2021 Ukraine International Cup Results

The 2021 Ukraine International Cup was held from May 20 through May 23 in Kiev, Ukraine.

Senior All-Around Results

Rank Athlete Nation AA
1 Aline Friess France 53.750
2 Yelyzaveta Hubareva Ukraine 51.750
3 Maewenn Eugene France 51.350
4 Marina Nekrasova Azerbaijan 51.200
5 Célia Serber France 50.050
6 Doga Özgöcmez Turkey 45.250
7 Marharyta Kozlovska Ukraine 43.300
8 Agata Vostruchovaite Lithuania 43.200
9 Milana Minakovskaya Azerbaijan 43.200
10 Meta Kunaver Slovenia 43.050

Senior Vault Final Results

Rank Athlete Nation Average
1 Marina Nekrasova Azerbaijan 13.400
2 Maewenn Eugene France 13.180
3 Agata Vostruchovaite Lithuania 13.133
4 Aruna Budda Reddy India 12.833
5 Marharyta Kozlovska Ukraine 12.800
6 Meta Kunaver Slovenia 12.500
7 Anna Grigoryan Armenia 12.400

Senior Bars Final Results

Rank Athlete Nation Total
1 Yelyzaveta Hubareva Ukraine 13.200
2 Kateryna Kulinii Ukraine 12.650
3 Marina Nekrasova Azerbaijan 12.550
4 Maewenn Eugene France 12.200
5 Aline Friess France 11.600
6 Milana Minakovskaya Azerbaijan 9.700
7 Doga Özgöcmez Turkey 9.500
8 Meta Kunaver Slovenia 9.250

Senior Beam Final Results

Rank Athlete Nation Total
1 Célia Serber France 13.300
2 Yelyzaveta Hubareva Ukraine 13.200
3 Maewenn Eugene France 12.800
4 Gaja Zabnikar Slovenia 11.950
5 Marina Nekrasova Azerbaijan 11.800
6 Agata Vostruchovaite Lithuania 11.350
7 Aruna Budda Reddy India 10.350
8 Kateryna Kulinii Ukraine 10.050

Senior Floor Final Results

Rank Athlete Nation Total
1 Aline Friess France 13.400
2 Célia Serber France 13.000
3 Yelyzaveta Hubareva Ukraine 12.700
4 Marina Nekrasova Azerbaijan 12.600
5 Doga Özgöcmez Turkey 11.850
6 Aruna Budda Reddy India 11.650
7 Milana Minakovskaya Azerbaijan 11.400
8 Meta Kunaver Slovenia 10.700

Junior All-Around Results

Rank Athlete Nation AA
1 Daria Lyska Ukraine 50.450
2 Yuliia Kasianenko Ukraine 50.150
3 Daniela Batrona Ukraine 49.150
4 Anastasiia Zubkova Ukraine 46.950
5 Nazanin Teymurova Azerbaijan 46.800
6 Ilona Krupa Ukraine 46.000
7 Polina Diachenko Ukraine 45.800
8 Bohdana Zhhut Ukraine 42.900
9 Ani Gobadze Georgia 41.950
10 Nishka Agarwal India 31.000

Junior Vault Final Results

Rank Athlete Nation Average
1 Daria Lyska Ukraine Not Available
2 Daniela Batrona Ukraine Not Available
3 Nazanin Teymurova Azerbaijan Not Available

Junior Bars Final Results

Rank Athlete Nation Total
1 Daniela Batrona Ukraine 13.000
2 Yuliia Kasianenko Ukraine 12.450
3 Nazanin Teymurova Azerbaijan 10.300
4 Ani Gobadze Georgia 7.350

Junior Beam Final Results

Rank Athlete Nation Total
1 Daria Lyska Ukraine 12.300
2 Polina Diachenko Ukraine 11.450
3 Ani Gobadze Georgia 10.200
4 Nazanin Teymurova Azerbaijan 9.550
5 Nishka Agarwal India 8.650

Junior Floor Final Results

Rank Athlete Nation Total
1 Daria Lyska Ukraine 12.850
2 Nazanin Teymurova Azerbaijan 12.450
3 Yuliia Kasianenko Ukraine 11.850
4 Ani Gobadze Georgia 11.500
5 Nishka Agarwal India 8.600

Team Results

Rank Nation Total
1 FRANCE (Maewenn Eugene, Aline Friess, Célia Serber) 105.450
2 UKRAINE 1 (Daniela Batrona, Yuliia Kasianenko, Daria Lyska) 102.550
3 UKRAINE 2 (Polina Diachenko, Yelyzaveta Hubareva, Anastasiia Zubkova) 100.400
4 AZERBAIJAN (Milana Minakovskaya, Marina Nekrasova, Nazanin Teymurova) 98.700
5 SLOVENIA (Meta Kunaver, Gaja Zabnikar) 86.050
6 LITHUANIA (Agata Vostruchovaite) 85.750
7 INDIA (Nishka Agarwal, Aruna Budda Reddy) 66.400
8 TURKEY (Doga Özgöcmez, Yaren Turan) 56.500

11 thoughts on “2021 Ukraine International Cup Results

  1. Aline Friess is essentially a lock for team France, especially with Charpy out.
    Boyer and MDJDS are the other two, so they likely need someone to do VT/UB/BB.
    VT Friess, MDJDS, ?
    UB Friess, MDJDS, ?
    BB Boyer, MDJDS, ?
    FX Boyer, MDJDS, Friess


    • We’ll know more at the end of next week (French nationals). I agree with your 3.
      Wonder if Friess is Rudi-ready on VT !
      I would say Carolann Héduit makes the most sense.
      Letrange-Mouakit was scheduled to compete at the Ukrainian Cup but withrew (minor injury). She was a strong contender for the team. Maybe still is.
      Big question is Coline Devillard. If she prooves this WE at the Varna WC she is competitive on VT then I would send he.r, She won’t be usefull elsewhere (but can compete FX). She could pretend to qualify to the VT EF … if healthy ….
      Other question is MDJS who has once again withdrawn at competing AA at the French nationals …

      Liked by 1 person

      • I think Friess did the Rudi in Ukraine from what I’ve heard (though I didn’t see it on the stream)…her AA score here was with two falls on bars so she’s looking at a solid 55+ for a hit day! Definitely in ‘lock’ territory for me. I also think Heduit is going to be difficult to ignore…Devillard looked great on vault last fall, but I don’t know if she’s worth the risk for just one event. She did BB + FX at Baku last year but her numbers were low 12s on both. I think MDJDS will go regardless of whether she does AA or not, but of course if she’s still not doing VT + FX in time for Tokyo, that creates a massive gap there and Coline may be needed. France’s situation is such a bummer…they had SO much depth this quad and I didn’t think Marine Boyer would even make the Olympic team at one point, but all of these injuries and retirements are crushing them.


        • Apparently Friess will also miss French Nationals this WE, but that was decided prior to the Ukrainian Cup so no reason to think of an injury. But that’s quite a weird situation having both N°1 and 2 skip the Nationals (meant to be Olympic trials). I guess they already are in the team but still … Interesting that they are both coached by Eric Hagard in Saint Etienne (also national team coach), and I trust him though this choice is not a good one for me).

          I watched a couple of video from the youngsters from Ukraine … I was impressed ! Really improoved since last year’s Jr Euros. They really could fight back for top 12 in two years, especially if the seniors keep competing for some more years (they are still young, why wouldn’t they..)
          On a side note, has Radilova retired ?


  2. Ukraine invited a few other gymnasts into Kyiv for a home competition then sent their best gymnasts to Varna and Cairo. What’s the point?


    • The FIG challenge cups have monetary prizes that make it worth traveling, attending, and competing. The Ukraine International Cup is more of a fun little meet honoring Stella Zakharova…sometimes big names will do it but with the world cups happening right after, they didn’t want to wear them out. A lot of up-and-coming Ukrainians got to stand out here, like the junior Lyska, so I like that they had this opportunity and that the “stars” got to sit it out.


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