2020 Olympic Games | Women’s Subdivision 1 Qualifications Live Blog

Welcome to the live blog for subdivision one of women’s qualifications at the 2020 Olympic Games, held in Tokyo, Japan!

Please refresh your browser every few minutes to see the most recent updates, which will appear at the top of the page.

11:34 am. Subdivision 1 Standings

1. Alice D’Amato ITA 54.199
2. Murakami Mai JPN 53.965
3. Martina Maggio ITA 53.566
4. Asia D’Amato ITA 53.132
5. Hatakeda Hitomi JPN 52.732
6. Sugihara Aiko JPN 52.531
7. Hiraiwa Yuna JPN 51.632
8. Diana Varinska UKR 49.565

11:29 am. Lara Mori ITA FX: Full-in and 2.5 to front layout both good, double pike super solid.

Sze En Tan SGP BB: Came off on something early on. Had a good I think straddle jump full, really solid. Full turn also clean.

11:28 am. Diana Varinska UKR VT: FTY, hit.

11:26 am. Alice D’Amato ITA FX: Triple full with a hop. Double pike with a small hop. Hit the last pass.

Pranati Nayak IND BB: Off on her flight series.

Marina Nekrasova AZE VT: I didn’t see what she did but it looked like just a layout? That may have been her second vault…

11:25 am. Hiraiwa Yuna JPN UB: Maloney to Pak, doesn’t quite have it and hops off. Van Leeuwen, HUGE piked Jaeger, stalder half, toe full, and a double pike with a step.

11:22 am. Vanessa Ferrari ITA FX: Double double with a hop to the side. Whip to full-in with a hop back. Front layout through to double tuck. TEARS.

Abigail Magistrati ARG BB: I think she had a fall at the beginning? I might be hallucinating. Double wolf turn. Side somi. Hit the double pike.

11:20 am. Hatakeda Hitomi JPN UB: Komova II to Pak to stalder to van Leeuwen, some ankle form, toe half to piked Jaeger, toe full to full-in with a tiny bounce. Good work! She’s crying. ❤

11:19 am. Asia D’Amato ITA FX: Hit the double layout but overrotated the arabian double front, hands down. Hit the full-in and double tuck to finish strong.

Aneta Holasova CZE BB: Hit routine, good loso mount and flight series, just a layout dismount with her injury…she normally does a double tuck.

11:18 am. Marcia Vidiaux CUB VT: Crashed her handspring rudi second vault.

11:17 am. Murakami Mai JPN UB: Fell on her first release, I missed what it was. Back on for Maloney to Gienger, blind change to piked Jaeger, toe full to bail to toe shoot, full-in really low with a hop back. Oof.

11:16 am. Raegan Rutty CAY BB: Hit routine!

Marcia Vidiaux CUB VT: Tsuk double full for her first vault, step to the side.

11:13 am. Martina Maggio ITA FX: Gets the wolf turn around, full-in landing was solid. Front layout through to layout, ummm, that was a balk, same pass she low key got hurt on in podium training. Double tuck and double full were fine.

Sugihara Aiko JPN UB: Stalder to Maloney to Gienger, good, bail to toe shoot I think, hit the dismount.

11:09 am. Rotation 3 Standings

1. Murakami Mai JPN 41.832
2. Asia D’Amato ITA 41.299
3. Alice D’Amato ITA 41.166
4. Martina Maggio ITA 40.866
5. Hiraiwa Yuna JPN 39.932
6. Aiko Sugihara JPN 39.165
7. Hatakeda Hitomi JPN 38.599
8. Abigail Magistrati ARG 37.032

11:05 am. Lara Mori ITA BB: Back handspring mount, bhs loso with a wobble, split leap to side somi, transverse split jump half, split was ALMOST there, side aerial, little check. Switch half, a little weak, into her jump series. Switch leap to full L turn, nice connection. 2.5 with a weird stumble back, looked like she had it at first.

11:03 am. Pranati Nayak IND UB: Caught her Tkachev, clear hip, blind full, blind half, shootover, takes a second to pause on the low bar before continuing with a toe shoot, double pike dismount stuck. She doesn’t have a ton of difficulty and her form’s a little weak but she has overall looked pretty solid today, happy she was able to get a last-minute spot!

11:01 am. Alice D’Amato ITA BB: Punch front, bhs loso with a check, switch ring, front aerial, a little short on a jump, some little things here and there but Italy has looked good on beam so far…triple full dismount, a little short in rotation, kinda hops it around.

11:00 am. Abigail Magistrati ARG UB: Had a fall on a release. Does a piked Jaeger when she gets back on, short on the handstand out of it, double layout with a small hop.

10:59 am. Ana Derek CRO FX: Lovely leap series at the start of her routine. Stuck the front tuck through to double tuck. 2.5 with a step forward. Double full. So lovely. Her switch full is the stuff of dreams.

Hiraiwa Yuna JPN VT: Yurchenko 1.5, looked like a good landing!

10:57 am. Murakami Mai JPN VT: Second vault is a Rudi, a bit short, chest down, but hit.

Vanessa Ferrari ITA BB: Solid bhs loso. Split leap to front aerial, switch leap, wolf jump, form but hit. Also hit a ring leap and jump. Hit the dismount, double tuck.

10:56 am. Aneta Holasova CZE UB: Front giant to straddle Jaeger, bail with slight leg separation, to toe shoot, toe-on to blind full, double layout with a dep landing and a big step but a hit routine.

10:55 am. Diana Varinska UKR FX: Double tuck. 2.5 to front tuck. Good double full. Split ring leap.

Murakami Mai JPN VT: Big DTY, hop back. Some hip/knee form but nothing severe.

10:54 am. Martina Maggio ITA BB: Hit her leap series, little wobble on her flight series and on a leap after it, side aerial good. Good 2.5, lands it with a smile on her face.

Aiko Sugihara JPN VT: Yurchenko 1.5, lovely! Small hop.

10:53 am. Raegan Rutty CAY UB: Caught her Gienger, arched over on a toe full and came off. Double tuck with a little stumble.

10:50 am. Asia D’Amato ITA BB: Little wobble out of her mount, bhs loso was solid though. Hit a transverse jump. Side somi, front aerial, both solid. Full turn. Double pike to finish. Great start!

Marina Nekrasova AZE FX: Double tuck with a step back. Tour jeté half to switch half. Hit the last pass.

Hatakeda Hitomi JPN VT: Sat the Yurchenko 1.5, NOOOOOO. Hiraiwa Yuna is really gonna make this AA final, isn’t she?!

10:46 am. Rotation 2 Standings

1. Alice D’Amato ITA 28.566
2. Asia D’Amato ITA 28.166
3. Martina Maggio ITA 27.800
4. Murakami Mai JPN 27.399
5. Hatakeda Hitomi JPN 26.333
6. Hiraiwa Yuna JPN 26.199
7. Abigail Magistrati ARG 25.499
8. Aiko Sugihara JPN 24.899

10:42 am. Diana Varinska UKR BB: Bhs bhs layout, split ring, both with some form things but fine. Switch leap to sissone. Good front aerial into the split ring jump, also good on a side acro element after that, split leap to side aerial, walks back out of it. Double full, legs crossed, but hit.

10:40 am. Hiraiwa Yuna JPN FX: Double layout beautiful in the air but maybe too slow in rotation and she comes up short, big stumble there. Lovely leap series. 2.5 to front layout, a bit arched there. Memmel was lovely. Hit the last pass.

10:39 am. Marina Nekrasova AZE BB: I missed most of this but it was a hit routine for her, cowboyed double tuck at the end with a hop back.

10:36 am. Murakami Mai JPN FX: Little stumble out of her turn at the start, but nailed the double double. Double layout with a hop back. Small hop out of the 2.5 to front full. Double pike to finish.

10:35 am. Asia D’Amato ITA UB: Church to Pak, Maloney, leg separation, to Tkachev, good, Ray, also solid, gets the front pirouette around well into the double front! Good work.

Abigail Magistrati ARG VT: FTY, not the best but hit.

10:33 am. Ting Hua-Tien TPE BB: I missed what her opening acro series was, but she hit it well. Switch to split ring jump to back handspring, beautiful. Side somi, clean, transverse split jump half connected to the straddle jump half, wobble and falls. NOOOOO. Full turn, front layout full dismount.

Aneta Holasova CZE VT: Yurchenko layout, hop back.

10:31 am. Aiko Sugihara JPN FX: Good triple full to start, front double full was good, then I think a 2.5 to front full after that. Double pike, step back. Good recovery from beam.

Alice D’Amato ITA UB: Maloney to Tkachev, Downie to Pak, nice. Some leg form on the van Leeuwen, blind change into her front giant to front giant full, a little weak in her body shape there but gets it around, to a solid double front.

10:28 am. Hatakeda Hitomi JPN FX: Tucked full-in to start. 2.5 was beautiful! Clean stuck double pike.

Pranati Nayak IND VT: Tsuk full, good landing.

Martina Maggio ITA UB: Pak, Maloney to big floaty Tkachev, bail, toe full I think on the low bar, I glanced away for a second, double pike dismount stuck. This girl!

Ana Derek CRO BB: Switch ring, a little short on a switch half, full turn, slight check. Front aerial, big wobble there, looked like she had it at first. Side aerial, slight check. Sissone to wolf jump. Split leap, missed connection to side somi, wobble. Hit the dismount.

Raegan Rutty CAY VT: Tsuk pike, good landing.

10:23 am. Rotation 1 Standings

1. Alice D’Amato ITA 14.333
2. Asia D’Amato ITA 14.233
3. Vanessa Ferrari ITA 14.200
4. Martina Maggio ITA 14.100
5. Ashikawa Urara JPN 13.900
6. Hiraiwa Yuna JPN 13.533
7. Murakami Mai JPN 13.466
8. Hatakeda Hitomi JPN 13.000

10:21 am. Aneta Holasova CZE FX: She’s super downgraded due to a really bad recent injury but still gets the double layout and double tuck around! Downgraded third pass, just a front layout to front tuck, and just a layout full to finish.

10:18 am. Ashikawa Urara JPN BB: Lovely walkover mount. Super solid bhs loso. Lovely jump series. Split ring jump. Tiniest check on the side somi. Transverse split jump half. Switch ring, little check. Aerial to a jump, good. Excellent triple full dismount.

10:16 am. Raegan Rutty CAY FX: Bounce back on her double tuck, L hop turn to full pirouette into a leap, good double full. L turn. Front tuck through to layout full, hit! She’s very happy with that.

10:14 am. Hiraiwa Yuna JPN BB: Triple wolf turn, gets it around, layout series is so floaty with a little check, almost connects it to her jumps, switch ring, had another wolf turn in there, little bobble on some acro at the end, nearly stuck the 2.5. Beautiful routine!

10:12 am. Sze En Tan SGP FX: Love that she’s here with Tabitha Yim. Hit her opening pass, I think a 1.5 to front full. Tour jeté full. Double tuck, step back OOB.

Marina Nekrasova AZE UB: I saw her catch a Jaeger and hit a layout dismount, hit routine for an event that she’s generally not fond of!

10:11 am. Murakami Mai BB: Cnadle mount isn’t super straight, hit the punch front, little check on the bhs loso, front aerial to split jump to straddle jump, great straddle. Punch front tuck, little check. Little bobble on the split ring jump. Double pike comes up short, big step forward. Really not a great routine for her…

10:10 am. Asia D’Amato ITA VT: DTY, some leg form in the second twist, almost a little over-rotated with a big hop back.

10:08 am. Pranati Nayak IND FX: Hit her opening 2.5 and then a double tuck, good. Nice double full! Step forward on the front layout full.

Alice D’Amato ITA VT: Good DTY, looked solid from here. Stronger than Ferrari’s.

Ting Hua-Tien TPE UB: Maloney to Gienger, a bit rough with her form on the release, leg form also isn’t there on the Jaeger or bail, toe shoot back up to the high bar, hit her dismount.

10:07 am. Sugihara Aiko JPN BB: Candle mount, side aerial to split jump to Korbut, off on her flight series. Front aerial to jump series. Hit the double pike dismount.

10:06 am. Vanessa Ferrari ITA VT: DTY, two steps back.

10:03 am. Hatakeda Hitomi JPN BB: Split leap mount and punch front are both good. Front aerial, slow to straddle jump to wolf jump. Side aerial, slide check. Lands it sideways as well. Side somi. Double pike dismount, good!

Martina Maggio ITA VT: Beautiful and nearly stuck Yurchenko 1.5!! Amazing start for her. 14.100

Abigail Magistrati ARG FX: Double tuck with a step to start. Really feel for her not flying in until Friday and missing podium training. 2.5 with a step. Switch ring. Double pike with a hop back. Double full with a hop.

Diana Varinska UKR UB: Shaposh to Pak, Maloney to clear hip full, a little late, Tkachev, fall. Back on for a toe full to double tuck. Rough.

10:02 am. Touch warmups are just wrapping up!

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  1. What? They’re that far ahead? NBC just literally finished showing all 15 minutes (literally) of US men’s qualifications. Is there a live stream link for this (maybe even for those who have a vpn)?


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