2021 Ukraine International Cup Results

Results from the 2021 Ukraine International Cup, held from May 20 through May 23 in Kiev, Ukraine.

2020 European Championships Junior Results

Results from the 2020 European Championships, held from December 17 through December 20 in Mersin, Turkey.

2020 European Championships | Junior Event Finals Live Blog

The live blog for the junior women’s event finals at the 2020 European Championships, held in Mersin, Turkey.

The 2020 European Championships Junior Women’s Master Team List

A master list of all of the junior women’s teams for the 2020 European Championships.

2020 Ukrainian Youth Championships Results

Results from the 2020 Ukrainian Youth Championships, held from October 11 through October 15 in Kiev, Ukraine.

2018 Gym Festival Trnava Results

Results from the 2018 Gym Festival Trnava, held from June 9 through June 10 in Trnava, Slovakia.