Notes From the Day 1 Qualification Start Lists


Wei Xiaoyuan

Start lists are now available for the first day of qualifications at world championships, available for download through the FIG. Going subdivision by subdivision, we’ll take a look at anything notable to come out of this newly available information, including which gymnasts are confirmed to be competing each event.


Wei Xiaoyuan will be China’s sole all-arounder.

  • Li Shijia and Luo Rui are both competing just bars and beam
  • Qi Qi will compete vault and floor
  • This was the plan going in due to Li only recently coming back from injury, but I was still holding out hope she’d do all four

Only Turkey and Israel join China in this group, and all four athletes – Göksu Üctas Sanli and Bilge Tarhan for Turkey along with Ofir Netzer and Geffen Dor for Israel – are competing in the all-around.


A number of previously announced lineups were confirmed here, including:

Additionally, Great Britain confirmed that both Georgia-Mae Fenton and Ruby Stacey will compete in the all-around, while Becky Downie is doing both bars and beam.


The biggest news is what the U.S. team ultimately decided to do with its four all-arounders:

  • As expected, Kayla DiCello will compete all four events
  • Leanne Wong is the second all-arounder for the team, getting the spot over eMjae Frazier, who beat her by a little over half a point at trials
  • Frazier will compete bars and floor, while Konnor McClain will compete vault and beam
  • McClain only has one vault listed, so no surprise second vaults…a bizarre decision but I guess experience is experience

Canada’s Laurie Denommée, who hasn’t been spotted in training pictures this week, is officially out of the competition.

  • 2016 Olympian and 2020 Olympic alternate Rose Woo will compete in the all-around
  • Audrey Rousseau will compete vault, bars, and floor, while Cassie Lee will compete on beam

For Croatia and Norway…


All athletes for Portugal and Switzerland will compete in the all-around

Team Iceland:

Team Colombia:

Agata Vostruchovaite of Lithuania is also in this group and will compete only vault.


Hatakeda Hitomi will be the only all-arounder (and only bars gymnast) for Japan.

  • We previously discussed Murakami Mai‘s injury situation, and her decision to compete only beam and floor
  • Beam specialist Ashikawa Urara will focus on only beam and Hiraiwa Yuna has opted to show a routine only on floor

All-arounders in this subdivision include:

Also competing are:


Some happy news – Nancy Taman of Egypt, who reportedly dealt with an injury during podium training, is on the roster and expected to compete two vaults!

Some sad news – Maisa Kuusikko will not compete in the all-around, and is only on the start list for bars.

Also in this subdivision:


Lots of all-arounders in this subdivision, including:

Additionally, Coline Devillard will compete vault and beam.

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      • Thank you Lauren, I have heard yes, then no, then yes, then no…glad I received the true info from a reliant source. I am disappointed. But she had an amazing Olympics and taking care of her body comes first.


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