2021 U.S. Olympic Trials | Senior Women’s Day 1 Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for the first day of senior women’s competition at the 2021 U.S. Olympic Trials, held in St. Louis, Missouri!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

9:06 pm. U.S. Trials Day 1 Standings

1. Simone Biles 60.565
2. Sunisa Lee 57.666
3. Jordan Chiles 57.132
4. MyKayla Skinner 56.598
5. Grace McCallum 56.498
6. Kayla DiCello 56.298
7. Kara Eaker 55.565
8. Shilese Jones 54.999

9:05 pm. Ava Siegfeldt FX: Love Ava getting to shut down night one of trials. Double layout, little hops forward. Front tuck through to double tuck, chest down and a hop. Double pike, lunge back.

9:01 pm. Leanne Wong FX: Double double, chest low, but solid with her feet. Whip to triple full, deep landing with a hop back. 2.5 to…supposed to be a front full, but she does a barani and jumps the other half around, honestly a killer save. Double pike with a hop back.

8:58 pm. Shilese Jones FX: “The Jones” aka the full-in half-out double tuck, love it, and then a nice double layout! Also gets the arabian double front and double tuck, just solid all around! What a day for her. 13.400

8:56 pm. Kayla DiCello VT: DTY, some form in the second twist especially, hop on the landing. 14.600

8:53 pm. Jade Carey FX: Looks like she desiced to do floor! She’s not on the start list. I think just a full-twisting double layout for the opening pass, then a front layout through to full-in, really open. The opening pass had a really big bounce. Open double tuck for the last pass. I may have missed one. Good routine considering she seemed to have added it in last minute and isn’t at full strength. 13.133

Emily Lee VT: DTY, not bad, just minor form and a hop. 14.400

8:52 pm. Grace McCallum VT: Good DTY, bounce back. 14.633

8:46 pm. Addison Fatta FX: Showing off that 2.5 through to double tuck super nicely! Then a clean double pike. Nice double full to finish. 13.000

8:44 pm. Amari Drayton VT: Good DTY. 14.333

8:43 pm. Zoe Miller VT: Floaty Yurchenko 1.5 with a hop forward. 13.933

8:41 pm. Kara Eaker FX: I missed her first pass. Stuck the front layout out of the 2.5. She’s also really showing up today! Double pike, chest a little low. 13.633

Simone Biles VT: Second vault is the Amanar, hop forward.

8:39 pm. Simone Biles VT: Absolutely huge Cheng, they need to extend the end of the mat for her! 15.466

8:37 pm. MyKayla Skinner FX: Moors, fine in the first flip, the usual in the second with knees and hips, but it’s enough for deductions, not downgrading entirely. Sticks the double double. Excellent. Great landing on the full-in. Front tuck through to 2.5 with a step. GIRLLLL. 13.866

Sunisa Lee VT: DTY, maybe a little short, but nothing severe. Small hop. 14.400

8:36 pm. Jordan Chiles VT: Her usual excellence on vault with a beautiful solid DTY. No second vault from her though. 14.966

8:30 pm. Rotation 3 Standings

1. Simone Biles 45.099
2. Sunisa Lee 43.266
3. MyKayla Skinner 42.732
4. Jordan Chiles 42.166
5. Grace McCallum 41.865
6. Kara Eaker 41.832
7. Kayla DiCello 41.698
8. Shilese Jones 41.599

8:28 pm. Emily Lee FX: Double double, great landing. Also excellent on the 2.5 to front full! Switch to switch half. First may have been a ring but I have a bad angle. Double tuck, really solid on the landing. Double pike, hop back. Fantastic!

8:26 pm. Grace McCallum FX: Double double, small hop back, front layout to front double full, little skid. Makes it through the leap series, small hop back on the full-in. I didn’t fully trust her after classics and nationals but she’s really trying to make a case for herself here tonight. Double tuck, great landing. 14.166

8:22 pm. Shilese Jones BB: Sissone to full turn, gets the standing arabian, nice. Punch front with a step forward. Bhs loso, scoot back. Side aerial. Switch half. Step back on the double pike. Her best beam set of the season I think! 13.533

8:20 pm. Amari Drayton FX: Double layout, very nice in the air, hop back. Whip whip through to double tuck, also strong, and then a little wonky on the 1.5 to front full landing. Double pike, hop back. 13.300

8:19 pm. Jade Carey BB: Full turn, front aerial to split jump to straddle jump, really straight legs on her bhs loso loso, solid landing too. Switch to switch half to back tuck, split leap to side aerial, check at the hips, step back on the double tuck. Great routine! 13.266

8:16 pm. Addison Fatta BB: Got the wolf turn at the beginning, solid bhs loso, hit her jumps. Hop back on the double full. 12.800

Zoe Miller FX: Double layout, big step back OOB. Split jump full. Tour jeté half. Full-in, good landing there. Switch ring is lovely, to switch half. Really deep landing after the front through to double tuck, and then I think she had a 1.5 to Rudi maybe to finish? 12.200

8:10 pm. Simone Biles FX: Stuck the triple double. CASUAL. Biles to stag, also very strong. Front full through to full-in, baby hop. Switch to tour jeté full. Double double, small hop back. Best landings ever! 15.366

8:07 pm. Sunisa Lee FX: double double, small hop back. Great control on her leaps. Hit the second pass, I think a 1.5 to front full but I didn’t see the entry, and then gets the double tuck at the end. Very nice work. 13.233

8:04 pm. Kara Eaker BB: Hit some leaps at the beginning, I didn’t see what, front aerial to split jump to straddle jump, good. Nice flight series as well. Switch ring, misses her foot on the landing, wobbles and pauses before the Korbut. Side somi. Small hop on the 2.5. 14.400

8:03 pm. Jordan Chiles FX: Lands the full-twisting double layout completely OOB, wobbles after. Much better on the double layout. Front double full to front full looks better than usual, really nice there. Slight bounce back on the double pike. 13.633

8:00 pm. MyKayla Skinner BB: STICKS THE BHS TUCK FULL!!!!!! Switch to switch half to back tuck, excellent. Transverse straddle jump half, full L turn, full-in, excellent landing. Okay, she is a STAR. She has the whole arena in an uproar. 14.133

7:57 pm. Kayla DiCello FX: Excellent double double! The landing was so good. Equally good double layout. Small hop on the 1.5 to front full. Double pike, step back, I didn’t see if she went OOB but didn’t look like it. Great routine! 13.966

Ava Siegfeldt BB: Really strong punch front to start! Also beautiful on her layout series. Check on an aerial, short on the switch to switch half. Looked like she stuck the double full. Good work! 13.166

7:53 pm. Emma Malabuyo FX: Solid double layout. Slight hop back on the full-in. Good double tuck. Front tuck through to double pike, maybe a little low on that set but she gets it around! Good routine. 13.566

Leanne Wong BB: Switch to straddle jump, big wobble and a fall on the side aerial loso. Full L turn, switch ring, back leg not quite there, front aerial, adjustment on a jump after, good wolf jump full, side somi, comes in really low on the triple full, huge stumble forward. Didn’t see her hands touch but it wasn’t good either way. 11.500

7:51 pm. Rotation 2 Standings

1. Sunisa Lee 30.033
2. Simone Biles 29.733
3. MyKayla Skinner 28.599
4. Jordan Chiles 28.533
5. Leanne Wong 28.366
6. Shilese Jones 28.066
7. Kayla DiCello 27.732
8. Grace McCallum 27.699

7:47 pm. Amari Drayton BB: Good bhs loso loso, front aerial, some knee form and a wobble, hit her split jump to straddle jump series, full turn, transverse split jump half, nice double pike.

7:45 pm. Zoe Miller BB: Side aerial loso, clean, switch to switch half, not quite there on the latter, back pike, full turn, transverse split jump half, big break at the hips, but saves it, front aerial, wobble, step back, another save. sissone to wolf jump, double pike with a step back. 12.566

7:43 pm. Addison Fatta UB: Solid hit routine, hop on the double layout dismount. 13.233

7:41 pm. Simone Biles BB: Super wobbly in the triple wolf turn, good save. Front aerial to split jump to straddle jump. Bhs loso loso, switch to switch half to back pike, both of those series were A+. Side aerial, tiny adjustment, transverse straddle jump half into a split jump half, good, double double dismount! Big step back and a LOT of prep for that but she deserves that prep for that dismount. 15.133 (8.333 E seems high for this but does it really matter lol)

7:39 pm. Kara Eaker UB: Church to Pak, shaposh, clear hip to clear hip full, toe half to piked Jaeger, and a straight double layout dismount, stuck! 13.466

7:38 pm. I love that we have to struggle to see two routines across the arena from each other at the same time, and then sit in silence for three minutes to wait for judging, when they could just STAGGER THE ROUTINEEEEEES!

7:35 pm. Sunisa Lee BB: Triple wolf turn, double wolf turn, really solid. Hit a mixed combo after tat and lovely leaps. I wasn’t typing so I could type through Riley’s routine but everything else was a hit, double full dismount with a hop. Another great routine! 14.733

Riley McCusker UB: Toe full, a little wonky, to Maloney to Tkachev, clean. Downie, good, Ricna to Pak, to Chow half I think, excellent! Blind change to front giant to double front half-out with a hop back. 14.8

7:29 pm. Jordan Chiles BB: Side aerial loso, looked a little tentative, almost like she wanted to do another loso but decided to stop, front aerial to straddle jump to back handspring, full turn, side somi, slight check, switch to switch half, little stumble, transverse straddle jump half, STUCK the full-in dismount!!! 14.233

7:27 pm. Kayla DiCello BB: Back dive mount, triple wolf turn, double wolf turn, both smooth. Side aerial, switch to sissone, excellent bhs loso loso, front aerial to straddle jump to split jump, really low on the transverse straddle jump half, wobble there as well, double tuck, chest at her knees, but solid with her feet. 13.766

7:24 pm. MyKayla Skinner UB: Weiler half to Maloney to HUGE Tkachev, short handstand before the Ray, to Pak, caught a little wonky but good fight back, van Leeuwen, leg form, blind full rushed with leg form, and she sneaks the double double dismount around, looked almost stuck if not stuck. Not her best but good fight throughout. 13.466

7:23 pm. Emma Malabuyo BB: Triple wolf turn, then a double, both effortless. Big wobble on her standing arabian, and she falls. NOOOO. Bhs loso loso, little adjustment. Really low punch front but she saves it. Stag ring jump. Switch ring, low back leg. Double pike was pretty low, chest down. 13.000

Ava Siegfeldt UB: Looked like she took an extra swing after her Ray, but hit everything else! Double front dismount, small hop forward. 12.066

7:19 pm. Leanne Wong UB: Toe full, a little late, to Maloney to Pak to van Leeuwen, bent her knees significantly there, stalder half to straddle Jaeger, arched a handstand before the stalder, then a double layout with a great landing. Could have been better but not bad as it was. 13.666

7:17 pm. Emily Lee BB: Full turn, excellent side aerial loso loso, switch leap to switch half, short in the split there, bhs bhs layout, little bobble with her leg up, but otherwise very nice, front aerial to split jump to straddle jump, transverse straddle jump half solid, wobble on the side somi, transverse split jump half, she makes her transverse jumps look like she can do them in her sleep. Double pike with a big hop back. Fantastic job! 13.833

7:16 pm. Shilese Jones UB: Stalder full to Maloney to Tkachev, nice, Downie to Pak, ugh, hit her feet on the mat!!! Good recovery before the van Leeuwen, toe half to front giant to double front, cowboyed with a tiny step. 13.166

7:14 pm.Grace McCallum BB: I wasn’t typing at the beginning, think she did wolf turns and a transverse jump or two IIRC. Big wobble after the switch to bhs loso but she fights and saves it. Front aerial looked good. Small bounce on the double pike. 13.866

7:12 pm. Jade Carey UB: Off on her Church right at the beginning of her routine. She and her dad are having a convo before she gets back up, probably discussing which skill to restart with. Back on for a hop change to Ezhova, Pak to Bhardwaj, really nice there, van Leeuwen, clear hip, legs apart on the blind full, and a full-in with a hop. 11.300

7:10 pm. The MyUSAGym app just went down right as we were waiting for Simone’s bars score. She broke it. Hopefully will have access to results over the next rotation!

7:07 pm. Rotation 1 Standings

1. Sunisa Lee 15.300
2. Jade Carey 15.200
3. MyKayla Skinner 15.133
4. Shilese Jones 14.900
5. Leanne Wong 14.700
6. Simone Biles 14.600
7. Addison Fatta 14.366
8. Jordan Chiles 14.300

7:05 pm. Simone Biles UB: Weiler half to Maloney to Tkachev, some flexed feet there, toe full to piked Tkachev to Pak, van Leeuwen, clean there, and she sticks the double double!

7:04 pm. Kara Eaker VT: Yurchenko 1.5, soft knees in the last half, big hop forward. 13.966

7:03 pm. MyKayla Skinner VT: Does a Cheng for the second and her landing is excellent!

7:01 pm. Sunisa Lee UB: Nabieva (leg separation) to Bhardwaj to Maloney to Gienger, crowd was cheering for each skill! Huge piked Jaeger to Pak to van Leeuwen, beautiful series there, blind full, almost right at vertical, and a full-in with a baby bounce. She’s happy with that one! 15.300

6:59 pm. MyKayla Skinner VT: Amanar with a small step forward, looked really good in the air. She’ll be doing a second vault as well. 15.133

6:58 pm. Jordan Chiles UB: Piked Jaeger, toe full to HUGE Tkachev, piked Tkachev to Pak, Maloney to Gienger, good, and she sticks her full-in on her toes! I could hear someone in the crowd yelling COME ON CHICK, I LOVE YOU! TEARS. 14.300

Ava Siegfeldt VT: Yurchenko 1.5, big step forward. 13.900

6:55 pm. Kayla DiCello UB: Stalder full to Chow to Tkachev, piked Jaeger, Church, Pak to toe-on to van Leeuwen, full-out with a tiny bounce in place. Maybe moving a little slow on some of those skills, but she looked good overall! 13.966

I can’t tell toe-ons from stalders from inbars from the angle I have so excuse me if I get a root wrong at any point, I’m really trying here but I have a straight-on sideways view.

Leanne Wong VT: Excellent stuck DTY! Actually maybe a little slide in her feet but regardless the landing was perfection. Just ankles and hips in the air. 14.700

6:51 pm. Touch warm-ups for the second half of the first rotation! Leanne Wong, Ava Siegfeldt, MyKayla Skinner, and Kara Eaker on vault, and then Kayla DiCello, Jordan Chiles, Sunisa Lee, and Simone Biles on bars.

6:50 pm. Emma Malabuyo UB: I wasn’t typing at the beginning, a little messy and arched in the toe full, but caught everything after that. Some leg form in the van Leeuwen and a tiny bounce on the double layout dismount. 13.900

6:45 pm. Emily Lee UB: Toe full to Maloney to Tkachev, really strong, Pak, slight ankle separation, van Leeuwen, legs are a little bent and there’s some separation as well, piked Jaeger comes off REALLY low and she whacks her ankles on the bar, still stays on though! Double layout dismount. Good save but that’s a real ankle bruiser. 11.433

6:44 pm. Shilese Jones VT: She did a second vault, a tsuk tuck full! It was solid, not super difficult, but really nice.

6:42 pm. Grace McCallum UB: Stalder full to Maloney it looked like, to Pak to Chow half, good. Toe half to piked Jaeger, then a Ricna, hop change to turn herself around, and just a step on the full-in dismount. Good work! 13.833

6:41 pm. Shilese Jones VT: Huge and gorgeous stuck DTY! 14.900

6:40 pm. Amari Drayton UB: I think she had a van Leeuwen at the beginning, I can’t see between the bars AT ALL from my angle, a camera is directly in front of the UB set, toe half to straddle Jaeger, hit another release after that, nice Pak, okay there’s a van Leeuwen, I don’t know what the first skill was then, high clean double tuck with a hop back. 13.100

6:39 pm. Jade Carey VT: She warmed up an Amanar and has the number up for one as well, so here we go! Oh my goodness, SO clean and a GORGEOUS landing!!!! JADE! 15.200

6:37 pm. Zoe Miller UB: I saw from the Maloney to Pak (leg separation) to Chow half, inbar half to straddle Jaeger, stalder to stalder half was really short, double layout with a hop back. 13.766

Addison Fatta VT: DTY, little bounce in place, big and solid as always! 14.366

Unfortunately Skye Blakely ran into the vault table in the touch warm-up and was carried off the podium.

6:29 pm. Pray for my wifi situation. Many people on press row are watching broadcasts using this wifi and I’m like NO WONDER IT WORKS FOR EXACTLY NO ONE ELSE. It’s a bit slow but at least it’s not completely off like it was last night. I might just not update as frequently as I normally do, but I’ll still get every routine.

6:27 pm. The athletes have just marched in! National anthem going on now.

61 thoughts on “2021 U.S. Olympic Trials | Senior Women’s Day 1 Live Blog

  1. It looked like Skye just hit her butt on the table after the wonky round off, but I know it obviously had to be more significant than that for her to have to scratch. Can someone explain what exactly happened.


  2. Someone please Tell Tim it was Courtney Kupets who Kelli Hill coached to the Olympics. She has indeed coached 3 Olympians (and an alternate) to every Olympics from 1992 to 2008.


    • I’ve heard she’s doing bars and beam. If that’s true, her chances to make the four-person team have dropped, but if she hits both, she’s a shoo-in for the specialist spot. And honestly, I think she’d even have a better shot at winning a beam medal than a bars medal given the relative fields in Tokyo.


  3. Ugh they didnt even show Chiles bars routine! They have been talking about her but yet didnt show her bars? soo annoying! lol I hope they show the replay or SKinners vault as well! ugh!


  4. Great fx fo Kayla, but boy does Hill’s love dreadful fx music. Aside from Elise Ray (00…if you haven’t seen her Natls fx from that year, treat yourself) and Dawes (94…her 96 wasn’t bad either, by comparison), I have hated all of their fx music. It’s like a failed attempt at abstract, that no one asks for, ever.


    • I know! So happy for her and praying that she has a better night 2 of competition.
      A solid bar routine and some bits on floor and I’m sure she will walk away knowing that she gave this comeback her absolute all.
      Regardless of the outcome at the end of trials, I think she’s done extremely well.


  5. What happened with Sunisas floor> She was credited with 5.2. Did they not give her the wolf turn she had issues with? She had a 5,4 at nationals. She came off the floor saying that was terrible. I saw her also have an issues with losing her balance a little before her tumbling pass. She scored 5 tenths higher at nationals. Love her tho 🙂


    • I like Nastia. I just feel like she isn’t allowed to ‘dig in’ the way she wants (and is capable of doing) given the current unfixed state of USA gymn. I don’t wana see Laurie sitting there smiling and being ‘bubbly’ about everything when the job is to commentate about what is happening. I miss Shannon Miller commentating. She called things things.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. After watching this (love how opinionated she is in an ‘I just wanna go 4 for 4’ sport) and tonight, I would not be mad at MyKayla Skinner getting her ticket, at all!


  7. Wow, Mykayla Skinner really making this fourth spot interesting! I think it’ll be a toss up like in 2019 to be honest. Kayla and Leanne are great but I don’t think they really helped their chances tonight.

    Gym community…what’re your predictions?! Honestly, I’d take Mykayla over Grace. Mykayla is Gabby Douglas-esque where every time the iron is hot she seems to strike. Plus o think her solid 15-something vault and high 13 on floor is really something team USA can count on as opposed to Grace who can be a smidge more unpredictable. What’re y’all’s thoughts?


    • At this point Mykayla has made herself a very attractive option, I have to wonder, sadly, how far An uninjured Riley could have gone. She was so clean on beam and everything in 2019. Oh what might have been.


        • If I were a judge and HAD to decide on a team tonight it would be biles lee chiles and skinner. Skinners fierce nature, leadership and intangibles (least likely to succumb to nerves) is the best bet for highest team score. Mccusker as the 2nd individual spot gives a 2nd realistic potential for bars medal. Rakers ring jumps just won’t do it. McCallum and DiCello as alternates.


    • I agree! I’d take Mykayla over Kayla and Leanne if she can repeat tonight’s performance. It’s supposed to be based on both days of nationals and both days of trials, so Grace’s disastrous FX scores at nationals are too much to overcome in my opinion to make a case above these other three.

      I’d take Riley if she hits another 14.8+ tomorrow on UB for the other spot with Jade. If she doesn’t hit, I’d probably take the highest AA that doesn’t make the team. I have a feeling she is playing it safe, because she’s gotten some indication she can. Same thing with Jade, I think she just wanted to get more competition experience on UB/BB, because I think she’ll give everything at Tokyo, including her full difficulty on FX.

      I think the battle between MyKayla, Kayla and Leanne for best VT/FX scores tomorrow will be determinative.


  8. Poor Skye Blakey. I’m so sad for her. She was most definitely in the mix for worlds later this year. With a ruptured Achilles’ tendon forget it.


  9. The thing I love most about Mykayla is that the bigger the stakes, the better she gets. I think Team USA could really use that.

    As for Riley, I think she’s doing exactly what she needs to do to make the Olympics – her team chances are sadly probably out of reach this year, but I think she’s by far the front-runner for that individual spot.


  10. There is definitely some logic to taking top four AA. Not necessarily top four AA from Trials, but you do want the strongest possible AA score out there. For example, what if (God forbid) something like Simone’s “Doha pearl” happened and she couldn’t compete? You’re then relying on the other three to hit all four events. The “strongest score sans Simone” is essentially the worst case scenario, I think.


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