like whyyyyy? It happens basically every year.


  4. Honestly, I love Chellsie but… I can see it. The mount was way off and the leap around was cheated. Plus her usual knees and toes. I would have given it about 0.5 more though.


    • Yeah, I thought the score was fair hahaha…a lot of people seem angry about it but she had a lot of deductions on almost every skill, even the solid ones. Like, the bhs loso was great, she totally smashed it, but it still needs cleaning up in the air. To her credit she looked much better than she did yesterday! Just needs a little more fine-tuning and focus on the details.


  5. With Grace having some issues on bars and floor (fantastic meet though considering she’s coming back from surgery) and with Suni, Riley, Morgan, and Jade all not competing AA in session II, I think Jordan and Kayla should pretty easily get on that AA podium with Simone, unless Leanne or Kara suddenly get it together.


    • Yeah, I see Jordan as the top for silver right now…I could still see Grace pulling off bronze but it’ll depend on how things go for Kayla (or Leanne I guess, she trains badly but then competes well usually).


  6. Lol really some of the commentary on youtube about conspiracy theories as to why Chellsie got a low e beam score. lol She made enemies with past judges, she took their jobs, they are trying to hold her back etc. I cant.


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