2021 U.S. Olympic Trials | Senior Men’s Day 2 Live Blog

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Welcome to the live blog for the second day of senior men’s competition at the 2021 U.S. Olympic Trials, held in St. Louis, Missouri!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

5:01 pm. The men’s Olympic team is as expected – Brody Malone, Yul Moldauer, Shane Wiskus, and Sam Mikulak, with Alec Yoder taking the individual berth!

Reserves are Brandon Briones, Akash Modi, Allan Bower, and Cameron Bock, with Alex Diab the individual reserve athlete.

4:33 pm. Waiting for the team to be announced now!

4:20 pm. U.S. Olympic Trials AA Standings

1. Brody Malone 171.600 (85.250, 86.350)
2. Yul Moldauer 168.600 (83.650, 84.950)
3. Shane Wiskus 168.150 (84.300, 83.850)
4. Sam Mikulak 166.750 (83.200, 83.550)
5. Brandon Briones 166.700 (82.700, 84.000)
6. Akash Modi 166.050 (82.550, 83.500)
7. Allan Bower 164.450 (82.500, 82.950)
8. Paul Juda 164.600 (82.200, 82.400)
9. Riley Loos 163.700 (81.650, 82.050)
10. Cameron Bock 163.300 (81.750, 81.550)
11. Vitaliy Guimaraes 162.450 (80.250, 82.200)
12. Ian Gunther 160.550 (80.900, 79.650)

4:19 pm. Vitaliy Guimaraes HB: Hit routine with a stuck double double (tucked) dismount!

4:16 pm. Yul Moldauer HB: Yamawaki, straddle Tkachev, hop full, Rybalko, tak half, a little late there, one-arm giant, flares the dismount and sticks the landing.

4:15 pm. Matt Wenske HB: I missed this. 12.550

Robert Neff PH: Hit routine.

4:12 pm. Sam Mikulak PH: I almost missed this, caught it at the start of his flair work, spindles between the handles and then smooth into his travles, lengs come apart on his Russians and he takes a second to fight through it but the crowd hypes him up and he gets back…and then RIGHT AT THE END he just loses it and comes off. I DIE. Back on basically for the dismount. 12.400

Cameron Bock HB: Hit routine. 13.550

4:11 pm. Brandon Briones VT: I think I saw him do a kaz 1.5 but I’ve already forgotten. 14.400

Ian Gunther VT: Crashed whatever he went for. 12.400

4:08 pm. Alec Yoder PH: Scissors to handstand back down to scissors before his circles. One-arm spin, legs come apart in his circles but he quickly brings them back together, gets the rest without any problem and hits the dismount, solid and secure. Just like Illinois with Diab on rings, the Ohio State crowd is right in front of pommels screaming and giving a standing ovation. 14.550

Allan Bower HB: Caught something at the beginning that I missed, then a Kovacs, straddle Tkachev, everything else good that I saw! 12.750

4:07 pm. Riley Loos VT: great landing on his handspring randi! 14.800

4:05 pm. Shane Wiskus PH: Hit routine! I didn’t see details but it looked really strong to me. 13.150

Brody Malone VT: Hop forward on his kaz 1.5, it’s a great end to a great week. 14.500

Paul Juda HB: Hit routine. 13.850

Akash Modi VT: Kaz 1.5, small hop. 14.250

3:58 pm. Rotation 11 Standings

1. Brody Malone 157.100
2. Yul Moldauer 155.850
3. Shane Wiskus 155.000
4. Sam Mikulak 154.350
5. Allan Bower 152.700
6. Brandon Briones 152.300
7. Akash Modi 151.800
8. Paul Juda 150.750

3:57 pm. Yul Moldauer PB: HUUUUGE straddle salto right off the bat, great handstand after. Tuck half, clean one-arm pirouette, basket to handstand, transitions to the single rail and back in a pirouette after, another clean handstand, another salto half, step back on the double front half dismount.

3:56 pm. Brandon Briones SR: invert hang, maltese, planche into the pike hold, saltos up to straddle hold, presses to handstand, shakes a tiny bit in the handstand after, muscles the last one a little as well, double double with a little slide back. 14.000

3:53 pm. Alex Diab SR: Maltese, to invert hang, the whole Illinois MAG team is standing in the crowd RIGHT behind him, looked really short on an inverted cross, saltos to planche is very nice, down to iron cross, invert hang swings through to handstand, not bad there, step back on the dismount. 14.900

Matt Wenske PB: I missed this. 13.400

3:50 pm. Sam Mikulak FX: Randi, good landing, chest a little forward. Stuck the double front out of the 2.5! Stuck the piked double front as well. Flairs, Stuck the front double full to front full. Stuck double full. Triple full comes in really short and lands short, bent knees and a hop to the side on the landing. 14.700

Cameron Bock PB: Some good salto work early on, everything else looked solid, tiny bounce on the double pike dismount. 14.500

Riley Loos SR: Hit what I saw, was just really arched and swaying in a handstand near the end. 13.900

3:47 pm. Shane Wiskus FX: Piked double front, hop forward I think, then the double front half-out is a little rough in form and the landing. Nothing too bad. Double double, sticks it with bent knees. 2.5 to front full, front double full to barani. Looks a bit arched over in his Japanese handstand. Triple full a little short with a hop forward. Not his best but he got through. 14.200

Allan Bower PB: Muscled into the first handstand, front pike to handstand was clean, and the pirouette was almost there, another pirouette after that got a little weird, it may have transitioned to the single rail but I looked away. I missed the rest, he hit the dismount though. 13.700

Akash Modi SR: I missed nearly all of this but he got loud cheers. 13.850

3:45 pm. Paul Juda PB: A little slow going up to handstand out of an early basket, Bhavsar, up to pike hold, presses to handstand, Tippelt, hit the dismount, great routine! 14.250

Donnell Whittenburg FX: Front full to piked double front, double double layout dismount. Front layout to double front half out. Double full side pass. Stuck the double double. Small hop on the last pass, I couldn’t see what.

Brody Malone SR: Saltos to straddle hold, good control as he presses out to a planche, double double dismount, I couldn’t see his feet on the landing.

3:42 pm. Vitaliy Guimaraes PB: Had really nice lines and toe point for the most part, and a couple of good presses. Stuck the dismount. 13.450

Ian Gunther SR: Good routine, full-twisting double layout dismount. 13.600

Robert Neff FX: Randi with a small hop back. 2.5 with a big step forward. Front tuck full to front…double full, rough landing. OOB. Small hop on the pass after that. Arabian double front to finish, hop. 12.550

3:36 pm. Rotation 10 Standings

1. Brody Malone 142.850
2. Yul Moldauer 141.300
3. Shane Wiskus 140.800
4. Sam Mikulak 139.650
5. Allan Bower 139.000
6. Brandon Briones 138.300
7. Akash Modi 137.950
8. Paul Juda 136.500

3:35 pm. Riley Loos PH: Gets really high off the horse on his scissors, spindles on the single handle, the beginning looked calm but he rushes a bit closer to the end, had one skill in flairs that went nicely, hit routine! 13.000

3:33 pm. Akash Modi PH: Some hip form throughout, legs were apart in the handstand pirouette into the dismount, but hit routine! 13.800

3:32 pm. Matt Wenske VT: Kaz 1.5, hop to the side. 14.200

3:31 pm. Cameron Bock VT: Gritted his teeth in the air to get that kaz 1.5 around and lands it nearly on his bum. 13.600 13.600

Brody Malone PH: Hit routine! 13.900

3:30 pm. Shane Wiskus HB: Kolman, Kovacs, one-arm pirouette, Endo, tak full, a little shy of vertical, tak half also late, stalder, one-arm giant, hop full, chest at his knees on the double double layout landing, and a fight to hold his feet in place. 13.600

Gage Dyer VT: Kaz double had a baby shuffle and some slight leg form, hop forward on the double front for his second vault. First vault gets a 14.750.

3:28 pm. Stephen Nedoroscik PH: Russians on the single handle, amazing, one-arm swing, circles on the single handle, legs go a bit wild in his travels, a little muscle into the dismount. Hit routine but I don’t think it’ll be enough. 14.650

3:27 pm. Robert Neff HB: Layout Tkachev was nice. Hop back on the dismount. 13.550

Allan Bower VT: Another stick on his kaz 1.5! Maybe not quite as tight and his feet are apart but a stick’s a stick. 14.450

3:25 pm. Paul Juda VT: Kaz 1.5, I think was trying too hard to stick it, ends up having a weird stumble back and putting his knee down, OOB. 13.200

3:23 pm. Sam Mikulak HB: Cassina, nice, Kolman also good, layout Tkachev, then a straddle to straddle half, some leg form there, one-arm front pirouette, tak half, hop full, stalder, and a mostly clean, stuck double layout dismount. 14.750

Vitaliy Guimaraes VT: Kaz 1.5, small hop forward, pretty clean. 14.500

Ian Gunther PH: Hit routine, little wobbly on the landing at the end. 12.850

3:22 pm. Brandon Briones PH: Scissors right into his swing on the rails, good work going up and down from rail to horse, travels well, circles, clean dismount, excellent as always. 13.550

Yul Moldauer VT: Really deep landing on the kaz 1.5. 14.450

3:18 pm. Rotation 9 Standings

1. Brody Malone 128.950
2. Shane Wiskus 127.200
3. Yul Moldauer 126.850
4. Sam Mikulak 124.900
5. Brandon Briones 124.750
6. Allan Bower 124.550
7. Akash Modi 124.150
8. Paul Juda 123.300

3:14 pm. Robert Neff PB: Hit routine, he said “I think I got a good one, inspired by Yoder here” when he came off. 13.700

Cameron Bock SR: Solid routine, nothing that stood out. 13.850

Pray for my internet between rotations…

3:13 pm. Akash Modi FX: A little rough on the 2.5 to rudi landing, but the other passes so far weren’t bad. Stuck the triple at the end! 13.650

Allan Bower SR: I think I must have missed this. 13.500

3:11 pm. Brody Malone FX: Front full to front double pike, then I think a 2.5 to front double full but I missed the entry. Double double with a big hop back. 1.5 to Rudi. Double full is good, triple full opens up maybe a little too early and he’s still twisting as he goes in for the landing, has a big hop to even it out. 14.500

Paul Juda SR: I missed this. 13.650

3:10 pm. Sam Mikulak PB: Wasn’t typing during this but he had a really weird catch on one of his saltos, and it looked like it took him a couple of big adjustments to get his rhythm back, but really nice fight. Hopped on the dismount. Everything else looked moderately solid but I’d imagine that salto flub won’t be good for his score. 13.750

3:07 pm. Ian Gunther, I missed the first half of this, saw it from the flairs, which were nice. Okay, then I missed the end as well. 13.600

Vitaliy Guimaraes SR: Pike hold swings through to straddle planche, hips are a little high, saltos to straddle hold, hit the double double dismount. 13.200

3:06 pm. Alec Yoder PB: One-arm pirouettes, a little iffy on the second (I think 1.5 turns there) but nothing severe. Basket into straddle salto, nice, arched a handstand after that, double front half maybe a little low with a hop. 14.000

3:05 pm. Brandon Briones FX: Opens up early to land the piked double front, good double double after, then a front full to front double full. 2.5 to barani, high and tight. 1.5 to front tuck half, a little hop there. Very nice arabian double front half-out. 14.400

Yul Moldauer SR: Iron cross, nice saltos to iron cross, looked weird on the angle on the inverted hang, straddle planche after that, then a double double, looked like a good landing from here. 14.150

3:02 pm. Riley Loos FX: Double front half, small hop. Hit the second pass, then a randi, tiny hop again. Front double full to front full, small hop. Nice double full, some form on the triple full at the end. 13.800

Shane Wiskus PB: One-arm pirouette, nice handstand out of it, short on a handstand after that, big tuck half salto, some leg form on the pike salto, Bhavsar, swings up to handstand, arches over when he turns halfway around before the Tippelt, slow and clean press to handstand, stuck the double front. 14.350

Matt Wenske SR: I missed this. 12.600

2:58 pm. Rotation 8 Standings

1. Brody Malone 114.450
2. Shane Wiskus 112.850
3. Yul Moldauer 112.700
4. Sam Mikulak 111.150
5. Allan Bower 111.050
6. Akash Modi 110.500
7. Brandon Briones 110.350
8. Paul Juda 109.650

2:56 pm. Allan Bower PH: Sorry, was having some internet issues, but we seem to be back…nice hit routine, nothing majorly wrong, maybe just some hip angles throughout but he looked solid from start to finish. 14.150

2:53 pm. Brody Malone HB: Huge Cassina, big Kolman too, then a flawless layout Tkachev into the straddle to mixed grip, layout Tkachev to mixed grip, tak full RIGHT on the bar, tak half, stalder, hop full, stuck the double double dismount. This could very well win a medal in Tokyo. 14.800

Paul Juda PH: Really nice flair work from what I can see from all the way over where I am. 13.550

2:52 pm. Ian Gunther HB: I missed most of this. 13.350

Vitaliy Guimaraes PH: I also missed most of this. 13.400

2:50 pm. Yul Moldauer PH: Beautiful, solid routine, exactly what he needed to do. 14.250

Sam Mikulak VT: Kaz 1.5, looked strong in the air, hop forward. 14.250

2:49 pm. Brandon Briones HB: Hit routine! Very nice as always, clean full-twisting double layout. 13.600

Shane Wiskus VT: Kaz 1.5, really lovely, tiny step forward. 14.500

2:48 pm. Donnell Whittenburg VT: Goes for the Dragulescu but it’s a rough landing, underrotated and big stumble forward out of it. I cry now. 13.950

2:46 pm. Riley Loos HB: Nice one-arm front pirouette, the rest looked good, hit, no major issues, clean full-twisting double layout, stuck the landing. 13.350

Matt Wenske PH: He had a fall early on. 10.600

2:45 pm. Donnell Whittenburg VT: Ri Se Gwang, big stumble over and off the side of the mat. He NEEDS the Dragulescu second vault… 14.400

2:43 pm. Robert Neff VT: Good landing on his kaz 1.5. Small hop to the side. Some noticeable form in the air but nothing severe. 14.550

Akash Modi HB: German giants, layout Tkachev, layout Tkachev to mixed grip, tak half, big straddle Tkachev half, tak to Endo, stuck the double double layout dismount! 13.650

Cameron Bock PH: I didn’t see much of this but it looked hit. 13.800

2:38 pm. Rotation 7 Standings

1. Brody Malone 99.650
2. Yul Moldauer 98.450
3. Shane Wiskus 98.350
4. Sam Mikulak 96.900
— Allan Bower 96.900
6. Akash Modi 96.850
7. Brandon Briones 96.750
8. Paul Juda 96.100

2:36 pm. Allan Bower FX: Small hop forward on the front double pike. Stuck the double double! Front double full to front full, little balance check there. 2.5 to barani, good landing. Circles into a split then Japanese press handstand. Double full side pass. Set actually looked a little low into the triple but he gets it around no problem and finds the landing. 14.400

2:34 pm. Paul Juda FX: Piked double front had a big step but he hit his second pass, then a front double full to front full. 1.5 to tucked front full side pass. Some really nice flair work. Triple at the end had a step. 13.900

2:32 pm. Vitaliy Guimaraes FX: Nice randi to start, then a clean double double. I think the next was a front double full to front full. 2.5 to barani was stuck after that. Rudi side pass. Really high triple full to finish. 14.300

2:29 pm. Yul Moldauer FX: Randi, college stick kinda. Arabian double front half-out, really clean landing there. Front double flul to front full, stuck. Flairs get applause. hit the pass after that, looked stuck. Clean double full. Triple full at the end, crosses his ankles a bit and is a little short on the landing but nothing serious. Overall fab routine. 14.800

Shane Wiskus SR: Wasn’t typing but everything I saw was good, had a really nice straddle planche at one point, good landing on the dismount. 14.050

Ian Gunther PB: Hit routine from what I saw! 13.650

2:27 pm. Brandon Briones PB: Straddle salto, some leg form at one point, but so far this has been a really smooth routine, Bhavsar, swings up to pike hold, presses to handstand, really nice control. Great on the Tippelt too. Stuck the double front. That was BEAUTIFUL. 14.050

2:26 pm. Donnell Whittenburg SR: Planche down to maltese was nice. Saltos to maltese, fights to hold the body angle after initially coming in a bit off, and then shakes a bit on the next handstand. Double double layout stuck with his chest down. 14.100

2:25 pm. Matt Wenske FX: Big hop on the whip half to randi. Double double, hop forward. 1.5 to front double full, hop back. 2.5 to front full was stuck. Rudi side pass. Finishes with a triple full, small hop. 13.600

Riley Loos PB: Again not paying super close attention here but this was a good routine, solid double front dismount. 13.200

2:22 pm. Cameron Bock FX: Hit the first pass, then a front double full to front tuck, super low landing, stands it up though. 2.5 to front layout. 1.5 to front full. Looked like he stuck the last pass. 12.250

Akash Modi PB: Legs apart on a couple of his swings, smooth Tippelt, good Ono, full-in dismount with a small hop. 14.300

Robert Neff SR: Wasn’t paying close attention to this but didn’t see any major problems, small step on the dismount. 13.300

2:19 pm. Gage Dyer FX: Piked double front half-out, little hop. Double double layout, sticks on his heels, jumps out into his next pass. 2.5 to front full, basically stuck. Double front half-out, stuck on his toes.Double full side pass. Good landing on the pass after that. Good double double, maybe a little hop back. 14.650

Sam Mikulak SR: Planche to iron cross through to straddle hold, really arched in a handstand shortly after, saltos up to another arched handstand. Sticks the double double dismount. 13.700

Brody Malone PB: Wasn’t typing during this but everything I saw had control, Bhavsar and Tippelt both smooth, really crooked in a couple of pirouettes, small step back on the double pike dismount. 14.400

2:15 pm. The touch warm-up is beginning now!

I’m thinking it’ll be the obvious four – Mikulak, Malone, Wiskus, and Moldauer – and I’d personally go with Donnell Whittenburg or Alec Yoder for the last spot. Leaning Whittenburg for his additional AA if needed but I think Yoder is the more likely medalist since anything can happen on pommels…and he can KIND OF do the AA.

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